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Get ready to shoot some hoops in your yard or garage with this Regent Solid Basketball Ring. It's designed to be… more info
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Sklz Shot Spotz Basketball Training Markers Set. The Shot Spotz Basketball Training Markers Set from SKLZ is a fun way… more info
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the Spalding Basketball Coaching Board Is A Reusable White Board Designed To Teach Your Team And Apply Great Game… more info
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get Everyone On The Same Page With The Regent Afl Coaching Board. This Magnetic Board Features A Full Sized Afl Ground… more info
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Each winter, from January through April, tens of thousands of kids across America, age 4 through 14, participate in… more info
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With 40 years of coaching experience at the high school level and 8 state championships, Hall of Famer Bill Kuchar… more info
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He shoots, he scores! Bullseye! It doesn't matter if you feel like shooting a few hoops or hitting a bullseye with this… more info
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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George Dohrmann's remarkable debut offers an up-close and unforgettable narrative… more info
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The most highly regarded basketball coaching text, Coaching Basketball Successfully, Third Edition, is loaded with… more info
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Numerous coaching books cover the skills and drills of basketball, but very few hit on the tactical skills of the game… more info
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Dimensions: Folder open measures 46cm x 33cm Includes player magnegtic tags Clip holder for note pad & pocket Available… more info
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Extra tags for clipboards Magnetic strips Pack of 25 Dimesnions: 5cm x 1.2cm more info
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Learn to coach girls’ basketball from one of the most successful U.S. high school coaches. In Coaching Girls’… more info
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Written by the American Sport Education Program, in conjunction with expert coach Don Showalter of USA Basketball,… more info
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Success in basketball comes from a player's ability to consistently execute the fundamental skills of the game and also… more info
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Aimed at girls' basketball coaches and teachers in school and club settings. Comprehensive coverage of information on… more info
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You volunteered to coach the basketball team, but are you really ready? How will you teach the fundamental skills, run… more info
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A complete resource for basketball coaches, this work provides a thorough overview of coaching both offensive and… more info
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Coaching Basketball, 3rd edition, is a revision of one of the bestselling basketball instructionals on our backlist.… more info
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David G. Faucher shares his successful "full-participation model" of coaching youth basketball in this Baffled Parent's… more info
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Coach Girls for Success on and off the CourtCoaching girls' basketball is a blast Witness a well-executed fast break,… more info
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The Duke University men's basketball team has served as the gold standard in college athletics for well over two… more info
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The Only Resource You Need for a Standout Season All basketball coaches can use some fresh ideas for practice drills,… more info
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So you're thinking about volunteering to coach youth basketball? Great You're in for a fun, rewarding experience.… more info
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Pat Williams has drawn on his basketball industry connections to compile great stories from on and off the court. Fans… more info
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In a city mired in endless decay, where the youth suffer through all the horrors of urban blight, hope comes in a most… more info
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In his more than twenty years coaching the Blue Devils, Coach Mike Krzyzewski has made his program the most admired in… more info
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This is an Olympic sport book that's going to be in demand. This new edition shows coaches how to prepare for games,… more info
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This book can help you tap into the tactical genius of a legendary coach. Morgan Wootten has retired from coaching, but… more info
