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Netgear ProSafe SRX5308 Quad WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall more info
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NETGEAR SRX5308 ProSafe Quad WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall more info
+ Shipping
NETGEAR FVS336GV3 ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall with 4 port Gigabit Switch more info
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NETGEAR SRX5308 ProSafe Quad SSL VPN Firewall more info
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Netgear Prosafe M4100-50G-POE+ GSM7248P Networking Switches
The NETGEAR Intelligent Edge M4100 series consists of 12 fully managed switches, ranging from 8-port Fast Ethernet to… more info
Netgear ProSafe GS105E Networking Switch
Use as a Plug-and-Play switch or use the configuration utility for simple setup Support network monitoring, traffic… more info
Netgear UTM9S-100AUS Firewall VPN more info
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NETGEAR AGM731F PROSAFE GBIC Module 1000BASE-SX Fiber SFP more info
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NETGEAR ProSAFE® Plus Switches meet this growing need by providing fundamental network features that will help optimize… more info
+ Shipping: $15.00
The NETGEAR ProSAFE®Gigabit Unmanaged Switch series helps businesses cost-effectively expand their network to Gigabit… more info
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Control and Configure Beyond Plug-N-Play Connectivity more info
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The ProSAFE Stackable Smart Switch series is unique in delivering the scalability, reliability, and performance growing… more info
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The Netgear ProSAFE GSS108E 8 Port Gigabit Click Switch features an innovative and thoughtful hardware design with a… more info
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8-Port Gigabit Click Switch | 1-2-3-4 Click mounting system | Quick access USB ports for charging tablets or phones more info
+ Shipping: $9.92
8 x Gigabit Ports | 4 x PoE ports | Auto Negotiation of speed and duplex modes more info
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Netgear ProSafe WC7520 Wireless LAN Controller more info
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Netgear ProSafe GSM7212P 12 Ports Manageable Ethernet Switch more info
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24 10/100/1000 ports, Powerful, non-blocking backplane, Affordable enough for desktop connections. more info
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The WN370 Wall Mount Access Point is designed specifically for in-room coverage for wired and wireless access for small… more info
+ Shipping: $9.95
Step up your business to dual-band, high performance wireless.Step up high performance wireless with throughput up to… more info
+ Shipping: $9.95
Netgear ProSafe GS110TP Networking Switch
ProSafe® 8-port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch with 2 Gigabit Fiber SFP - 8 PoE-capable ports with 2 dedicated Fiber… more info
Netgear ProSafe AGM731F Networking Switch
Buy Netgear Buy NETGEAR SFP Transceiver 1000BASE-SX Small size for high density fiber connections Meets SFP… more info
NETGEAR SRX5308-100AJS - SRX5308 Quad WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewal Only from MyITHub more info
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Netgear Prosafe Plus [XS708E-100AJS] more info
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Netgear Prosafe WNDAP660 Access Point more info
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Netgear FVS336G-300AUS ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit Firewall Router more info
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Netgear Prosafe WN203-100AUS Wireless-N Single Band Access Point more info
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Netgear ProSafe [GSM7224-200] Managed Switch more info
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Netgear Prosafe GS105 10/100/1000 5-Port Gigabit Switch more info
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Netgear ProSafe [GS110TP] 8 Port GBit POE Smart Switch more info
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Netgear ProSafe [GS728TPP-100AJS] more info
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Netgear Prosafe GS116 10/100/1000 16-Port Gigabit Switch more info
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Netgear Prosafe ANT2405 Omni-Directional Indoor Antenna more info
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Netgear Prosafe GS108PE 10/100/1000 8-Port PoE Gigabit Switch more info
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NETGEAR ProSAFE Plus 16-Port [JGS516PE-100AJS] more info
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Netgear ProSafe PLUS [JGS524E-200AJS] 24-Port Unmanaged Switch more info
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Netgear ProSafe Plus GSS116E-100AJS 16-Port Gigabit Click Switch more info
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Netgear ProSafe XS712T 12-Port L2 Smart Managed Switch more info
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Netgear ProSafe M4100-12G-PoE+ [GSM7212P] Gigabit L2+ Managed Switch more info
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Netgear ProSafe GS748T-500AJS 10/100/1000 48-Port Gigabit Smart Switch more info
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Latest Products
Netgear ProSafe AGM731F Networking SwitchFrom $150

Buy Netgear Buy NETGEAR SFP Transceiver 1000BASE-SX

  • Small size for high density fiber connections
  • Meets SFP GBIC standard for use with any SFP GBIC compliant slot
  • 1000BASE-SX connectivity
  • LC connectors
  • Supports both 50um and 62.5um multimode fiber

ProSafe GBIC Module 1000Base-SX SFP from Netgear is an expansion module that adds high-density fiber connectivity to compatible Netgear devices. It installs in a SFP GBIC compliant slot and features an LC connector that is compatible with both 50um and 62.5um multimode fiber cables.

Linksys SE4008 WRT 8-Port Hubs & SwitchesFrom $99

Linksys SE4008 WRT 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Offers easy stackability with the Linksys WRT1900AC Router and auto-sensing Gigabit ports to deliver maximum transfer speeds.

