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Hit man Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks), known in his 1930s Chicago world as The Angel of Death, is on the run after his wife (Jennifer Jason...

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Moby Dick - DVDFrom $18.73
Herman Melvilles classic 1851 sea tale about the vengeful sea Captain Ahab (Patrick Stewart) who seeks to kill the great white whale who took his leg and is willing to forego the safety and endurance of his crew to do it. The tale is told from the vantage of the only surviving member, Ishmael (Henry Thomas), a young man who joins the crew of the Pequod for his first seafaring with the aid of his harpoonist friend, Queequeeg (Piripi Waretin).
Lexx: Season 4 - DVDFrom $21.51
Follow the adventures of a group of desperate fugitives aboard the Lexx, The most powerful destructive force in the two universes. The Lexx is a massive living bio-engineered spacecraft that resembles a wingless dragonfly. Its capable of destroying a planet with ease.The crew of the Lexx are motivated largely by fear, lust and hunger: factors that gradually come to dominate their lives more and more. A cult hit known for its quirky, sexually charged adult storylines takes Sci-Fi where others have not gone before! In the fourth and final season, the Earth becomes a major storyline.
Lexx: Season 3 - DVDFrom $21.51
After being in cryostasis for thousands of years, the LEXX and its crew find themselves orbiting a binary planet system named Fire and Water. The inhabitants of the two planets have been at war for hundreds of years, and our heroes find themselves hopelessly enmeshed in the conflict which is much more than it first appears.
Lexx: Season 1 - DVDFrom $21.51
Follow the adventures of a group of desperate fugitives aboard the Lexx, "the most powerful destructive force in the two universes." The Lexx is a massive living bio-engineered spacecraft that resembles a wingless dragonfly that is capable of destroying a planet with ease. The crew ofthe Lexx are motivated largely by fear, lust and hunger: factors that gradually come to dominate their lives more and more. A cult hit known for its quirky, sexually charged adult storylines and boldly taking SCI-FI where others had not gone before!
King Maker - DVDFrom $14.01
In 1547 Fernando De Gama, a young "Soldier of Fortune" from Portugal, set sail for the Orient in a bid to find the man that murdered his father and, with luck, like many of his fellow countrymen, to make his fortune. A vicious storm in the Indian Ocean almost ended his plans when the ship he was on sank. The sole survivor, he was washed up on a tropical beach only to be captured by Arab slavers and taken to Ayutthaya in the kingdom of Siam where he was offered for sale as a slave. He is rescued from slavery when a beautiful young woman Maria, also from Portugal, living in Ayutthaya with her father, buys him from the Arabs and restores his freedom. Not surprisingly he falls for Maria and Maria him, much to the chagrin of Marias Father. As an experienced soldier his services are soon in demand when the King of Siam declares war on a Northern renegade pretender and the entire Portuguese colony is press-ganged into the service of the King. Predictably, Fernandos experience and gallantry in the heat of battle, gain favour with the King who commands him to be one of his honoured personal Guard along with a new found Thai friend of tremendous gallantry, Tong. Unbeknownst to the king, his beautiful but devious wife, Queen Sudachan, plots to kill him and place her lover on the throne. The first attempt by the Queen to rid herself of the king fails and she enlists the services of Phillippe, who it transpires was the murderer of Fernandos father. He in turn organises another failed attempt on the Kings life. As trusted guardians of the king, Fernando and Tong discover that Phillippe is involved but is killed during an attempt to arrest him. They subsequently discover that the perpetrator is the Queen but are too late to save the king who has already succumbed to her poison. The blame for the kings death is fostered upon Fernando and Tong who are arrested and forced to fight each
Invincible Ironman, The - DVDFrom $9.32
When billionaire inventor Tony Stark uses break-through technology to physically raise a forgotten city, he awakens an unspeakable evil, giving life to the most vile of all emperors - the Mandarin. Only one man can stop this newly re-emerged force of evil. One who will don a powerful suit of armour forged from iron and advanced technology. To take on the mystical underworld forces of ancient China, he must become The Invincible Iron Man.
