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Shredders are an essential for the home and office. Shredders make it easy to destroy confidential documents that can… more info
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Essential articles originally published in the "Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research" delve into what… more info
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Offering suggestions for successfully using both Web-based and paper-based questionnaires, this practical handbook… more info
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This extremely popular entry in the successful For the First Time series?now in paperback?focuses on a classic craft… more info
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A cantankerous press must be suffered by those in authority in order to preservethe right of the People to know. With… more info
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Perfect for any folder who wants to add a distinctive flair to their origami projects. Includes an 8-page insert with… more info
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Clark A. Campbell, author of a best-selling book on project management, has written a project management guide… more info
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Offerings of various kinds - food, incense, paper money, and figures - have been central to Chinese culture for… more info
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Offering a new take on the stirring story of the Texas Revolution, this history focuses on the financial underpinnings… more info
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This scrapbook-style novel charts the friendship of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang as they embark on a quest to… more info
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This entry in the successful series focuses on classic paper quilling: a form of filigree that's perfect for scrap… more info
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Silk 'paper' is a medium that can be used in almost any aspect of fibre art. Silk is lustrous, slightly transparent,… more info
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Arranged in the traditional A-B-C book sequence, ABC'S OF ORIGAMI is a charming book that displays a key word in… more info
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Tuttle introduce a new origami pack in the small paper size. Full of geometric patterns based on traditional Japanese… more info
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Bold, bright, and ever-blooming, Paper Blossoms features five different pop-up flower arrangements - all of which serve… more info
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A deluxe interactive workbook for songwriters, featuring approximately 70 spreads on which to compose 70 songs. The… more info
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Join the creator of The Black Apple, Emily Martin, on a trip through her magical world of paper dolls, imaginary… more info
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The Pop-Up Book is a clear and practical guide to the craft of the three-dimensional paper movement, illustrated with… more info
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Origami in itself is such an absorbing activity: add to it the pleasures of using vibrant custom papers to create… more info
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Quilling is a centuries-old craft that is experiencing a bold resurgence. The projects here reflect a modern… more info
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An original study of the role of the Chartist Press in the campaign for democracy in Victorian Britain, and overseas. A… more info
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Execution – getting things done -made easy and effective with simple, proven project management tools. Following on the… more info
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Origami is an ideal craft for children since paper-folding develops dexterity and creativity. Origami is also a craft… more info
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This origami paper craft book features "zhezhi," the art of paper folding and origami which originated in China more… more info
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Guess For Man 75ml EDT Mens Cologne
Guess Man by Guess is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. It boasts notes of nutmeg, white pepper, ginger and lavender. more info
Handpresso Auto Handheld Coffee Makers
Enjoy freshly brewed premium quality espresso in the comfort of your car, caravan or truck! The Handpresso Auto is a… more info
Certified product: Australian Standard - SAI Global -Suitable for children approximately 4 - 8 years old The First… more info
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The breathtakingly beautiful story of one little girl and her five paper dolls. A string of paper dolls go on a… more info
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Twitter, Facebook, e-publishing, blogs, distance-learning and other social media raise some of the most divisive… more info
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A1 Bond Paper 80GSM 594mm x 10m (Box of 2 Rolls) For 24" Technical Printers more info
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A0 Bond Paper 80GSM 914mm x 100m (Box of 2 Rolls) For 36-44" Technical Printers more info
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A cash book especially designed for small business GST easy Size: A4 oblong Staples soft cover more info
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Features nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp;… more info
