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Hunter Pacific - Light Adaptor Assembly for Concept 2,eco2,Icon and Kinetic&2Light Adaptor Assembly Kit with a 100W… more info
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The Challenge "Built to Last, " the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over… more info
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Diesel Good Company Ladies Watch - DZ5343This Diesel Good Company ladies watch has a white dial with delicate silver… more info
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Diesel Good Company Mens Stainless Steel Watch.... Diesel Good Company Mens Stainless Steel Watch - DZ1595This Diesel… more info
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For those ready to follow their foodie dreams (or at least start thinking about it), this book provides the tools to… more info
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When his company is reorganised, an aging executive gets demoted and finds himself with a much younger, 20-something… more info
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In Good Company DVD from DVDLand."In Good Company" is an inspired romantic comedy about hostile takeovers, handshaking… more info
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Poignant comedy drama starring Dennis Quaid as a slightly weary advertising boss and dedicated family man. Dan Foreman… more info
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Sometimes, when you're at your desk, do you wish you were enjoying the sporting life? Say, getting away from it all in… more info
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Rain or shine won't stop the hours of creativity and imagination! Action packed and ready to go...this space mission… more info
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Glinda the Good Witch has blue eyes and long, curly taffy tan hair and is wearing a gorgeous pink gown. The Lullaby… more info
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Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace. When a young hot shot becomes the boss of top-notch advertising guru Dan Foreman, the… more info
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If you're inclined to throw a dinner party, you probably do what most folks do: you make a few sides and maybe a salad,… more info
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"Built To Last," the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over time and how… more info
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In Good Company is a must-read for all women who are thinking of starting their own business. Written by Rebecca Jordan… more info
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Today, corporations are expected to give something back to their communities in the form of charitable projects. In… more info
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The Challenge"Built to Last, " the defining management study of the nineties, showed how great companies triumph over… more info
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Trading up isn?t just for the wealthy anymore. These days no one is shocked when an administrative assistant buys silk… more info
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NuForce ICON Amplifier
The Nuforce Icon Amp has been conceived to operate as an audiophile-grade desktop power amplifier. Features include 2 x… more info
1C Company Men of War Assault Squad PC Game
This stand-alone expansion features a completely new cooperative skirmish game mode with access to five different… more info
Electronic Arts Battlefield Bad Company 2 PS3 Playstation 3 Game
Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a first-person shooter, and sequel to Electronic Arts' 2008 release, Battlefield Bad… more info
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We've added authentic Element style to the Icon zip-up fleece hoodie, creating impressive results that will set you… more info
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Official eBay Store Element Icon Zip Thru Hoodie - Dark Denim Element Icon Zip Thru Hoodie include an embroidered hood… more info
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WeSC White Icon T-Shirt Check out the WeSC White Icon T-Shirt, available now more info
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Product Name: Volcom Icon Boys' Hoodie with Full Zip Black black Size:M Size: Medium Manufacturer / Brand: Volcom Size:… more info
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Listing Menu WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE Icon Jersey Green $50.00 $149.95 Buy now Add to Watchlist Description Shipping returns… more info
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Icon Polo Shirt- Ladies Style Colours:- See Listing Sizes:- 8-24 click picture to enlarge click picture to enlarge Icon… more info
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Product Name: Puma Icon KA Men's Track Jacket Black black Size:S Size: Small Manufacturer / Brand: PUMA Size: Small… more info
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Product Name: We Sweatshirts Icon Classic - Blue - Bleu (Blue Depths) - Small Size: Small Manufacturer / Brand: WeSC… more info
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Product Name: Volcom Icon Boys' Hoodie with Full Zip Black black Size:XL Size: X-Large Manufacturer / Brand: Volcom… more info
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Dragon Charcoal Heather Icon Special T-Shirt Check out the Dragon Charcoal Heather Icon Special T-Shirt, available now more info
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Product Name: Volcom Icon Boys' Hoodie with Full Zip Black black Size:L Size: Large Manufacturer / Brand: Volcom Size:… more info
