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Breathing can transform your life and make you a healthier, more relaxed human being. Dr. Bruce Frantzis has developed… more info
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The new edition of this best-selling book presents a thorough yet concise step-by-step guide to the understanding and… more info
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A practical, accessible guide to the fundamentals of Buddhist meditation, with pointers from some of today's most… more info
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Improve Your English : The Essential Guide to English Grammar Punctuation and Spelling Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Breathing can transform your life and make you a healthier, more relaxed human being. Dr. Bruce Frantzis has developed… more info
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The three guided meditations offered in this accessible resource allow even the busiest people to enjoy the calming… more info
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Autism: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Child's Quality of Life by Jonathan Tommey Only from Mighty Ape more info
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This revised and expanded edition of The Complete Photo Guide to Home Improvement is a comprehensive reference for… more info
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Complete Illustrated Guide To Improving Your Golf Only from QBD The Bookshop more info
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With more than 140 techniques and practices drawn from Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Taoist, Pagan, Jewish, Native… more info
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This book offers readers the most popular patio and walkway designs complete with step-by-step, full-color photo… more info
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This comprehensive bible of remodeling information and projects focuses on the significant projects that will help… more info
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Education in the health professions is placing greater emphasis on "active" learning-learning that requires applying… more info
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This comprehensive manual shows the who, what, when, why and how of comedy improvisation. It is a complete improv… more info
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This new edition of this bestselling guide offers an integrated approach to process improvement that delivers quick and… more info
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Software Engineering / Testing Test Process Improvement A practical step-by-step guide to structured testing Tim Koomen… more info
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The Definitive Guide to Using Analytics for Better Business Decisions "A must-read for anyone who is directly or… more info
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Pocket guides to quality improvement have been a bestselling genre in the quality field ever since the Memory Jogger… more info
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This problem-solving reference answers questions such as, "Why do interior lights dim or burn out rapidly" and "Why… more info
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The first book to explain how you can measure social media ROI across multiple departments, for internal/external… more info
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With healthy lifestyles now becoming the focus of mainstream culture, this book is a timely reference guide that can… more info
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This book offers a unique approach to chess self-evaluation and training. It will answer the two most common questions… more info
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The original best-selling Chess Exam and Training Guide (IamCoach Press, 2004) scored rave reviews from readers and… more info
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A practical workbook for parents who want to improve the eyesight of their children—and themselves- Includes detailed… more info
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'The book is user-friendly and includes clear diagrams in each section, along with tables to outline key points. I… more info
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Using Data to Improve Learning: A practical guide for busy teachers explains how teachers can incorporate 'no-frills'… more info
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Specialising in injury repair and curing illness, Tui Na massage can also maintain your health by adjusting your Qi in… more info
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Most people know The Second City as an innovative school for improvisation that has turned out leading talents such as… more info
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HOW TO IMPROVE DINING ROOM SERVICE is an easy learning manual that explains the basic fundamentals of Front of the… more info
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The authors illustrate how to use data as a catalyst for significant, systematic, and continuous improvement in… more info
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The Provider's Guide (Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents) identifies psychological,… more info
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From the traditional wing-bone turkey call used for generations to the newest high-tech calls, Hickoff gives tips and… more info
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Putting has often been described as an art, but the author of this book, by trade a physicist, has analyzed it as never… more info
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From bedtime tantrums to bedwetting, sleep problems can be one of the biggest sources of worry and frustration for… more info
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Wilderness First Aid: A Pocket Guide Free ShippingFrom $36.84
New in the Ragged Mountain Press Pocket GuidesA practical, packable source of clear, reassuring first aid advice, "Wilderness First Aid" is the only such guide written by a board-certified emergency medicine specialist."Wilderness First Aid" presents 125 outdoor medical emergencies and succinct, step-by-step treatment advice. Arranged by symptom for easy access, treatments cover everything from blisters to broken bones, heat stroke to hypothermia, snake bites to poison ivy. Direct and to the point, "Wilderness First Aid's" spread-by-spread design gets readers where they need to be quickly—making calm, informed treatment decisions.
The Secrets of Skinny Chicks: How to Feel Great in Your Favorite Jeans--When It Doesn't Come Naturally Free ShippingFrom $27.96
Now you can find your inner thinner chick with the exercise, diet, and image secrets of the most enviable bodiesIn "The Secrets of Skinny Chicks," award-winning women's health journalist Karen Bridson profiles 25 svelte women—including models, actors, athletes and regular folks—to reveal exactly what it is each one does to look so great. These women share with you their tips for planning menus, exercising, and staying motivated as well as advice on boosting metabolism. You will learn how to adapt these secrets into your own life safely and realistically.
