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Fisher & Paykel WH7560P1 Washing Machine
13 wash programmes 170° opening door 7.5kg capacity washing machine 4 Star energy rating 4.5 Star water rating Door… more info
Fisher & Paykel WA70T60GW1 Washing Manchine
The WashSmart™ washing machine is designed for those who like fingertip control, without getting their hands dirty.… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522ADUSX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RF522ADUSX4 Refrigerator has 3 doors. It features a crisper drawer and an ice maker, which is… more info
Fisher & Paykel WH8560P1 Washing Machine
13 wash programmes 170° opening door 8.5kg capacity washing machine 4 Star energy rating 4.5 Star water rating 73L… more info
Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1 Washing Machine
- Energy Rating (Stars): 3.5 - Water Rating (Stars): 4 - Spin Speed (RPM): 1100 - 3 spin speeds (300,700,1100rpm) -… more info
Fisher & Paykel DD60DCX7 Dishwasher
Designed to fit existing kitchen cabinetry, the DishDrawer™ Double dishwasher has comparable dimensions to those of… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522WDRX4 Refrigerator
Treat your family with Electrolux, a top brand in refrigeration. With a ground level freezer, you can store all of your… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF610ADUSX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RF610ADUSX4 Refrigerator has 3 doors. With a 614-litre total volume, you can store copious amounts… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522ADX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RF522ADX4 Refrigerator comes equipped with french doors and features 3 doors. This enables you to… more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BRX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E522BRX4 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer, which is perfect for families with children, putting… more info
Fisher & Paykel WH7560J1 Washing Machine
QuickSmart™ Front Loader utilises our SmartDrive™ technology to eliminate the belt drive, delivering the ultimate… more info
Fisher & Paykel DE50F56E1 5kg Front Load Dryer
An extremely popular model, the Fisher & Paykel DE50F56E1 clothes dryer has all the features you need to get your… more info
Fisher & Paykel WH8560J1 Washing Machine
9 wash programmes 1100 rpm spin speed 170° opening door 8.5kg capacity washing machine 4 Star energy rating 4.5… more info
Fisher & Paykel WA80T65GW1 Washing Machine
The WashSmart™ washing machine is designed for those who like fingertip control, without getting their hands dirty.… more info
Fisher & Paykel OR90SDBGFPX1 Ovens
6 Button electronic clock Automatic cooking and minute timer (main only) Electronic clock Stainless steel dials High… more info
Fisher & Paykel E442BRXFDU4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E442BRXFDU4 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. It encompasses 442 litres, which allows you to… more info
Fisher & Paykel MW513 Washing Machine
QuickSmart™ delivers the ultimate in quality and affordability. With the reliability and performance benefits of the… more info
Fisher & Paykel RX628DX1 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RX628DX1 Refrigerator has side by side doors. It comes equipped with 2 humidity-controlled drawers… more info
Fisher & Paykel WA1068G1 Washing Machine
Brand Fisher & Paykel Volume 10kg Configuration Top Load Energy Rating 4 Water Rating 3.5 Depth 700 mm Height… more info
Fisher & Paykel DD60DCW7 Dishwasher
Model Number DD60DCW7 Brand Fisher & Paykel Colour White Capacity Wash 14 Place Settings Energy Star Rating 3.5 … more info
Fisher & Paykel OB60SL7DEX1 Oven
Built for performance, an intuitive control system allows for precise mode selection across seven cooking functions.… more info
Fisher & Paykel E402BRXFD4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E402BRXFD4 Refrigerator's ground level freezer allows for comfortably accessing your fresh and… more info
Fisher & Paykel WL1068P1 Washing Machine
Volume 10kg Configuration Top Load Energy Rating 4 Water Rating 4 Depth 700 mm Height (lid open) 1440-1470 mm … more info
Fisher & Paykel DE50F56A2 5kg Dryer
Simplify housework and spend more quality time with your family and friends with the help of this 5Kg capacity Fisher &… more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BRXFDU4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E522BRXFDU4 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. Totaling at 519 litres, this refrigerator features a… more info
Fisher & Paykel WA70T60FW1 Washing Machine
Make:Fisher & Paykel Model Number:WA70T60FW1 Dimension (H x W x D):1020-1050 x 600 x 600mm … more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BRE4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E522BRE4 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. It contains 519 litres, which is excellent for large… more info
Fisher & Paykel OB60SCEX4 Oven
Product Code: OB60SCEX4 Colour: St/Steel Clock: Yes Construction: Built-in Cooking Program: No Cool Door: Yes … more info
Fisher & Paykel OB60SL11DEPX1 Oven
Built for performance, with ActiveVent™ technology and an intuitive control system that allows for precise cooking mode… more info
Fisher & Paykel CG603DNGGB1 Kitchen Cooktop
Features 3 Burners including dual wok burner Flame failure protection Easy clean cooktop design Quick component… more info
Fisher & Paykel E442BRWFD4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E442BRWFD4 Refrigerator has a ground level freezer. The total volume of this refrigerator is 442… more info
