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Today’s job market is tough; it’s dog-eat-dog, ruthless and competitive. Preparation is essential if you want to get… more info
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Today's job market is tough; it's dog-eat-dog, ruthless and competitive. Preparation is essential if you want to get… more info
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Today's job market is tough;it's dog-eat-dog, ruthless and competitive. Preparation is essential ifyou want to get the… more info
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Today’s job market is tough; it’s dog-eat-dog, ruthless and competitive. Preparation is essential if you want to get… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us Management Level Psychometric And Assessment Tests Andrea Shavick,… more info
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In this book, author Andrea Shavick explains all there is to know about psychometric tests: what they are, what they… more info
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The use of psychometric tests in job selection procedures is more prominent than ever and for unprepared candidates… more info
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Product details: Wordery Ultimate Psychometric Tests Over 1000 Verbal, Numerical, Diagrammatic and Personality Tests by… more info
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Product details: Wordery Psychometric Analysis by Max Freedom Long 9781163203675 (Hardback, 2010)Delivery Austrailian… more info
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Although most people believe that there is little we can do to improve the intelligence we were born with, the brain… more info
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The Soul of Things or Psychometric Researches and Discoveries by William Denton 9781425488079 (Paperback, 2006)This is… more info
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The Soul of Things Or, Psychometric Researches and Discoveries by Elizabeth M Foote Denton 9781294803713 (Paperback,… more info
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Boxing Dummy - Slam Man, Ships in AU only. The Boxing Dummy Slam Man - Serious competition at home! The Boxing… more info
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Many organizations and educational institutions use psychometric testing to uncover candidates' abilities and asses… more info
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Assessing the Psychometric Soundness of a Mathematics Placement Exam by Raymond Flores 9783639160802 (Paperback,… more info
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Dummy Cctv Camera With Red Light. Realistic Looking CCTV Security Camera with Red LED LightFool intruders at home or… more info
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Suples Throwing Dummy with Legs - Medium 160cm 30kgThe freestyle wrestling throwing dummy is the ideal dummy that can… more info
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Realistic Looking CCTV Security Camera with Red LED LightFool intruders at home or the officeFor indoor or outdoor use… more info
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Free Shipping Over $50 Spend With The Parenting Garden, Otherwise $8.00 Flat Rate(Delivery 2 - 6 Business Days). The… more info
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Dick Smith Dummy Surveillance Camera / Imitation Sec CamVisible Deterrent to Potential ThievesQuick & easy… more info
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The Windows 8 For Dummies book bundled together with a four-hour DVD providing instructional video training—perfect to… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us Marriage Keys For Crash-Test Dummies Frank T Williamson Format:… more info
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Shop Categories Product Information Second Skin Crash Test Dummy Fancy Dress Costume Medium click on the image to… more info
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Suples Throwing Dummy with Legs- Large 170cm 40kgThe freestyle wrestling throwing dummy is the ideal dummy that can be… more info
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Minkie Mary the Dummy Fairy Book more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us Teacher's Skills Tests For Dummies Colin Beveridge, Andrew Green,… more info
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Stop crying like a big baby! Check out Smiffy\\'s enormous adults dummy! this soother is the perfect accessory for our… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us Numeracy Tests For Dummies Colin Beveridge, Colin Beveridge and Colin… more info
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Our eBay Store About Us Contact Us Add to Favorite Sellers Click an Image to Enlarge Morphsuit - Crash Test Dummy… more info
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Goolie Goolie Plush Dummy - Banjo The Koala Goolie Goolie\U2122Product Range Includes Three Iconic Australian Animals,… more info
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Dummy Dome Security Camera With Red Light. Realistic Looking Dome Security Camera with Red LED LightFool intruders at… more info
