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kahlua 700ml

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Originating deep in the Yukatan, Kahlua has a flavour as rich and distinct as the region. Kahlua has a vibrant taste… more info
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A combination of the classic coffee liqueur and sweet vanilla, Kahlua is a world famous liqueur enjoyed all around the… more info
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Full bodied, rich and sweet, Kahlua is the essence of Mexican Mocha coffee. With its strong cane spirit and vanilla… more info
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Chambers Rutherglen MuscatFrom $224.77
This is the youngest wine of the three Muscats made by Chambers, the result of blending wines of various vintages generally of 2 to 5 years of age. The wine shows youthful, raisin/rose petal aromas and flavours ? a fruit driven wine.
Chambers Ruby PortFrom $161.77
Getting its name from its vibrant garnet red colour, this barrel matured wine has plum and chocolate characters and flavours on the palate.