Fisher & Paykel E402BLE4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E402BLE4 Refrigerator features a ground level freezer, which enables comfortably accessing all your… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522ADW4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RF522ADW4 Refrigerator features 3 doors, so it helps to keep all your refrigerated food more… more info
Fisher & Paykel RX611DUX1 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RX611DUX1 Refrigerator has an ice maker and comes equipped with a water dispenser, so it pours… more info
Fisher & Paykel DE8060P1 Dryer
Features 11 Programs 5 Dryness settings 4 Temperature settings Auto sensing Automatic cool down Time remaining… more info
Fisher & Paykel DD60DI7 Dishwasher
Description The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer is so riddled with patented technology it's impossible to speak about every… more info
Fisher & Paykel E249TL Refrigerator
Experience everything the Fisher & Paykel E249TL Refrigerator has to offer. The top freezer enables storing your frozen… more info
Fisher & Paykel H220X Freezer
Features: - 216 Litre Gross Capacity - Defrost drain system - Stackable Freezer baskets 1 - Interior Light -… more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BRWFD4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E522BRWFD4 Refrigerator features a bottom freezer, which enables storing all your frozen goods in… more info
Fisher & Paykel H360X Freezer
Features: - 358 Litre Gross Capacity - Defrost drain system - Stackable Freezer baskets 2 - Interior Light -… more info
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Latest Products
LG GR-C207GSQV RefrigeratorFrom $68724
The LG GR-C207GSQV Refrigerator features side by side doors. Containing 594 litres, it spaciously and efficiently stores copious amounts of refrigerated food. It has a crisper drawer and features spill-resistant shelves. This enables easily cleaning spilled liquids. The mark-resistant finish allows for maintaining it free from any smudges.
LG GN-B331SLZ RefrigeratorFrom $12295
The LG GN-B331SLZ Refrigerator is all fridge. Totaling at 198 litres, this refrigerator has a 198-litre fridge section and a 0-litre freezer compartment, enabling you to store small amounts of frozen goods and ice. This fridge measures 555mm tall, 525mm wide, 1295mm deep.
Samsung RT-50H6371SL RefrigeratorFrom $35300
The Samsung RT-50H6371SL Refrigerator has a top freezer. It features a door alarm and comes equipped with 2 crisper drawers. With an ice maker, you can prepare large amounts ice when hosting guests. Containing 509 litres, this roomy refrigerator spaciously stores large amounts of fresh food.
Samsung RT-35FDACDSP RefrigeratorFrom $28800
Treat your family with LG, a top brand in refrigeration. The top freezer allows for comfortably storing your frozen goods at eye-level. The Samsung RT-35FDACDSP Refrigerator has an ice maker and adjustable spill-resistant shelves, designed for effortless cleaning. Thanks to the humidity-controlled drawer, you don't have to throw spoiled vegetables and fruits away as often. Encompassing 363 litres, it comfortably holds lots of refrigerated goods. 675 width x 668 depth x 1715 height.
LG GC-051S RefrigeratorFrom $5951
The LG GC-051S Refrigerator is compact, which is excellent for limited spaces. With a 50.9-litre net volume, you'll be able to compactly store small amounts of refrigerated goods and drinks. 443W x 450D x 501H.
LG GC-131S RefrigeratorFrom $7452
The LG GC-131S Refrigerator comes equipped with a single door. With a 96-litre total volume, any student living in a dorm will enjoy this product. Dimensions: 463 width x 500 depth x 830 height.
LG GR-B207GSQV RefrigeratorFrom $62100
The LG GR-B207GSQV Refrigerator has side by side doors. The helpful open-door signal of this LG refrigerator will notify you if the door was only partially closed. With a 594-litre net volume, it will spaciously hold loads of fresh goods.
Samsung SRL457MW RefrigeratorFrom $1095
The Samsung SRL457MW Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. This enables storing all of your frozen goods in line of sight. The total volume of this refrigerator is 380 litres with a 299-litre fridge compartment and an 81-litre freezer section, which enable comfortably storing plenty of frozen food. This Samsung refrigerator comes equipped with a humidity-controlled drawer and spill-resistant shelves, made for effortless cleaning. It has a door alarm, which notifies you of the open fridge door making sure that your food are kept crisp and fresh for longer.
Samsung SRL455DLS RefrigeratorFrom $1449
The Samsung SRL455DLS Refrigerator features a ground level freezer. It comes equipped with a door alarm, which signals you to close the door in case it is left open or just partially closed. This Samsung fridge has a humidity-controlled crisper drawer and a water dispenser, designed for pouring cooled water. The ice maker enables making cool drinks anytime you want. It encompasses 455 litres, which is great for large households.
Samsung SRL458ELS RefrigeratorFrom $1288
The Samsung SRL458ELS Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. It has a humidity-controlled drawer and features spill-resistant shelves, which enable easily cleaning spilled juice. The useful open-door alarm of this energy-efficient refrigerator will alert you of the open-door. This refrigerator contains 380 litres, which is great for any home.
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