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ibm 45w0493 4gbps sw

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Part Number: 45W0493 Device Type: SFP Manafacturer: PlusOptic Warranty: Life Time Data Rate: 4.25G Wave Length: 850nm… more info
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Simpson SWT9542 Washing Machine
This washer features a top opening. It requires a hot water source in addition to a hot water connection and has a… more info
Simpson SWT954 Washing Machine
The front-load opening prevents the need to kneel down to put laundry in and take it out. This washer requires both… more info
Simpson SWT6042 Washing Machine
This washing machine comes equipped with a front opening. It requires a hot water connection as well as a hot water… more info
Aaron SW200 Speaker
Model: SW-200 Woofer: 1 x 265 (mm) MR: (mm) Tweeter: (mm) Frequency: 20-150Hz Adjustable (Hz - kHz) Sensitivity:… more info
Sherwood SW10A Speaker
Specifications: - Type - Downward firing, tuned port subwoofer - Amplifier - 100Watt maximum output - RCA & Speaker… more info
Yamaha SW10 Speakers
The choice of top recording and production engineers who demand unmatched accuracy and resolution that reveals critical… more info
IBM 3279 146.8GB SCSI Hard Drive
IBM 3279 146.8 GB 15,000 rpm disk drive - Formatted physical capacity of 146.8 GB of data - Ultra320 SCSI interface… more info
IBM 3585 300GB SCSI Hard Drive
IBM 3585 - 300 GB 15K RPM SCSI Disk Drive The 300 GB 15,000 RPM Ultra320 SCSI Disk Drive Assembly provides 300 GB of… more info
Simpson SWT5542 Washing Machine
This is a top-load washer. The 5.5 kg drum is great for busy households. This washer has 11 different washing settings,… more info
Aaron SW400 Speaker
Woofer: 1 x 310 (mm) MR: (mm) Tweeter: (mm) Frequency: 20-100Hz Adjustable (Hz - kHz) Sensitivity: (dbSPL) Nominal… more info
Simpson SWF85561 Washing Machine
Get the Simpson washer that cares about your linens just as much as you do. This is a front-load washing machine, which… more info
IBM 42D0637 300GB SAS Hard Drive
42D0637 IBM 300GB SAS 10K RPM 2.5IN SFF SLIM-HS HDD 6GBPS Product Description Product Name: SAS 600 Internal Hard… more info
IBM 44W2244 600GB SAS Hard Drive
Technical Specifications: PRODUCT: IBM 600GB 15K 6Gbps SAS 3.5" Hot-Swap HDD FORM FACTOR: 3.5" CAPACITY: 600GB … more info
IBM 40K1024 146GB SCSI Hard Drive
IBM 42D0612 300GB SAS Hard Drive
42D0612 IBM 300GB 10K 2.5" SFF SAS HDD Product Description: The IBM 300 GB provide 2.5-inch form factor that can… more info
IBM 39R7389 73GB SAS Hard Drive
39R7389 IBM 73 GB 10K 2.5 SAS HS SFF HDD Device Type: Hard drive, hot-swap Hard Drive Form Factor: 2.5" Capacity:… more info
IBM 44X2454 1000GB SATA Hard Drive
44X2454 - IBM DS4200 1000GB SATA EV-DDM HD Product Description Type: Hard drive, hot-swap Capacity: 1 TB … more info
IBM 43W7545 73GB SAS Hard Drive
43W7545 - IBM 73GB 15K SAS 2.5" SFF HS HDD Product Description Form Factor: 2.5" SFF Slim Capacity: 73.4 GB … more info
IBM 42D0627 300GB SAS Hard Drive
42D0627 - IBM 300GB 2.5" SFF NHS SAS HDD Product Description Product Type: Hard Drive Storage Capacity: 300GB … more info
IBM 44W2234 300GB SAS Hard Drive
44W2234 IBM 300GB SAS 15K RPM 3.5IN 6GBPS HS HDD Option/Retail Part Number: 44W2234 Technical Specifications: … more info
IBM 42D0752 500GB SATA Hard Drive
42D0752 - IBM 500GB 7200K 2.5" SFF SATA HDD Product Description: IBM 500GB 7200 SATA 2.5" HDD Capacity: 500 GB … more info
IBM 42D0389 500GB SATA Hard Drive
42D0389 IBM HDD 500GB SATA 7.2K HS Capacity: 500 GB Interface Type: Serial ATA-150 Interfaces: 1 x Serial ATA-150 … more info
IBM 40K1040 146GB SAS Hard Drive
IBM 49Y2003 600GB SAS Hard Drive
49Y2003 - IBM 600GB HD 10K 6GBPS SAS-2.5IN SFF SLIM-HS Form Factor: 2.5" SFF Slim Capacity: 600 GB Interface… more info
IBM 42D0421 146GB SAS Hard Drive
IBM 146GB SAS 10KRPM SFF HDD NON HOT-SWAP, FIXED DRIVE TYPE: 2.5, Small Form Factor (SFF) CAPACITY: 146 GB … more info
IBM 49Y1836 300GB Hard Drive
Specifications: - Hard disk drive capacity: 300 GB. - Hard disk rotational speed: 10000 RPM. - Hard disk interface:… more info
IBM 42D0652 146GB SAS Hard Drive
42D0652 - IBM 146GB 15K SAS 2.5" 6Gbps HS HDD Product Description PRODUCT: IBM Hard Disk Drive FORM FACTOR: 2.5"… more info
IBM 40K1025 300GB SCSI Hard Drive
IBM 40K6816 73.4GB FC Hard Drive
IBM 73.4GB 15K 4GBPS FC HDD 4 GBPS FC Device Type: Hard drive, hot-swap Hard Drive Capacity: 73.4 GB Interface… more info
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WD My Passport Ultra WDBZFP0010BTT 1 TB External Hard DriveFrom $94

