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Get our 2 most popular AcuRite stations in one combo kit. The AcuRite Professional Weather Station (IC00639) uses… more info
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Weather the day with confidence with your own accurate and up-to-date information – right from your own backyard. The… more info
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A feature-packed weather station for the enthusiast forecaster. The outdoor sensors will monitor up to 10 key weather… more info
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Create your own weather station in the playground. With a capacity of 150mm, this clear plastic rain gauge will turn… more info
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Place this cute little guy in your garden and he'll help you measure just how much rain has fallen in your area with… more info
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Practical and adorable, this Duck Rain Gauge is a delightful way to measure the rainfall total. Track every precious… more info
+ Shipping: $7.90
This decorative rain gauge model uses a whimsical and attractive twisting stake to mount in soft ground or mounting… more info
+ Shipping: $5.00
This handsome solid brass and clear glass garden rain gauge is an extremely accurate product for measuring inches or… more info
+ Shipping: $5.00
A quality rain gauge that includes mounting hardware. The cone shaped clear plastic collection cylinder is clearly… more info
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Oregon PCR800R Wireless Rain Gauge more info
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Oregon Scientific RGR126N Wireless Remote Rain Gauge more info
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The Data Logging Rain Gauge is a fully self-contained battery-powered rainfall data collection and recording system… more info
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Budding home based meteorologists will be ahead of the curve with this innovative and futuristic design. The Wireless… more info
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Keep a weather station in the house to get a quick and accurate view of various weather parameters. This unit records… more info
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RainLog 2.0 Data Logger with Rain Gauge The Rainlog data logger is supplied with a polypropylene rain collector,… more info
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RainLog 2.0 Data Logger with Rain Gauge & Stand The Rainlog data logger is supplied with a polypropylene rain collector… more info
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Know exactly how much rain has fallen with this bird rain gauge! This bird ornament shows precise rain reports so you… more info
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Rain gauge vial replacement for the Jeffersonian Rain Gauge (VRG-7). more info
+ Shipping: $5.00
Rain Gauge glass Vial Replacement for the Vermont Estate Rain Gauge post mount (VRG-8). more info
+ Shipping: $5.00
A rain gauge stake for the Vermont Rain Gauge (VRG1). more info
+ Shipping: $5.00
The Jeffersonian Rain Gauge is a practical instrument that can also serve as art or décor in your favorite outdoor… more info
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Glass rain gauge vial replacement for the Vermont Rain Gauge with optional verdigris leaves accent(VRG-1). more info
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La Prairie Silver Rain 50ml EDP Women's Perfume
The first fragrance from the top-of-the-line Swiss cosmetics brand, La Prairie. Silver Rain creators were inspired by… more info
La Prairie Silver Rain Sheer Mist 50ml Women's Perfume
A softer perfume of original Silver Rain Right for light-hearted moods & brilliant breezy days. Sparkling, refreshing,… more info
Build your own electric rain predicting device, and learn about simple electronics as you do. You'll need to follow… more info
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zoo med repti rain each | Zoo Med | pet supplies| Product Information: new-zoo-med-repti-rain-reptile-accessory-care more info
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20% Off RRP - use code GET20 - The Holy Grail of Mascara formulas - now in a novel Purple Rain collection! more info
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20% Off RRP - use code GET20 - This Purple Rain vibrant trio is a must have in your make up bag - exclusive to… more info
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The most delicate area of the entire face gets an equally gentle formulation. Glo's high pigment eye shadows enable… more info
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Gives chic, pure perfect colors for the nails Makes the nail color look fresh & brilliant Fast drying & long wearing… more info
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White Caviar Luxuries Set: 1x White Caviar Illuminating Cream 50ml/1.7oz 1x White Caviar Illuminating Cream 10ml/0.3oz… more info
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Marmot Precip NANO Mens Waterproof Rain Jacket Greenland more info
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Marmot Precip NANO Mens Waterproof Rain Jacket Slate Grey more info
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Buy RAINS - A Jacket - Coats & Jackets (Black) at THE ICONIC with free overnight delivery over $50 and 100 days free… more info
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Buy RAINS - A Jacket - Coats & Jackets (Bordeaux) at THE ICONIC with free overnight delivery over $50 and 100 days free… more info
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Death by Zero's signature printed tee- Men's relaxed crew neck tail tee, with front and back all over graphic print… more info
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Stonemouth Free ShippingFrom $20.92
Stewart Gilmour is back in Stonemouth. After five years in exile his presence is required at the funeral of patriarch Joe Murston, and even though the last time Stu saw the Murstons he was running for his life, staying away might be even more dangerous than turning up. An estuary town north of Aberdeen, Stonemouth, with it's five mile beach, can be beautiful on a sunny day. On a bleak one it can seem to offer little more than seafog, gangsters, cheap drugs and a suspension bridge irresistible to suicides. And although there's supposed to be a temporary truce between Stewart and the town's biggest crime family, it's soon clear that only Stewart is taking this promise of peace seriously. Before long Stu steps back into the minefield of his past to confront his guilt and all that it has lost him, uncovering ever darker stories. Soon his homecoming takes a more lethal turn than even he had anticipated. Tough, funny, fast-paced and touching, Stonemouth cracks open adolescence, love, brotherhood and vengeance in a rite of passage novel like no other.
