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Free Delivery Worldwide : The Gospel According to Coco Chanel : Hardback : Skirt! : 9781599215235 : 1599215233 : 15 Sep… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : The Gospel According to Coco Chanel : Paperback : Globe Pequot Press : 9780762764150 :… more info
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Delving into the long, extraordinary life of renowned French fashion designer Coco Chanel, Karen Karbo has written a… more info
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A modern look at the life of a legendary fashion icon—with practical life lessons for women of all ages Delving into… more info
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A modern look at the life of a legendary fashion icon—with practical life lessons for women of all ages Delving into… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : The Gospel According to Coco Chanel : Paperback : Globe Pequot Press : 9780762764150 :… more info
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Untitled Document Learn to Play Gospel Piano (Two DVDs) DVD NEW There's no sound quite like the rich, rumbling bass… more info
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Made of soft, snug fitting nylon elastane fabric, opaque and stretchy. Coco Scoop Top by BETTY BASICS has full length… more info
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Billabong Coco Hood In Red Sale Only $55.99 from more info
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Chanel Coco 100ml Edt By Chanel, Perfume (bnib) Only $157.55 from more info
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The Spirit in Aromatherapy by Gill Farrer-HallsFrom $31.95
The importance of intuition in aromatherapy blending, essential and base oil selection and bodywork is the focus of Gill Farrer-Halls' authoritative new book. Drawing on her extensive experience as a practicing aromatherapist and aromatherapy teacher, she explores ways of increasing intuitive awareness of the nature and depth of individual essential oils, and takes the reader through meditative techniques that can help practitioners deepen their practice. She goes on to show how an intuitive and meditative approach can, with time, transform clinical practice, and help practitioners create original, effective, synergistic and holistic blends as well as develop and enhance on-going work with clients. An important resource on the use of intuitive inner wisdom in aromatherapy practice, this book will be of interest and practical use to aromatherapists, bodywork practitioners, students of aromatherapy and all who are interested in essential oils.
Acupuncture Understood by Stuart LightbodyFrom $56.95
Very little has been written on acupuncture and the Oriental medical view of health for the lay person in recent years. Even less has been written on the training requirements which vary enormously. This unique book clarifies this situation. It introduces the Westerner to the key concepts of healthy living, wellbeing and longevity, drawing upon the ancient Chinese philosophy whose universal principles were laid down in the Nei Jing, the oldest extant medical book in the world, written 221 BCE. It brings alive and makes relevant this ancient understanding of wellbeing and health maintenance to us in the 21st century and is presented in a clear, easy to read, interesting and somewhat revolutionary format. It involves the individual in looking at their own health and lifestyle and offers advice as to how these might be optimised for life in the modern world. It covers the historical background to oriental medicine, gives details of the 5 Element and Yin/Yang theories, explains how diagnosis, the consultation process and acupuncture work, and gives detailed advice on preventive health.
Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle CharmanFrom $20.95
Crystal Reading Cards consist of 62 cards, all with exquisite photos of many of the world?s most powerful crystals. Embark on a journey with these crystal reading cards, to a deeper place of love and inspiration in your life. Your deepest questions will be answered with clarity as you open yourself to healing. These unique set of cards are an interactive healing and transformation tool. You can choose to use the cards to gain healing energy from the crystals, or you can choose to seek guidance and direction from the cards. More powerfully, you can use them for both ? it?s up to you. About the AuthorRachelle Charman is the founder of The Academy of Crystal Awakening. She worked for Hay House Publishing from 2001 to 2004 and has also worked as a personal assistant to Doreen Virtue, the author of Healing with the Angels.
My Dance with Cancer by Tracy MaxwellFrom $23.4
My Dance with Cancer tells Tracy's story of facing ovarian cancer as a thirty-something single woman from diagnosis through treatment and now ?survivorship." Tracy addresses the physical and emotional aspects of the disease, and highlights lessons she learned and shared through her blog, A Single Cell.Tracy speaks directly to the hopes and fears, insecurities and triumphs of a single person with cancer. She discusses the emotions and practicalities of dealing with a diagnosis, including getting support as a single person and what patients who are single need from those around them. She shares intimate stories of her experiences and looks at the roles of fear, friends, family, dating, traditional holidays and creating new ones based on her cancer experience. She looks at the lessons learned, setbacks, the importance of paying it forward, how people can protect themselves, states of mind and the role of gratitude. Tracy ends with a chapter on love, including the importance of loving herself, highlighting the journey she took to learn to love her self and trust her intuition. Tracy invites the reader to answer questions at the end of each chapter so they too, can learn life lessons from their experience.