The Beauty Diet: Looking Great Has Never Been So Delicious Free ShippingFrom $37.44
The secret to glowing skin, brighter eyes, whiter teeth, shinier hair, and stronger nailsAccording to nationally known nutritionist Lisa Drayer, it's not what you put on your body, but what you put in your body that makes you beautiful. Drayer's groundbreaking guide reveals the Top 10 Beauty Foods—nature's best kept secrets for glowing skin, fuller hair, healthier nails, brighter eyes, and whiter teeth. Her easy-to-follow program—including a mouthwatering four-week meal plan with more than 100 recipes—unlocks the amazing power of these Beauty Foods and makes every part of your body look and feel absolutely fantastic.Here are the Top 10 Beauty FoodsWild SalmonYogurtBlueberriesSpinachKiwisTomatoesOystersSweet PotatoesWalnutsDark Chocolate
Maya Cosmos Free ShippingFrom $45.22
A Masterful blend of archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, and lively personal reportage, Maya Comos tells a constellation of stories, from the historical to the mythological, and envokes the awesome power of one of the richest civilizations ever to grace the earth.
How Mothers Love Free ShippingFrom $32.7
Mothers describe falling in love with their babies and then, more slowly, learning to understand them. Children flourish when their mothers love and understand them. For over 20 years, Naomi Stadlen has listened to hundreds of mothers talking at her weekly discussion groups. In 'How Mothers Love' she offers unique insights into how mothers and babies learn to communicate intimately with one another. When adults relate to one another, they are building on the foundations usually laid down by their mothers. 'How Mothers Love' is a study of how mothers start to build those foundations and covers areas such as: how to create emotional 'space' for your unborn child; how to maintain a close relationship with two or more children; the transformation into motherhood and your role as a mother in wider society. By sharing the experiences of other mothers, Naomi Stadlen offers reassurance and support to all new parents as they navigate the highs and lows of the early years with their babies.
Chakra Clearing Free ShippingFrom $15.09
Chakra Clearing is a unique experiential guide to activating your natural spiritual powers of psychic and spiritual healing through the opening, cleansing, and balancing of the body's energy centres (chakras). Using this CD on a regular basis will keep your chakras attuned and cleansed for maximum intuitive powers. You will be guided and instructed simultaneously. In addition, this CD includes guided exercises to clear and release negative energy and ego-based thoughts.
Brooklyn Street Style Free ShippingFrom $31.96
Brooklyn style is eclectic, creative and distinct from neighborhood to neighborhood. It's not about chasing labels. It is stylish on its own terms, and it's about dressing for real life. Brooklyn Street Style: The No-Rules Guide to Fashion explores what has made the borough a global fashion mecca and presents style advice from a host of Brooklyn tastemakers. This diverse crew of notable women in the design, fashion, food, and entertainment worlds includes style expert Mary Alice Stephenson, Girls costume designer Jenn Rogien, Urban Bush Babes blogger Cipriana Quann, Sleigh Bells's singer/beauty-industry activist Alexis Krauss, and award-winning actor/playwright Eisa Davis. Chapters distill what's happening in the borough today–from the maker movement to eco-conscious fashion–with more than 175 striking street-style photographs. Full of suggestions for both visitors and locals alike, the book's Brooklyn Guide offers a curated listing of the essential shops, markets, restaurants, and bars.
Love from Heaven Free ShippingFrom $18.88
How to bring more love into your life by the Sunday Times number one bestselling author of Stairways to Heaven and A Message of Hope from the Angels. Lorna Byrne has become a bestselling author around the world because she sees angels as clearly as the rest of us see human beings. Now she reveals that she also sees love as a physical force. What Lorna has seen has led her to develop a 7 day path to help us all change our lives. She says: 'The more we love ourselves the more we can love others. If only we release a little more of the pure love we have locked away inside of us we will be much happier, less judgmental and feel much more fulfilled. Our lives and those of people around us would be transformed.'
Intelligence Free ShippingFrom $18.16
There is a strange disconnect between the scientific consensus and the public mind on intelligence testing. Just mention IQ testing in polite company, and you'll sternly be informed that IQ tests don't measure anything "real", and only reflect how good you are at doing IQ tests; that they ignore important traits like "emotional intelligence" and "multiple intelligences"; and that those who are interested in IQ testing must be elitists, or maybe something more sinister. Yet the scientific evidence is clear: IQ tests are extraordinarily useful. IQ scores are related to a huge variety of important life outcomes like educational success, income, and even life expectancy, and biological studies have shown they are genetically influenced and linked to measures of the brain. Studies of intelligence and IQ are regularly published in the world's top scientific journals. This book will offer an entertaining introduction to the state of the art in intelligence and IQ, and will show how we have arrived at what we know from a century's research.It will engage head-on with many of the criticisms of IQ testing by describing the latest high-quality scientific research, but will not be a simple point-by-point rebuttal: it will make a positive case for IQ research, focusing on the potential benefits for society that a better understanding of intelligence can bring.
Different Croaks for Different Folks: All about Children with Special Learning Needs Free ShippingFrom $28.89
This engaging colour illustrated book explores the difficulties faced by 'frogs with a different croak'. Aimed at children with autism and related spectrum conditions, Teacher Toad's lessons pick up on social and physical difficulties and the kind of behaviours that can get young frogs into trouble. Each lesson gives practical advice on issues covering everything from hard-to-break habits to physical coordination difficulties. Without using 'labels', Midori Ochiai writes about a range of conditions in a child-friendly, non-threatening way that encourages a positive and fun approach to understanding, accepting and accommodating difference. A detailed appendix covers the conditions from a medical perspective. Ideal for reading with children, this book will be helpful to parents and professional.