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• A non-aerosol spray pump for oils, vinegar and salad dressings. • Stainless steel casing • Can be used with water for… more info
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Rather than coating your salads in vinegar, risking an intense flavour with bubbly wet bits that no one is going to… more info
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The Cuisipro non-aerosol Spray Pump offers a healthy, handy way to add a light coat of flavour to just about anything.… more info
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This Cuisipro Stainless Steel Spray Pump is ideal for both food and kitchenware! With a stainless steel body, this tool… more info
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Postage:$7.95 or Free Shipping See Website . Delivery:7-20 Business Days. Pro Oil Sprayer Stainless Steel Olive Mister… more info
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-html_special_charsstip_tags more info
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Postage:Aus Wide Flat Rate $9.95ea . Delivery:5-7 Business Days,. 1100W Submersible Dirty Water Pump Stainless Steel more info
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GIANTZ 1200w Stainless Steel Water Tank Pressure Pump w/ an Electronic Automatic Control Switch Introducing the GIANTZ… more info
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Multi Stage Stainless Steel Pressure Pump (5 stage) Suitable for household gardens or farming, this impressive… more info
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Genuine Protege Stainless Steel Submersible Pump - impressive flow rate of 18000L/h! Fully Submersible, Upgraded… more info
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Garden Pump Stainless Steel 650W Model: DSP-750SD Description: IP68 External float switch for automatic pump operation… more info
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Nightingale Stainless Steel Tank Horizontal 24L Description: Unit: pcs. Working environment: water Maximum operating… more info
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Garden Jet Pump Give your garden the power of the pump with this Garden Jet Pump This water pump is ideal for those… more info
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The 1200W Electronic Water Tank Pump is your solution for constant stable on-demand pressure that automatically fires… more info
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Get ground water to the surface wit this easy to use bore pump, suitable for small to medium bores This 1000W Stainless… more info
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Experience a constant and stable pressure with this stainless steel pressure pump with 1800W . Ideal for household… more info
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Stainless Steel Pressure Pump 1800w 12600l/h. 5 Stages Stainless Steel Pressure Pump 1800W 12600L/HSuitable for… more info
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You’ll love this handy 12V high flow pump which can pump up to 40 litres per minute and run off your vehicle battery.… more info
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5 Stage Stainless Steel Pressure Pump more info
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D Zine Melt Down This product buffs, polishes and waxes hair into place with its one-shot spray wax leaving a next day… more info
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Banana Boat 240ml Kids Sunscreen SPF30+ Spray Pump more info
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Aerogard Tropical Strength Pump Spray 135mL Aerogard Tropical Strength Pump Spray offers long lasting protection for… more info
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Paxyl Pump Spray 125Ml more info
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Repel Tropical Strength Pump Spray 60ml� � Protection up to 8 hours before the need to re-apply - Travel Safe Size… more info
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Repel Ultra Strength Pump Spray 125ml � Repel Ultra is a super strength personal insect repellent containing dual… more info
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Great for small businesses or just lunch or dinner parties, this Vacuum Insulated Pump Pot is ideal for providing easy… more info
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Cetrigen Antibacterial Wound SprayWith Purple dye and insect repellents. An antibacterial spray for use on open wounds… more info
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Thermoline has designed the TRC series for the purpose of recirculating chilled water or solutions, which work in… more info
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Stainless Steel High Pressure Garden Water Pump Introducing this Stainless Steel High Pressure Garden Water Pump, it is… more info
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Garden Jet Pump This extremely versatile Garden Jet Pump is ideal for you when you just want to use your tank water for… more info
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This First Aiders Choice Rapaid Antiseptic Spray is the perfect size to fit in most first aid kits or even in your bag… more info
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Another fantastic product from RANDY AND TRAVIS MACHINERY! Designed for private use around your house and garden, this… more info
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$10 Off Your First Order - use code WELCOME - When you spend Over $50. Double wall stainless steel pump action airpot… more info
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$10 Off Your First Order - use code WELCOME - When you spend Over $50. A great value pump action airpot constructed in… more info
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ACTIVATOR PUMP-SPRAY LOCTITE 7649 100ML Features General purpose primer often used to clean parts Assures fast fixing… more info
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Features Solid sprayer with durable seals Continuous and adjustable spray pattern Compatible with most CRC® cleaners… more info
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Feliway Spray 60ml Pump Action more info
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12v Heavy Duty Fuel Oil Diesel Transfer Pump 40 L/minFrom $79.95
Transfer liquids easily with this 12v DC heavy duty transfer pump.Please note Please dont use it for petrol engine oil water flammable or low flash point liquids.