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Features nbsp; Brother A3 BP60MA3 Inkjet Paper 25 Sheet [BP60MA3] nbsp; Specifications nbsp; Product Code: BP60MA3… more info
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300gm A4 Matt Coated Card Paper (50 Sheets). Double sided matte coated 300gm designed for printing greeting cards.… more info
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108g A3 Matte Coated Paper (100 Sheets). This matte coated paper(108gsm)is a high resolution paper which can be used in… more info
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Safeguard Paper Shredder Smart Safe Secure Recommended for Medium Sized Office Australian Stock, Tax Invoice Shreds up… more info
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Pope Francis' Little Book of Wisdom Free ShippingFrom $18.02
Pope Francis' Little Book of Wisdom offers more than 250 bite-size nuggets of inspiration and wisdom from one of the most popular popes of all time. A pope of the people, Pope Francis' teachings have been praised and shared by the faithful and nonreligious alike. During his short papacy so far, his commitment to compassion and humility have already cemented his position as one of the most popular popes of all time. Pope Francis' Little Book of Wisdom offers quotes of faith and hope from this incredible man - all in a handy, portable format. This comprehensive book is arranged thematically, covering: * Hope & Joy * Faith & Prayer * The Church & Evangelization * Love & Truth * The Journey of Life * Family * Building a Better World * Listening to God * Humility & Idolatry * Forgiveness & Grace * Human Dignity, Suffering & Solidarity * The Lessons of the Cross
Why Shouldn't I Eat Junk Food? Free ShippingFrom $15.63
A fun and informative guide to healthy eating which answers questions such as Why does junk food taste so good? What are food additives? What is processed food? and Can I still eat burgers? Includes simple recipes for healthy snacks and burgers, ideas for taking more exercise and information on food labels, advertising and how food is grown.
Why Should I Bother to Keep Fit? Free ShippingFrom $15.63
An informative guide to the hows and whys of keeping fit. Written in a conversational style, this book offers children an approachable source of information on key subjects such as why keeping fit is good for you, how to choose the appropriate exercise regime and a how to stay healthy in day-to-day life.
Home Remedies RX: DIY Prescriptions When You Need Them Most Free ShippingFrom $17.1
Relief is just an arm s reach away. Health ailments and injuries are bound to interrupt your day-to-day life when you least expect it. Home Remedies Rx offers safe and effective treatments when you them most. Whether you are battling insomnia, a headache, chapped lips, a bee sting, or acid reflux, Home Remedies Rx offers tried-and-true solutions to help alleviate everyday aches and pains, as well as tips for enhancing beauty and wellness. From the natural healing experts who brought you the New York Times bestseller Essential Oils for Beginners, Home Remedies Rx will help you treat today s ailments with time-tested wisdom. Home Remedies Rx offers effective, natural remedies at your fingertips, with: An easy-to-navigate A-to-Z reference guide to natural home remedies Profiles of more than 60 healing foods, household products, and essential oils Effective home remedies to treat more than 100 common ailments and address your beauty and wellness needs DIY treatments for prenatal, infant, and child-age ailments Natural home remedies to help your pets stay healthy too Save time, money, and trips to the doctor s office with this handy guide to home remedies. "
Mindful Parenting for ADHD: A Guide to Cultivating Calm, Reducing Stress, and Helping Children Thrive Free ShippingFrom $33.13
Written by a pediatrician and based in proven-effective mindfulness techniques, this book will help you and your child with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) stay calm and in the present moment. If you are a parent of a child with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you probably face many unique daily challenges. Kids with ADHD are often inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive-and as a result, you might become frustrated or stressed out. In this book, a pediatrician presents a proven-effective program for helping both you and your child with ADHD stay cool and collected while living more fully in the present moment. In the book, Mark Bertin, addresses the various symptoms of ADHD using non-technical language and a user-friendly format. In addition, the book will help you learn how to let go of judgments, reasonably assess your child's strengths and weaknesses, lower stress levels for both yourself and your child, communicate effectively, and cultivate balance and harmony at home and at school. If you are a parent, caregiver, or mental health professional, this book provides a valuable guide.
Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxation and Stress Relief Free ShippingFrom $29.06
If you feel stressed out, you aren't alone. Stress is a modern-day epidemic, and if you don't make healthy changes to keep it under control, you could end up with a weakened immune system or a number of health and mental health issues. This book offers the solution: Yoga Nidra-a practice based on a lucid, sleep-like state of relaxation-focuses specifically on alleviating both the mental and physical manifestations of stress, so you can live a better life. Packed with meditations, relaxation skills, and visualization techniques, the ancient practices in this book will help you relax, reflect, and revitalize for unshakable peace and joy.
