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From the pages of great literature to Hollywood movies, zombies are appearing everywhere. Now aspiring artists can… more info
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Over the years, vampires have earned a permanent place in pop culture. Numerous movies, TV shows, and book series have… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw and Paint the Nude : Paperback : Anness Publishing : 9781844767977 : 1844767973 :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw and Paint Crazy Cartoon Characters : Paperback : Barron's Educational Series :… more info
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How to Draw & Paint Fashion & Costume Design, the third book in the Walter Foster Collectibles series, contains yet… more info
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The mystery and awe inspired by wizards and sorcery have captivated audiences for centuries. Now anyone can learn to… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw & Paint Pin-ups & Glamour Girls : Loose-leaf : Walter Foster Publishing :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw & Paint Fairyland : Paperback : Barron's Educational Series : 9780764139536 :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw and Paint Science Fiction Art : Paperback : Barron's Educational Series :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw and Paint Dragons : Paperback : Walter Foster Publishing : 9781600580321 :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw & Paint Fashion & Costume Design : Paperback : Walter Foster Publishing :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw and Paint Anatomy : Paperback : Fox Chapel Publishing : 9781565237162 :… more info
Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw and Paint Water and Sky : Paperback : Anness Publishing : 9781844769780 :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw and Paint Fantasy Architecture : Paperback : Barron's Educational Series :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : How to Draw and Paint Fairies : Paperback : Random House USA Inc : 9780823023837 : 0823023834… more info
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From finding inspiration to capturing diaphanous detail, a step-by-step guide to fairy-painting techniques. Drawing and… more info
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The second book in the Walter Foster Collectibles series, How to Draw & Paint Pin-ups & Glamour Girls, hails back to an… more info
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For Goblin drawing, Orc drawing and other dark creatures, this classic fantasy art title explores the previously… more info
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A beautiful and instructive art technique book on depicting skies, sunsets, clouds, coastal vistas, rainbows, lakes,… more info
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Beginning fantasy artists and decorative painters will love the charming fairies presented in the “How to Draw and… more info
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This title includes comprehensive advice on materials, canvases and equipment, and on using all the different types of… more info
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Advice and instruction from a leading fantasy illustrator guides art students who intend to pursue careers illustrating… more info
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Dragons have figured in the visual arts from time immemorial, but today they are more popular than ever as subjects for… more info
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Renowned rail illustrator Mitch Markovitz explains the principles needed to draw steam, diesel, and electric… more info
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The huge popularity of vampires as subjects of novels, graphic novels, films, and other entertainment media has created… more info
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Art students aspiring to diverse careers that range from book illustration to creating animated films will value this… more info
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How do you draw a fairy? It's not like you can convince one to do life modeling in your studio. “How to Draw and Paint… more info
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Aspiring cartoon artists, comic book collectors, and nostalgia buffs will discover a happy combination of cartoon… more info
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Ciao, Carpaccio! by Jan MorrisFrom $27.5
A genial, witty, and touching journey through the endlessly evocative art of Carpaccio. Saluting the painter whose pictures remain some of the most enchanting ever made of Venice, Jan Morris makes her own last journey to a city she has written about like no other.
Perspective & Composition by Barrington BarberFrom $7.25
Perspective is key to making your artworks look convincing and three-dimensional, yet it can be a daunting prospect for artists. This handy guide sets out the rules of perspective clearly and simply, using demonstrations and step-by-step exercises. You will learn how the same perspective rules underpin compositions of all types, from panoramic landscapes to urban scenes, interiors, simple objects and human figures. This practical drawing series comprises six titles across a range of subjects that are perennially popular with artists : still life, landscapes, portraits, perspective and composition, life drawing, and animals. Each book provides an accessible introduction to the subject, backed up by clear examples and developed through step-by-step exercises for readers to follow. Throughout, authors Barrington Barber and Duncan Smith provide useful advice and tips learned from their years of practice as professional artists. The simple, stylish design and accessible format make these books attractive as single units or to buy as a series.About the Author Barrington Barber is a renowned author in the field of teaching drawing skills and a practising artist. He enjoys a successful career as a commercial illustrator and fine artist and has written and illustrated a wide range of best-selling instructive art books.
What Is Exhibition Design? by Jan LorencFrom $3.5
What is Exhibition Design? is the ultimate guide to the many facets of this rapidly emerging discipline, from retail design to museums and trade shows - every field that applies graphic information to place and object.This unrivalled handbook is a guide to the world of exhibition design, exploring what constitutes successful design and how it works. It clarifies the roles of the various design skills involved in exhibition design, as new technology and materials expand the possibilities for both form and function.What is Exhibition Design? provides a stunning, diverse portfolio of cutting-edge work from designers and studios around the world. Like the other titles in the Essential Design Handbooks series, this will be essential reading for every professional and student involved with exhibition design.About the AuthorsJan Lorenc is the cofounder of Lorenc+Yoo Design, which specialises in environmental communication design. He lives in Roswell, USA. Lee Skolnick is the founder of LHSA+DP, specialising in architecture, exhibits, graphics, interiors, and planning. He lives in New York, USA. Craig Berger is Director of Education and Professional Development for the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) and is the author of Wayfinding. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA.
Expressive Color by Joseph StoddardFrom $4.25
Learn how to choose and use colours creatively to achieve rich and radiant effects in watercolour. Beginning watercolour artists can find it challenging to keep their artwork vibrant while creating a sense of colour unity in their paintings. Often beginners over-mix their paints and/or choose colours strictly based on those they see in life, resulting in lackluster paintings devoid of radiance and life. In this delightful, 64-page guide, accomplished artist Joseph Stoddard shows artists how to improve upon reality to create rich, dynamic, and emotionally charged watercolour paintings. Joseph touches on all aspects of creating expressive watercolour paintings with a focus on colour usage, from selecting colour schemes and pairing pigments to suggesting a variety of moods. Unlike other how-to-paint books on the market, this guide encourages artists to interpret subjects in their own artistic voice, teaching how to communicate with colour through stunning illustrations and clear step-by-step demonstrations.
