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You Are Surrounded by the Healing Love of Angels "Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards " — Forty-four divination cards,… more info
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Healing with the Angels is a practical how-to guide that reveals how to work with angels to improve your physical,… more info
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How the Angels Can Assist You in Every Area of Your Life. Healing with the Angels is an inspirational work that reveals… more info
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This beautiful little package includes 44 oracle cards?each with a unique Victorian-style or Old Master-style angel… more info
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You Are Surrounded by the Healing Love of Angels! The angels are powerful healers, yet they cannot help you unless you… more info
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"Do you have a book about angels for someone who's a complete beginner?" Doreen Virtue frequently heard this question… more info
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This 4-CD set includes: "Manifesting with the Angels, " "Past-Life Regression with the Angels, " "Karma Releasing, "… more info
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You Are Surrounded by the Healing Love of Angels The angels are powerful healers, yet they cannot help you unless you… more info
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Doreen Virtue teaches both healers and lay-people how to invoke and heal the body and emotions with the help of our… more info
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Angels have immense power to touch us with their protection, guidance and love. With this beautiful deck you now have… more info
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$8.49 SHIPPING On any order in Australia 30 DAY No Fuss Returns SECURE Online Shopping NO CREDIT CARD?No problem, we… more info
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Angel Of Healing Figurine Only $90.27 from eBay.com.au more info
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Angel Of Healing Table Top Figurine Angel Star Only $49.99 from eBay.com.au more info
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Healing Angel Gift Boxed Pendant Angelstar Only $50.13 from eBay.com.au more info
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Willow Tree Angel Of Healing Figurine Only $42.64 from eBay.com.au more info
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You feel great when you look good! YOU deserve the special feeling of owning a piece of rubydalmatian jewellery.… more info
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Dancing with the Stars: Jive, Samba, and Tango Your Way Into the Best Shape of Your Life Free ShippingFrom $45.99
Twice a week, millions of viewers tune in to watch the magical transformations undergone by their favorite entertainers through the beauty of dance—and now you can bring all that excitement, sparkle, and glamour into your own home.Based on the hit ABC series, "Dancing with the Stars" has everything a fan of the show could want: never-before-seen pictures and stories from the stars describing their favorite moments on the show and how they trained for each week's competition; a behind-the-scenes tour of what goes into the all the hair, makeup, and costumes each week; a look at all the key dances performed on the show; and finally, a complete dance-based workout that helps you lose weight, get fit, and have fun. Filled with photographs and detailed instructions, this book will inspire you to take to the dance floor and get a dancer's body yourself. Anyone who has watched the show knows it doesn't matter if you're young or old, male or female, a talk-show host or a football player—this workout will get you in the best shape of your life.
The Power of an Hour: Business and Life Mastery in One Hour a Week Free ShippingFrom $53.2
Praise for The Power of an Hour"The master at getting what you want from others now tells us how to get what we want from ourselves This is really a great book, and I recommend it highly-for you, for your team, and for your children." -Bob Burg, author, Endless Referrals "If you want to make predictable, systematic change in your life or your business, buy this book. Each chapter is a stand-alone system that results in powerful change . . . fast." -David Hancock, The Entrepreneurial Publisher, CEO, Morgan James Publishing "Dave's methods helped me take my business from $0 to $10 million in sales.If you're a creative business owner who wants total focus and massive success, run, don't walk, and get this book " -Stephanie Frank, author, The Accidental Millionaire "The Power of an Hour is a mighty powerful way to sort out your financesby first sorting out yourself " -Mark Joyner, #1 bestselling author, The Irresistible Offer "The disease of the twenty-first century, no matter who you are or what you do, is Time Deficit Disorder. Dave Lakhani offers a brilliant solution in this book.Get it and take the cure-you'll be surprised how much better you feel " -David Garfinkel, author, Customers on Demand
Olympus Tarot Free ShippingFrom $36.95
LS Olympus Tarot Tarot cards illustrate the archetypes that are alive in all of us–larger-than-life icons representing different aspects of the universal human experience. Likewise, the Greek gods played a similar role in their day. This natural union of tarot cards and the Greek pantheon is beautifully presented in the "Olympus Tarot." Characters and scenes from Theogeny, Jason and the Argonauts, the Iliad and the Odyssey, and other exciting works of Greek mythology find themselves at home in the tarot. Raimondo, the same artist who created the "Tarot of Casanova," exhibits the same elegant skill combined with simpler, bolder compositions.
Maximum Confidence: Ten Secrets of Extreme Self-Esteem Free ShippingFrom $39.02
Jack Canfield is an internationally known expert in the areas of self-esteem, peak performance and the psychology of achievement. His insights in "The Secret" have helped millions discover the awesome power of the Law of Attraction. Now, in "Maximum Confidence, " Jack Canfield will help you to develop winning habits that will pay off everyday. Empowering you to celebrate and capitalize on your strengths and accept your weaknesses without guilt or remorse.In this program, he'll show you:Why you should associate with nourishing, rather than toxic, people.How, by using your mind, imagination, emotions, body and intuition, you can create a positive focus.How to rid yourself of anger, guilt, or sadness.How to use the Total Truth Process to boost your confidence and personal power.How to eliminate the drain of incomplete tasks.The importance of celebrating your strengths and affirming your success.How to adopt the "so what, do it anyway" philosophy.And much morePrepare to join the thousands of people whose lives have been changed through this powerful process. "Maximum Confidence" is your ticket to a life of continuous personal growth and fulfillment.