Necklace and Other Stories Free ShippingFrom $39.82
Widely considered to be the greatest short story writer in all of French literature, Guy de Maupassant helped define the modern short story, deeply influencing the likes of Chekhov, Maugham, Babel and O. Henry. Yet despite his mastery of the form, existing English translations render his prose in an archaic style. Convinced that this protege of Flaubert deserved to be modernised in the same way that Lydia Davis had brought Madame Bovary to life, Sandra Smith selected twenty-eight classic Maupassant short stories, written between 1880 and 1890, including "Le Horla" and "Boule de Suif". Divided thematically into tales of French life, war and the supernatural, The Necklace and Other Stories promises to reintroduce Maupassant to twenty-first-century readers.
Barbarians Free ShippingFrom $18.88
'A dazzling debut' The Times It is 2008, late capitalism is in crisis, and the great and the good are gathered at an Islington house party. Hosting proceedings are waspish Sherard Howe, scion of a publishing dynasty and owner of a left-wing magazine, and his wife, Daphne Depree, whose feminist work The Third Sex is seen - to her increasing discomfort - as an intellectual cornerstone of the Blair era. The guests include cabinet ministers, celebrated artists and peers of the realm; but somehow it's doubtful that any number of grandees would overshadow Afua, the Howes' beautiful and supremely ambitious adopted daughter, already a rising star of the Labour Party. Into this world arrives twenty-four-year-old Elizabeth "Buzzy" Price, an aspiring poet only too aware of her suburban background. Moral support is at hand from shy but devoted Henry, the Howes' biological son - though perhaps Buzzy is most grateful for her friend's connection to her own unrequited love, Afua's boyfriend, the worldly Marcel. As the years pass and a coalition government takes office, Buzzy's fortunes rise and the elder Howes' lives threaten to unravel.But do the civilising possibilities of art involve enlarging Buzzy's romantic ambitions, or revealing their moral complacency? And could meek and gentle Henry, having angered his family by going to work for the political enemy, turn out to be steelier than anyone thought - as steely, even, as his formidable adopted sister? Barbarians is a debut of extraordinary scope and confidence; a fresh, contemporary novel about love, art and politics, told with a 19th century sensibility.
Wartime Girls Free ShippingFrom $20.92
Set in Liverpool during the Depression and the Blitz of the Second World War, Anne Baker's dramatic saga brings a close-knit community vividly to life. It is the day of the Grand National, 1933, when Susie Ingram's fiance, Danny, is killed in a tragic accident. In a cruel twist of Fate, Susie discovers she is carrying Danny's child and, shunned by his parents, she turns to her mother for support. Louise Ingram, widowed during the First World War, knows how hard it is to bring up a family alone, but with the help of her eldest daughter, Martha, who lives next door, they manage to survive. When little Rosie is born there is no doubt that she is Danny's daughter, but it is destined to take many more years of heartache before the two families are united again...
Bittersweet Free ShippingFrom $43.93
Colleen McCullough always vowed that she would never write another sweeping family saga in the vein of The Thorn Birds, but luckily for her millions of fans she has now written Bittersweet. Set in 1920s and 30s Australia, Bittersweet follows the lives of four sisters - two pairs of twins. Edda, Grace, Kitty and Tufts are the daughters of Reverend Thomas Latimer, about to become the first batch of nurses to be professionally trained in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. For Edda, it is the closest she can come to her dream of being a doctor. For Grace, the hospital is a terrifying place of sickness and mess while Tufts discovers hidden talents. For Kitty, it is a way to escape the suffocating love of her mother, who can see nothing beyond Kitty's astonishing beauty. As career dreams clash with romance and the Depression casts its shadow across Australia, each of the sisters will be forced to confront her own secret desires and dreams, and discover the true nature of love.
