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fluval special carbon filter

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Contains 4 pads (A-196). Fluval 3 plus-special carbon filter pads. For removal of discoloration, dyes and harmful substances....

+ Shipping: $8.50

Contains 4 pads (A-195). Fluval 2 plus-special carbon filter pads. For removal of discoloration, dyes and harmful substances....

+ Shipping: $8.50
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Orca Tiny Shrimp 95gFrom $5.95
Freeze dried fish food. Natures Natural Fish Food. For most tropical and marine fish. Made in Malaysia. Analysis: Min Cr Protein - 62.2%, Min Cr Fat - 12.8%, Max Cr Ash - 19.6%, Max Moisture - 5.4%
Fluval Filter Media Bio Foam Insert 304/305/306/404/405/406From $10.9
2 pieces (A237). Exclusively designed for Fluval aquarium canister filters, Fluval Bio-Foam performs exceptional mechanical and biological filtration. Bio-Foams dense structure is very effective at trapping small particles that are not captured in the f
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API Quick Start 118mLFrom $15.95
Allows instant addition of fish. The unique, patented nitrifying bacteria in QUICK START are scientifically proven to quickly consume ammonia and nitrite to help prevent new tank syndrome. Allows immediate addition of fish to a new freshwater or saltwate
AquaClear Quick Filter for Powerheads Replacement Cartridge 2 packFrom $5.95
For AquaClear Quick Filter Powerhead Attachment (A-578). AquaClear Quick filter cartridges are uniquely designed to fit the aquarclear quick filter powerhead attachment. The cartridge has an extra thick duo-density (two layered) pad that has expande
AquaClear Quick Filter for Powerheads Attachment for 10/20/30/50/70 modelsFrom $14.3
Filter spare part for Aquaclear powerheads (A-575). Removes particles and debris resulting in crystal clear aquarium water.
Nutrafin Max Bottom Feeder Sinking Tablet Fish Food 60gFrom $10.9
A complete food for all bottom feeders. 2mm pellets (A6750K). Nutritious tablets with Earthworm Meal. No Artificial Colourants. Long lasting, Feeds Fish not Gravel. A Complete Food for all Bottom Feeders. Multi Vitamins and advanced Yeast Extract. Nutraf
Nutrafin Max Pleco Logs Fish Food 200gFrom $20.8
Sinking fish food. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Sealed for freshness. Nutritious fibre rich sinking sticks. No artificial colourants. A complete food for suckermouth catfish. Typical analysis: Protein 40.5%, Oil & Fat 12%, Fibre 9% and Ash 7%
Fluval U4 Filter Media Poly CarbonFrom $11.95
Pack of 2 (A-492). Stage 2 Cartridge. Traps fine debris. Improves water clarity and removes odours
Marina Aquatic Planter Tool Mutli PurposeFrom $28.5
Prunes, plants and decorates (11012). The Multi-Tool helps keep the interior of your aquarium neat and well-manicured without getting hands wet. Interchangeable parts. The?SNIP AND GRIP head cuts and removes plant leaves in one easy step. The MAINTENANCE
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner 118mLFrom $7.4
Natural aquarium cleaner. For a cleaner, healthier environment. Naturally breaks down solid fish waste. Maximum cleaning effect. Treats 178 Litres. Benefits: Simplifies the care of goldfish by by naturally consuming fish waste to help keep a goldfish aqu