Children of the Aging Self-Absorbed: A Guide to Coping with Difficult, Narcissistic Parents and Grandparents Free ShippingFrom $29.06
As your self-absorbed parent grows older and becomes more dependent on you, hurtful relationships may resurface and become further strained. In the tradition of Children of the Self-Absorbed, author Nina Brown offers the first book for adult children of aging narcissistic or self-absorbed parents. You will learn practical, powerful strategies for navigating the intense negative feelings that your parents can incite, as well as tips to protect your children from the criticism, blame, or hostility that may exist between you and their grandparent. In this book, you will gain greater awareness of how and why your parent's self-absorbed behaviors and attitudes get worse, and develop strategies to manage the negative feelings that can arise as a result. You'll also learn to reduce the the shame and guilt that may be felt when you feel like you don't want to be a caretaker. Finally, you'll learn to set limits with your parent so you can stay sane during this difficult time. Having an aging parent can be stressful enough, but dealing with an aging narcissistic or self-absorbed parent is especially challenging. This essential guide will help you through. Audio downloads are included.
How to Predict the Unpredictable Free ShippingFrom $19.1
We are hard-wired to believe that the world is more predictable than it is. We chase 'winning streaks' that are often just illusions, and we are all too predictable exactly when we try hardest not to be. In the 1970s, Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky coined the phrase 'representativeness' to describe the psychology of this behaviour. Since then representativeness has been used by auditors to catch people fiddling their tax returns and by hedge fund managers to reap billions from the emotions of small investors. Now Poundstone for the first time makes these techniques fun, easy, and profitable for everyone, in the everyday situations that matter. You'll learn how to tackle multiple choice tests, what internet passwords to avoid, how to up your odds of winning the office Premier League sweepstakes, and the best ways to invest your money.
Being Mortal Free ShippingFrom $20.26
For most of human history, death was a common, ever-present possibility. It didn't matter whether you were five or fifty - every day was a roll of the dice. But now, as medical advances push the boundaries of survival further each year, we have become increasingly detached from the reality of being mortal. So here is a book about the modern experience of mortality - about what it's like to get old and die, how medicine has changed this and how it hasn't, where our ideas about death have gone wrong. With his trademark mix of perceptiveness and sensitivity, Atul Gawande outlines a story that crosses the globe, as he examines his experiences as a surgeon and those of his patients and family, and learns to accept the limits of what he can do. Never before has aging been such an important topic. The systems that we have put in place to manage our mortality are manifestly failing; but, as Gawande reveals, it doesn't have to be this way. The ultimate goal, after all, is not a good death, but a good life - all the way to the very end. Published in partnership with the Wellcome Collection, a free visitor destination that explores the connections between medicine, life and art.
Taiji Yangsheng Zhang Free ShippingFrom $34.78
A set of exciting and unusual Taiji Stick qigong exercises is presented in this accessible introduction. Embodying the concepts of taiji, the movements emphasise the harmony of yin and yang, man and nature. Appropriate for all levels of experience and for all age groups, this new set of easy-to-learn exercises distils the essence of traditional stick practice, guides body movements and the movement of the stick, and coordinates directed breathing and imagination. The book provides step-by-step, fully-illustrated instruction, and includes an account of the origins of the movements and guidance for practice. Also included are helpful learning tips for each movement, and details of the health benefits. An accompanying DVD features a video demonstrating the form and additional information on its history and origins, and a CD provides options for verbal instructions to lead the practitioner through the exercises, or music to accompany them. The book is an authoritative resource that will help students and practitioners of taiji, qigong, martial arts and Chinese medicine perfect and deepen their practice.It is also an excellent practical introduction for anyone with an interest in the ancient health and martial practices of China.