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Fisher & Paykel RF522WDRX4 Refrigerator
Keep refrigerated food items organised with this efficient bottom freezer fridge. The Fisher & Paykel RF522WDRX4… more info
Fisher & Paykel WH8560P1 Washing Machine
You won't be able tell that your washing machine is operating in the next room, thanks to its vibration and noise… more info
Fisher & Paykel OR90SDBGFPX1 Ovens
6 Button electronic clock Automatic cooking and minute timer (main only) Electronic clock Stainless steel dials High… more info
Fisher & Paykel DD60DCX7 Dishwasher
Designed to fit existing kitchen cabinetry, the DishDrawer™ Double dishwasher has comparable dimensions to those of… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522ADUSX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RF522ADUSX4 Refrigerator has 3 doors. It features a crisper drawer and an ice maker, which is… more info
Fisher & Paykel WH7560J1 Washing Machine
With this Fisher & Paykel washer, doing your laundry is easy, not a chore. This is a front-load washing machine, which… more info
Fisher & Paykel WH8560J1 Washing Machine
With this Fisher & Paykel washing machine, getting laundry done is easy, not a chore. This is a front-load washer,… more info
Fisher & Paykel MW513 Washing Machine
This washing machine has a front opening. With a capacity of 5.5 kg, busy homes will love this product. more info
Fisher & Paykel DE50F56E1 5kg Front Load Dryer
An extremely popular model, the Fisher & Paykel DE50F56E1 clothes dryer has all the features you need to get your… more info
Fisher & Paykel WL1068P1 Washing Machine
This washer has a front opening. It has a 10 kg drum and requires both cold and hot water connections. This 12-program… more info
Fisher & Paykel WH7560P1 Washing Machine
You won't be able tell that your washer is in the next room, thanks to the vibration reducing technology. This is a… more info
Fisher & Paykel WA70T60GW1 Washing Manchine
This washing machine has a top opening. It features a 7-kg drum, which is great for any busy household. The timer delay… more info
Fisher & Paykel WA1068P1 Washing Machine
This washer features a front-load opening. The 10 kg drum is great for super busy homes. This scheduling champion… more info
Fisher & Paykel DD60DCW7 Dishwasher
Model Number DD60DCW7 Brand Fisher & Paykel Colour White Capacity Wash 14 Place Settings Energy Star Rating 3.5 Water… more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BRE4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E522BRE4 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer. It contains 519 litres, which is excellent for large… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522ADW4 Refrigerator
Keep your refrigerated food organised with this elegant french door fridge. The Fisher & Paykel RF522ADW4 Refrigerator… more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BRX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E522BRX4 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer, which is perfect for families with children, putting… more info
Fisher & Paykel WA1068G1 Washing Machine
With a front opening, you don't need to bend over as much to load and empty your laundry. This massive washer washes up… more info
Fisher & Paykel E521TRT3 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E521TRT3 Refrigerator features a top freezer. Encompassing 517 litres, it holds a lot of fresh… more info
Fisher & Paykel RX628DX1 Refrigerator
Keep refrigerated food items organised with this great side by side refrigerator. The Fisher & Paykel RX628DX1… more info
Fisher & Paykel WH8060P1 Washing Machine
The Fisher & Paykel 8kg WashSmart Front Load Washing Machine features SmartDrive technology, Quick Vortex wash cycles… more info
Fisher & Paykel H220X Freezer
Features: - 216 Litre Gross Capacity - Defrost drain system - Stackable Freezer baskets 1 - Interior Light -… more info
Fisher & Paykel H510X Freezer
Features: - 511 Litre Gross Capacity - Defrost drain system - Stackable Freezer baskets - Interior Light -… more info
Fisher & Paykel DW60CHX1 Dishwasher
- Energy Rating (Stars): 3.5 - Water Rating (Stars): 5 - 14 Place Setting - 6 Wash programmes - Height adjustable top… more info
Fisher & Paykel OB90S9MEPX2 Oven
Features 9 Cooking modes Automatic cooking Pyrolytic self clean cycle with active venting Cool touch quadruple glazed… more info
Fisher & Paykel H360X Freezer
Features: - 358 Litre Gross Capacity - Defrost drain system - Stackable Freezer baskets 2 - Interior Light -… more info
Fisher & Paykel E522BRWFD4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E522BRWFD4 Refrigerator features a bottom freezer, which enables storing all your frozen goods in… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF610ADUSX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RF610ADUSX4 Refrigerator has 3 doors. With a 614-litre total volume, you can store copious amounts… more info
Fisher & Paykel E373 Refrigerators
Experience the joy of owning the Fisher & Paykel E373 Refrigerators. It has a single door and is all fridge. With a… more info
Fisher & Paykel HC90DCXB1 Kitchen Hood
Designer rangehoods create a contemporary visual match with other Designer Series products. Designer rangehoods are… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522WDLUX4 Refrigerators
Experience everything Fisher & Paykel RF522WDLUX4 Refrigerator has to offer. The bottom freezer allows for easily… more info
Fisher & Paykel E442BRX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel E442BRX4 Refrigerator has a bottom freezer, made for lowered access. Totaling at 442 litres, this… more info
Fisher & Paykel CI603DTB2 Kitchen Cooktops
Features Auto cut-off timer for each zone Dual colour display Flat, easy clean glass surface Key lock Minute timer Pan… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF610ADW4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel 614L French Door Refrigerator features ActiveSmart technology, SmartTouch controls and a humidity… more info
Fisher & Paykel E450RWW Refrigerator
Reinvent your kitchen with this spacious fridge. The Fisher & Paykel E450RWW Refrigerator features a single door and is… more info
Fisher & Paykel CG603DLPGB1 Kitchen Cooktop
Features 3 Burners including dual wok burner Flame failure protection Easy clean cooktop design Quick component… more info
Fisher & Paykel OB60SCEX4 Oven
Product Code: OB60SCEX4 Colour: St/Steel Clock: Yes Construction: Built-in Cooking Program: No Cool Door: Yes … more info
Fisher & Paykel MW60 Washing Machines
Get the Fisher & Paykel washer that cares about your clothes as much as you do. This is a top-load washer. This large… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522WDLX4 Refrigerator
The Fisher & Paykel RF522WDLX4 Refrigerator's ground level freezer will be ideal for families with children, putting… more info
Fisher & Paykel RF522WDRUX4 Refrigerator
Reinvent your kitchen with this great bottom freezer fridge. Thanks to the bottom freezer, Fisher & Paykel RF522WDRUX4… more info
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Hisense RR155D5AGN RefrigeratorFrom $0

