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Originating deep in the Yukatan, Kahlua has a flavour as rich and distinct as the region. Kahlua has a vibrant taste… more info
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A combination of the classic coffee liqueur and sweet vanilla, Kahlua is a world famous liqueur enjoyed all around the… more info
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Full bodied, rich and sweet, Kahlua is the essence of Mexican Mocha coffee. With its strong cane spirit and vanilla… more info
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Bolle Women's Tennis Kahlua Racer Tank Only $54.95 from more info
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Jesse James Dress It Up Flats Embellishments-kahlua And Cream 12-pkg Only $41.18 from more info
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Punt e Mes Aperitivo 750mLFrom $19.9
Punt e Mes is an Italian vermouth, dark brown in color and has a bitter flavour. Punt e Mes literally means "point and a half" in Piedmontese, referring to the flavor being characterised as one ”point” of sweetness and half a point of bitterness. It can be used as a substitute for regular rosso vermouth in drinks such as the Manhattan. Punt e Mes has a strong, distinctive flavour, half-way between regular rosso vermouth and Campari.
Bacardi 8 Rum 700mLFrom $47.99
Aged for at least 8 years in selected oak barrels. Bacardi 8 is blended to give a smooth, rich and full palate with a long finish.
NOON TAWNY PORT 2007From $49.99
NOON TAWNY PORT 2007: In 2007 a 15 year old Tawny was released. It was blended from precious old stocks of maturing Tawny barrels, some dating back to the winemaking years of David Noon (Drew?s father) and released in place of a 2007 V.P. The reason for this was due to insufficient grapes available in this very small but high quality vintage.
LICOR CAFE de GALICIA: Aguardiente liqueur made from 100% Albariño grape with Colombian coffee and sugar. The coffee grains are macerated on the aguardiente liqueur. This is then filtrated and sugar is added. After its preconditioning, it is bottled. Attractive dark brown colour and brilliant. On the nose there is intense and complex natural coffee aromas whilst on the palate the coffee is combined with chocolate, caramel and herbacous notes with enough acidity to leave the palate clean.
ROSEMOUNT OLD BENSON FINE OLD TAWNY: The fruit is lightly crushed into open fermenters to which a light yeast culture is added. The fermenting juice is pumped over the skins to allow flavour and colour extraction. Once the fermentation reaches a low sugar level, a small amount of high strength brandy spirit is added to arrest the fermentation. The skins are pressed and discarded.The finished wine matures in small barrels for many years and becomes part of a Solera - a cascade blending system that ensures consistent flavour from year to year.This Australian Tawny has a rich tawny colour with an intense raisin like aroma. The palate is full flavoured with clean sweetness and a long balanced finish. This wine is fully matured and so is ready for immediate enjoyment. Winery note.
International Postage PackagingFrom $25
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Storm Bay Vodka - 150mlFrom $17.5
This premium Vodka was recommended in the top eight of its category by Winestate Magazine in 2002 and described as “….This is a broader spectrum spirit with slight sweetness being evident on the palate. It is quite well balanced but a touch aggressive and warm…”.</p Product description provided by Tasmania Distilleryhtml_special_charsstip_tags
Mt Wellington Dry Gin - 150mlFrom $17.5
A premium world class spirit blended from Australian spirit, pure soft Tasmanian rainforest water and infused with herbs and spices to create a full flavoured herbaceous gin. Product description provided by Tasmania Distilleryhtml_special_charsstip_tags
Sullivans Cove Double Cask Single Malt - Small 150mlFrom $27.5
Sullivans Cove Single Malt has come of age. To enhance the high quality of the new Sullivans Cove malt, the packaging has been recreated with a new bottle and presentation box. The Whisky has also undergone a major change as our distiller has combined two cask types (French oak port and American oak bourbon casks) creating a deeper more complex whisky than achieved in only one wood type. Once matured the whisky is hand decanted and united to capture and enhance the character of the two wood types, creating a perfect balance between sweet malt and oak ending with a hint of dark chocolate and rainforest botanic. Product description provided by Tasmania Distilleryhtml_special_charsstip_tags