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A beautiful all wooden drum made from rubberwood by Plan Toys. This environmentally friendly company produces superb… more info
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Plan Toys Wooden Solid Drum. The Plan Toys Solid Drum is just the thing for your little budding musician. This… more info
+ Shipping: $9.95
This colourful drum provides different tones as you strike areas of the drum. The drumstick included has a natural… more info
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A tympanic drum complete with drumstick with a natural rubber stopper on the end. The grooves in this colourful wooden… more info
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Plan Toys - Solid Wooden Toy Drum Only from Toys Etc. more info
+ Shipping: $8.95
Plan Toys Plan Preschool Solid Drum more info
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Plan Toys 6404: Solid Drum Only $68.99 from more info
+ Shipping: $8.95
Plan Toys 6404: Solid Drum Only $49.08 from more info
+ Shipping: $7.50
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Hexbug Nano V2 HurricaneFrom $64.9
The all-new Hexbug V2 Nano has evolved and taken to the sky! New Nano V2 bug climbs vertically horizontally around corners through loops and tubes.
Hape Mighty Mini BandFrom $44.9
The beat goes on.and on with this 5-in-1 percussion section. When the concerts over everything stores together until its time for the next gig.*
Miniland - Science at Home Robot Bell HornFrom $29.95
Miniland’s Science at Home kits make for an exciting world of discovery in the convenience of a tin. They are ideal for older children who are looking for more challenging and engaging experiences. Once these robot toys have been correctly assembled, just insert batteries to experiment with movements and actions. Robot Bell Horn – Create a motorised vehicle that automatically sounds whenever the robot moves. Now, that’s cool! Contents: Plastic horn angle, beeper, beeper cover, right angle arm, chassis, 2 plastic rings, gearbox, motor, battery holder, slide switch, 3 spring connectors. 2x AA batteries needed and not included. Dimensions of vehicle: 10cm x 14cm. Age guide: 8-14 years.
Miniland - Science at Home Water PumpFrom $29.95
Miniland’s Science at Home kits make for an exciting world of discovery in the convenience of a tin. They are ideal for older children who are looking for more challenging and engaging experiences, with the fundamentals of physics presented in a fun and enjoyable way. Physics Water Pump - Create a floating platform and discover how the pressure from a pump can make a water fountain work. No batteries or other tools are required! Contents: Jet nozzle, spring nozzle, upper body, valve tube, lower plastic tube, lower body, leg x3, floating pad x3, plastic tube, pump. Age guide: from 8-14 years.
Tx Juice - Radar CopterFrom $36.95
The Radar Copter from txJuice is an amazing piece of technology that older children and teens will love. Using the supplied paddle, or — for an extra challenge — your hands and feet; the aim of the game is to control the copter’s height using the radar sensors. Once you master keeping it airborne and moving it up and down, try the tricks outlined in the video (you’re given online access to tricks and tips). The Radar Copter can be played solo or with a friend — just use the extra paddle included to wave the air and direct the Radar Copter to your opponent. If the helicopter hits any obstacles it will automatically shut-down to prevent damage to the unit and the object. This box packaged set includes a Radar Copter with a rechargeable li-poly battery and built-in proximity sensor, an infra-red sensor paddle, and extra card paddle and full instructions for use. It requires 4 x AA 1.5V batteries that are not included. Age guide: from 8 years.
Aqua Dragons - Jurassic EggspressFrom $14.95
Curious kids will love this new set from Aqua Dragons that allows them to hatch and grow live Jurassic Age pets. These 200 million-year-old aquatic creatures are brought to life in your very own dinosaur egg tank. This kit includes all you need to nurture your own generation of these tiny live ‘time travellers’. Just add water to the tank, add the eggs and wait 24-72 hours to see the hatchlings. Oxygenate the tank daily and feed them every few days with the food provided. Aqua Dragons’ Jurassic Eggspress kit contains a dinosaur egg tank, eggs, food, a spoon and an activity-instruction book. This lifecycle project takes around 45-60 days. Egg tank height – 15cm. Age guide: from 6 years.
Thinkfun - Game Zingo Word BuilderFrom $29.95
Zingo Word Builder from Thinkfun is an engaging and interactive way to teach vocabulary and spelling. An educational twist on Bingo, players use the sliding zinger to claim tiles to fill their Zingo cards with three letter words. This word-building version is great fun for players who are just learning how to put letters together to form words. With two levels of play; it’s the perfect game to engage and support both beginner and more experienced readers. Zingo Word Builder is attractively boxed packaged and includes a Zingo zinger, 72 letter tiles, six double-sided Zingo cards (beginner and advanced), instructions and a learning guide. 2-6 players. Age guide: from 4 years.
Creatives - Build a Sentence Part OneFrom $24.95
Make learning fun with this literacy activity from Creative’s. Build a Sentence (Part One) is designed to help children identify subjects and predicates in order to build simple sentences. It introduces the concept that the subject of the sentence is the “doer” and the predicate is the action being done. This activity set can be played solo or in small groups and also helps to hone reading skills as children build sentences from the 30 subject cards and 30 predicate cards. This literacy set also includes step-by-step instructions. Age guide: from 7 years.
Count-a-Pillars Numeracy Teaching RodsFrom $34.95
Count-a-pillars are like a modern version of cuisenaire rods. The cute rubber caterpillars come in different lengths and colours meaning they can used for a variety of sorting and classifying activities, as well as learning the principles of length. A set comes in four colours and four lengths consisting of 8 x 16cm, 16 x 8cm, 24 x 4cm and 24 x 2cm. Children can sort according to a simple criteria (long, short, red, blue) and progress to more complex criteria like ‘long red caterpillars’ or ‘short blue caterpillars’. Instructions are included, along with some teaching activities. Age guide: from 3-6 years.
Djeco - Tap Tap MonstersFrom $44.95
Put the pieces together and create marvellous monsters with this wonderful play set from Djeco. There are monsters to be made of all shapes and sizes. This set includes: creation table, hammer, an assortment of components for endless creations, lots of easy to understand cards for inspiration, and a lovely presentation box. Age guide: from 4 years.