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handbook of biofunctional surfaces

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Provides information on how to build, improve and maintain a user-friendly facility for horse events and training. Save… more info
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This invaluable book explores the delicate interplay between geometry and statistical mechanics in materials such as… more info
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Protein research is a frontier field in science. Proteins are widely distributed in plants and animals and are the… more info
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The philosophy of deep ecology originated in the 1970s with the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess and has since spread… more info
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What is the place of materiality - the expression or condition of a physical substance - in our visual age of rapidly… more info
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Berlin's unique history of conflict, violence, and transformation has created an arena of extraordinary urban surfaces,… more info
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Bside BTM01 Portable Digital Thermometer for Surface Temperature Internal Temp of Liquid more info
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Polymer clay has grown in popularity since the publication of Donna Kato's best-selling "The Art of Polymer Clay" in… more info
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Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again! Includes all testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events. Cram101 Just the… more info
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This manual is a practical, illustrated how-to guide to the proper techniques and electrode placements for common nerve… more info
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The chapters contributed to this book have been written by the staff and associates of The Tavistock Consultancy… more info
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In the same format as Francoise Tellier-Loumagne's "The Art of Knitting" and "The Art of Embroidery" comes this… more info
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Francoise Tellier-Loumagne has taught textile and knit design in France for more than thirty years. Drawing on her… more info
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A Brief Atlas of the Human Skeleton, Surface Anatomy and Selected Medical Images Free Shipping Only from The Nile more info
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Palpation is one of the most important aspects in clinical examination and the diagnostic approach enables a better… more info
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This title received British Medical Association Book Awards 2009 - Commended, Basic and Clinical Sciences. This… more info
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This package includes a copy of ISBN 9781118345009 and a registration code for the WileyPLUS course associated with the… more info
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This 14th edition of the phenomenally successfulPrinciples of Anatomy and Physiologycontinues to set the standard for… more info
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Stunning photographs make this guide to the seashells of Egypt's Red Sea coast a delight for scientists and… more info
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Synergizing herbal medicine with clinical science, this two-volume guide combines the medicinal applications of a… more info
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The fear of storms has kept many otherwise competent sailors from venturing into the open ocean. This book explores the… more info
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Fr. Lovasik brings you a wealth of simple directions for overcoming unkind habits that can creep into your behavior.… more info
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A practical and comprehensive introduction to project management for large and small projects in both the private and… more info
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While running a house and enjoying the pleasures of home life used to be commonplace, two well-known hostesses in… more info
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An anthology of the most influential writings on swordsmanship from the samurai era.""There is perhaps no more potent… more info
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This authoritative Handbook is the reference of choice for researchers and students of personality. Leading authorities… more info
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Widely regarded as the standard reference in the field, this Handbook comprehensively examines all aspects of emotion… more info
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Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists has become the go-to resource for thousands of mental health… more info
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If you want to make gorgeous, quality bags with the professional edge that really makes the difference between… more info
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This indispensable practitioner guide and text serves as a comprehensive primer on case formulation within all of the… more info
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This comprehensive Handbook synthesizes the explosion of recent research on child and adolescent psychopathy: its… more info
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The first book to move beyond childhood and adolescence to explore processes of resilience across the lifespan, this… more info
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From foremost authorities, this comprehensive work is more than just the standard reference on attachment-it has… more info
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Thoroughly updated for its Fourth Edition, this pocket-sized go-anywhere "Handbook of Fractures" is the ideal… more info
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Essentials of Nursing Informatics Study Guide Free ShippingFrom $50.75
A clear and concise approach to learning nursing informatics Derived from the newly-revised 6th Edition of Saba and McCormick's best-selling textbook, Essentials of Nursing Informatics, this unique study guide offers a clear and concise path to understanding the fundmental concepts of nursing informatics. Based on chapters in the 6th Edition written by leaders in nursing informatics education and industry, this companion text helps students learn and apply the latest concepts, technologies, policies, and skills in nursing informatics. Edited by experienced educators Julianne and Jack Brixey, along with Virginia K. Saba and Kathleen A. McCormick, the Essentials of Nursing Informatics Study Guide gives you concise teaching and learning modules that include chapter outlines, teaching tips, class preparation ideas, learning objectives, review questions, and answer explanations to supplement the 6th Edition of Essentials of Nursing Informatics. The Study Guide is ideal for use by instructors to enhance classroom teaching, as well as for students to use for self-study and review both in and out of the classroom.Essentials of Nursing Informatics Study Guide is logically divided into nine sections covering all areas of nursing informatics theory and practice: Nursing Informatics Technologies System Life Cycle Informatics Theory Standards/Foundations of Nursing Informatics Nursing Informatics Leadership Advanced Nursing Informatics in Practice Nursing Informatics/Complex Applications Educational Applications Research Applications Big Data Initiatives Essentials of Nursing Informatics Study Guide is an essential resource for learning how technology can make the nursing experience as rewarding and successful as possible. The Study Guide also includes an online faculty resource to supplement classroom teaching (available at, which includes chapter outlines, learning objectives, key words, and explanatory illustrations and tables.