The Amber Fury Free ShippingFrom $40.24
When Alex Morris loses her fiance in dreadful circumstances, she moves from London to Edinburgh to make a break with the past. Alex accepts a job at a special school, commonly referred to as 'The Unit' - it takes on the students expelled from other schools in the city. These are troubled, difficult young people and Alex is an inexperienced teacher, terrified of what she's taken on. There is one class - a group of five teenagers - who are particularly intimidating. However, with the help of the Greek tragedies she teaches, Alex gradually develops a rapport with them. But one of her students is learning more than Alex ever intended to teach. Finding them enthralled by tales of cruel fate and bloody revenge, Alex even begins to worry that they are taking her lessons to heart, and that a whole new tragedy is being performed, right in front of her. The Amber Fury is a beautifully constructed psychological page turner. It is a dark mystery of a novel about loss, obsession and the deep and abiding human need to connect.
Present Darkness Free ShippingFrom $43.93
Five days before Christmas, Detective Sergeant Emmanuel Cooper sits at his desk at the Johannesburg major crimes squad, ready for his holiday in Mozambique. A call comes in: a respectable white couple has been assaulted and left for dead in their bedroom. The couple's teenage daughter identifies the attacker as Aaron Shabalala - the youngest son of Zulu Detective Constable Samuel Shabalala - Cooper's best friend and a man to whom he owes his life. The Detective Branch isn't interested in evidence that might contradict their star witness's story, especially so close to the holidays. Determined to ensure justice for Aaron, Cooper, Shabalala, and their trusted friend Dr. Daniel Zweigman hunt for the truth. Their investigation uncovers a violent world of Sophiatown gangs, thieves, and corrupt government officials who will do anything to keep their dark world intact.
My Antonia Free ShippingFrom $13.13
"My Antonia," by Willa Cather, is part of the "Barnes & Noble Classics"" "series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras. Here are some of the remarkable features of "Barnes & Noble Classics": New introductions commissioned from today's top writers and scholars Biographies of the authors Chronologies of contemporary historical, biographical, and cultural events Footnotes and endnotes Selective discussions of imitations, parodies, poems, books, plays, paintings, operas, statuary, and films inspired by the work Comments by other famous authors Study questions to challenge the reader's viewpoints and expectations Bibliographies for further reading Indices & Glossaries, when appropriateAll editions are beautifully designed and are printed to superior specifications; some include illustrations of historical interest. "Barnes & Noble Classics "pulls together a constellation of influences-biographical, historical, and literary-to enrich each reader's understanding of these enduring works. "No romantic novel ever written in America . . . is one half so beautiful as "My Antonia,"" "-H. L. Mencken" Widely recognized as Willa Cather's greatest novel, "My Antonia" is a soulful and rich portrait of a pioneer woman's simple yet heroic life. The spirited daughter of Bohemian immigrants, Antonia must adapt to a hard existence on the desolate prairies of the Midwest. Enduring childhood poverty, teenage seduction, and family tragedy, she eventually becomes a wife and mother on a Nebraska farm. A fictional record of how women helped forge the communities that formed anation, "My Antonia" is also a hauntingly eloquent celebration of the strength, courage, and spirit of America's early pioneers. Gordon Tapper i
The Sixth Key Free ShippingFrom $37.8
In late 2011 a cryptic invitation leads a crime novelist to Venice's Island of the Dead. Once there he is captivated by his host's tale, which spans the centuries - but seemingly begins and ends in the dark days of the 1930s...In 1936, a similarly cryptic invitation brings Grail historian Otto Rahn to an apartment in Berlin. Waiting for him inside is Hitler's right-hand man, Heinrich Himmler, and Rahn's life is turned upside down. For Himmler wants Rahn to locate Les Serpent Rouge, a notorious book of black magic written by Pope Honorius in the 14th century. Following a trail from Paris down to Carcassone in the South of France, Rahn discovers a web of deceit and murder. Clearly Himmler is not the only powerful figure in search of the grimoire. A shadowy circle of men are watching Rahn's every move, and they will stop at nothing to possess both the book and the legendary Sixth Key that will unlock its terrifying power...
Speaks the Nightbird Free ShippingFrom $64.43
After ten years, the New York Times bestselling author returns with an epic novel that reinstates him as one of the great storytellers of our time