Jack And The Beanstalk - DVDFrom $9.32
Based on the classic fairytale, this live-action film focuses on young Jacks adventures up the enchanted beanstalk and into a magical world of fantasy and danger as he desperately tries to save his family and his community, all while discovering his own heroic identity. The adventure opens in a fairy-tale schoolhouse where an inattentive and distracted Jack (Colin Ford) struggles to learn the philosophies and definitions of heroism, despite the efforts of the schools crotchety Headmaster (Christopher Lloyd). The lessons finally sink in when Jack learns that his devoted Mother (Katey Sagal) has lost her job and that desperate times lie ahead. Calling upon the heros lessons concerning self-sacrifice, Jack ventures into a mysterious pawn shop manned by an eccentric Booker (Wallace Shawn) and trades his most valued possession. In return, the Booker gives him a handful of magic beans. Jacks pride at his own selflessness quickly disappears when his Mother explains to him that he has been swindled by the Booker and that the beans are worthless. The beans are then thrown out the window, discarded and forgotten. Then comes the magic
From Zalman King, producer of 9 1/2 Weeks, The Red Shoe Diaries and director of Wild Orchard, comes a tale of erotic obsession, where sparks of passion ignite into a scorching story about a beautiful socialite and her sensual encounter with a relative stranger. April (Shrilyn Fenn, Wild At Heart) is a bright young debutante recently graduated from an exclusive Southern college. Destined to marry her sweetheart Chad with the blessing of her parents, April is searching for more in her life, something that will define her character, perhaps even liberate her soul and send it soaring. All of Aprils wishes are answered when she encounters traveling carnival worker Perry (Richard Tyson, Theres Something About Mary), a handsome, muscle-bound charmer with the ability to make her swoon. Instant physical attraction unleashes Aprils innermost desires and, despite their disparate backgrounds, the two embark on a steamy sexual odyssey that will change their lives forever. Also featuring Louise Fletcher, Burl Ives, Milla Jovovich, Herve Villechaize and Screaming Jay Hawkins, Two Moon Junction is a raunchy and fantasy-filled tale of sexual obsession.
Internationally renowned filmmaker Fred Schepisis celebrated first feature is a lushly photographed period drama detailing a young boys coming-of-age in a strict Catholic seminary in 1950s Victoria. A semi-autobiographical retelling of the directors own training for the priesthood, the story follows 13-year-old Tom Allen (Simon Burke), a serious, likable boy whose calling for the church is complicated by guilt associated with his masturbation and sinful thoughts. While the ascetic Brother Francine (Arthur Dignam) prowls the schools corridors looking for evidence of the undisciplined mind, the hard-drinking Brother Victor (Nick Tate) refutes the harsh discipline that scars the hearts and minds of the students - though each battle a desire to consummate the pleasures of the flesh. Presented in a brand new high definition transfer, this Australian film classic cemented the rise of director Fred Schepisi (The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith) when it won six AFI awards including Best Film and Best Director, and made a breakthrough screening at the Cannes Film Festival in 1976.
JUSTIN lives in a kingdom where bureaucrats rule and knights have been ousted. His dream is to be become one of the Knights of Valour, like his grandfather was, but his father REGINALD, the chief counsel to the QUEEN, wants his son to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer. After an inspiring visit to his beloved GRANDMOTHER and bidding farewell to his supposed lady-love LARA, JUSTIN leaves home and embarks on a quest to become a knight. Along the way he meets the beautiful, feisty TALIA, a quirky wizard called MELQUIADES, the handsome SIR CLOREX and is mentored by three monks; BLUCHER, LEGANTIR and BRAULIO, who teach and test him in the ancient ways of the Knights of Valour. Whilst an unlikely candidate for knighthood, JUSTIN must rise to the challenge quickly when banished former knight SIR HERACLIO and his army, lead by SOTA, return and threaten to destroy the Kingdom