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Overview: Indoor/Outdoor Dummy Camera (with LED light Blinking in 5 second intervals) This professional-looking… more info
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Microsoft Office 2013 comes jam-packed with features. See shortcuts and tips for using the keyboard, mouse, and ribbon… more info
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Solar Powered Outdoor Weatherproof Dummy Fake Realistic Camera with Red LED Flashing 4NoteThis item is an authentic… more info
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Get professional seamstress quality results with this dress form that has adjustment stations to fine-tune the form to… more info
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Chill Baby Dummy. Keep Your baby Calm And Cool!Silicone PVC & BPA Free. Made From Non Toxic Plastic & Baby Grade… more info
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Forensic Case Formulation Free ShippingFrom $138.58
Forensic Case Formulation is the first text that describes the principles and application of case formulation specifically to forensic clinical practice. * Addresses risk assessment and its implications for case formulation and treatment * Covers a range of serious forensic problems such as violence, sexual offending, personality disorder, and substance misuse * Offers guidance in training clinicians on ways to create useful formulations
Psychology for the IB Diploma Free ShippingFrom $114.76
A comprehensive guide to all the topics, themes and evaluation techniques students need to become independent, inquiring and knowledgeable learners. This textbook provides total support for Standard and Higher IB Psychology and all aspects of the assessment. - Tailored to IB requirements with support for even the most enquiring Higher Level learners - More support than ever for methods and the Simple Experimental Study - Extra resources, available free online, link teaching ideas to the the book's features IB Psychology is a varied and demanding qualification - you need to be independent, inquiring and knowledgeable. But finding your way around the huge amounts of research in Psychology and relating them to your exams can be daunting. So that's why we consulted IB teachers and examiners around the world and created a comprehensive guide to all the topics, themes and evaluation techniques you'll need. Inside you'll find loads of features that get you to grips with the IB syllabus requirements.The authors are all expert researchers, teachers and examiners in Psychology, so you can be sure topics and studies are explained in enough depth for top marks as they guide you through everything you'll need for the IB.
The Love and Therapy Free ShippingFrom $61.69
Sigmund Freud noted the importance of love in the healing of the human psyche. So many of life's distresses have their origins in lack of love, disruption of love, or trauma. People naturally seek love in their lives to feel complete. Is therapy a substitute for love? Or is it love by another name? This important book looks at the place of love in therapy and whether it is the curative factor. The authors continually stress, however, that within psychotherapy both ethical and professional boundaries should govern this 'Love' at all times in order for it to be experienced as healing and therapeutic.This book offers explorations of the complexity of love from different modalities: psychoanalytic, humanistic, person-centred, psychosexual, family and systemic, transpersonal, existential, and transcultural. The discussions challenge therapists and other allied professionals to think about their practice, ethics, and boundaries. It considers the therapeutic relationship in terms of 'Love', and explores the complexities of the impact of love/lack of love on clients' lives and experiences and how this impacts on their behaviour, and how they present in the therapy room.
The Freudian Orient Free ShippingFrom $66.89
This study consists of a twofold, interrelated enquiry: the Orientalism of psychoanalysis and the psychoanalysis of Orientalism - bringing into conversation Sigmund Freud and Edward Said and, thereby, the founding texts of psychoanalysis and postcolonial studies. The immediate object of this exploration is the "Freudian Orient" and we thus begin by tracing the strong Orientalist presence in Freud's writings with examples from his early as well as later correspondence, his diaries, and his psychological works. Following these examples of "manifest" Orientalism, we will pursue more "latent" meanings by engaging two of Freud's favorite metaphors: archaeology and travel. Whereas the former soon uncovers a veritable porta Orientis, conducting to an external Orient, the latter reveals an internalised Orient traversed by Jewishness, anti-Semitism and the Bible. Unveiling the figure of Moses shows how Freud's strategy to resist anti-Semitic Orientalism by way of universalist reversal is only partially successful as he cannot extricate himself from the historical assumptions of that discourse.Nonetheless, it is the revolutionary concept of the unstable subject posited by Freudian psychoanalysis which enables a more nuanced understanding of the vicissitudes of Freud's own Orientalist discourse.
