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Noah Wyle returns as Flynn Carsen a Librarian turned adventurer and this time his quest, to find the fabled King… more info
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Noah Wyle returns as Flynn Carsen a Librarian turned adventurer and this time his quest, to find the fabled King… more info
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Ian Anderson Thick As A Brick Live In Iceland Blu Ray from DVDLand.Jethro Tull's famous concept album "Thick As A Brick" was originally released in 1972 and featured one continuous track spread across two sides of an LP telling the story of a young boy called Gerald Bostock. 40 years later in 2012, Jethro Tull's founder and leader Ian Anderson created "Thick As A Brick 2: Whatever Happened To Gerald Bostock?". Following this release Ian Anderson took both albums on the road to perform the complete story of Gerald Bostock and this concert from the tour was filmed in Iceland. The show combines music, video screens and mime to bring Gerald's tale to life as never before and create the definitive presentation of "Thick As A Brick".
Diana Krall Live In Paris Blu Ray from DVDLand.'Live In Paris', filmed at the Olympia in Paris in late 2001, was Diana Krall's first concert film, released on DVD in 2002. The concert features tracks from her first four albums, including many that have remained firm concert favourites to this day. It was an instant hit and went on to be certified gold, platinum and multi-platinum in many countries around the world. Now for the first time the original standard definition footage is being reissued on Blu-ray, with enhanced picture and sound quality.
WWE - OMG - PART 2 (BLU RAY)From $29.95
WWE OMG Part 2 Blu Ray from DVDLand.OMG! Volume 2 counts down the Top 50 incidents in WCW. Volume 1 focused on the Top 50 Incidents in WWE history, but now we turn back the clock and look at WCW history. Relive iconic moments such as: Hogan forms NWO with Outsiders at Bash At The Beach; WCW Closes - Shane & Mr. McMahon appear on WCW TV; Goldberg wins the Title from Hogan at Georgia Dome; Dennis Rodman Joins the N.W.O. - and dozens of other exciting moments in this countdown. Hear stories from the Superstars and Legends who lived these moments, including Tony Schiavone, Booker T, Vince Russo, Big Show, Diamond Dallas Page, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash and more.
Road to Paloma Blu Ray and DVD from DVDLand.You loved him in Game of Thrones, now see Jason Momoa in this intense road-movie about a son who must find redemption for the actions of his past. Road To Paloma follows the epic journey of two bikers who form an unlikely friendship while on the run across America's vast west. Pursued by the FBI, fuelled by rage and driven by revenge he will ultimately learn that the road to justice has a heavy price.
Perfect Sister Blu Ray and DVD from DVDLand.On January 18 2003, police receive a frantic 911 call from a distraught pair of teenage girls who report finding their mother drowned in the bathtub. The death is ruled accidental by the authorities but in the months that follow a dark and sinister story emerges. The girls have committed a sinister and cold-blooded murder, one planned well in advance and gossiped about on internet chat lines. With its story ripped straight from the headlines...don't miss this riveting true-crime thriller.
Reasonable Doubt Blu Ray from DVDLand.Hot-shot district attorney Mitch Brockden commits a fatal hit-and-run and becomes compelled to throw the case against the accused criminal Clinton Davis who was found with the body and blamed for the crime. Following the trial, Mitch's worst fears come true when he realizes he might have acquitted a guilty man, and he soon finds himself on the hunt for the killer before more victims pile up.
Snake And Mongoose Blu Ray from DVDLand.Start your engines for the incredible true story of the greatest rivalry in drag racing history: Don "The Snake" Prudhomme versus his longtime friend and nemesis Tom The Mongoose McEwen From the fiery days of early speedways through the explosive peak of their popularity, these are the personal triumphs and tragedies behind the legendary races and Hot Wheels partnership that created a global phenomenon.
Fatal Honeymoon Blu Ray from DVDLand.In 2003 Gabe and Tina Watson travelled to Queensland, Australia on a diving honeymoon. Tina drowned on their first dive. Gabe was accused of her murder. He was convicted in Australia of manslaughter and did 18 months. Tina's father led a case back in Alabama, but the case was acquitted through lack of evidence. Based on a true story.
Bruce Springteen With The Sessions Band Live In Dublin Blu Ray from DVDLand. Bruce Springsteen With The Sessions Band Live in Dublin' features 23 songs drawn from the band's performances in Dublin, Ireland at The Point on November 17, 18 and 19, 2006. Songs include fan favorites from 'The Seeger Sessions,' radical interpretations from the Springsteen songbook and rare songs appearing for the first time on any Springsteen release. This Blu-ray Disc captures the band during the finale of its multi-leg 2006 tour.
The Sons Of Matthew DVD from DVDLand.Inspired by a courageous true story, Sons of Matthew (also known as The Rugged O'Riordans) is the remarkable tale of three generations of the O'Riordan family, a tight-knit unit working together to survive the harsh realities of rural Australian life - a land of drought, bushfires and cyclones. Destined to settle the rugged frontier land of South East Queensland, theirs is a story of heartache, rivalry and human resilience.Brought to life in stunning detail by pioneering filmmaker Charles Chauvel (Jedda,Forty Thousand Horsemen), featuring Michael Pate, John O'Malley and John Ewart, Sons of Matthew explores Australia's hostile terrain and climate, a place where survival depends on a tough rural instinct, measured by blood and brotherhood.Fully restored and presented in a brand new transfer, Sons of Matthew captures the quintessential Aussie spirit of hard work, mateship and the timeless struggle between man and nature.