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Gm Icon F4.5 Dxm 404 Junior Cricket Bat - Harrow. All GM English Willow cricket bats are designed and produced from… more info
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Top Designer Clothing - Mens Adidas Icon 3 Black Polyester Climalite Tracksuit Track Pant Pants Bottoms Shop Home About… more info
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Product Name: Under Armour Icon Women's Trousers Black Black/Ref Size:S Size: Small Manufacturer / Brand: Under Armour… more info
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Australia's #1 Men's Underwear Store Search 2eros Icon 2 Swim Shorts S03.07 Grey 2eros Icon 2 Swim Shorts S03.07:These… more info
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Drucker on Marketing: Lessons from the World's Most Influential Business Thinker Free ShippingFrom $37.79
THE ESSENTIAL MARKETING WISDOM OF PETER DRUCKER "Bill Cohen has done us a wonderful service by faithfully combing through Peter Drucker's vast writings and weaving together Peter's thoughts on marketing. This has never been done before." – Philip Kotler, from the Foreword Considered the single most important thought leader in the world of management, Peter Drucker had an equally significant influence on the discipline of marketing. Although he didn't approach marketing with the same systematic rigor he reserved for management, Druckeraddressed the topic in detail in his wellknown treatises on the roles of profitability and leadership, the importance of innovation, and the need to seize new opportunities. Drucker on Marketing is the first comprehensivelook at the marketing wisdom of one of modern history's most influential business thinkers. A former student of Peter Drucker, William Cohen has sifted through Drucker's huge body of work, singled out hismost salient ideas on marketing, and constructedthem into a framework that not only outlines Drucker's marketing philosophy but provides practical advice onhow to achieve marketing goals in today's business setting.The book is organized into five thematic sections: The Ascendancy of Marketing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Drucker's Marketing Strategy New Product and Service Introduction Drucker's Unique Marketing Insights For Drucker, profitability should not be the main focus of a business. The customer should be; the market should be. He didn't consider marketing as one of many tools to generate profits. Rather, he viewed marketing as the driving force of business, a philosophy for defining andcapturing the most enriching customer opportunities. Providing unique insight into the mind of one of the twentieth century's greatest thinkers, Drucker on Marketing is an essential read for both marketing professionals and fans of Peter Drucker. Praise for
McGraw-Hill Education GMAT Free ShippingFrom $30.12
This go-to study guide provides the concepts, study strategies, and practice students need to dramatically raise your GMAT score McGraw-Hill Education: GMAT focuses on the fundamental concepts tested on the exam as well as the reasoning and analytical skills necessary to overcome common traps. The book covers the foundations of each essential concept, introduces strategies developed by the authors, and includes review exercises in each chapter so you can increase your test-taking confidence. Practice Test App includes 10 interactive practice tests, four from the book and six additional tests Test Planner app helps you organize your time and set your own study schedules Answer keys provide full explanations that identify common errors
Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions Free ShippingFrom $203.48
Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions, addresses the topics and issues typically covered in the financial accounting course, while at the same time motivating student interest in accounting through its extensive use of entrepreneurial examples, application of analysis skills, integration of online course management, and a highly engaging pedagogical design. This title thoroughly integrates ideas and practices followed by today's business entrepreneurs, speaking more directly to students and better preparing them to enter the work force.
An Introduction to Business Ethics Free ShippingFrom $83.01
Since its inception, An Introduction to Business Ethics by Joseph DesJardins has been a cutting-edge resource for the business ethics course. DesJardins' unique multidisciplinary approach offers critical analysis and integrates the perspective of philosophy with management, law, economics, and public policy, providing a clear, concise, yet reasonably comprehensive introductory survey of the ethical choices available to us in business.
Service-Dominant Logic Free ShippingFrom $44.61
In 2004, Robert F. Lusch and Stephen L. Vargo published their groundbreaking article on the evolution of marketing theory and practice toward 'service-dominant (S-D) logic', describing the shift from a product-centred view of markets to a service-led model. Now, in this keenly anticipated book, the authors present a thorough primer on the principles and applications of S-D logic. They describe a clear alternative to the dominant worldview of the heavily planned, production-oriented, profit-maximizing firm, presenting a coherent, organizing framework based on ten foundational premises. The foundational premises of S-D logic have much wider implications beyond marketing for the future of the firm, transcending different industries and contexts, and will provide readers with a deeper sense of why the exchange of service is the fundamental basis of all social and economic exchange. This accessible book will appeal to students, as well as to researchers and practitioners.
Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management, + Online Video Course: Tools to Analyze and Manage Your Stock Portfolio Free ShippingFrom $141.3
<p><b>A "hands-on" guide to applied equity analysis and portfolio management</b></p> <p>From asset allocation to modeling the intrinsic value of a stock, <i>Applied Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management + Online Video Course</i> offers readers a solid foundation in the practice of fundamental analysis using the same tools and techniques as professional investors. Filled with real-world illustrations and hands-on applications, Professor Weigand's learning system takes a rigorous, empirical approach to topics such as analyzing the macro-finance environment, sector rotation, financial analysis and valuation, assessing a company's competitive position, and reporting the performance of a stock portfolio.</p> <p>Unlike typical books on this subject?which feature chapters to read and exercises to complete?this resource allows readers to actively participate in the learning experience by completing writing exercises and manipulating interactive spreadsheets that illustrate the principles being taught. The learning system also features instructional videos that demonstrate how to use the spreadsheet models and excerpts from the author's blog, which are used to depict additional examples of the analysis process. Along the way, it skillfully outlines an effective approach to creating and interpreting outputs typically associated with a top-down money management shop ? including a macroeconomic forecasting newsletter, detailed stock research reports, and a portfolio performance attribution analysis.</p> <ul> <li>Covers topics including active and passive money management, fundamental analysis and portfolio attribution analysis</li> <li>Companion streaming videos show how to use free online data to create yourown analyses of key economic indicators, individual stocks, and stock portfolios</li> <li>A valuable resource for universities who have applied equity
The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth in Tough Economic Times Free ShippingFrom $42.13
Businesses can plateau, stall, or stagnate...without the owners or key executives even realizing it. A business might be achieving incremental year-on-year growth and yet still be in a situation of stagnation or stall. Why? Because entrepreneurs and executives often focus on the wrong things and don&#039;t know how to solve the problems that get their businesses stuck. The purpose of The Sticking Point Solution is to help entrepreneurs and executives recognize the ways in which their businesses may be stuck, and to then give them tools for getting unstuck and enjoying exponential growth. To achieve this, Jay will help you to identify the nine ?sticking points? that keep entrepreneurs and executives alike grinding just to survive, instead of growing and thriving. Whether businesses are afflicted by one, two, or all nine of these sticking points, the result is the same: the owners, executives, or entrepreneurs are not achieving all of the growth, success, and prosperity they deserve. Unlocking that true potential is the mission of this audiobook. The results: freedom from stagnation and stalling; new levels of profitability and success; and a much greater sense of control and pleasure from running the enterprise. How to achieve this exquisite state is the impetus for The Sticking Point Solution.
Sales for Non-salespeople Free ShippingFrom $18.88
If you know how to sell, you know how to succeed. Selling is the most important, and perhaps the most misunderstood workplace skill. Once you understand how to sell you will become more persuasive, naturally and confidently. This book has four sections, enabling the reader to focus on their most pressing need: * Selling basics - a simple, explicit guide to the sales process; * Selling yourself - and how to get noticed, connected and respected; * Selling to colleagues - presenting, persuading and getting promoted; * Selling to customers - winning orders and succeeding in shops & at shows. This book will help the reader: * Learn the basics about how to sell and why people buy; * Recognise the importance of goal setting and measuring personal performance; * Understand how to find, then influence people able to contribute to their success; * Become more confident in taking the lead and steering things they way they want them to go, at work, home and in social situations.
The Artist's Library: A Field Guide Free ShippingFrom $28.92
Creativity, like information, is free to everyone who steps into a library. The Artist's Library offers the idea that an artist is any person who uses creative tools to make new things, and the guidance and resources to make libraries of all sizes and shapes come alive as spaces for art-making and cultural engagement. Case studies included in the book range from the crafty (pop-up books) to the community-minded (library galleries) to documentary (photo projects) to the technically complex ("listening" to libraries via Dewey decimal frequencies). The Library as Incubator Project was created by Erinn Batykefer, Laura Damon-Moore, and Christina Endres. It highlights the ways that libraries and artists can work together, and works to strengthen these partnerships. By calling attention to one of the many reasons libraries are important to our communities and our culture, it provides a dynamic online forum for sharing ideas. Erinn Batykefer is a librarian, a writer, and a lifelong do-it-yourselfer. She earned an MFA in writing and a Master of Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Her first poetry collection, Allegheny, Monongahela, won the Benjamin Saltman Poetry Prize. Laura Damon-Moore is a librarian, blogger, and avid art-maker in her spare time. Laura received her master's degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. Jessica Pigza is the assistant curator in the New York Public Library's Rare Book Division. She also writes on handmade material culture, DIY, and handicrafts at Hand-Made Librarian.