Stainless Steel High Pressure Jet Pump 1600WFrom $159.95
Made from durable stainless steel this garden jet pump is extremely versatile it is your multi-purpose water pump. Its perfect for when you just want to use the tank water to irrigate the garden or wash your car or boat. This 1600W pump produces 108Lmin providing a sufficient pressure for your garden hose and sprinklers. The pump has overheat and overload protections which makes it very safe to use.
12V D/C High Flow Pump Diesel Oil Water Self Priming Stainless Steel 40L/Min 150WFrom $160.5
You’ll love this handy 12V high flow pump which can pump up to 40 litres per minute and run off your vehicle battery. Great for farmers, mechanics or any trades that require regular refuelling of diesel, water or oil. No need to go back into town to the bowser, take it all with you! The pump has a robust vacuum self priming function and a tough steel wire reinforced hose and stainless steel casing. The unit is easy to throw in the back of the ute or tool kit, is fully portable and extremely functional. The high flow pump even comes with a digital flow meter so you can monitor what you are putting into the tank. A handy ‘gadget’ for any tradie. Features Made from quality stainless steel, weatherised body High flow rate of 40L/min Lightweight, portable, versatile Suitable for pumping oil and water Comes with steel-wire-reinforced hose Specifications CYB150-B with Vacuum self priming function 12V D/C Diesel oil pump Power: 150W, Max.rate: 40L/Min height: 7.5M Max.sucking depth: 5M Self priming: 1.2M 2 clips direct to battery source Fitting: 1 inch Input pipe: 2M Output pipe: 4M Length of cable: 3M Unilateralism valve: 1pc Product Contents 1 x Diesel Pump 1 x Brass Filter 1 x User manual  
Aquarium Pond Fish Tank UV Filter SterilizerFrom $68.36
Ideal for pond and aquarium, the 35000L UV Filter is an effective mean to control the green algae and keep the aquarium water hygienic and clean. Featuring a maximum capacity of 35000L, the UV filter will eliminate harmful bacteria and parasites in your aquarium as well as creating a healthy environment for your aquarium ecosystem. The 35000L UV Filter also highlights easy installation and low maintenance to maintain optimal water quality. Features Reduce harmful bacteria Control algae growth Powerful UV tube Specifications Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50Hz Power: 40W UV-C Power: 36W Capacity: 35000L Max. Pressure: 0.3 bar Max. Flow: 4500L/h Dimension: 47 (L) x 26 (W) x 8 (H)cm Product Content 1 x Aqua UV Filter 1 x User Manual
Marine Fish Aquarium Tank w/ Filter and PumpFrom $62.06
Looking for a new aquarium tank packed with great features? Look no further. Perfect to start, this aquarium offers all the features the most advanced fish enthusiasts may require. This aquarium kit comes with a 28 L capacity tank, energy efficient LED lighting as well as a pump/filter combo, which will keep your tank’s water clean and clear with minimal hassle. To help you view your aquarium’s fauna easily and facilitate cleaning, the aquarium comes with an open-top. Since everything is included you don’t have to worry about any other equipment and just need to add some water, your favourite fishes and plants. The entire aquarium is easy to setup, and simple to maintain. Features Energy-efficient LED light Filter media for mechanical and biological filtration 5w Pump provides filtration capability Open top for viewing from different angle Specifications Dimension: 28.2 (L) x 29.7 (W) x 33 (H) cm Pump: 5w LED light: 2.5w Voltage: 240Hz/ 50Hz with SAA plug Capacity: 28L Product Content 1 x Aquarium Tank
Aquarium External Fish Tank Canister Filter 1800LPH with UV BulbFrom $95.36
Scooping the dirt is very time-consuming and it will never be perfect, therefore, you need the 1800L/h External UV Light Canister Filter that will purify the water continuously to keep the water spotless clean. The water will firstly go through mechanical filtration that it passes through a coarse sponge to remove any floating dirt and debris. Afterwards, the water will pass the chemical filtration when it does through activated carbon so there will not be any odor or discolorations. The biological filtration implies water going through very small pores to remove the unwanted. Featuring a built in UV light, water will be exposed to UV rays so harmful bacteria and water born algae will be destroyed. Made of a robust and durable case, the filter will sit next to your aquarium tank, and seamlessly blend in with your home Decor. Features All-round capabilities mechanical, biological, and chemical UV light Deep thorough filtering power Even water flow distribution Quick release tap system Specifications Dimension: 27 (L) x 27 (W) x 39 (H)cm Cord length: 150cm Output: 1800L/h UV power: 9w Voltage: 240v Frequency: 50Hz Power: 35w Colour: Grey Package Content 1 x Aquarium Filter 1 x User Manual
