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Epson EB-X03 LCD Projector
The Epson EB-X03 XGA Projector offers essential business features at a cost-effective price. With compact design and… more info
Epson EB-955W LCD Projector
The EB-955W provides the premium choice for today’s classroom, with flexible installation features and advanced network… more info
EPSON EB-575Wi LCD Projectors
The EB-575Wi ultra-short-throw interactive projectors offer cutting-edge kinesthetic learning. With PC-free… more info
EPSON EB-575W LCD Projectors
The perfect ultra-short-throw projectors for today’s BYOD classroom, the EB-575W delivers a whole new level of… more info
EPSON EB-595Wi LCD Projectors
The ultra-short-throw EB-595Wi is the world's first 3LCD, touch-enabled interactive projector. Offering 3x Brighter… more info
EPSON EB-585Wi LCD Projectors
Engage students in a new way with the next generation of kinesthetic learning from the EB-585Wi ultra-short-throw… more info
EPSON EB-585W LCD Projectors
The EB-585W ultra-short-throw projector redefines collaborative learning. Engineered for today's BYOD classroom, it… more info
Epson EB G6270W LCD Projector
Ensure superb quality and the best possible delivery of presentations with the EB-G6270W. This 6,500-lumen projector… more info
Epson EB S03 LCD Projector
This LCD projector features an SVGA resolution, digital zoom and an equally high White and Colour Light Output of 2,700… more info
EPSON EB-X24 LCD Projectors
The EB-X24 always ensures compelling presentations. Ready for action in the office, at home or on the go, the EB-X24… more info
EPSON EB-435W LCD Projectors
Ultra bright and fully featured, the Epson EB-435W 3LCD Multimedia Projector is ideal for delivering exciting… more info
EPSON EB-G6550WUNL LCD Projector
Get uncompromising image quality and professional-grade reliability with the Epson G Series large-venue projectors.… more info
Epson EB Z11000W LCD Projector
With 11,000 lumens brightness and WXGA resolution, the white EB-Z11000W is an impressive and versatile installation… more info
EPSON EB-G6350NL LCD Projectors
The Epson EB-G6350 educational projector for is ideal for the classroom or lecture theatre. Presentations are delivered… more info
EPSON EB-G6250WNL LCD Projectors
The Epson EB-G6250W HD-Ready projector for the office is ideal for medium to large meeting rooms. Business… more info
Epson EB X31 LCD Projector
Conveniently connect the Epson EB-X31 directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet, without wires. A range of… more info
Epson EB G6070W LCD Projector
The EB-G6070W is a professional installation projector ideal for corporate environments, education applications, rental… more info
Epson EB-1771W LCD Projector
The Epson EB-1771W sets a high standard for widescreen projectors with its ultra sleek design and energy efficient… more info
Epson EB 1430Wi LCD Projector
Bring interactivity to any meeting room with Epson's new ultra-short-throw projector, featuring finger-touch and dual… more info
Epson EB Z9900W LCD Projector
The flexible EB-Z9900W is an impressive and versatile installation projector. This white model benefits from 9,200… more info
Epson EB S31 LCD Projector
Add brilliance to your presentations. Boasting stunning brightness of up to 3,200 lumens and a high contrast ratio of… more info
Epson EB Z9870 LCD Projector
The white EB-Z9870 is an impressive and versatile installation projector, featuring 8,700 lumens brightness and XGA… more info
Epson EB X36 LCD Projector
Conveniently connect the Epson EB-X36 directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet, without wires. A range of… more info
EPSON EB-1950 LCD Projectors
The Epson EB-1950 is the latest feature rich addition to the market leading Epson projector range. Boasting 4,500… more info
Epson EB-1945W LCD Projector
The Epson EB-1945W is the latest feature rich addition to the market leading Epson projector range. Boasting 4,200… more info
Epson EB-1751 LCD Projector
The Ultra Mobile, Ultra Bright Solution for Busy Executives Its sleek, lightweight design, XGA resolution and 2600… more info
Epson EB U32 LCD Projector
Deliver a dynamic viewing experience with WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution image display without distortion in Video,… more info
Epson EB-1761W LCD Projector
Its sleek, lightweight design, widescreen WXGA resolution and 2600 lumens colour / white light output make it easy for… more info
Epson PowerLite 93 LCD Projector
The network-controllable PowerLite 93 upgrades the classroom experience with HDMI digital connectivity and powerful… more info
Epson EB G6570WU LCD Projector
The EB-G6570WU is a professional installation projector ideal for corporate environments, education applications,… more info
Epson EB G6770WU LCD Projector
Ensure superb quality and the best possible delivery of presentations with the EB-G6770WU. This This 6,000-lumen… more info
Epson EB G6970WU LCD Projector
The EB-G6970WU is a professional installation projector ideal for corporate environments, education applications,… more info
Projector Lamp ELPLP61 / V13H010L61 with Housing (180 days Warranty) for EPSON EB-430 / EB-435W / EB-915W / EB-925 /… more info
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Epson EB-1985WU LCD Projector - 1080p - HDTV - 16:10 more info
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Epson EB-955WH LCD Projector - HDTV - 16:10 more info
+ Shipping
Epson EB-1975W LCD Projector - 720p - HDTV - 16:10 more info
+ Shipping
Epson EB-4955WU 3D Ready LCD Projector - HDTV - 16:10 more info
+ Shipping
Epson EB-X31 LCD Projector - HDTV - 4:3 more info
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Epson EB-W32 LCD Projector - HDTV - 16:10 more info
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Epson EB-X36 LCD Projector - HDTV - 4:3 more info
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Latest Products
HP Pavilion 23TM 23inch LED MonitorFrom $0
  • Looks good. Feels good. A bigger screen. More pixels. Navigation by touch. Get immersed in a stunning, fully reclining touchscreen experience that has you making the most out of your PC. It's about getting closer to your world so you can view your life in vivid detail-and have it all at your fingertips.

