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A collection of Scripture-based readings that offer encouragement to individuals dealing with illness, loss, or other… more info
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Emotional photographs from the Far East to discover a product of excellence. The latest textile treasure discovered by… more info
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This lovely and thoughtful volume pays tribute to the native plants characteristically found in the Midwest's quiet… more info
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Davidoff Cool Water Into The Ocean 100ml EDT Men's Cologne
Mens edition Davidoff Cool Water Into The Ocean for Men has been announced as fresh and aromatic, with accentuated sea… more info
Davidoff Cool Water Into the Ocean 100ml EDT Women's Perfume
A floral fruity fragrance for modern women. Crisp, sweet, aquatic, powdery & uplifting. Top notes of mint, melon &… more info
UltraStream Water Filter Alkaliser & Ioniser Fluoride Removal, No Electricity Needed Plus Stainless Drinkware more info
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UltraStream Water Filter Alkaliser & Ioniser Fluoride Removal, No Electricity Needed, Comes with Stainless Drinkware more info
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the water cleanser block 90 g | Unknown | pet supplies| Product Information:… more info
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the water cleanser block 400 g | Unknown | pet supplies| Product Information:… more info
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A bottle of Baileys (375ml), a box of chocolates (250g), and a posy of bright and cheery flowers. *Same day delivery… more info
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Combines modern technology with traditional knowledge of healing ingredients Lightweight, hydrating & oil free fluid… more info
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The Super Stars Set: 2x Deadsea Water Mineral Hand Cream (Gold Edition)100ml/3.4oz Formulated with unique Mineral Skin… more info
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Buy The People VS - Horizon Maxi - Dresses (Neon Flower) at THE ICONIC with free overnight delivery over $50 and 100… more info
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Buy The Face Shop - The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream #01 Rose Water - Skin Care at THE ICONIC with free… more info
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ICHI The Natural Fit - Essential Skin Veil 10g (Flower) more info
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The Contigo Striker Autospout Kids Water Bottle offers you a simply way to keep your kids hydrated on the go. With the… more info
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Let your child get creative without the mess with the Melissa & Doug On The Go Water WOW! Vehicles Activity Book. Key… more info
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Let your child get creative without the mess with the Melissa & Doug On The Go Water WOW! Animals Activity Book. Key… more info
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Looking for the perfect hamper? A Little Luxury's hampers can be fully customised on-line allowing you to change… more info
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Experience this classic adventure as you weave, jump and float your way through the glowworm flecked underworld of… more info
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Prepare to get wet and experience the thrill of White Water Rafting! This Avon River Rafting is a fantastic… more info
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Rock Water - Bach Flower Remedies Aqua petra Inflexible; Self denial Rock Water is for inflexibility: it is for people… more info
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Water Violet - Bach Flower Remedies Hottonia palustris Proud; Aloof The Water Violet type is knowledgeable calm and… more info
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Create amazing white on blue prints using the power of the sun. Just place leaves, flowers, feathers or whatever you… more info
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Join Thea Stilton and the Thea Sisters in this adventure packed with mystery and friendship!The Thea Sisters are in… more info
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In the Lord of the Rings movie, Nenya is one of the Rings of Power, specifically one of the Three Rings of the Elves of… more info
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In the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit films, Galadriel (portrayed by Cate Blanchett) was the co-ruler and Lady of… more info
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Chart 42 x 32 cm 43278 Thread & Fabric 18-count white Aida F2433 Charts do not come with thread or fabric. Thread and… more info
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A masterpiece in cross stitch from Permin of Copenhagen that will be much-admired by all who see it. At around one… more info
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Kenzo Flower In The Air is coming out in August 2013 as a new interpretation of the original fragrance Flower by Kenzo… more info
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Kenzo Flower In The Air was launched in the summer 2013 as a new interpretation of the original perfume Flower by Kenzo… more info
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Water And Sand Table For Kids. A great activity centre for the outdoors, the Water and Sand Table for Kids has water… more info
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Wham-o Splash Cactus Sprinkler. With 4 tubes on a spinning sprinkler turret on top of his head, the Cactus Sprinkler… more info
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Hiccups Beside the Sea 30x60cm Filled Cushion Cushions by Hiccups in design Beside the Sea 30x60cm Filled Cotton 30x60cm more info
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Drawing Ambiguity : Beside the Lines of Contemporary Art Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Professor Dalrymple's Patented Fairy Catching System [With Pouch, Glitter Bait, Net, Vial, Magnifying Glass and Instruction Booklet] Free ShippingFrom $15.02
For two centuries, Professor Dalrymples Patented Fairy Catching System has helped fairy seekers to attract and observe their shimmering friends closeup. Its catch and release approach-stressing the safety of the fairy-has helped earn this system seals of approval from both the Society to Keep Fairies Free (SKFF) and the more secretive Fairy Fellowship Coalition (FFC). This tongue-in-cheek kit includes fairy dust for attracting fairies, a fairy-sized net, magnifying glass, jar with stopper, and a fairy field guide, all in a pretty carryall bag.
Night Light: A Story for Children Afraid of the Dark Free ShippingFrom $18.78
Fear of the dark is a common experience that most people outgrow. Parents know that the fear usually stops, but children often don't – they simply know that they are afraid. This delightful and inventive story helps children use their imagination to change images of fear to images of interest, fun, and comfort.
