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Free Delivery Worldwide : Our Mutual Friend : Paperback : Wordsworth Editions Ltd : 9781853261947 : 1853261947 : 01 Jan… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : Our Mutual Friend : Paperback : Oxford University Press : 9780199536252 : 0199536252 : 15 Jan… more info
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A satiric masterpiece about the allure and peril of money,Our Mutual Friend revolves around the inheritance of a… more info
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John Harmon returns to England after years in exile to claim his inheritance: a great fortune and a beautiful young… more info
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Young John Harmon, an heir presumed killed on his return home to England, secretly goes to work for his fathers current… more info
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David Timson received considerable praise for his vivid characters in the unabridged recording of Dickens's Our Mutual… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : Our Mutual Friend : Paperback : Penguin Books Ltd : 9780140434972 : 0140434976 : 01 Feb 1998… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : Our Mutual Friend : Hardback : Everyman : 9781857151602 : 1857151607 : 21 Apr 1994 : In this,… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : Our Mutual Friend : Paperback : Penguin Books Ltd : 9780140434972 : 0140434976 : 01 Feb 1998… more info
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David Timson received considerable praise for his vivid characters in the unabridged recording of Dickens's Our Mutual… more info
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Top Choice Big Hippo Mutual Friends Money Bank Only $55.72 from eBay.com.au more info
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Les Miserables by Victor HugoFrom $18.23
Free Delivery Worldwide : Les Miserables : Paperback : Barnes & Noble Inc : 9781593080662 : 1593080662 : 30 Nov 2003 : Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras. Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes & Noble Classics: New introductions commissioned from today's top writers and scholars Biographies of the authors Chronologies of contemporary historical, biographical, and cultural events Footnotes...
Thus Were Their Faces by Silvina OcampoFrom $17.51
Free Delivery Worldwide : Thus Were Their Faces : Paperback : The New York Review of Books, Inc : 9781590177679 : 1590177673 : 07 May 2015 : An NYRB Classics Original Thus Were Their Faces offers a comprehensive selection of the short fiction of Silvina Ocampo, undoubtedly one of the twentieth century?s great masters of the story and the novella. Here are tales of doubles and impostors, angels and demons, a marble statue of a winged horse that speaks, a beautiful seer who writes the autobiography of her own death, a lapdog who records the dreams of an old woman, a suicidal romance, and much else that is incredible, mad, sublime, and...
The Mad and the Bad by Jean-Patrick ManchetteFrom $17.29
Free Delivery Worldwide : The Mad and the Bad : Paperback : NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS : 9781590177204 : 1590177207 : 15 Jul 2014 : "Michel Hartog, a sometime architect, is a powerful businessman and famous philanthropist whose immense fortune has just grown that much greater following the death of his brother in an accident. Peter is his orphaned nephew--a spoiled brat. Julie is in an insane asylum. Thompson is a hired gunman with an ulcerated gut. Michel, known for his kindly interest in the disadvantaged, hires Julie to look after Peter. And he hires Thompson to kill them. Julie and Peter escape. Thompson, gut groaning, pursues. Hunter and hunted make their way across France to the remote mountain estate to which Michel has retreated. Bullets fly. Bodies accumulate. The craziness is just getting started. Like Jean-Patrick Manchette's celebrated Fatale, The Mad and the Bad is a clear-eyed, cold-blooded, pitch-perfect work of creative destruction"--
Murder in the Marais: Vol. 1 by Cara BlackFrom $13.77
Free Delivery Worldwide : Murder in the Marais: Vol. 1 : Paperback : Soho Press Inc : 9781569479995 : 1569479992 : 01 Apr 2011 : Includes excerpt from Murder in Belleville (p. 357-369).
Enlightened Gardener Revisited by Sydney BanksFrom $28.2
Free Delivery Worldwide : Enlightened Gardener Revisited : Hardback : Lone Pine Publishing,Canada : 9781551051581 : 1551051583 : 01 Oct 2007
Safe with Me by Kristen ProbyFrom $15.1
Free Delivery Worldwide : Safe with Me : Paperback : Createspace : 9781492764168 : 1492764167 : 24 Sep 2013 : "The following story contains mature themes, strong language, and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers"--Title page verso.
Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee BurkeFrom $34.16
Free Delivery Worldwide : Wayfaring Stranger : Hardback : SIMON & SCHUSTER : 9781476710792 : 1476710791 : 15 Jul 2014 : "From "America's best novelist" (The Denver Post): A sprawling thriller drenched with atmosphere and intrigue that takes a young boy from a chance encounter with Bonnie and Clyde to the trenches of World War II and the oil fields along the Texas-Louisiana coast. It is 1934 and the Depression is bearing down when sixteen-year-old Weldon Avery Holland happens upon infamous criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow after one of their notorious armed robberies. A confrontation with the outlaws ends as Weldon puts a bullet through the rear window of Clyde's stolen automobile. Ten years later, Second Lieutenant Weldon Holland and his sergeant, Hershel Pine, escape certain death in the Battle of the Bulge and encounter a beautiful young woman named Rosita Lowenstein hiding in a deserted extermination camp. Eventually, Weldon and Rosita fall in love and marry and, with Hershel, return to Texas to seek their fortunes. There, they enter the domain of jackals known as the oil business. They meet Roy Wiseheart--a former Marine aviator haunted with guilt for deserting his squadron leader over the South Pacific--and Roy's wife Clara, a vicious anti-Semite who is determined to make Weldon and Rosita's life a nightmare. It will be the frontier justice upheld by Weldon's grandfather, Texas lawman Hackberry Holland, and the legendary antics of Bonnie and Clyde that shape Weldon's plans for saving his family from the evil forces that lurk in peacetime America and threaten to destroy them all"--
Charade by Nyrae DawnFrom $12.91
Free Delivery Worldwide : Charade : Paperback : Headline Publishing Group : 9781472208781 : 1472208781 : 01 Aug 2013 : If you fell for Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster and Abbi Glines, THE GAMES trilogy is for you...
Fire Season by David WeberFrom $12.48
Free Delivery Worldwide : Fire Season : Paperback : Baen Books : 9781451639216 : 145163921X : 13 Aug 2013 : Young forest ranger Stephanie Harrington and her treecat companion Climbs Quickly battle natural forest fires and very human enemies on a pioneer planet.
Death Cloud by Andrew LaneFrom $11.49
Free Delivery Worldwide : Death Cloud : Paperback : Pan MacMillan : 9781447265580 : 1447265580 : 19 Jun 2014 : The world's most famous detective. The most brilliant mind in fiction. But before he became the great detective, who was young Sherlock Holmes? The first book in a series of mystery adventures featuring a teenage Sherlock and endorsed by the Conan Doyle Estate, now with a new cover look