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explain Tactics And Formations With Visual Cues Thanks To The Regent Soccer Coaching Board. With The Included Marker… more info
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Magnetic whiteboard front & back 25 name tags Lightweight sturdy metal construction Handle for easy hold Pen Included… more info
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Coach Signature 50ml EDP Women's Perfume
The scent was described as classically inspired with a unique blend of soft florals. The topnote sparkles with tart… more info
Coach Coach Poppy 50ml EDP Women's Perfume
Coach Poppy opens with bright cucumber, juicy mandarin and freesia buds notes. Heart is filled with aroma of jasmine,… more info
Coach Poppy Flower 50ml EDP Women's Perfume
Coach Poppy Flower, launching in August 2011, will delight the fans of the line with its composition that puts more… more info
Coach Signature 100ml EDT Women's Perfume
Pretty, chic and playful: a lighter version of our original Signature scent, blending soft, fresh fruits and florals… more info
Coach Poppy Flower 100ml EDP Women's Perfume
Coach Poppy Flower, launching in August 2011, will delight the fans of the line with its composition that puts more… more info
Coach Signature 50ml EDT Women's Perfume
Pretty, chic and playful: a lighter version of our original Signature scent, blending soft, fresh fruits and florals… more info
Coach Poppy 100ml EDP Women's Perfume
Coach Poppy opens with bright cucumber, juicy mandarin and freesia buds notes. Heart is filled with aroma of jasmine,… more info
Coach Signature Rose D'Or 100ml EDP Women's Perfume
Top notes of Coach Signature Rose D'Or offer a rich blend of floral notes and spices. Orange blossom and geranium… more info
OPPO Planar Magnetic PM-1 Head Phones
Larger than Life Sound To Hear the Smallest Detail The OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic headphone offers a different way of… more info
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Still-Hunting for Trophy Whitetails Free ShippingFrom $45.38
Anthropologists tell us that primitive man evolved in part because of his abilities to still-hunt - moving silently and methodically in pursuit of big-game animals. Today, still-hunting is the least understood method of tagging trophy whitetail bucks. "Still-Hunting Trophy Whitetails" teaches hunters how to hone their woodsmanship skills to conquer the challenge of stalking bucks, with tips on camouflage and scent control, scrape lines, feeding and bedding areas, and travel routes. Details on yardage estimation, timing, shooting positions, and bow hunting thin cover provide the information necessary for successful 'sneaking and peeking'. Special techniques for calling during the peak of the rut and imitating doe-in-heat bleats, buck contact and tending grunts, fawn-in-distress bleats, and buck clicks and growls round out the book.
Turkey Calls and Calling: Guide to Improving Your Turkey-Calling Skills Free ShippingFrom $41.22
From the traditional wing-bone turkey call used for generations to the newest high-tech calls, Hickoff gives tips and tactics for everyone who hunts the turkey woods. This book offers instructions on how to make your own calls and how to call in wild turkeys will enhance every hunter's ability to identify and make situational and seasonal vocalizations. It covers competition calling, caring for calls, and finding call makers.
Ben Hogan's Magical Device: The Real Secret to Hogan's Swing Finally Revealed Free ShippingFrom $19.32
In 1954, Ben Hogan stated in the serialized lessons he wrote for Life magazine that he had "a secret." He challenged the world to find it by stating, "It is easy to see if I tell you where to look". He then wrote his legendary instructional book, Five Lessons, and created a remarkable golf swing puzzle, but somehow one important piece of information was missing. Golf expert after golf expert has attempted to define this secret over the years, serving to compile a rather lengthy list of what the secret might be but never quite explaining how it is done. Enter Ben Hogan's Magical Device, a revealing book that intends to finally explain, in universally understandable terms, that long-lost secret to Hogan's swing. As a lifelong golfer with more than fifty years of experience, two degrees in physical education, and a doctorate in history, author Ted Hunt became determined to track down Hogan's secret himself. He reviewed most of the literature concerning Hogan and interviewed many professionals (including Jack Nicklaus), and the result of his research produced a clearer understanding of the source of the confusion concerning Hogan's secret.A hypothesis was conceived and tested, and Hunt was pleased to discover that his analysis stood up to critical examination. But perhaps more importantly, his golf responded with more accuracy and lower scores, which included shooting his age (seventy-nine) several times within weeks of embracing the secret. Complete with more than 100 photos, Ben Hogan's Magical Device gives an easy-to-follow explanation of Hogan's secret, where it comes from, and the foundations that support its successful execution. Interspersed throughout the text are stories from professional acquaintances who spoke with Hunt about their times with Mr. Hogan.
