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Free Delivery Worldwide : Doctor Who II: It Came from Outer Space Volume 3 : Paperback : Idea & Design Works :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : Doctor Who II: It Came from Outer Space Volume 3 : Paperback : Idea & Design Works :… more info
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The sequel to Ray Bradbury and Jack Arnold's original 1953 sci-fi classic, It Came From Outer Space II carries on the… more info
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Lost in the greater tranquillity of space, amateur astronomer John Putnam (Richard Carlson) and his fiancee Ellen… more info
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Prized PossessionsFrom $1.95
Glasgow during the Depression. Lizzie Conway has clawed her way out of the worst slums of the Gorbals, all for the sake of her three precious daughters, Polly, Babs and poor, deaf Rosie. But the girls themselves seem to be determined to make marriages as unwise as the one she made.About the Author Born in Glasgow, Jessica Stirling is the author of many heartwarming novels, most of which have Scottish backgrounds. She has enjoyed a highly successful career since The Spoiled Earth was published in 1974.
Bristol HouseFrom $18.95
A riveting dual-period narrative that blends a haunting supernatural thriller with the vivid history of Tudor London.<br /><br />Historian Annie Kendall arrives at London's Bristol House on an assignment to research ancient artifacts from the Holy Land. She's desperate to escape her troubled past with the help of the shadowy employer who has hired her for an unusual, but well-paid, mission. So Annie is determined to ignore the strange manifestations in her flat - including the appearance of a ghostly Carthusian monk. When she crosses paths with Geoff Harris, a well-known TV journalist and a dead ringer for the strange apparition, they are called upon to crack an enigmatic code, still unbroken after five hundred years.<br /><br />Widely acclaimed for her historical fiction, Beverly Swerling delivers an enchanting and epic tale of a historian and a monk half a millennium apart - and the unsolved mysteries of Tudor London that bring them together.
PS I Love YouFrom $2.95
Following Corner House Girls and Kiss the Girls Goodbye, this is the third novel in the wartime saga about the girls who work at the Lyons Corner House in Marble Arch. New challenges and uncertainty await them all as they cope with rationing, air raids and the blackout. Jo yearns for her fianc?e but the burns he sustained when his plane was shot down need the new procedure of plastic surgery and Jo's way of coping is throw herself into a new job. Meanwhile, Phyl has been selected along with some other trusted Nippies, for her secret work but has to forget her dream to become a Wren. But she never loses faith that one day she will be reunited with the man she loves.About the Author Lilian Harry grew up in Portsmouth and now lives in a village on the edge of Dartmoor with three ginger cats. She has a son, a daughter and two grandchildren, and is a keen walker.
A Country AffairFrom $3.5
It is Kate's first day in her new job, and she is more apprehensive than she thought possible. But there is no time for nerves, and her anxieties soon vanish as she finds herself flung headlong into the hectic world of the busy vet's practice.But it's not just the animals who win Kate's affections: the staff are friendly and welcoming, particularly Scott, the Australian, whose wicked sense of humour and enthusiasm for life Kate finds hard to resist, despite his rather colourful reputation.Before long, Kate begins to feel there are other changes she wants to make in her life - and her boyfriend, Adam, is not at all happy about it. As Adam's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Kate realises she must make some very difficult decisions...
Wife Extraordinaire Reloaded Part 3From $18.5
In part 3 of the Wife Extraordinaire series, Charlene is fighting her demons while Charlene is fighting for her life. How will it end this time?
The Blue Bedroom & Other StoriesFrom $3.5
The big bedroom was lovely: all pale, blue and white, satin and muslin, cool and airy, the windows looking out over the garden to the creek. But to fourteen-year-old Emily, beautiful though it was, it was all wrong. Her stepmother's bedroom now: everything changed since her own mother had died. And stretched out on the bed: Stephanie, very white and pained. The new baby on its way, a month early. All of a sudden, with her father away on business, Emily had to take charge, keep calm, ring for the doctor and the ambulance. The time for looking back had gone. The Blue Bedroom is just one of Rosamunde Pilcher's magical collection of stories. Stories that will enchant everyone who has read and loved The Shell Seekers. About the Author Rosamunde Pilcher has had a long and distinguished career as a novelist and a short story writer, but it was her phenomenally successful novel, The Shell Seekers, that captured the hearts of all who read it and won her international recognition as one of the best-loved storytellers of our time. Her bestselling novel, Coming Home, was made into a television film. Her most recent bestseller was Winter Solstice. She was awarded an O.B.E for services to literature in 2002.
Forbidden DesiresFrom $6.25
You've devoured The Fifty Shades Trilogy... now lose yourself in the heady ecstasy of Forbidden Desires. After her wedding to film director Lewis James, Harriet Radcliffe is dismayed to learn that her husband has invited another couple, his married friends Noella and Edmund, to join them on their honeymoon. It soon emerges that Lewis is planning to make another of his hugely successful cinema verite films, using real life as his material. Knowing that Harriet finds Edmund attractive, he plans to explore her forbidden desires. However, Edmund has designs on Harriet, and Lewis's plan goes awry as he finds himself competing to regain his bride ... The sequel to Dark Secret. About the Author Marina Anderson is the pseudonym of a British author, whose novels have been published all over the world.
The ChinamanFrom $3.8
The Chinaman understood death Jungle-skilled, silent and lethal, he had killed for the Viet Cong and then for the Americans. He had watched helpless when his two eldest daughters had been raped and killed by Thai pirates. Now all that was behind him. Quiet, hard-working and unassuming, he was building up his South London take-away business. Until the day his wife and youngest daughter were destroyed by an IRA bomb. Then he began to ask the authorities who were the men responsible, what was being done - and was turned away, fobbed off, treated as a nuisance. Which was when the Chinaman, denied justice, decided on revenge...and went back to war.
The Jefferson KeyFrom $3.5
The new Cotton Malone adventure - the first to be set in America.Cotton Malone has been called on to defend his country's safety in many exotic locations around the world, often using his knowledge of history to get to the heart of mysteries and conspiracies stretching back for centuries. But never has the danger been quite so close to home.A stunning opening sets the tone of explosive action and mind-bending intrigue as Cotton battles an extraordinary group of families whose unseen influence dates back to the pages of the U.S. Constitution - and whose thirst for power is about to be satisfied by the cracking of a code devised by Thomas Jefferson himself.About the AuthorSteve Berry lives in Florida, USA, with his wife and daughter. He is a lawyer who has travelled extensively throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, and Russia and has so far published seven international thrillers, including The Venetian Betrayal and The Charlemagne Pursuit . His most recent four books have all been New York Times and international best sellers, and his books have been published in 42 countries and translated into 38 languages.
Shakespeare's LandlordFrom $4.75
A thrilling crime series from an international best-seller.Welcome to Shakespeare, Arkansas.Disguising herself with short hair and baggy clothes, Lily Bard has started over as a cleaning lady in the sleepy town of Shakespeare, where she can sweep away the secrets of her dark and violent past. However her plan to live a quiet, unobserved life begins to crumble when she discovers the dead body of her nosy landlord.Lily doesn't care who did it, but as the suspicion of the police and local community falls on her, she soon realises if she doesn't unmask the murderer, her life might not just crumble - it might also end.About the Author Charlaine Harris is the author of several New York Times best-selling series. She is married, with children and lives in Arkansas.