With an optimized system design, enjoy a quieter life with low noise operation from your Hisense Mini Bar RR60D5AGN. This product has a removable multiple-sealed door that can effectively isolate external heat and is also easy to clean. This product also has a multi-air flow system that distributes cold air evenly at each corner so that food quickly reaches the ideal storage temperature. The use of the no frost air cooling technology eliminates the hassle of manual frost removal and provides better freezing. The even air flow distribution allows foods to stay fresh longer in a no frost environment. The humidity of the crisper can be changed depending on the type of vegetable being stored. The tempered glass provides a higher load-bearing capacity and is not easily broken as it is four to five times stronger than regular glass. However, if the glass does break, it is designed to not break to sharp shards like standard glass would, making it a much safer alternative. The fully adjustable glass shelving is structured so that when a beverage is split on the shelf, it will not touch the food stored on other shelves. Enjoy the benefits of Hisense’s fluorine free design with high efficiency and low carbon emission. It adopts an environment-friendly, fluorine-free refrigerant and optimum pipeline design that provides refrigeration efficiency. The well-designed, exterior body and state-of-the-art ultra-micro pore foaming technology effectively reduces refrigeration loss. 

Mitsubishi Electric MRWX743YWA RefrigeratorFrom $3949

Mitsubishi Electric Australia takes the kitchen to another level with the release of its new multi-drawer refrigerator, the MR-WX743Y. Boasting a luxurious and slim design, large internal capacity, and Mitsubishi Electric’s latest Smart Cube innovation. With an impressive 743 litre capacity, the refrigerator is larger than you would expect for one with such compact dimensions – this is due to the Smart Cube design, developed by Mitsubishi Electric. The Smart Cube technology increases capacity without enlarging the dimensions, while keeping top-class energy efficiency at the same time. Wall thickness is reduced without any loss of efficiency – due to a unique Vacuum Insulation Panel and proprietary urethane-filling technology – while high-density urethane reinforces the walls of the refrigerator. All these components create a smaller energy footprint.

