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Electrolux EFP9500X/A Kitchen Hood
136 other Slideout Rangehoods 12 other Electrolux Rangehoods more info
This simple yet powerful method can place the subconscious mind in direct contact with the Universal Mind–the… more info
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The modern techniques of holistic and alternative healing and natural remedies have been alive in the "old ways" of… more info
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Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain.What does happiness mean… more info
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Hundreds of thousands of people have read Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life to identify the things that are most… more info
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Real people, real transformations"Absolutely amazing It completely shifts your paradigm for life. One of the most… more info
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Internationally renowned meditation teacher Hari Kaur Khalsa knows well the whirlwind stresses and strains placed on… more info
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If you think you need to change your marriage,think again. It may well be that your marriage is trying to change you.… more info
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A.H. Almaas, whose writings brilliantly illustrate the unity of modern depth psychology and traditional spiritual… more info
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""The incredible story of a family with an autistic son, Dale, who conquers his disability thanks to the special bond… more info
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Is it really possible to be in love forever?New York Times bestselling author John Gray will show you how in Mars and… more info
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Wherever you are on your recovery journey, and however you define your Higher Power, you will find spiritual support in… more info
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Almost all the organizing books on the market today target the "left-brainer" - people who are generally disciplined,… more info
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A breakthrough in sexual literature, this work is a complete, comprehensive user-friendly guide to and tour through the… more info
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A collection of truly comforting, down-to-earth thoughts and meditations — including the authentic voices of survivors… more info
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The Time Travel Handbook rakes readers beyond government experiments in time travel, into the uncharted territory of… more info
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"This is the happiest story in the world with the saddest ending," writes Elizabeth McCracken in her powerful,… more info
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Follow this multi-disciplinary, scientific study as it examines the evidence of a great global catastrophe that… more info
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Based on the public television series of the same name, "Bradshaw On: The Family" is John Bradshaw's seminal work on… more info
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With a voice described as "liquid," nationally recognized stress-relief expert Susie Mantell has created a uniquely… more info
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For those of us working through the heartbreak of grief, author Bozarth offers wise and comforting advice. more info
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Elegance is the art of not astonishing, said Jean Cocteau, but often the idea of a formal dinner party is intimidating… more info
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In this audio, bestselling author Marianne Williamson delves deeply into the powerful role of change in our lives… more info
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Top raw food author and personality David Wolfe "(The Sunfood Diet Success System") and success coach Nick Good combine… more info
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With an insider's view of the mind of the master, Mary Buffett and David Clark have written a simple guide for reading… more info
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Are you tired of going out to bars to meet women and end up sitting alone the entire night? Do you see attractive women… more info
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various extant manuscripts, including a previously unpublished fourth part. more info
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Is your 10- to 14- year-old getting an attitude, rolling their eyes, or slamming doors? Here are painless solutions to… more info
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The bestselling author of "Blindsided," Richard M. Cohen spent three years chronicling the lives of five diverse… more info
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Manual del Guerrero de la Luz es uno de los libros mAs esperados del autor de El Alquimista, el bestseller… more info
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Parents of young children newly diagnosed as on the autism spectrum are often at a loss for ideas about how best to… more info
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Vicki Forman gave birth to Evan and Ellie, weighing just a pound at birth, at twenty-three weeks' gestation. During the… more info
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Ram Dass is an American psychologist and spiritual teacher who has studied and practiced meditation for many years.… more info
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Blending common sense and modern psychiatry, "The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World" applies Buddhist tradition to… more info
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Introduction from noted Golden Dawn scholar Pat Zalewski Includes the Opening of the Watchtower Ritual for Self… more info
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Parents, teachers, and other adults can learn through this concise and caring guide to how children and adolescents… more info
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Richard M. Dolan is a gifted historian whose study of U.S. Cold War strategy led him to the broader context of… more info
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At seventeen Lori Schiller was the perfect child — the only daughter of an affluent, close-knit family. Six years later… more info
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Product Description:The world of Furby creatures is full of fun reactions, unique fur colours and styles, plenty of… more info
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Vintage: 50 Designs to Help You De-stress Free ShippingFrom $9.09
Colouring in is a wonderful way to re-focus and de-stress. In this notebook you will find vintage-inspired designs to bring you calm and relaxation. The 50 designs in this book evoke the gentle pleasures of the past, from afternoon tea to beautiful florals. Just reach for your colouring pencils, pick a design at random and simply make a start. As you concentrate on the simple action of colouring in, you will find your mind clearing and stress disappearing.
D.I.Y Magic Free ShippingFrom $19.48
A collection of techniques, from lucid dreaming to Surrealist parlour games, to help anyone to access deeper levels of creativity.
