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(PVG Mixed Folio). Michael Jackson Number Ones features stunning color photos and easy piano arrangements of the… more info
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Michael Jackson Number Ones DVD from DVDLand.This amazing DVD release includes 15 of Jacksons greatest ever film… more info
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Photographing WashingtonFrom $21.4
Washington is home to four National Parks and National Monuments, the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway, the San Juan Islands, Columbia River basin, and a host of wildlife refuges. This is the rich palette from which the Sullivans have chosen 120 stunning sites to highlight the best times, seasons, and techniques for taking memorable photographs. This comprehensive photography guide includes sites of historical interest as well as natural beauty, with details of equipment, exposure, and technical and safety considerations.
Tit for TatFrom $17.5
<P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt" class=MsoNormal>Imaginative and sexy, this exploration presents a wide array of fantasy-based erotica artwork chosen to inspire today's tattoo artists and fans. Filled with ideas not commonly seen in tattoo parlors, this collection spotlights original pulp era images and illustrates a series of adaptations and alterations by a succession of artists from the pages of Weird Tales, Terror Tales, and other classics. Featuring infamous illustrators such as Virgil Finlay, Hannes Bok, Boris Dolgov, and Lee Brown Coye, each page showcases a different artists' work, making this a valuable resource for inspiration and creativity.
Stabat MaterFrom $33.95
for baritone solo, SATB chorus, children's choir (or semi-chorus), and small orchestra (or piano/organ) McDowall's setting of the Stabat Mater has been described as 'an outstanding work of great solemnity and poignancy' (Tempo, 2013). The work comprises seven movements in a symmetrical structure-from the impassioned choral opening, through two intense yet diverse baritone solos and contemplative plainchant chorales, to the stately finale uniting all the voices. The optimistic central movement, in a major tonality, may be performed by children's choir or a semi-chorus of sopranos and altos from the main group. A plaintive meditation on the sorrows of the Virgin Mary as she stands by the Cross, McDowall's Stabat Mater is a sophisticated modern alternative to more well-known settings, ideal for performance at non-liturgical Lenten services. The piano reduction in the score, which can be adapted for organ, may be used for concert performance if an orchestra is not available.
Lyrical Nationalism in Post-Apartheid NamibiaFrom $178.8
When Namibia gained its independence from South Africa in 1990, the new government began dismantling the divisive apartheid state and building a unified nation-state. What does this new nation look like from the perspective of ordinary citizens? In Lyrical Nationalism in Post-Apartheid Namibia, Wendi Haugh provides an ethnographic portrayal of the nation as imagined by people living in the former ethnic homeland of Ovamboland, with a particular focus on the lyrics of songs composed and performed by Catholic youth. The author argues that these youth draw on conflicting ideologies-hierarchical and egalitarian, nationalist and cosmopolitan-from multiple sources to construct a multi-faceted sense of national identity. She reveals how their vision of the nation-framed as neutrally national-is deeply rooted in specific local histories and cultures.
The Art and Archaeology of Ancient GreeceFrom $89.95
This richly illustrated, four-colour textbook introduces the art and archaeology of ancient Greece, from the Bronze Age through the Roman conquest. Suitable for students with no prior knowledge of ancient art, this textbook reviews the main objects and monuments of the ancient Greek world, emphasizing the context and function of these artefacts in their particular place and time. Students are led to a rich understanding of how objects were meant to be perceived, what 'messages' they transmitted, and how the surrounding environment shaped their meaning. The book includes more than 500 illustrations (with over 400 in colour), including specially commissioned photographs, maps, floorplans and reconstructions. Judith Barringer examines a variety of media, including marble and bronze sculpture, public and domestic architecture, painted vases, coins, mosaics, terracotta figurines, reliefs, jewellery and wall paintings. Numerous text boxes, chapter summaries and timelines, complemented by a detailed glossary, support student learning.
The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-century MusicFrom $89.95
The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Music seeks to provide the most up-to-date knowledge on seventeenth-century music together with a vital questioning of the way in which such a history can be told or put together for our present purposes. Written by a distinguished team of experts in the field, the chapters not only address traditional areas of knowledge such as opera and church music, but also look at the way this extremely diverse and dynamic musical world has been categorised in the past and how its products are viewed from various cultural points of view. While this history does not depart entirely from the traditional study of musical works and their composers, there is a strong emphasis on the institutions, cultures and politics of the age, together with an interrogation of the ways in which music related to contemporary arts, sciences and beliefs.
Acting Companies and Their Plays in Shakespeare's LondonFrom $167.95
Renaissance Acting Companies and their Plays explores the intimate and dynamic relationship between acting companies and playwrights in this seminal era in English theatre history. Siobhan Keenan's analysis includes chapters on the traditions and workings of contemporary acting companies, playwriting practices, stages and staging, audiences and patrons, each illustrated with detailed case studies of individual acting companies and their plays, including troupes such as Lady Elizabeth's players, 'Beeston's Boys' and the King's Men and works by Shakespeare, Jonson, Middleton, Brome and Heywood. We are accustomed to focusing on individual playwrights: Renaissance Acting Companies and their Plays makes the case that we also need to think about the companies for which dramatists wrote and with whose members they collaborated, if we wish to better understand the dramas of the English Renaissance stage.
John Thompson's Modern Course for the Piano - Second Grade (Book Only)From $7.95
(Willis). The Modern Course series provides a clear and complete foundation in the study of the piano that enables the student to think and feel musically. It may be preceded by the Teaching Little Fingers to Play series. Follows uninterruptedly and in progressive sequence the musical foundation developed in Book 1.
Alfred's Basic Piano Prep Course Lesson Book, Bk EFrom $8.4
Alfred's Basic Prep Course, Levels A through F, was written to answer a demand for a course of piano study designed especially for students who are five years old and up. This course offers a careful introduction of fundamentals, music that fits comfortably under the young student's normal hand span, plus constant reinforcement--all leading to results beyond those generated by other piano methods. After Lesson Book D, the student may progress to Prep Course, Lesson Book E or choose to go directly into the faster paced Level 2 of Alfred's Basic Piano Library. The complete Prep Course consists of six books (Levels A through F).
Buddhist OfferingsFrom $38.25
Each of the images presented here is mirrored by a meditation from one of the great masters and thinkers of Tibetan Buddhism, among them His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Kalou Rinpoche, Chogyam Trungpa, Anagarika Govinda and Shabkar. These insights, divided into 52 themes to follow the rhythm of the year, encompass subjects that touch all humanity: from money, health and faith to trust and love. Their wisdom and power offer a means for daily meditation, whatever the reader's beliefs or religious traditions.