Radiology for the Dental Professional [With Study Guide] Free ShippingFrom $117.58
This money saving package includes Radiology for the Dental Professional 9th edition textbook and Study Guide.
The Back Pain Revolution Free ShippingFrom $126.18
Accessible to all health care professionals, this text provides a guide to understanding and managing back pain and is one of the premier examples of a biopsychosocial approach to medicine. The content challenges unsubstantiated beliefs regarding the best way to treat and manage back pain and presents an interdisciplinary debate on the subject. In a society where patients are demanding more effective approaches to their problems, this resource offers a radical rethink, a necessary step to achieving a more effective method of treatment. The unorthodox spirit of this material places this book at the center of the revolution taking place in the back pain area.
Physiological Bases of Human Performance During Work and Exercise Free ShippingFrom $91.96
"Physiological Bases of Human Performance during Work and Exercise" is a high-level physiology text for advanced students, researchers and practitioners in the fields of human physiology, exercise science and applied physiology. Eighty internationally recognised scientists from sixteen countries have written chapters within six areas: physiological performance limits and human adaptation; the physiological bases of gender differences in performance; age and human performance; performance under environmental extremes; exercise and health interactions; and, optimising performance through supplementation. Each section contains state-of-the-art reviews of the scientific literature. To stimulate critical thinking, there are thirteen debates and discussions that focus on some of the controversial topics that exist across these disciplines.
Pathology: Implications for the Physical Therapist Free ShippingFrom $133.96
Understand how a patient's conditions might affect physical therapy and outcomes so that you can design safe and effective interventions. The only pathology textbook written specifically for physical therapists, "Pathology: Implications for the Physical Therapist, Third Edition", offers guidelines, precautions, and contraindications for interventions with patients who have musculoskeletal or neuromuscular problems as well as other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or pancreatitis. Learn about the cause of these conditions, the pathogenesis, medical diagnosis and treatment, and most importantly, the special implications for the therapist. In addition to addressing specific diseases and conditions, this text emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention strategies and covers issues with implications for physical therapy management, such as injury, inflammation, and healing; the lymphatic system; and, biopsychosocial-spiritual impacts on health care. With this practical and evidence-based text, now enhanced with full-color illustrations and the latest research, you'll know what to factor into your clinical decisions to achieve the best outcomes for your patients.
Introduction to Radiologic Sciences and Patient Care Free ShippingFrom $81.99
Learn the professional and patient care skills you need for clinical practice! A clear, concise introduction to the imaging sciences, "Introduction to Radiologic Sciences and Patient Care" meets the standards set by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) Curriculum Guide and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Task List for certification examinations. Covering the big picture, expert authors Arlene M. Adler and Richard R. Carlton provide a complete overview of the radiologic sciences professions and of all aspects of patient care.
Principles and Practice of Pediatric Sleep Medicine Free ShippingFrom $104.65
Principles and Practice of Pediatric Sleep Medicine, 2nd Edition, written by preeminent sleep medicine experts Drs. Sheldon, Kryger, Ferber, and Gozal, is the most comprehensive source for diagnosing and managing sleep disorders in children. Newly updated and now in full color throughout, this medical reference book is internationally recognized as the definitive resource for any health practitioner who treats children, providing absolute guidance on virtually all of the sleep-associated problems encountered in pediatric patients.
