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korjo multi reverse adaptor

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Multi-reverse adapter can cater for most international appliances.- Single plug - For earthed and non-earthed… more info
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Korjo Multi Reverse Adaptor Only from Leederville Camerahouse more info
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FOR USE IN AUSTRALIA/NZ.Ingeniously designed, this adapter allows appliances from all over the world (except South… more info
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Korjo Multi Reverse Travel Adaptor Mr02 Mr02 Only $48.95 from more info
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KORJO TSA Combo LockFrom $17.56
A robust, secure and stylish lock, approved by the TSA* - a "must-have" for travelling to the USA. Set your own combination - for simple instructions go to the link below INDICATOR FUNCTION The INDICATOR FUNCTION shows if the TSA / HMRC special tool has been used to open your lock: RED = Special tool used  GREEN = Lock has not been opened by TSA / HMRC - (Instructions for resetting the indicator are enclosed) *The US Travel Security Agency (TSA) and Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs (HMRC) maintain the right to open any case, even if it is locked. This means that they can cut off your normal lock, destroying it forever. The Korjo Travel Sentry Lock solves this problem - you can now lock your case again without worrying that it will be destroyed by the TSA/HMRC. - Set your own combination (instructions enclosed). - Authorised TSA / HMRC agents can use a secured tool to open the lock, check your case and relock it (without ever learning your combination). INSTRUCTIONS:  
KORJO Squinchy Neck PillowFrom $15.96
Inside the quality nylon cover there are polystyrene beads - snuggle into the pillow and it changes shape to maximise support and comfort. Lycra type feel on top surface of pillow, and fluffy, cuddly underside - you can choose which to nestle against your face.
Cigarette Lighter - Y Splitter / Double AdaptorFrom $14.98
The Cigarette Lighter - Y Splitter / Double Adaptor is a 12VDC and 10A and accepts 2 cigarette lighter plugs. Fits into a standard cigarette lighter socket with a 10cm Y cord and a green LED power indicator.
KORJO Travel Adaptor - UKFrom $9.2
Korjo adaptors are the Smallest, Smartest, SafestThe Korjo Adaptor- UK is for use with Australian or New Zealand appliances in UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and parts of the Middle East, Asia & Africa. Approved by the Australian Electrical Authorities this adaptor is perfect for those travelling to the UK and Asia.(Note: Does not convert voltage)