Purr Therapy Free ShippingFrom $19.58
Cats aren't a typical choice for animal-assisted psychotherapy, but Timmy and Marnia are anything but typical. Research has found that petting a cat can lower blood pressure and a cat's purr is thought to help heal body tissues and bones. But not just any cat can be a therapy cat, after all, such animals need to be friendly with strangers and willing to be touched, petted and held by unfamiliar people. They have to be tolerant ofloud voices and angry shouting, emotional distress, and sudden movements. It's a tall order for any animal, but a particular challenge for a cat. In "Purr Therapy," psychotherapist and cat lover Dr. Kathleen McCoy shows how two very special cats rose to this challenge, how they helped wounded souls to heal and how they taught even her lessons in mindfulness, joyful living, and compassion. She also shows readers how animal-assisted psychotherapy works and gives them an intimate and moving inside look at how Timmy and Marina worked with patients, how their double role as animal companions and cotherapists changed lives, and how, after their untimely deaths, the grief shared by those who knew and loved them led to even more growth and healing. It's no surprise that there is a tidal wave of cat fanciers growing: even the internet prefers cats. No dog site has reached the proportions of the most popular cat sites case in point: the mega-star Grumpy Cat who has over 2 1/2 million followers! More than an internet trend, this very active market is exploding through cat video contests and festivals that are claiming the passions of millions who will benefit from and love "Purr Therapy.""
Hands on Feet: The System That Puts Reflexology at Your Fingertips [With Revolutionary Reflexology Sox] Free ShippingFrom $32.89
Originally published in 2001, the bestselling Hands on Feet is now updated in a new user-friendly package that makes reflexology more hands-on than ever!Reflexology foot massage can help reduce anxiety, target specific aches throughout the body, and create a sense of overall well-being. Michelle K. Ebbin, a Beverly Hills massage therapist to the stars, is an expert at relieving stress through this proven method. She explains her tried-and-true techniques with helpful diagrams and illustrations. The book also includes a pair of Ebbins patented Reflexology Sox that often sell by themselves for as much as the price of this innovative package. They illustrate, in colorful detail, which part of the foot should be manipulated in order to relieve symptoms of PMS, fatigue, and other common ailments. Great for yourself or to use with a partner, this package puts healing in your hands!
Discovering Dowsing and Divining Free ShippingFrom $16.05
The art of dowsing or divining - the tracing of underground water, minerals, pipes or cables - has fascinated people for centuries and today there is a renewed interest in the subject. This book is intended to help the would-be dowser to enter into the mystery of dowsing. The book sets out to prove that anyone can dowse, and it also dispels the commonly accepted myths that dowsing is a gift enjoyed by a few practitioners, that it is always associated with water and that hazel twigs are the only media.
Bad Mother Free ShippingFrom $21
In our mothers' day there were good mothers, indifferent mothers, and occasionally, great mothers. Today we have only Bad Mothers: If you work, you're neglectful; if you stay home, you're smothering. If you discipline, you're buying them a spot on the shrink's couch; if you let them run wild, they will be into drugs by seventh grade. Is it any wonder so many women refer to themselves at one time or another as a "bad mother"? Writing with remarkable candor, and dispensing much hilarious and helpful advice along the way–Is breast best? What should you do when your daughter dresses up as a "ho" for Halloween?–Ayelet Waldman says it's time for women to get over it and get on with it in this wry, unflinchingly honest, and always insightful memoir on modern motherhood.
Power of Personality Free ShippingFrom $22.36
Management writers have come up with many tools for explaining how different types of personalities can work best together. But they have ignored the most important personality difference of all - the difference between introverts and extroverts. This book is the first book to fill that gap. This book follows up from Sylvia Loehken's international bestseller Quiet Impact, published in the UK in June, and will be required reading for all managers and anyone who wants to understand their colleagues better.
Yogasana: The Encyclopedia of Yoga Poses Free ShippingFrom $40.26
Packed with over 800 unique poses performed by renowned practitioner Yogrishi Vishvketu, "Yogasana" is the most comprehensive yoga asana guide to date. The poses range from beginner to advanced levels, which makes this the perfect book for both the yoga novice and the studio owner. Vishvketu, a lifelong yoga devotee who grew up in the Himalayan foothills, unveils the mystery surrounding the names of traditional yoga poses by listing each name in Sanskrit, Romanized Sanskrit, and English and providing guided translation charts. The reader gains an understanding of the rich historical and spiritual naming system behind each asana. Charts describing the properties of each chakra and a graphic indicator showing which chakras are activated by each pose help readers focus their practice and utilize the unique energetic essence of each asana. With color-coded poses organized into a logical sequence with roots in both the traditional Himalayan system and Yogrishi Vishvketu's decades of practice, this yoga compendium brings together information about the physical exercise, the history of the practice, and the spiritual path of yoga in a single, all-inclusive volume.
Sex Position Magnets Free ShippingFrom $25.22
FRIDGE MAGNET FUN REACHES THE ULTIMATE LEVEL OF SILLINESS AND SEXINESS WITH THESE MIX-AND-MATCH FIGURES THAT COMBINE INTO ENDLESS NEW POSITIONS If you enjoy coming up with new positions in the bedroom, you won't be able to resist doing it on your kitchen fridge. Stick, arrange and rearrange the pre-posed figures in this adults-only game for endless combinations and copulations. Immortalize your new sex position with its own name thanks to the 150 word magnets included inside. The perfect bachelor/bachelorette, wedding shower, birthday or gag gift, Sex Position Magnets offers hours of hilarious, interactive fun and a new way to showcase your sexual creativity beyond the bedroom.