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"Product Information Mother's milk is the most natural and beneficial nourishment for a baby. That is why Holle… more info
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"Product Information holle Infant Follow-On Formula 3 is suitable if changing from breastfeeding or Infant Follow-on… more info
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We have two 600g cartons of Holle Organic Infant Formula with damaged external boxes. more info
"Product Information Holle Organic Infant  Follow-On Formula 2 Can be used as a continuation after breastfeeding, or… more info
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60 Minute Ferrari F430 Experience - MelbourneFrom $799
Live the life of the rich and famous for this jaw dropping 60 minute drive experience of a lifetime! Our stylish Ferrari F430 is immaculately presented with carbon fibre upgrades and a racing exhaust! This is your chance to take the wheel of this exotic supercar and be the envy of everyone else on the road! Throughout this experience you will be in the hands of our expert instructor who will explain and guide you through all the features of this amazing car as you travel for nearly 60kms on a range of different roads. So what are you waiting for? Call us and book yourself in for this drive of a lifetime & start living the dream!!
V8 Race Car Drive (7 Laps), Brisbane - QLDFrom $279
Experience the speed and adrenalin of driving a V8 Race Car. Our Race Experience programme will give you the opportunity to drive a V8 powered race car on our closed testing circuit. You will be supplied with a race suit and helmet before entering the car and there is a instructor in the passenger seat at all times, who can advise you on advanced driving techniques to ensure that you gain the most from your experience. Once out on the track you will be driving 7 laps around the closed testing circuit at your own speed.
Half Day Drift School, Eastern Creek SydneyFrom $395
Ready for an action packed half day drift experience?? Taking place under expert advice and supervision with our Aussie Drift Champion Drivers! We will train you up in our specifically designed and modified cars built especially for drifting so you can get the most out of your experience! Your 4.5 hour day will start with full training from our professional drivers, and a few laps around the track before it’s your turn to take the wheel and experience some adrenaline pumping drifting moves for yourself which you will be able to put together in order to create the perfect Drift Entry. Once your driving time is up, we have one last experience that will shoot your adrenaline levels through the roof as you are strapped into the passenger seats of one of our drift cars as you are taken out in a head to head drift battle by the Drift Australia Champion Fernando Wiehrl!!!
Full Day Drift School, Eastern Creek - SydneyFrom $749
Looking for the Ultimate Gift Experience for the petrol head in your life? Look no further with this full day drift school. This day will include so many different drifting components to complete the most memorable drift day you will ever experience!! You will begin your day by receiving a full safety and training lesson. You will then get strapped into one of our cars with one of our professional instructors as you are shown the ropes for drifting. You will learn first-hand how to perfect techniques such as Drift Donuts, Drift Handbrakes and Figure-8 drifts, and then it’s your turn to take the wheel!! To complete your experience you will get to experience a real life head to head drift battle alongside the Drift Australia Champion Fernando Wiehrl for the ride of your life!
Drifting Experience Eastern Creek, Sydney - NSWFrom $249
Welcome into the world of drifting with this intense thrill ride, from start to finish you will be on the edge of your seat with this adrenaline pumping drift experience. This experience will consist of a training session teaching you how to master the three core skills which are necessary for any drifting experience, you will then have the chance to grab the wheel yourself so you can learn and master techniques such as Drift Donuts, Figure – 8 Drifts and Drift Handbrakes. To complete your experience , we will then strap you in, as you take off with Fernando Wiehrl the D1 World All Star and Drift Australia Champion, as he speeds off to take you on the best thrill ride you will ever experience with a head to head real life drift battle!!
V8 Race Car Drive (10 Laps + 2 hotlaps), Brisbane - QLDFrom $499
Experience the speed and adrenalin of driving a V8 Race Car. Our Race Experience programme will give you the opportunity to drive a V8 powered race car on our closed testing circuit. If you have ever dreamed of driving a V8 on a real circuit, now is your chance! Test your race driving skills on our private circuit. Your day will start with a sign in and then start into a classroom briefing including how to approach the track, the lines and apexes to follow as well as what to expect when driving an actual race car. From here you will be suited up in a Race Suit and Helmet, and then put into the driver’s seat. While you are driving you will be receiving in-car instruction from a qualified professional race driver. Drive a total of 10 laps + 2 amazing hotlaps.
Drift Battle Thrill Ride, 4 hot laps - Eastern Creek, SydneyFrom $99
Are you ready to buckle up and get geared up for a rip-roaring set of 4 thrilling hot laps?? Screaming around the track in a purpose built fully decked out drift car is exactly what you could do to get the adrenaline pumping. Drift Australia Champion Fernando Wiehrl and D1 World All Star will face off to take you for the thrill of your life as thy battle off head to head for this amazing experience. Remember to hold on tight and buckle in as these are unlike any other hot laps you will ever experience, so highly addictive we know that you will want to come back for more!!
Cobra Replica full day hire, SydneyFrom $690
This is your opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Cobra, cruise around the country roads in Sydney for full day, allowing you to feel the full power of this beautiful classic car. This amazing car is one of the best Cobra’s around, with its powerful v8 engine, race tuned breaks and suspension makes this car surprisingly easy to drive, you’ll never want to leave. Be the envy of everyone else on the road, as you cruise past the northern beaches, country roads and Bondi in this beautiful classic car.
Stunt Driving Experience - BrisbaneFrom $249
This is the ultimate stunt driving experience!!!! Buckle up and get ready for 180 degree handbrake turns, multiple 360 degree spins, our specially designed course and riding on 2 wheels!!! Your Stunt Driving Experience begins with a sign in and presentation of the course activities and safety briefing. Then it’s out to the stunt driving range where YOU DRIVE our specially modified Mini Cooper stunt training cars. Our friendly and experienced instructors, including V8 Supercar drivers Dean Canto & Luke Youlden, will be with you in the Mini's to help you master each of the following stunt driving exercises: 180 Degree handbrake turn parallel spin parking, Multiple 360 degree spins on our unique split Surface System Motorkhana a fun & challenging exercise, manoeuvring the car through a tight obstacle course as quickly as possible. Finally we’ll take you for a wild ride on two wheels in our two wheeling car This course is all about having fun and performing some awesome stu