My Passport Ultra delivers USB 3.0 performance and high capacity in a sleek design. It features WD SmartWare™ Pro automatic backup software for back up to the drive itself or to your Dropbox™ account. Secure your files with password protection and hardware encryption. A 3-year limited warranty and soft pouch protect your drive. It's the ideal companion for anyone who needs to take their digital content on the road. WD Security utility allows you to set password protection and hardware encryption for your drive to help keep your data private.

Western Digital My Passport Wireless WDWL1000GB 1TB USB 3 0 Portable Hard DriveFrom $266

The My Passport Wireless measures about 0.96 by 3.5 by 5 inches (HWD), and weighs just north of 8 ounces. The chassis has a metal ring shell bisecting the black top and bottom panels. True to its name, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi is the primary way to connect to the drive. There's also a single USB 3.0 Micro-B port for transferring files to and from your Mac or PC, or for recharging the drive's internal battery. It fits the same design ID as drives like the Western Digital My Passport Studio (1TB), but adds a Power button and a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button instead of the FireWire ports found on the Studio drive. You can use the drive's bundled USB charger and USB cable with other smart devices.

Western Digital My Book Essential Desktop WDMB4000GB 4TB Hard DriveFrom $229
Secure your precious memories on Western Digital's 4 TB My Book Essential Desktop Hard Drive. This USB 3.0 drive is optimized for the fastest possible data transfer rates and provides a complete backup solution with automatic backup, cloud backup and system-level backup to protect your precious memories and your critical system files. Password protection with hardware encryption keeps your private files private.
Seagate Enterprise ST3000VN0001 3TB Hard DriveFrom $245

The Seagate® Enterprise NAS HDD is designed to combine up to 6TB of industry-leading capacity with reliability and performance. Designed for mid-range enterprise and private cloud environments, this NAS HDD delivers sustained performance for global availability and 24x7 accessibility.

Seagate Enterprise ST2000VN0001 2 TB Hard DriveFrom $210

The Seagate® Enterprise NAS HDD is designed to combine up to 6TB of industry-leading capacity with reliability and performance. Designed for mid-range enterprise and private cloud environments, this NAS HDD delivers sustained performance for global availability and 24×7 accessibility. With up to 6TB of capacity, the high-performance Enterprise NAS HDD is available in a single NAS drive, helping to lower the total cost of ownership by using fewer drives and rackmount system - See more at:

Western Digital My Passport Ultra WDBTYH0010BBA 1TB USB 3.0 Hard DriveFrom $117

1TB My Passport Ultra Metal Edition from Western Digital gives you the storage space you need to save a variety of files from music to photos, movies, videos, and more. This bus-powered USB 3.0 external hard drive features both password protection and 256-bit hardware encryption technology to ensure whatever you store on the drive will remain safe and secure. 