Marine Life with Wyland by WylandFrom $4.25
This new addition to the Acrylic category of our How to Draw and Paint Series features a number of popular pieces by renowned marine-life artist Wyland. The book provides basic information about painting in acrylic, making it easy for beginners to move right into the projects. From a cluster of manatees to a pod of dolphins, this book includes a range of inspiring and majestic scenes for artists to copy. And each project features easy-to-follow steps and clear instructions to make painting a breeze.About the Author Renowned for his world-famous Whaling Wall murals, marine-life artist Wyland has been a leading advocate in the effort to protect the world's ocean resources for more than 25 years. Wyland has been recognized for his environmental education efforts by the National Educator's Association, the United Nations, and public and private environmental organizations around the world. Wyland is the creator of the Wyland Ocean Challenge, a free nationwide marine-life art and science educational curriculum in partnership with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (University of California, San Diego). It is estimated that Wyland's work is seen by one billion people every year.
German Painting by Klaus H. CarlFrom $48.9
In a country only unified since 1871, the German culture and art derived from ancient tradition. Studying German painting requires viewing it on a different scale, larger than our current geographical frontiers. From the early Renaissance through the Expressionism of the 20th century, we introduce you to the German artists who have marked history: Albrecht Durer, the Romantic Caspar David Friedrich, and the Expressionist Otto Dix. German painting, original in its themes, is always harmony-seeking, yet inquisitive.About the Author Klaus H. Carl is the author of numerous works on the history of great cities, and is also a well-known photographer of flora and fauna. A teacher by profession, he is currently devoting himself to a monumental History of Art.
Aestheticism in Art by William HogarthFrom $48.9
William Hogarth wrote his Analysis of Beauty in 1753, during the Age of Enlightenment. Through this captivating text, he tends to define the notion of beauty in painting and states that it is linked, per se, to the use of the serpentine lines in pictorial compositions. He calls it the "line of beauty." His essay is thus dedicated to the study of the composition of paintings, depending on the correct use of the pictorial lines, light, colour, and the figure's attitudes. These timeless concepts have been applied by several artists through the centuries. Paintings from every period have here been chosen to support this demonstration. They allow us to explore the various manners in which beauty can be expressed in painting.About the AuthorWilliam Hogarth (10 November 1697 ? 26 October 1764) was an English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic, and editorial cartoonist who has been credited with pioneering western sequential art. His work ranged from realistic portraiture to comic strip-like series of pictures called "modern moral subjects". Knowledge of his work is so pervasive that satirical political illustrations in this style are often referred to as "Hogarthian".
English Painting by Ernest ChesneauFrom $48.9
The English school of painting was officially recognized at the beginning of the 18th century through the work of William Hogarth. It includes works by the most famous English artists, such as Thomas Gainsborough, Joseph Mallord William Turner, John Constable, Edward Burne-Jones, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. This subject is introduced with a very unique text, published in 1882: a French study of English pictorial art. The author, Ernest Chesneau, was highly-cultured, an art historian and inspector of Fine Arts. He explains the beginnings of this school which excels in portraiture and landscapes, and reminds us of the English brilliance regarding water colours, not forgetting to include the work of the Pre-Raphaelites.About the AuthorErnest Chesneau (1833-1890), writer and critic, was secretary to Nieuwerkerke, the Fine Arts administrator. He acquired a small painting by Manet in 1864 and later gave qualified support to the "new art" of the Impressionists. A friend and admirer of John Ruskin, he was deeply concerned with the relationship between art and society. He was one of the first to recognize the merits of Manet and immediately picked up the connection between the "Dejeuner sur l'herbe (Luncheon in the Grass) "and Raphael.
Academic Painting by CollectifFrom $21.75
Academic Painting designates works of art created according to the recommendations of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, opened in 1648. Philippe de Champaigne, a major academic painter of 17th century France, gave several conferences on this subject. The subject is largely illustrated with paintings from the 17th century through the late 19th century. These speeches have set the canons of the Academy, focusing on the creation of works largely inspired by the Greco-Roman aesthetic, whose characteristics include purity, harmony, and simplicity. These very same guidelines can be found in other European countries where Academies appeared during the 17th and 18th centuries (St Luke Academy in Rome, Royal Academy of Arts in London, among others). This painting reached its climax during the late 19th century, with painters known as "pompiers "who, faithfully following the traditional rules, were forced to face the modern approach of the Impressionists.About the AuthorCollective work, Parkstone Press
Orientalism by Victoria CharlesFrom $21.75
Initiated in France in the 17th century and quickly spread through Europe, interest in Orientalism in the West intensified in the late 18th century. The interest of writers and artists for the East increased in the West as a result of political events which liberated the relations between the two. The most important event being Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, along with the Greek. These events mark a break for artists, in which they begin to travel and discover the charms of the East. Lively and colourful street scenes, the languid lives of women in harems, and even the colours of desert landscapes and oases have allowed artists such as Horace Vernet, Theodore Chasseriau, and Eugene Delacroix to diversify their subjects and the tone of their palette. The light is warm, the contrast's highlighted, and the colours are shimmering and vivid. We chose Victor Hugo's "Les Orientales "collection, published in 1829, to accompany these images, as they were a symbol of the sensibilities of the time.About the AuthorVictoria Charles received her Ph.D. in art history. She has published extensively on art history and has contributed to "Art Information," an international guide to contemporary art. She is a regular contributor to journals and magazines.