  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Auto-Sensing Ports maximize data flow rates of 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • Advanced power-saving mode detects unused ports
  • Easy Setup
Netgear Prosafe FS108P Hubs & SwitchesFrom $0

Netgear Prosafe 8-Port 10/100 Switch with 4-Port Power Over Ethernet Model FS108P

  • Gigabit speed with QoS, VLAN and network monitoring
  • Simple network set-up on top of plug-and-play connectivity
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Detects loops and prevents broadcast storm
  • Netgear Green, power saving features
  • VLAN support for traffic separation
  • Quality of Service (QoS) prioritizes traffic

The FS100 series Fast Ethernet switches brings the 100 Mbps switching technology and simplifies it for the small office marketplace. These products provide a cost effective way to instantaneously boost network performance while preserving your network infrastructure, including installed cabling and desktop software and hardware. Since each port is auto-speed- sensing, installation is plug and play and each connection can easily be upgraded from 10 to 100 Mbps.

Netgear ProSafe AGM732F Hubs & SwitchesFrom $257


  • Gigabit Ethernet "long-reach" fiber connectivity
  • LC duplex connector
  • Fits into SFP interfaces of all Fully Managed Switches
  • Fits into SFP interfaces of all Smart Switches
  • Fits into SFP interfaces of JGS524F
  • Drives Gigabit Ethernet up to 10 km (6.2 miles) distances with 9/125µm single mode fiber cables
  • SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module
  • 1000Base-LX
  • LC single mode
  • up to 24.9 miles
  • 1310 nm
Netgear FS308 Networking SwitchFrom $18
The NETGEAR SOHO Ethernet Unmanaged Switches provide easy and affordable network connectivity to home and small offices. They are easy to use and reliable. With these Plug-N-Play switches, you can expand your network connections to multiple devices instantly. This series of switches also implement various energy saving technologies, helping you save power and money.
Netgear GS110TP Networking SwitchFrom $235
Joining NETGEAR’s ProSafe® family of Smart Switches with high performance and cost efficiency, this 10-port Gigabit Smart Switch is packed with powerful features capable of enhancing any type of business network. The GS110TP is designed for customers who need a low port density solution with the combination of Gigabit speed and PoE capability. The GS110TP comes with 8 dedicated 101001000 Mbps copper ports to connect to your end devices and two additional Gigabit Fiber ports for uplinks with greater distance. With PoE capability on all 8 copper ports, the GS110TP can automatically detect PoE on the end devices and dynamically manage power assignments and priority. It is capable of delivering up to 15.4W of power to devices such as wireless access points, IP phones and IP cameras, providing flexibility and ease of deployment to your network. The GS110TP comes with a comprehensive set of features, such as enhanced VLAN and QoS, access control lists (ACL), 802.1x port authentication, rate limiting and IGMP snooping and many more, to provide businesses with networks that are geared for growth while ensuring performance and reliability
TRENDnet TEG-S16g Networking SwitchFrom $0
The 16-Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch, model TEG-S16g, provides high bandwidth performance, ease of use, and reliability, all while reducing power consumption by up to 70%. GREENnet technology automatically adjusts power voltage as needed, resulting in substantial energy savings. Embedded GREENnet technology works right out of the box with no management requirement.
D-Link DES-1210-28P Networking SwitchesFrom $429
Advanced management and security Connect and manage your devices more easily with the D-Link 24 Port Websmart Switch. Equipped with 24 10100 Mbps ports, 2 Gigabit ports and 2 Gigabit SFP ports, this device integrates advanced management and security functions for enhanced performance and scalability. Versatile and easy management Growing businesses can be assured of easy management of their network thanks to an intuitive SmartConsole utility and a web-based management interface that enables administrators to remotely control their network down to the port level. Secure network D-Link’s Safeguard Engine protects against traffic flooding caused by virus attacks. The switch also supports 802.1X port-based authentication, allowing the network to be authenticated through external RADIUS servers. PoE-enabled The 10100 Mbps ports are PoE-enabled for ease of use and features such as Time-based PoE, which can shut off PoE power at a predetermined time.
D-Link DGS-1100-05 Networking SwitchesFrom $49
D-Link’s DGS-1100-05 is the newest addition to EasySmart Switches featuring D-Link Green Technology. The DGS-1100-05 consists of five 101001000 Mbps ports and comes in a compact enclosure. Compliant with IEEE802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet, this switch consumes less power during idle periods. This switch also implements the D-Link Green features that can detect link status and cable length and adjust power usage accordingly. Switch management can be performed through a web management interface or through the SmartConsole Utility. The DGS-1100-05 also supports Layer 2 features such as IGMP snooping to optimize performance for multicast applications. A fanless design allows for quieter operation and provides a longer product life. The DGS-1100-05 provides an affordable solution for Small and Medium Business, and for communities without IT staff. They are also suitable for enterprise deployment, such as in branch offices and meeting rooms that require simple network management.
Linksys LGS124-AU Networking SwitchesFrom $158
GIGABIT PERFORMANCE The unmanaged switch offers Gigabit speeds to minimize transfer times and greatly enhance the ability to stream high-bandwidth files to connected devices without interference. PLUG & PLAY CONVENIENCE The Linksys unmanaged switch offers a quick and easy solution to extend your office network with plug & play installation. QUALITY OF SERVICE (QOS) TRAFFIC PRIORITIZATION QoS traffic prioritization provides the ability to give precedence to particular devices or activities to ensure mission critical data throughput is maintained regardless of network congestion. Auto-sensing ports automatically optimize speed for each connected device. POWER SAVING FEATURES Power saving features include auto power-down to disable unused ports, smart power for short cable runs, and a port status switch to control LED lights.