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"Fun Start 260 weekly developmental activities from birth to age 5 By June R. Oberlander Experts agree that the first… more info
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Are you one of the 125 million coin collectors in the United States? Whether you're a beginner or an avid collector,… more info
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Few books as useful or as comprehensive as this one have ever been published for parents. Fun Start contains hundreds… more info
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Getting a child to play piano has never been easierAs seen on public television nationwide, Scott “The Piano Guy”… more info
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Bright Starts Barnyard Fun Shape Sorter - Bright Starts Free Shipping Only $45.39 from more info
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Coole-fun-t-shirts Fun Hoodie Black bis Einer Heult (until Someone Starts Cr Only $66.58 from more info
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Bright Starts Having A Ball Tropical Fun Drop N Spin Only $42.95 from more info
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Bright Starts 5-in-1 Garden Fun Baby's Play Place W Music, 9 Toys & Lights Only $129.80 from more info
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Bright Starts 5-in-1 Garden Fun Baby's Play Place W Music, 9 Toys & Lights Only $100.90 from more info
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Bright Starts Having A Ball Drop N Roll Fun Castle Only $66.48 from more info
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Bright Starts Pal Around Jungle Baby Play Gym Mat - Roaring Safari Fun Only $54.95 from more info
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Bright Starts Pal Around Jungle Activity Gym 3 Additional Toys For Playtime Fun Only $59.80 from more info
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Kneeboard Blue Water Great Board Easy To Start Kneeboarding Fun This Summer Wow Only $166.96 from more info
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Heart of an Ironman South AfricaFrom $79.99
This book tells the tale of the heartache that eventually resulted in participants overcoming pain, finally accepting themselves, making life-changing decisions, becoming an athlete (though possibly not yet an Ironman), or realizing a lifetime dream. It would also feature stories from the SA Triathlon Development team, physically disabled competitors and top professionals such as Raynard Tissink, James Cunnama and Lucie Zelenkova.
Boston Marathon: How to qualifyFrom $39.95
With the Galloway program it's possible to be in the best shape of your life and have energy to enjoy family and career. The highly successful training schedules include all of the elements needed to qualify based upon the Boston Marathon standards. Galloway's magic mile gives a reality check on progress and sets realistic pacing goals for long runs and the race itself.
100 Reasons to Run...Now: How to Jump Start Your RunningFrom $34.95
Additionally each page in this book offers a different kind of inspiration: to start the workout, push through challenges, set personal records, or simply avoid putting ""zero"" in the training journal for the day. Each day, the reader can first pick the type of motivation needed and then choose the appropriate subject for that day. Included with some of the information are practical tips to make the training a bit more fun or more productive.
Women's Complete Guide to RunningFrom $29.95
Jeff Galloway, an US Olympian in 1972, has helped over 150,000 people make this journey while reducing or eliminating aches, pains, and injuries suffered during most training programs. Jeff developed the Run-Walk-Run method of training, and together with his wife Barbara he offers a step by step program specifically designed for the needs and concerns of women. Included are lots of tips on staying motivated, building endurance, shoes, stretching and strengthening, as well as smart nutrition choices, and much more. All of the described programs and exercises can be incorporated into the busiest lifestyle - to improve attitude, relieve stress, and enjoy a greater sense of vitality.
Mental Training for Runners: How To Stay MotivatedFrom $34.95
Generations of exercisers and athletes have struggled with the motivation to get out the door, to continue on tough days, or to push through the final barrier of discomfort to the long awaited goal. This book describes the source of problems, how to diffuse them, with methods that can keep one motivated. The unconscious process of stress build-up often sends body and mind on separate missions. Galloway provides a series of mental training methods which can bring body, mind, and spirit into a powerful team. Each major area of low motivation is noted with proven ways of overcoming the problems. Many runners have applied these methods to work through other low motivation challenges at work, in the family and in other areas of life.
Galloway's Marathon FAQFrom $29.95
This book provides well-tried and tested advice to 100 of the most commonly asked distance running questions. Running a marathon can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, but whether you are an experienced runner or going the distance for the very first time, there are always a whole host of questions you wish you had the answer to. Now, one of the most respected names in running - Jeff Galloway - answers 100 of the most frequently asked questions about training for and running a marathon. Packed with practical, proven information based on Galloway's more than 35 years in coaching, this superb volume covers everything you could think of - from nutrition and motivation to race-day preparation and staying injury free, and much more.
Running - Getting StartedFrom $29.95
This is a practical and motivational guide to getting into the running lifestyle for people of all fitness levels. It features a dedicated mailing and e-mail campaign to targeted sports and fitness media. Have you ever wanted to start running - either to get fit or just for fun - but didn't know where to start? This practical and easy-to-understand volume offers a simple, motivational training technique that will help anyone get into the running lifestyle. Running - Getting Started is packed with expert advice, hints and tips from a former Olympian, who has been injury-free for over 25 years, on everything you need to know - from starting your training to buying the right equipment and clothing, and from injury prevention and staying motivated to dietary and nutritional information. All of the methods and techniques described can be incorporated into even the busiest lifestyle, and will help improve wellbeing, relieve stress, and increase vitality.
Ironman 70.3 - Training for the Middle DistanceFrom $29.95
This title is packed with expert advice on all aspects of training for, and completing the Ironman 70.3 challenge. Swim 1.2 miles, then cycle 56 miles, finish off with a 13.1 mile run. This is Ironman 70.3 - one of the fastest growing triathlon events in the world. And even though it is only half the total distance of a full Ironman event, it is anything but an 'easy option'! ""ronman 70.3 takes readers on a journey through the complete training schedule needed to prepare for this arduous athletic challenge. It includes detailed training plans and in- depth examples of core and heart-rate training techniques that can be used all year round. This volume also features expert advice on training for each individual aspect of the race, finding the right equipment, typical training errors, tips on recovery, and how to keep motivated.
Become an IronmanFrom $29.95
This super volume is a treasure trove of practical and insightful training and racing wisdom, hard-won during author Cherie Gruenfled's 14 year Ironman career. Written in a straightforward and easy-to-read manner, and packed with insider tips, techniques and expertise, ""Becoming an Ironman"" is designed to deliver the best information in the simplest and most efficient way. Becoming an Ironman: Triathlon is destined to become an invaluable reference for anyone interested in Ironman competitions - whether you're just beginning your training or an experienced triathlete.
Jogging with LydiardFrom $24.95
A jogging handbook. It renews Arthur Lydiard's philosophy of jogging, just as it was 40 years ago. It is a guide to why you should jog, if you are not jogging already; how you jog, or jog better if you jog already; and how it holds back the degeneration that does not necessarily have to accompany the advancing years. Lydiard argues that jogging will not stop you growing older but it will help you to grow older more gracefully and with less loss of both physical and mental mobility.