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FREE Delivery & Removal!* Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Panasonic TY-ER3D4MW 3D Active Glasses from… more info
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Best value is guaranteed when you buy the Panasonic TY-ER3D4MW 3D Active Glasses from Big Brown Box. With FREE… more info
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Panasonic TY-ER3D4MW Fourth generation Panasonic 3D eyewear will immerse you in exciting Full-HD 3D Building on the… more info
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Ty-ew3d3mw Sku: 13ty-ew3d3mw Panasonic Full Hd 3d Glasses - Medium...... Only $192.05 from more info
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ASUS P4C800 Panasonic TY-SP42P8W-K Detachable Speakers for 42 Plasma Display Product Specifications : Product Name… more info
+ Shipping: $24.90
Panasonic Er-430k Washable Vacuum Nose/facial Hair Trimmer Er430k /genuine Only $43.63 from more info
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Panasonic Er421kc Trimmer Nose Ear Hair Only $58.30 from more info
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Panasonic Er-gn30-k Nose/ear/eyebrow Wet & Dry Battery Hair Trimmer Only $37.95 from more info
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Japan Panasonic Brand Beard & Moustache Hair Trimmer Er240 Battery Type (aa X 2) Only $39.99 from more info
+ Shipping: $6.00
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Belkin Essential Micro HDMI AdaptorFrom $19.98
BELKIN Micro HDMI Adaptor converts a HDMI plug to a micro HDMI plug, doing away with the need to carry around an extra cable to suit micro HDMI devices.
DS 75ohm Plug to Plug TV Coaxial Cable 3mFrom $22.98
A longer (than CN2170) DS 3.0 metre length 75 ohm dual shield TV "patch" coaxial cable with PAL (Belling-Lee type) plugs at both ends for connecting a television set to a wall socket to an external antenna or to a VCR.  Features: 75ohm PAL Plug to Plug TV coaxial cable Cable strain relief nickle plated connectors Shielded coaxial cable 3.0 metre length
DS Digital F59 Plug to 75ohm PAL TV Socket AdaptorFrom $9.98
DS F59 Plug to 75ohm TV Socket Adaptor
DS 3.5mm Stereo Socket to 6.35mm Stereo Plug AdaptorFrom $7.98
Stereo 3.5mm Socket to Stereo 6.35mm Plug Adaptor Enables the use of stereo headphones or earphones fitted with a stereo 3.5mm audio plug to be used in sound equipment that has a stereo 6.5mm socket, eg such as DJ sound boxes, portable boom boxes, etc. 
Dick Smith Digital Indoor TV Ant BlackFrom $69.98
 A compact, indoor digital active (amplified) TV antenna that covers all Australian UHF and VHF channels with a blue power 'on' indicator light set in a deep black casing to suit modern decore' to match modern day LCD and plasma screen TV sets.
DS Nano Camera Cleaning ClothFrom $4.98
The Dick Smith "NANO" cleaning cloth is designed and specifically made for cleaning a range of delicate electronic equipment like cameras, camcorders, DVD or CDs and even wiping down a telephone or a computer keyboard, removing fingerprints, stains and body oils easily without any harsh chemicals.Key FeaturesSpecially treated cloth for wiping down and cleaning surfacesNo cleaning chemicals, solutions or detergents requiredRemoves fingerprints, stains and dustEasy to useMaterial: 70% polyester, 30% nylonCloth only needs to be washed in a neutral soapy solution, rinsed well and air dried 
RG59 Coax Cable Plastic JoinerFrom $3.98
RG59 Coax Cable Plastic Joiner is splashproof and suits RG59 recommended for indoor use up to 1GHz. This joiner is commonly used to extend the length of an existing piece of coax cable and will work with all types of F connectors RG-59. Features: Easy & convenient installation Suitable for RG-59 coax cable Indoor use recommended Freq. Range 1-1000 MHz
2-Way HDMI Switcher with RemoteFrom $59.98
The 2 Way HDMI Switcher with Remote is used to expand the number of HDMI slots in your HD TV or monitor.
Dick Smith 5.8GHz AV SenderFrom $129
The 5.8GHz Audio Video Transmitter is designed to transmit audio and video signals wirelessly, enabling you to watch and control movies and other programs from your source device (DVD player, PayTV, VCR or other source devices) in another room up to 10-12m away. It is also possible to use the Infra-Red (IR) remote control of your source device from the remote location with the IR extender feature, which receives the remote control’s IR signal at the remote location and transmits it to the source device using a UHF transmission. The 5.8GHz Audio Video Transmitter has two main components, the Transmitter and the Receiver. The Transmitter sends an Audio Video (AV) signal from a source device to the Reciever via a 5.8GHz radio frequency (RF) signal - which can travel through walls and floors. Transmission distance will vary depending on local conditions. The Receiver then converts the RF signal from the Transmitter back into an AV signal and provides this for use with another TV. Features: Watch and control TV and movies from your Pay TV or DVD player in an adjacent room without wires! Tranfers AV signals via wideband 5.8GHz FM wireless transmissions, with a separate wireless link for the Remote extender function. The Remote Control extender allows you to use the Remote Controller from your regular TV, VCR, DVD etc in the remote viewing location (ie. take your Foxtel remote to the bedroom and control the Foxtel box located in your lounge room). 8 selectable wireless channels Up to 20m outdoor range, approx 10m max indoor range (ie. adjacent room to room). Input?Output connections : RCA plugs for Video (composite) and Audio (line level). Supplied with: 5.8GHz Transmitter, 5.8GHz Receiver, AV Input?Output cables, SCART to RCA adaptor, 2 x AC adaptors, IR Tx?Rx leads, and a detailed User Manual
4-Way Universal Audio Video Switch SelectorFrom $29.98
The Dick Smith Universal Audio?Video (AV) switch selector has a number of extra RCA sockets that provides for connection between AV equipment such as a TV, VCR, satellite receivers, CATV, DVD and PS1?PS2, N64 video games consoles. The selector comes with nickel-plated RCA sockets to reduce corrosion and tarnishing and a slide switch for easy selection between 4 different connected devices. Features: Universal Audio?Video AV switch selector Compatible with all AV equipment such as TV, VCR, satellite receivers, CATV, DVD and PS1?PS2, N64 video games consoles. Provides for added RCA sockets for switching between different AV equipment. Nickle plated RCA parts 4 inputs sets (12 RCA sockets) 1 output set (L and R audio channels, 1 video) to your television   Slide front switch control