The Pleasure Instinct: Why We Crave Adventure, Chocolate, Pheromones, and Music Free ShippingFrom $37.57
An immensely fascinating look at the origins and evolutionary purpose of human pleasure From our enjoyment of music to our cravings for chocolate, from our love for children and family to our attraction to things of beauty, this book embarks on an intriguing and accessible exploration of the purpose of pleasure in our lives and in human history. How did pleasure evolve and why? How does it develop in children? How does the pursuit of pleasure play a critical role in brain development? The Pleasure Instinct explores everything we need to know about our urge to feel good.
Psychology: Concepts and Connections Free ShippingFrom $95.24
Rich in reader-friendly features and up-to-the-minute research, Spencer Rathus's Ninth Edition of PSYCHOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND CONNECTIONS (previously known as PSYCHOLOGY IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM) makes your students' introduction to psychology a meaningful, personal experience. Rathus connects the core concepts of psychology to the events and issues students encounter every day. The book explains classic theories and the latest discoveries in a clear, accessible style intended to reach out to students-without sacrificing Rathus's commitment to showing psychology as the rigorous science that it is. Throughout the text, you'll find an emphasis on diversity and expanded coverage of the evolutionary perspective, plus numerous references to the timeliest research available. And, the text's proven active learning system, PQ4R (Preview, Question, Read, Reflect, Review, and Recite), incorporated into every chapter, seamlessly integrates reading and studying. In addition, Rathus's text features the most integrated multi-platform media package available, with the free student CD-ROM, the full Web site that features Self-Study Assessments (pre- and post-tests), and interactive versions of features from the text-all tightly connected to the text itself to give students the a powerful, comprehensive introduction to psychology.
Soteria Free ShippingFrom $35.57
This is the story of a special time, space, and place where young people diagnosed as
Cultural Adaptation of Cbt for Serious Mental Illness - a Guide for Training and Practice Free ShippingFrom $60.78
<ul> <li>A comprehensive guide designed to enable CBT practitioners to effectively engage people from diverse cultural backgrounds by applying culturally-sensitive therapeutic techniques</li> <li>Adapts core CBT techniques including reattribution, normalization, explanation development, formulating, reality testing, inference chaining and resetting expectations</li> <li>High profile author team includes specialists in culturally-sensitive CBT along with world-renowned pioneers in the application of CBT to serious mental illness</li> <li>Contains the most up-to-date research on CBT in ethnic minority groups available</li> </ul>
Deployment Psychology: Evidence-Based Strategies to Promote Mental Health in the Military Free ShippingFrom $55.28
The impact of combat on service members&#039; mental health has received considerable attention both in the popular press and in scholarly publications. Yet few books have focused on systematic, evidence-based attempts at preventing mental health problems and enhancing service members&#039; well-being and resilience. This book is intended to fill that gap. The editors have gathered leading clinicians and researchers in military mental health to examine how mental health providers and military leaders can best moderate the negative impact of combat. Contributors discuss the importance of individual screening, training, peer support, leadership and organizational policies, as well as the development and implementation of large-scale mental health programs that incorporate these elements and more. The editors promote a broad occupational health model of prevention and include the latest research on delivering mental health services in pre-deployment, in-theater settings, and VA hospitals. The psychological health of not only service members but also military families is approached as an integral aspect of deployment psychology. The result is a ground-breaking book that emphasizes what we knowand don&#039;t knowabout evidence-based interventions. It represents the first comprehensive review of mental health interventions across the deployment cycle and will help guide the field of military psychology in developing a much-needed support system for service members in the years to come.
A Beginner's Guide to the MCMI-III Free ShippingFrom $55.51
A concise primer for readers who want to learn the basics as well as the nuances of administrating, scoring and interpreting the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-III (MCMI-III). Designed for the novice test user, the volume explains the MCMI-III and reveals fundamental information on how to generate sound hypotheses about clients and create complete and accurate psychological profiles based on Millon's understanding of personality. The volume features a variety of case material and illustrative examples. To help readers master the fundamentals of its use, each chapter's test section offers quick true-false questions, review exercises, and practice cases.