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Our Long Reach Secateurs will make light work of any yard task and allow for quick and easy garden maintenance. The strong aluminium handle...

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Bunion Treatment ShieldFrom $9.9
Cushion your bunion for day-long comfort and support with our superb slip on Bunion Treatment Shield. The slim, lightweight foot protector features a specially positioned thermoplastic rubber separator that will sit comfortably between the two first toes to promote correct foot alignment and thus provide immediate relief from bunion pain, soreness and pressure.The pad fits snugly over the large toe and ball of the foot while leaving toes free, so can be worn beneath most regular hosiery and footwear. The shield will remain firmly in place with every step for all day comfort and support, ensuring that the painful bunion is always protected from the jolting pressure and friction of walking and standing. Simply slip bunion treatment shield over the big toe, ensuring the bunion is covered and the first two toes are separated by the rubber wedge. Fits left or right foot, one size fits most. Re-useable and long lasting. Hand wash as required.
Recliner CoverFrom $39.9
Dont know how to keep warm this winter? Our Recliner Cover is the perfect solution for effective warmth and extra soft comfort.The soft, breathable fleece blend provides warmth and comfort while protecting your upholstery from everyday wear and tear. Dont throw away your old worn recliner; give it a new lease on life with this Recliner Cover. Comes in 4 easy pieces - a seat cover, two arm rest covers and an elasticized foot rest cover.
Bottom WiperFrom $19.9
A specially made comfort wipe for those with limited dexterity or mobility, this long reach bottom wiper is a huge help for arthritis sufferers and those with similar ailments.The curved long reach handle is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and safe to use, while the flexible head securely grasps toilet paper or moist wipes. When done simply press the quick release button to discard used tissue. Designed to assist when wiping is difficult, making personal hygiene easier to maintain for those with limited movement. Made from durable plastic with rubber grip handle
Shower RailFrom $14.9
For safety when showering try our suction cup Shower Rail. The sturdy handle aids balance and lowers the risk of falls and injury.The safety handle features giant suction cups that grip instantly to the tub or wall, providing support and aiding balance with a sturdy locking action and an easy release flip tab. This handle is perfect for those with weaker upper body strength, for anyone with limited mobility or those who may be worried about slips or falls while showering. The Shower Rail can assist lowering and rising off toilet, in and out of the bath tub, as well as being an extra support rail in your shower.
MoliCare Mobile Range (Blue)From $144.95
MoliCare Mobile is an inconspicuous, highly absorbent incontinence pant specially designed severe incontinence. Pulled on and off just like normal underpants without the need to open and close any tapes.
Molicare Mobile Super Range (Purple)From $152.95
MoliCare Mobile is an inconspicuous, highly absorbent incontinence pant specially designed severe incontinence. Pulled on and off just like normal underpants without the need to open and close any tapes.
eQuipMed 24 Tyres Folding Wheelchair WheelchairsFrom $219
Wheelchairs are all about comfort, ergonomics and smooth mobility - and the eQuipMed wheelchair ticks all the boxes. Featuring padded armrests, detachable swing-away footrests, double brakes and an extra-tall seat back, its a great ride for those seated. And thanks to the easily foldable construction and high push handles, it makes for a relaxing day out for any helpers, too. So order your eQuipMed wheelchair today and hit the road in style! 24-inch pneumatic rear
Aluminium Rollator with Hand Brakes and Seat Max 110kgFrom $137.61
Aluminium Rollator with Hand Brakes and Seat Max 110kg This aluminium walker is lightweight and features lockable loop lever handbrakes and soft rubber hand grips, which are easily cleaned for hygiene maintenance.
Walking Stick HolderFrom $4.9
Does your walking stick fall from your grasp or do you find it hard to bend to pick it up from the floor? Then you need our helpful Walking Stick HolderKeep your walking cane within reach. The handy table stand or walking stick frog as it is also known firmly secures your cane to the edge of any table ? always keeping it in reach and by your side. No more painful bending and stooping to pick up your cane. The holder also comes with a bonus cane strap, the useful wrist strap means your walking stick will never drop from you hand again, with this practical set or your Walking Stick Holder and walking cane strap, your walking stick will always be in your grasp.
Easy Grip Microwave CaddyFrom $9.9
Remove plates, bowls and containers fromt he microwave without needing mitts. this cleverly designed tray features cinveinvent handles that protect sensisitve hands while raised rings prevent dishes from sliding and splilling. Store out of sight by simply leaving it in your microwave.