Electrolux EBE5107SDL RefrigeratorFrom $2334

Hinge Position: Left. - Energy Rating (Stars): 3.5. - 349L Fridge capacity. - Mark-resistant stainless steel door finish. - Adjustable Spillsafe glass shelves. - Drinks chill alarm. - Quick freeze function. - Internal electronic touch controls. - Flat bread drawer. - Professionally inspired European styling. - Freezer temperature alarm. - LED lighting. - Adjustable door bins. - 2 Adjustable front rollers & 2 rear rollers. - Full length designer bar handles. - Door bin with twist bottle holder. - Stylish flat stainless steel doors. - Door alarm on fridge & freezer. - Eco mode to reduce your energy use.

Samsung SRS635SCPLS RefrigeratorFrom $2690
The Samsung SRS635SCPLS Refrigerator features side by side doors. It has a thru-the-door water dispenser, made for keeping you and your family properly hydrated and thanks to the ice maker, you can prepare large amounts ice when hosting parties or guests. This roomy refrigerator contains 636 litres, made for spaciously organising and storing loads of fresh goods. Dimensions: 912 width x 610 depth x 1774 height.
Samsung SRS603HLS RefrigeratorFrom $1682

This refrigerator not only looks good but includes smart technology and premium cooling technology from Samsung making it an ideal food storage solution for your home. With the new SRS603HLS, it’s what you don’t see that helps bring refined beauty into your home. Recessed handles and hidden hinges provide a touch of elegant minimalism that complements any modern decor. There’s still plenty for the eye to admire, from the sophisticated pattern design to the blue LED display. Multi Flow works on every level—with small vents over each shelf—to maintain an even temperature throughout the refrigerator, especially after you open the door. By cooling every section of every compartment at the same time, it helps your foods stay fresher longer. You no longer have to empty out the fridge or freezer during a routine defrosting, because there is no more routine defrosting. Samsung’s No Frost feature ensures even cooling to eliminate frost and icy build-ups. Now you can keep all your perishables fresh and nutritious, and have more time for other chores or fun activities. What’s more, by maintaining an even temperature, No Frost puts less demands on energy needs, which increases the durability of the cooling system.

Electrolux ESE5608TA RefrigeratorFrom $0

The multi air-flow system creates an ideal frost-free cooling environment by maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the refrigerator. The built-in door alarm automatically sounds whenever it senses that a refrigerator door is left ajar or open for too long.The adjustable humidity control provides an ideal and customised storage solution for fruits and vegetables to ensure their freshness. Allows easy cleaning of the fridge interior and has special care for your delicate food.

Electrolux ESE6100SF RefrigeratorFrom $0

The multi air-flow system creates an ideal frost-free cooling environment by maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the refrigerator. The built-in door alarm automatically sounds whenever it senses that a refrigerator door is left ajar or open for too long. The Multi-function Nerve Centre allows you to control various functions with just one panel. The mark-resistant stainless steel door finish ensures that more time is spent filling up the refrigerator than cleaning accidental unslightly marks on the door. The adjustable humidity control provides an ideal and customised storage solution for fruits and vegetables to ensure their freshness. Allows easy cleaning of the fridge interior. 

Bosch KDN64VL20A RefrigeratorFrom $1277

The Bosch KDN64VL20A Refrigerator provides much more space for your food. No Frost, never defrost again, thanks to perfect protection from ice formation - that saves time and effort. Crisper Box, fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer, thanks to humidity control. ChillerBox, cooler than the other cooling areas - keeps meat and fish fresh up to 2 times longer. Indoor electronics, modern display in the door - convenient to operate and read from outside.

Samsung RT-35FDACDSP RefrigeratorFrom $28800
The Samsung RT-35FDACDSP Refrigerator features a top freezer, made for comfortably keeping all your frozen goods at eye-level. The ice maker will be ideal for cooling you off. It features a humidity-controlled crisper drawer and comes equipped with spill-resistant shelves, which allow you to easily clean spilled juice. Totaling at 363 litres, this refrigerator features a 276-litre fridge section and an 87-litre freezer compartment, designed for organise large amounts of refrigerated produce. This refrigerator measures 1715mm tall, 675mm wide, 668mm deep.
Samsung SRL457MW RefrigeratorFrom $1099
Designed with comfortable access in mind, Samsung SRL457MW Refrigerator is efficient and comfortable to use. The bottom freezer enables easily accessing all of your refrigerated food items. It features a door alarm, ideal for families with children who don't fully close the refrigerator door. This Samsung fridge has a crisper drawer and spill-resistant shelves with raised edges, designed for effortless cleaning. Containing 380 litres, it efficiently holds all your refrigerated goods.
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