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Handy Manny Manny's Movie Night - DVD Only from Done Dirt Cheap DVD more info
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Handy Manny Movie Night DVD from DVDLand.Everyone's enjoying the film until the movie projector breaks! Manny thinks… more info
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Handy Manny Beach Only $42.36 from more info
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Handy Manny Disney Licensed Dress Up Boys Costume Only $19.95 from more info
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Anne Klein Ak Manny Womens Us Size 7.5 Black Patent Leather Loafers Shoes Only $51.99 from more info
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Minuscule - The Valley of The Lost AntsFrom $24.95
Season 1 & 2 Go on a journey into the secret and magical world or insects. The bright and colourful characters will delight you as they go about their eccentric adventures. Mixing 3D animated characters with stunning real life locations this collection is suitable for kids of all ages. 7 DVDs, over 14 hrs. Valley of the Lost Ants (2013) In a peaceful little clearing, the remains of a picnic hastily abandoned spark warfare between two tribes of ants. At stake a box of sugar. A bold young ladybug fi nds himself caught in the middle of the battle. He befriends one of the black ants and helps him to save the anthill from the red ant warriors. An epic journey at ground level… 1 DVD, 90 mins. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
The Original Christmas Classic Collection (Kids)From $29.95
An enchanting collection of animated Christmas favourites for all to enjoy. Includes: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, Frosty the Snowman, Frosty Returns, The Legend of Frosty the Snowman, Mr. Magoos Christmas Carol, The Little Drummer Boy and Cricket on the Hearth. 7 DVDs, 343 mins. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
Dot & Santa ClausFrom $9.95
A classic collection of Australian animated films based on characters in Ethel Pedley’s much-loved book, Dot & the Kangaroo. 1 DVD, 70-93 mins. -Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
Octonauts: Flappity Flippers - DVDFrom $16.42
Every day with the Octonauts is an exciting opportunity to embark on a new mission. Medic Peso Penguin isn?t fond of scary situations but if someone is hurt or in trouble he can be the bravest Octonauts of all. In these episodes only Peso can save the day when a cone snail invades the Octopod and picks off the crew one by one with its dangerous harpoons. In other episodes the Octonauts enlist an undersea detective to find Peso?s missing patient, and recruit a shape-shifting mimic octopus to recover some important medicine.
So Smart - Shapes! - DVDFrom $16.28
Each award-winning so smart! video presents basic subjects that are specially developed for babiesand toddlers. Little ones are captivated by so smart!s simple bold images and unique buildingtechnique, where shapes and images creatively transform i
So Smart - Vol 2 - DVDFrom $16.28
Baby's first colours- Pink pigs, orange tractors and green turtles teach your child colours through wonderfully simple stories . Each brightly coloured animated scene features a different colour- 7 in all! Includes a playful original music soundtrack
Magic Pudding, The - DVDFrom $16.46
Norman Lindsays much-loved story is brought to life in this magical animated adaptation of the Australian childrens classic. When his ship sinks off the South Pole, Bill Barnacle (Hugo Weaving) discovers a magic pudding called Albert (John Cleese), who can talk, change flavour on request, and lasts forever so demands to be continuously eaten. The crew are divided over the pudding but Bill and his first mate Sam (Sam Neill) resolve to protect it. Meanwhile, Bunyip Bluegum the Koala (Geoffrey Rush) sets out on an adventure to find his parents, with his rough-and-ready travelling companions in tow. Their paths cross when Bunyip stumbles into the middle of an attempt by thieves to steal the everlasting pudding.
Super Mario Bros Super Show: All Steamed Up - DVDFrom $16.46
From the popular video game, Super Mario Bros. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show features Mario, his brother Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and her advisor going by the name of Toad. They go from land to land try to save that land from the sinister Bowser Koopa and his band of goombas, troopas, and other villians from the video game. The show also features live action parts with the voices of Mario and Luigi, Captain Lou Albano and Danny Wells.
Sonic Christmas Blast - DVDFrom $7.32
Santa Claus announces his retirement on television and the public is shocked! But its Santas replacement, Robotnik Claus, who has everyone worried. It seems Robotropolis has his own ideas, and instead of giving boys and girls gifts, Robotropolis would rather receive them. Join Sonic the Hedgehog in an adventure to rescue the spirit of Christmas and bring joy back to the world!