Abracadabra Oboe Free ShippingFrom $14.67
Abracadabra spells 'excellent instrumental tutors' and the Abracadabra approach to learning through songs and tunes has set countless beginners on a clear path of progress and enjoyment with their chosen instrument. Now in a third edition, Abracadabra Woodwind has a fresh and contemporary new look and is fully updated. With additional teaching material - and with nothing left out from the previous edition - Abracadabra Oboe will continue to engage and excite the young player.
Giant of Jum Free ShippingFrom $13.54
"Fee!" he said, and "Fi!" he said, and "Fo!" he said and "Fum!" Look out children, the Giant of Jum is grumpy and hungry and he's off in search of a tasty snack. And the tastiest of all is a boy known as Jack! But Jack and his friends don't see a scary giant, they see a magically tall man - a man who can fetch lost balls and rescue cats from trees! Perhaps this hungry giant is softer than he seems...An incredible rhyming text and a brilliant, big-hearted twist on a classic fairy tale, this book sees the launch of a major new picture book pairing: the uniquely talented author and poet, Elli Woollard, and award-winning illustrator, Benji Davies. Also contains an important message for all: don't eat kids, eat cake!
Shakespeare's Hamlet Free ShippingFrom $57.08
Denmark is in turmoil. The palace is seething with treachery, suspicion and intrigue. On a mission to avenge his father's murder, Prince Hamlet tries to claw free of the moral decay all around him. But in the ever-deepening nest of plots, of plays within plays, nothing is what it seems. Doubt and betrayal torment the Prince until he is propelled into a spiral of unstoppable violence. In this sumptuous staging of Shakespeare's enigmatic play on the page, Nicki Greenberg has created an extraordinary visual feast that sweeps up all in its path as the drama intensifies both on stage and off.
Growing Frogs by Vivian FrenchFrom $14.5
Learn about the transformation from frogspawn to frog with this fun, informative picture book, part of the Nature Storybooks series.What happens when you take an empty fish tank, add some pond water, scoop in some frogspawn... and wait? Curious young minds will love learning about how frogs grow in this picture book which combines story with information.About the Author Vivian French is an acclaimed author of novels and picture books, including Growing Frogs, which was shortlisted for the Kurt Maschler Award, and the bestselling Tiara Club series. She lives in Edinburgh.About the IllustratorAlison Bartlett studied illustration at Anglia College of Art in Cambridge under Martin Salisbury. Her recent books have included, T. Rex and The Tiger and the Jackal. She lives with her partner Nick and young son, Joel.
Zoo Picture Puzzle Book by Kirsteen RobsonFrom $19.95
Densely packed with vibrantly coloured zoo animals that fill each page. Each array of animals is full of things to find, similarities to spot, differences to detect, and lots of other delightful details to talk about. Whilst scouring the pages, young children will also be developing their powers of observation, and their number and language skills.
Zeraffa Giraffa by Dianne HofmeyrFrom $14.5
Beautifully illustrated by a bestselling illustrator, whose art is as captivating as this story. New in paperback!This is the astonishing true story of Zeraffa, a giraffe who was sent as a gift from Egypt to France in 1826. A young boy, Atir, takes care of Zeraffa on her epic journey and the sailors sing songs as she gazes down at them. In France, Atir leads her through the countryside, and thousands of people marvel at Zeraffa. Paris falls in love with Zeraffa. The King builds her a special house in the Jardin des Plantes. On warm nights, the young princess visits, while Atir whispers stories to Zeraffa of a hot land far away. The amazing story by an award-winning author of a giraffe's extraordinary voyage from Africa to Paris.About the Author Dianne Hofmeyr grew up on the tip of Southern Africa. An art teacher, she has written teenage novels and picture books, and has won the M-Net Award for fiction, as well as two IBBY Honour Books. Her other titles for Frances Lincoln are The Faraway Island, The Star Bearer and The Magic Bojabi Tree.About the IllustratorJane Ray began her career as a designer but discovered a love for children's book illustration, especially fairy tales, mythology and folktales. Jane's first picture book for Frances Lincoln was Jinnie Ghost with Berlie Doherty, shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award. Her other acclaimed picture books include bestselling The Twelve Days of Christmas, The King of Capri with Jeanette Winterson, Romeo and Juliet with Michael Rosen, The Dolls' House Fairy and Snow White, which she both wrote and illustrated, Greek Myths and Ahmed and the Feather Girl for Frances Lincoln. She lives with her family in North London.
Dinosaur TrainFrom $5.9
All aboard! Join Buddy the T. rex and his Pteranodon family in this new sticker activity book. Packed with games, puzzles and dinosaur facts, it's great fun for your little monsters. Dinosaur Train is a brand new animated series for children aged 3-7, airing on Nick Jr. The television show follows Buddy, a curious T. rex, and his adopted family, the Pterandons, as they meet new dinosaurs and explore the world around them. The dinosaur train travels through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous worlds, and each episode is packed with amazing prehistoric creatures!
The Secret Knowledge of Grown-Ups by David WisniewskiFrom $10.75
Parents are always spouting these rules. Do they really care about nutrients and mattresses, or are they hiding something? Luckily, one fearless grown-up will risk his neck and his dignity to find out. Disguised as everything from a chocolate milk scuba diver to a giant nose, this counterspy uncovers the disturbing truth. And what he learns will shock you like nothing before. Startling suckface emergencies Dangerous digit gangs Powerful sumo cells Those are just some of the secrets revealed in this book by Caldecott medalist David Wisniewski. But don′t let anyone catch you reading it-especially grown-ups. Who knows what could happen if they knew that you knew?