Basic Fishing Free ShippingFrom $23.3
A great beginner's guide for burgeoning fishermen. New to fishing and have no idea how to start? With Basic Fishing, you'll be an accomplished angler in no time at all. Expert angler and award-winning outdoor writer Wade Bourne was taught to fish by his father. In turn, Bourne taught his children how to fish. Now he brings his expertise to Basic Fishing, a step-by-step guide that masterfully breaks down the art of fishing with diagrams, vivid photographs, and lessons on: * Different types of fishing equipment and how to select the best tackle * Baiting techniques for artificial and natural baits * Tips for selecting the best fishing spot * A survey of boats, motors, and boating accessories * Handy methods for cooking and cleaning fish * And more! This book is great for families looking to bond in the great outdoors, and it proves that the joy of fishing can last a lifetime and beyond as it is passed down from generation to generation.
Wicked Curve: The Life and Troubled Times of Grover Cleveland Alexander Free ShippingFrom $66.66
When in 1911 Phillies pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander set the National League record for wins by a rookie (28), it was a sign of things to come. Alexander went on to win 373 games over his 20-year career, the third highest total in major league history, and he would lead the league in ERA four times, shutouts seven times, complete games six times, and wins six times. But he also became a deeply troubled man. After the Shell-Shocked pitcher returned from World War I, he would battle alcoholism, epilepsy, and personal demons that damaged his reputation and proved disastrous for his life outside of baseball. This biography sheds new light on the pitcher and the man, focusing on Alexander's personal life, especially his complex relationship with his wife, Aimee, as well as their marriages and divorces. His Hall of Fame career, wartime service, and long decline are also documented.
Wisden Book of Test Cricket 2009 - 2014 Free ShippingFrom $39.55
The Wisden Book of Test Cricket, first published in 1979, is well established as an invaluable and unique source of reference essential to any cricket library. This new volume includes full coverage of every Test match from late 2009 to the end of the 2014 season in England. Each Test match features Wisden's own scorecard, a detailed match report, details of debutants, close of play scores, umpires and referees, with number of appearances, and Man of the Match winners. Also included is a complete individual Test Career Records section and player index. Edited by Steven Lynch, this new volume brings collectors' libraries up to date, ensuring they have a complete and accurate record - essential for any truly self-respecting cricket enthusiast.
The Gashouse Gang: How Dizzy Dean, Leo Durocher, Branch Rickey, Pepper Martin, and Their Colorful, Come-From-Behind Ball Club Won the Wor Free ShippingFrom $23.75
With "The Gashouse Gang," John Heidenry delivers the definitive account of one the greatest and most colorful baseball teams of all times, the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals, filled with larger-than-life baseball personalities like Branch Rickey, Leo Durocher, Pepper Martin, Casey Stengel, Satchel Paige, Frankie Frisch, and—especially— the eccentric good ol' boy and great pitcher Dizzy Dean and his brother Paul.The year 1934 marked the lowest point of the Great Depression, when the U.S. went off the gold standard, banks collapsed by the score, and millions of Americans were out of work. Epic baseball feats offered welcome relief from the hardships of daily life. The Gashouse Gang, the brilliant culmination of a dream by its general manager, Branch Rickey, the first to envision a farm system that would acquire and "educate" young players in the art of baseball, was adored by the nation, who saw itself—scruffy, proud, and unbeatable—in the Gang.Based on original research and told in entertaining narrative style, "The Gashouse Gang" brings a bygone era and a cast full of vivid personalities to life and unearths a treasure trove of baseball lore that will delight any fan of the great American pastime.
Minnesota North Stars: History and Memories with Lou Nanne Free ShippingFrom $58.05
At the conclusion of the 1992-93 NHL season, the Minnesota North Stars franchise was moved to Dallas. The word "North" was dropped from their name. Soon thereafter, Met Center, home to the North Stars, was demolished. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, all evidence of the North Stars' existence was gone. Twenty-six years of hockey had been erased. In Minnesota North Stars: History and Memories with Lou Nanne, the legacy of Minnesota's first NHL franchise is restored. Through vintage photos, official team stats and the wonderful storytelling of Lou Nanne, this book captures the rich and colorful history of the North Stars.