Living with Bereavement Free ShippingFrom $27.94
Bereavement is an experience that touches everyone, but no two people experience it in the same way. This honest and reassuring book offers practical, emotional and spiritual help for anyone undergoing the mixed emotions and confusion that bereavement can bring, and points the way to healing. Personal stories, anecdotes and quotations are included, along with evocative colour images that create a sense of peace and allow space for reflection.
Shacking Up: The Smart Girl's Guide to Living in Sin Without Getting Burned Free ShippingFrom $34.51
The must-have guide for any woman who's ever thought about saying "yes" to the "other" big question: Will you move in with me?More and more couples are choosing to live together before tying the knot—for convenience, to save money and, most importantly, to see if they're compatible. While living together can be an exciting way to take your relationship to the next level, it can also present a host of new questions and challenges.With its fresh, girlfriend-to-girlfriend manner, "Shacking Up" walks you through every step of the cohabitation process, from making the initial decision to breaking up or getting married. Beginning with a readiness quiz to help you decide if you and your honey are prepared to take the plunge, authors Stacy and Wynne Whitman provide a wealth of hands-on advice from lawyers, psychologists and financial planners as well as entertaining, true-life stories from couples with shacking up experience. Topics include: breaking the news to your family; managing and merging your finances; protecting yourself legally; real-estate decisions; and day-to-day dilemmas such as chores, privacy, and keeping the spark alive. Whether you opt for wedding bells or decide he's not the one for you, "Shacking Up" is a stylish, empowering handbook for staying smart, savvy, and true to yourself along the road to happily ever after.
Believe You Can: The Power of a Positive Attitude Free ShippingFrom $10.51
Bestselling author John Mason shows readers that believing in yourself is the first step to success. This accessible book is both inspirational and practical, encouraging readers to approach life with optimism and the assurance that they are meant for great things.
Guide to Rational Living Free ShippingFrom $27.05
"A Guide to Rational Living" provides much sought-after answers for individuals with problems, and it can help everyone to feel better about themselves and to deal with their lives more effectively.
Healing Power of the Mind Free ShippingFrom $23.13
Based on more than thirty years of research gleaned from the Tibetan, Indian, and other cultures, The Healing Power of the Mind provides both spiritual insight and practical advice concerning the true nature of healing." In the spirit of Bernie Siegel's Love, Medicine and Miracles, Dr. Alexander's book explores the body/mind connection and its enormous relevance to health." Originally published as a handbook for Dr. Alexander's patients and later as a popular paperback published by Warner Destiny books, this is a classic which has helped thousands find their way to health." A timely reissue of the classic that introduced the body/mind connection and its importance in healing to the Western world. As a physician at the Mayo clinic, Rolf Alexander became acutely aware of the limits of modern medicine. In search of ancient, universal healing techniques, he spent 30 years researching and observing cultures around the world - especially in Tibet and India. His findings provide both spiritual and practical insight and advice concerning the mind's capacity to activate our vital life force, the true nature of the healing process.
Neem: India's Miraculous Healing Plant Free ShippingFrom $19.22
<ul><li>A comprehensive look at the many therapeutic and ecological uses of neem.</li><li>Used in India for over 4,000 years, neem is one of the most popular therapeutic plants in the Indian pharmacopoeia.</li><li>Effective in the treatment of fever, malaria, skin diseases, dental problems, diabetes, arthritis, and jaundice.</li><li>A natural pesticide hailed by many for its diverse ecological benefits.</li></ul>In India&mdash;where it has been used for more than 4,000 years&mdash;the neem tree has such a variety of medical applications that it is sometimes referred to as the village pharmacy. Now modern research is proving what has been long known by Ayurvedic medicine practitioners: neem is one of the most effective plant medicines in the world. An extremely powerful blood purifying agent and detoxicant, neem is also effective in the treatment of fever, malaria, skin diseases, dental problems, diabetes, tumors, arthritis, and jaundice. It has gained particular attention from scientists seeking a cure for AIDS, not only for its antiviral properties, but also because it boosts the immune system on all levels without destroying beneficial bacteria, unlike synthetic antibiotics.In addition to its numerous uses as a healing agent, neem has been receiving much attention for the ecological benefits it provides. For centuries Indians have been mixing neem leaves with stored grains to prevent insect infestation. But neem is not simply a natural alternative to pesticides; increasingly it is being used to reverse desertification and to reduce erosion and deforestation, making it an important weapon in the fight against global warming. Neem&#039;s many practical applications make it of enormous interest to anyone concerned about health and ecology. Included are recipes and practical tips that let you enjoy the many benefits of this miraculous plant.