In addition to storage, this drive can be used as a backup solution for both Windows and Mac computers. The drive comes pre-formatted for Windows based machines and requires a simple reformat to be used with computers running Mac OS. With the included WD SmartWare Pro backup software the sometimes arduous task of backing up your data is greatly simplified while integrated cloud backup functionality via Dropbox offers an additional backup option.

Western Digital My Passport Ultra WDBZFP0010BWT 1TB USB 3.0 Hard DriveFrom $118

Automatic and Cloud Back-up
Safeguard your memories with WD SmartWare Pro automatic back-up software, which works quietly in the background to help protect your data using minimal PC resources. Save data directly to the drive or to the cloud using Dropbox.

High-capacity, Compact, Storage to Go
Offering up to 2TB in a compact design, My Passport Ultra is the ideal companion for your Ultrabook and other slim notebooks. Travel light with all your digital content. It also comes in a range of stylish colours — black, blue, red and titanium.

Password Protection
Use WD Security to set password protection and hardware encryption and protect your files from unauthorised use or access.

Ultra-fast Transfer Rates — When connected to a USB 3.0 port, My Passport Ultra lets you access and save files quickly with a data transfer rate of up to 5GB. Reduce transfer time by up to three times when compared to USB 2.0 transfer rates.
Performance may vary based on user’s hardware and system configuration.

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Compatibility — With this single drive you get compatibility with your USB 2.0 devices and the ultra-fast speed of USB 3.0.

Local and Cloud Back-up — WD SmartWare Pro lets you choose where you back-up your files. Back-up files to your My Passport Ultra drive or to the cloud using Dropbox.

LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive P9223 2TB Hard DriveFrom $179

The 2TB Porsche Design Mobile Drive P'9223 from LaCie is a hard drive that's built for speed and performance. It features a slim, sleek, aluminum design that is one of the hallmarks of Porsche Design. Apart from the large capacity, this drive is compatible with USB 3.0 and delivers a transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps. It provides an added sense of security with its ability to backup your Mac or PC automatically. The drive also features LaCie's built-in Private-Public software to keep your files secure and password protected. 
It comes with 10GB of Wuala Online Storage, which allows you to store up to 10GB of files safely and securely on their cloud for up to one year. The drive also provides energy savings in Automatic Eco mode, which lowers the power consumption by 40% when not in use.

ADATA HD710 500GB SATA Hard DriveFrom $0

The DashDrive™ Durable HD710 external hard drive has arrived, providing mobile, rapid, and dependable data access in a rugged and sporty package. The housing of the HD710 is comprised of a unique silicone material, and the drive incorporates militarygrade shockproof and waterproof (IPX7) construction with an ultrafast USB 3.0 interface. Its lively outlook and dynamic design match the requirements and style of sports and outdoor enthusiasts, with color options including blue, yellow, and black.
MilitaryGrade Shockproof and Proven Waterproof

No more worries about losing valuable data due to spilled drinks. The DashDrive™ Durable HD710 passed the stringent IEC 529 IPX7 test, in which the device proved watertight after being submerged in meterdeep water for up to 30 minutes. The DashDrive™ Durable HD710 also passed the stringent Military MILSTD810G 516.6drop test. This drive is capable of handling the toughest conditions, and still deliver the blazing fast USB 3.0 transmission speed consumers have come to expect.
Wraparound USB Cable

The USB cable tucks into a wraparound exterior slot in the drive casing, providing an elegant storage solution that matches the highly practical characteristics of the device. 
Blue LED Indicator

The DashDrive™ Durable HD710 2.5” external hard drive features a bright coldblue LED indicator that shines through the enclosure to indicate power and data transfer status.