Tap into fun.

  • Add intuitive navigation to your PC experience. This large, Windows 8-certified touchscreen monitor is designed so you can tap, slide, and swipe your way to more games, videos, and photos-basically, more fun.

What's your angle?

  • Whatever you're doing-playing, collaborating or working-the screen's deep, easy-to-adjust 70-degree recline means you can do it comfortably.
  • Watch the way you want to: Leave it on the stand, or attach it to your favorite VESA swivel arm or wall mount. Flexibility, indeed.

Bring on family movie night.

  • Thanks to an HD screen, front-facing speaker, and 178-degree viewing angles, it's a crisp, clear monitor you can see-and hear-from almost anywhere in the room.
Samsung S27D590CS 27inch LED MonitorFrom $0

Samsung S27D590CS 27" Curved LED Monitor 1920 x 1080 Resolution 3,000:1 Contrast Ratio 5ms Response Time 300cd/m² Brightness

Acer G277HL 27inch LED MonitorFrom $309

The stunning 27" display with 1920 x 1080 resolution delivers excellent detail, making it perfect for widescreen Full HD gaming, multimedia and productivity. With VGA, DVI & HDMI inputs so you can easily power and extend the enjoyment from your smartphone or tablet on Full HD display. Rapid 6ms response time reduces deviations in transition time to deliver high-quality moving images bringing immersive graphics to your movies and games. 

Acer Predator XB270HU 27inch LED MonitorFrom $666

The Acer Predator XB270HU gaming monitor features a 27 inch IPS display with a WQHD 2560 x 1440 resolution, 1000:1 (ACM) contrast ratio, 4ms response time, 144Hz refresh rate presenting stunning high quality images with excellent detail. With NVIDIA G-Sync technology, on-screen action is smooth and clear and a boost to response times gives you a serious competitive edge. 

LG 16M35A 15.6inch LED MonitorFrom $0

Brilliant LED Backlighting display delivers crystal-clear images, true blacks and the most vivid, life-like colors on a slim screen. Fast response time of 5ms allows the smooth viewing of action scenes, sports and video games with greater clarity and vivid quality. The consistent response time also allows you to watch videos or play games for a longer time while minimizing eye strain. Reducing blue light to protect your eyes, Reader Mode provides optimal condition for reading. With just a touch of a button, you can comfortably read on the monitor for long. LG SUPER Energy Saving technology has been upgraded so that the additional energy saved besides the effect of the LED backlight, has improved from 25% to 30% 

Acer XB240H 24inch LED MonitorFrom $475

Colors stay true no matter what angle you're viewing from. Share what's on your screen with friends and family. Reduces "motion freeze" delays and delivers ultra-smooth motion scenes and gameplay. 1920x1080 resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio makes movies more real and dramatic. Small details and text are clear.

Acer K202HQL 19.5Inch LED MonitorFrom $119

Acer ComfyView monitors reflect less ambient light to deliver vivid colours, reduced glare and more comfortable viewing, even over prolonged periods. Acer Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) optimises contrast to present the highest level of clarity and detail by analyzing every scene, adjusting images frame by frame, and enhancing detail and gradation. In addition, with ACM, the LCD monitor uses less power. As part of Acer's commitment to sustainable operations and corporate social responsibility, Acer uses methods to carry out product design and material management distinctly meant to reduce environmental impact.

Philips 193V5LSB2 18.5inch LED MonitorFrom $0

White LED's are solid state devices which light up to full, consistent brightness faster saving startup time. LED's are free from mercury content which allows for eco-friendly recycling and disposal process. LED's allow for better dimming control of LCD backlight, resulting in super high contrast ratio. It also gives superior color reproduction thanks to consistent brightness across the screen. SmartControl Lite is the next generation 3D icon based GUI monitor control software. This allows user to fine-tune most parameters of the monitor like color, brightness, screen calibration, multi-media, ID management, etc with the mouse.

Samsung S19D300HY 19inch LED MonitorFrom $0

The Samsung LED Monitor Series 1 comes with a stylish design that includes a high glossy look. With its no-frills minimal stylish, it sticks to the basics while being sophisticated. Its unique neck structure saves space and also lends it a structural beauty. You can get all your work done with this sleek monitor. Magic Upscale improves image quality to such a level that you will only receive a better picture. Enjoy enhanced image quality no matter how the original picture quality is. Magic Upscale prevents image degradation when scaling up and gives only brilliant and pristine colors and images. And it also makes images on the monitor appear clearer and sharper than on a note pc. Shine with Samsung LED Monitor Series 1. 

Acer P166HQL 15.6inch LED MonitorFrom $0

The Acer P Series showcases amazing imagery for excellent multimedia enjoyment, graphics-intensive applications, and Internet browsing. The perfect balance between attractive display, reliable performance, and eco-conscious technologies makes this series ideal for home media and cinematic applications. The glossy display frame, patterned round base, and slanted stand give this series a new-age elegance that modernizes any room in the house. Plus, the large power button at the bottom-right corner lights up in bright blue when the machine is turned on, for easy access and a chic look. The high resolution, rapid response time, and superior contrast ratio make this series ideal for viewing heavy-duty media applications and movies with detailed precision and crisp images.

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