Submersible Aquarium Fountain Pond Pump 5000LPHFrom $52.16
For those who want to create interesting effects in their home aquarium, the Submersible Aquarium Fountain Pond Pump 5000LPH is a great buy. This silently operating, low cost and durable submersible pump can be used in large aquariums as well as artificial ponds. You can have the pump create breathtaking effects and ripples in the water. The pump is very cost effective as it draws very little energy to give you the desired output. It is also insulated and turns off automatically upon overheating. So you do not have to worry. The corrosion resistant body keeps the pump working flawlessly without damaging it. Features Robust and durable case Overheat protection Inline and submersible Silent operation Low energy consumption Specifications Dimension: 13.5 (L) x 20 (W) x 17 (H)cm Cable: 140cm Maximum depth: 4.5m Output: 5000L/h Voltage: 230v Frequency: 50Hz Power: 120w Colour: Black Package Content 1 x Aquarium Pump 1 x User Manual
Aquarium Fish Tank External Canister Filter 1200LPH WhiteFrom $51.96
Keep your tank water spotless clean with this advanced Aquarium External Filter. It features mechanical, biological and chemical filtration and provides deep thorough filtering power with even water flow distribution. Easy to use, setup and maintain, this aquarium is an absolute hassle free purchase. Mechanical - removes solids such as uneaten fish food, fish waste, plant debris and dust from the aquarium.Biological - provides housing for beneficial bacteria that break down dissolved solids (ammonia) to a less harmful form.Chemical - maintains water quality by removing unwanted substances through chemical reaction, such as copper, chlorine, medications, tap water impurities, discolouration and dissolved proteins. *Filter media not included with this purchaseFeatures Mechanical, biological & chemical filtration Provides deep thorough filtering power Even water flow distribution Quick release tap system Reduces harmful bacteria Controls algae growth Voltage: 240V Frequency: 50Hz Output: 1200LH Power: 25W Input hose diameter: 13.5mm Output hose diameter: 18.5mm Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 39cm Weight: 3kg Product Contents 1 x Aquarium Filter 1 x User Manual
Diesel Oil Water Transfer 12V DC Portable PumpFrom $123.45
If you’ve got to get diesel from one container to another fast then an automatic electric pump is the only way to go. The powerful 12V 150W pump is self priming with a super high flow rate of 40 litres with a top speed of 3600 revs per minute. The automatic cut out feature will ensure no precious fuel is wasted while the trigger lock will save the ache in your hands and arms. Suitable for non-flammable liquids (not petrol) such as water, oil and diesel and built to Australian commercial standards, this is a great pump for the home handyman, tradie or farmer. Features Commercial grade with 40/L high flow rate Power: 150W Voltage: 12V DC Max. Delivery Height: 7.5m Max. Suction: 5m Self Priming: 1.2m Speed: 3600 rev/min Hose Fitting: 1 inch Power Cable Length: 2m Nozzle: Auto Cut-out Trigger Australian C-tick Approval, CE certification Warning: This pump is designed for handling diesel, oil and water only. It is not recommended to be used for petrol or flammable liquids. Package Content 1 x Diesel & Oil Transfer Pump 1 x Pump Nozzle 1 x Inlet Filter 1 x Alligator Clips 1 x User Manual
Aquarium Pond Fish Tank Silent Air Pump 1 OutletFrom $14.95
The 4W Aquarium Air Pump will provide your aquatic species sufficient amount of oxygen and keep them happy and healthy. It delivers extremely quiet and efficient performance that will significantly improve the overall water quality. Equipped with advanced technology, the 9W Aquarium Air Pump features low energy consumption and provide a maximum output of 3.5L per min. Please be recommended to place the air pump above the water level. Features supply of oxygen to your aquarium Suitable for both fresh and marine water High power output with low energy consumption Advanced design for reduced noise and vibrations Capable for continuous operation Features 2 outlets Specifications Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50Hz Power: 4 W Max. Pressure: 0.01MPa Max. Flow: 3.5L/min Dimension: 12 (L) x 7 (W) x 5.5 (H) cm Weight: 0.5kg Product Content 1 x Air Pump 1 x User Manual