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Handy Manny Manny's Movie Night - DVD Only from Done Dirt Cheap DVD more info
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Handy Manny Movie Night DVD from DVDLand.Everyone's enjoying the film until the movie projector breaks! Manny thinks… more info
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Disney Handy Manny Repair Single Duvet Set Quilt Cover Kids Childrens Bedding Only $67.04 from more info
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The Adventures of Paddington Bear (1997) DVDFrom $24.95
After bidding farewell to his Aunt Lucy in darkest Peru, Paddington Bear sails off and eventually fi nds himself alone in London’s Paddington Station. The label around his neck reads, ‘Please look after this bear. Thank you’. When the Brown family take him in, they get a lot more than they bargained for. 3 DVDs, 450 mins. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
Scooby Doo Mystery Inc Season 1 Volume 5 DVD from DVDLand.The adventures of a talking dog and his four human pals as they try to unravel the strange and haunted history of their hometown. The tone is comedic, but it will never lose the edge that our heroes are in some frightening situations. The stakes are real. Every episode will feature a NEW MYSTERY & VILLIAN for the gang to investigate, as well as a season long "LOST" like story arc about the kids trying to uncover the true history behind why their town is so haunted. 7 Episodes: The Siren's Song / The Menace of Manticore / Attack of the Headless Horror / A Haunting in Crystal Cove / Dead Justice / Pawn of Shadows / All Fear the Freak
Play School Once Upon A Time CD. Please note this is a CD and not a DVD.
SNOW QUEEN 2From $19.95
Snow Queen 2 DVD from DVDLand.Snow queen casts a curse on her mirror making people see the worst in themselves.
Inspector Gadget 2.0 DVD from DVDLand.Just when things are quieting down in Riverton, everything goes wrong. Inspector Gadget is put on probation. Claw stages a daring escape from prison and plots a new 'Crime of the Century'. And the Mayor unveils a new and improved G2 - an all-robot, all tech, al-female gadget.
Tom Sawyer And Huckleberry Finn DVD from DVDLand.Mark Twain's 19th Century American classics spring to life as two of literature's most beloved characters join forces for the adventure of a lifetime along the mighty Mississippi river. As re-told by the great writer himself, Mark Twain (Val Kilmer, Willow) - young Tom Sawyer (Joel Courtney, Super 8 ) and his friend Huckleberry Finn (Jake T. Austin, Wizards of Waverly Place) are destined to experience an action-packed journey of peril and treasures beyond their wildest dreams. Living with his Aunt Polly (Kristine Kaufman, Town Without Pity), Tom Sawyer is a boy in search of something more to occupy his time. Finding friendship in the carefree and homeless Huck Finn, together they enjoy a pastime of escapism and leisurely pursuits. But when the boys witness a murder in the graveyard one moonlit night they flee to a nearby Island and decide to make a pact never to tell anyone about the incident. With an innocent man accused for the crime and the boys fearing for their own safety, it will require more than a little courage to face the nefarious Injun Joe and live to tell the tale.
The Boxcar Children DVD from DVDLand.Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny are four orphaned brothers and sisters who mysteriously appear in a small town on a warm summer night. No one knows who these young wanderers are or where they have come from. Frightened to live with a grandfather they have never met, the children make a home for themselves in an old abandoned red boxcar they discover in the woods. Henry, the oldest, goes to town to earn money and buy food and supplies while the other kids make a home in the boxcar finding old dishes and scraps in a junkyard. Ambitious and resourceful, the plucky children make a happy life for themselves. As time passes, they discover the struggles and rewards of independence as well as the joys of family - until one day Violet gets too sick for her brothers and sister to care for her. They must take Violet to a doctor risking discovery and the loss of their secret home in the forest.
Round The Twist - Complete CollectionFrom $39.95
A classic Aussie children’s series based on the stories of Paul Jennings, Round The Twist follows the adventures of the Twist family who leave the comforts of the big smoke to live in an old lighthouse in the rugged sea-side village of Port Niranda. But all is not as it seems, and strange things are starting to happen… Includes all 52 episodes. 10 DVDs, over 20 hrs. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
Family Entertainment PackFrom $19.95
A collection of beloved films for the whole family to enjoy. Includes Snow White – The Fairest of Them All (2001), Gulliver’s Travels (1996), Alice In Wonderland (1999), The Prince and The Pauper (2000). 4 DVDs, 484 mins.-Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
The Pebble And The Penguin DVD from DVDLand.A lovable but introverted penguin named Hubie plans to present his betrothal pebble to the bird of his dreams.