Yoga Sequencing Deck by Jillian BobowiczFrom $20.8
One hundred mix-and-match cards allow you to quickly develop a personalized routineWith The Yoga Sequencing Deck, practitioners of all levels can craft original yoga classes and practices right at home. Featuring 75 strengthening and healing positions drawn from Ashtanga and Vinyasa traditions, this deck of cards is the ideal tool for creating a highly effective and balanced yoga routine. Perfect for beginner yogis, experienced practitioners, and yoga teachers alike, these simple cards provide a straight-forward way to lay out a sequence of positions and visually experiment with different arrangements to achieve the best. Each card also stands on its own as a flashcard, featuring a photograph of the position or variation, its Sanskrit name, and English translation ? the perfect way to learn both terminology and proper alignment.In addition to the 75 unique positions, The Yoga Sequencing Deck features 25 "transition" cards to help you indicate when in the routine to take a full, resetting vinyasa between postures.
Women On Top by Nancy FridayFrom $8.95
Nancy Friday's sexually and socially empowering international bestsellers My Secret Garden and Forbidden Flowers revealed that women possess erotic imaginations at least as inventive and powerful as those of men. Women on Top looks at a new generation of women and asks: what are women's sexual fantasies today? How have they responded to the changes brought about by feminism, and the sexual freedom it provided? In a world wallpapered with erotic images, but which still denies them full sexual freedom, women are more determined than ever that they'll be 'nice girls' no longer. Explicit, iconoclastic, often shocking, these erotic stories - angry, lustful, tender and dark - blow apart the old social and sexual taboos. Nothing is forbidden.
Elisabeth Smith Traveller's by Elisabeth SmithFrom $12.5
All the language you want for your trip abroad.Learn all the language you need for travelling, shopping, ordering food, staying in a hotel and more. This is your essential guide to getting out and really speaking. In just 35 minutes a day for six weeks you'll be ready to get out and about and make the most of your holiday.About the AuthorElisabeth Smith has sold over one million copies of her Teach Yourself books, CDs, DVDs and apps in 11 different languages. Her entertaining and practical approach has helped people all around the world to learn a language they can use.
The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaporteFrom $17.4
The Fire Starter Sessions is an apathy-kicking, integrity-infusing guide to defining success on your own terms. As the creator of "the best place online for kick-ass spirituality," Danielle LaPorte's straight-talk life-and-livelihood sermons have been read by over one million people. Bold but empathetic, she reframes popular self-help and success concepts: : Life balance is a myth, and the pursuit of it is causing us more stress then the craving for balance itself. : Being well-rounded is over-rated. When you focus on developing your true strengths, you enter your mastery zone. : Screw your principles (they might be holding you back). : We have ambition backwards. Getting clear on how you want to feel in your life + work is more important than setting goals. It's the most potent form of clarity that you can have, and it's what leads to true fulfillment.
Deliver Us from Evil by Ralph SarchieFrom $11.75
Demonic possession. Exorcism. Haunted Houses. Satanic Rituals. For most people this is the stuff of nightmares, horror movies, folklore, and superstition. For New York City police Sergeant Ralph Sarchie, it's as real-and dangerous-as midnight patrol . . . A sixteen-year NYPD veteran, Ralph Sarchie works out of the 46th Precinct in New York's South Bronx. But it is his other job that he calls "the Work": investigating cases of demonic possession and assisting in the exorcisms of humanity's most ancient-and most dangerous-foes. Now he discloses for the first time his investigations into incredible true crimes and inhuman evil that were never explained, solved, or understood except by Sarchie and his partner. Schooled in the rituals of exorcism, and an eyewitness to the reality of demonic possession, Ralph Sarchie has documented a riveting chronicle of the inexplicable that gives a new shape to the shadows in the dark.In Deliver Us from Evil, he takes readers into the very hierarchy of a hell on earth to expose the grisly rituals of a Palo Mayombe priest; a young girl whose innocence is violated by an incubus; a home invaded by the malevolent spirit of a supposedly murdered nineteenth-century bride; the dark side of a couple who were literally, the neighbors from hell; and more. Ralph Sarchie's revelations are a powerful and disturbing documented link between the true-crime realities of life and the blood-chilling ice-grip of a supernatural terror.