Nutrient Metabolism Free ShippingFrom $163.37
Nutrient Metabolism, Second Edition, provides a comprehensive overview of the supply and use of nutrients in the human body and how the body regulates intake. Chapters detail the principles determining digestion and absorption of food ingredients and how these compounds and their metabolites get into the brain, cross the placenta and pass through the kidneys. Each nutrient's coverage contains a nutritional summary that describes its function, its food sources, dietary requirements, potential health risks if deficient, and impact of excessive intake. This handbook contains the latest information on the scope of structures, processes, genes and cofactors involved in maintaining a healthy balance of nutrient supplies. Of interest to a wide range of professionals because nutrient issues connect to so many audiences, the book contains a useful link to dietary supplements. * Latest research findings on health and clinical effects of nutrients and of interventions affecting nutrient supply or metabolism* Each nutrient covered contains a nutritional summary describing its function, food sources, dietary requirements, potential health risks if deficient, and impact of excessive intake.*Nutrient information immediately accessible–from source to effect–in one volume
Trees of the Brain, Roots of the Mind Free ShippingFrom $53.53
The human brain is often described as the most complex object in the universe. Tens of billions of nerve cells-tiny tree-like structures – make up a massive network with enormous computational power. In this book, Giorgio Ascoli reveals another aspect of the human brain: the stunning beauty of its cellular form. Doing so, he makes a provocative claim about the mind-brain relationship. If each nerve cell enlarged a thousandfold looks like a tree, then a small region of the nervous system at the same magnified scale resembles a gigantic, fantastic forest. This structural majesty – illustrated throughout the book with extraordinary color images – hides the secrets behind the genesis of our mental states. Ascoli proposes that some of the most intriguing mysteries of the mind can be solved using the basic architectural principles of the brain.After an overview of the scientific and philosophical foundations of his argument, Ascoli links mental states with patterns of electrical activity in nerve cells, presents an emerging minority opinion of how the brain learns from experience, and unveils a radically new hypothesis of the mechanism determining what is learned, what isn't, and why. Finally, considering these notions in the context of the cosmic diversity within and among brains, Ascoli offers a new perspective on the roots of individuality and humanity.
Translational Neuroscience Free ShippingFrom $80.87
Today, translational neuroscience faces significant challenges. Available therapies to treat brain and nervous system disorders are extremely limited and dated, and further development has effectively ceased. Disinvestment by the private sector occurred just as promising new technologies in genomics, stem cell biology, and neuroscience emerged to offer new possibilities. In this volume, experts from both academia and industry discuss how novel technologies and reworked translation concepts can create a more effective translational neuroscience. The contributors consider such topics as using genomics and neuroscience for better diagnostics and biomarker identification; new approaches to disease based on stem cell technology and more careful use of animal models; and greater attention to human biology and what it will take to make new therapies available for clinical use. They conclude with a conceptual roadmap for an effective and credible translational neuroscience – one informed by a disease-focused knowledge base and clinical experience. ContributorsTobias M. Bockers, Thomas Bourgeron, Karl Broich, Nils Brose, Bruce N.Cuthbert, Ilka Diester, Gul Dolen, Guoping Feng, Richard Frackowiak, Raquel E. Gur, Stephan Heckers, Franz Hefti, David M. Holtzman, Steven E. Hyman, Nancy Ip, Cynthia Joyce, Tobias Kaiser, Edward H. Koo, Walter J. Koroshetz, Katja S. Kroker, Robert C. Malenka, Isabelle Mansuy, Eliezer, Masliah, Yuan Mei, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Lennart Mucke, Pierluigi Nicotera, Karoly Nikolich, Michael J. Owen, Menelas N. Pangalos, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Joel S. Perlmutter, Trevor W. Robbins, Lee L. Rubin, Akira Sawa, Mareike Schnaars, Bernd Sommer, Maria Grazia Spillantini, Laura Spinney, Matthew W. State, Marius Wernig