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Paris Hilton Passport in Paris 100ml EDT Women's Perfume
Paris Hilton launches a new perfume collection in collaboration with Parlux company. Inspired by her jet-set life and… more info
Geronimo's adventurous sister Thea narrates this fabulous adventure that's packed with action, mystery, and friendship!… more info
+ Shipping: $6.95
The memoir of a young diplomat’s wife who must reinvent her dream of living in Paris—one dish at a time more info
+ Shipping: $5.00
This double pack includes Rugrats Go Wild DVD and Rugrats In Paris DVD from DVDLand. more info
+ Shipping
In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines . . . Plus, one very… more info
+ Shipping: $6.95
When eleven-year-old Henrietta arrives at the Fishers' house in Paris, she is prepared to spend her day between trains… more info
+ Shipping: $6.95
Thrust into the unlikely role of professional "literary walking tour" guide, an expat writer provides the most… more info
FREE shipping
The Paris of the 1860s and 1870s was supposedly a brand-new city, equipped with boulevards, cafs, parks, and suburban… more info
FREE shipping
Antiques aficionados and rummagers of every stripe: call to mind dimly lit attics, trunks smelling of old leather,… more info
FREE shipping
This handsome, unique package-containing a stereoscopic viewer, 34 3D photographic cards, and a photo-packed paperback… more info
FREE shipping
This is a book about discovery and disaster, exploitation and invention, warfare and science - and the relationship… more info
FREE shipping
From Beckett to Burroughs, "The Story of O" to "The Autobiography of Malcolm X," an iconic literary troublemaker tells… more info
FREE shipping
In Erotic Exchanges, Nina Kushner reveals the complex world of elite prostitution in eighteenth-century Paris by… more info
FREE shipping
"A year in Paris"...Countless American students have been lured by that vision - and been transformed by their sojourn… more info
FREE shipping
What if you're living in the wrong reality?Doesn't everyone want the good life these days? Our shopping mall world… more info
FREE shipping
"The Perfect Scent "is the thrilling inside story of the global perfume industry, told through two creators working on… more info
FREE shipping
Like so many others, David Lebovitz dreamed about living in Paris ever since he first visited the city in the 1980s.… more info
+ Shipping: $6.95
Celebrating its first 100 years, Hotel Plaza Athenee in the elegant heart of Paris is looking ahead to its next… more info
+ Shipping: $6.95
This handsome, unique package?containing a stereoscopic viewer, 34 3D photographic cards, and a photo-packed paperback… more info
+ Shipping: $6.95
The artist Francis Picabia—notorious dandy, bon vivant, painter, poet, filmmaker, and polemicist—has emerged as the… more info
FREE shipping
The New York Times perfume critic, yes, you read that right follows the creation of two industry-defining perfumes.… more info
FREE shipping
If you never want to let your memories of Paris go, then this is the bracelet for you. The Love of Paris Charm Bracelet… more info
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This great kids DVD multi pack includes Charlottes Web, Dr Seuss's The Cat In The Hat, Barnyard, Rugreats Movie and… more info
+ Shipping
Thea Stilton and the Mystery in Paris (Geronimo Stilton - Thea) by Geronimo Stilton Only from Mighty Ape more info
+ Shipping: $4.90
In the weeks after the Germans captured Paris, theaters, opera houses, and nightclubs reopened to occupiers and French… more info
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And the Show Went on: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris by Alan Riding - Audio Book on CD Only from Audio Books Direct more info
+ Shipping
And the Show Went on: Cultural Life in Nazi-Occupied Paris by Alan Riding - Audio Book on CD Only from Audio Books Direct more info
+ Shipping
From the "New York Times" perfume critic comes a stylish, fascinating, unprecedented insider's view of an industry and… more info
+ Shipping
From the "New York Times" perfume critic comes a stylish, fascinating, unprecedented insider's view of an industry and… more info
+ Shipping
A Special Audio Presentation of Unabridged SelectionsPersonally Chosen by David McCulloughThe Greater Journey is the… more info
+ Shipping
From two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCullough comes the inspiring, enthralling—and until now,… more info
+ Shipping
[This is the Audiobook CD Library Edition in vinyl case.]In July 1947, fresh out of college and long before he would… more info
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From the "New York Times" perfume critic comes a stylish, fascinating, unprecedented insider's view of an industry and… more info
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Paris Original Trees in The Countryside Photographic Print in Black and White more info
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This book vividly evokes radical women's integral roles within France's revolutionary civil war known as the Paris… more info
FREE shipping
To the stuffy, French bourgeois house, with the evil old woman in her sickroom upstairs, come two children who have… more info
FREE shipping
Presents the 1925 Paris Exhibition as a key moment in attempts to update the image of Paris as "capital of the 19th… more info
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In 1871, the workers of Paris took control of the city. When they established the world's first workers' democracy,… more info
FREE shipping
On the morning of November 7, 1938, Herschel Grynszpan, a desperate seventeen-year-old Jewish refugee, walked into the… more info
FREE shipping
Explores the historical ambiguities and racial complexities of 1920s Paris and describes the short-lived craze that… more info
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100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behind Them by Emily Ross - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $15
This fully revised and updated edition of 100 Great Businesses & the Minds Behind Them provides an up-to-the-minute look at a diverse collection of people, their businesses and how they make their enterprises work. From risk-loving entrepreneurs Richard Branson and the boys at Google to self-starters like IKEA’s Ingvar Kamprad; from one-person brands like Oprah to billionaire investment oracle Warren Buffett, this book delves into the hearts, minds and business plans of some of the world’s most successful business people. Profiles include creative geniuses such as food guru Jamie Oliver, vacuum-cleaner mogul James Dyson and accidental ice-cream entrepreneurs Ben & Jerry. This is an accessible collection of stories from Australia and around the world that offers inspiration, ideas and lessons on the principles of successful businesses. 100 Great Businesses & the Minds Behind Them looks at what makes entrepreneurs tick, what drives them, and highlights the pivotal moments in the lives of their businesses. It is a book with lasting lessons on the art of making your business a success.
How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good by Gillian Riley - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $15
Everyone knows how bad smoking is for them: about half of all regular cigarette smokers will be killed by their habit, but they just can't seem to give up.If you're really serious about giving up smoking then this is the book that will not only help you to stop, but to stay stopped for good. Gillian Riley's techniques allow you to understand your addiction, take control and break your habit. There is a step-by-step giving up programme that is easy to follow and really works. Even in stressful situations, or when boredom sets in, you'll soon realise that even though the freedom and opportunity to smoke is there you have chosen not to. How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good will even help you to give up smoking without gaining weight. “Gillian Riley is an author who always makes sense” — Nigella Lawson “Brilliant... with an incredibly high success rate” — Daily Mail
The Scent of Your Breath by Melissa P - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $15
The Scent of Your Breath, the second instalment in the Melissa P.'s series of confessions, is a stirring tale of obsessive love and destructive passion. Melissa, desperate for love and willing to do anything to find it, is now a successful writer in Rome, living with her new lover, Thomas. But as soon as she meets Viola, a woman from Thomas's past, sexual passion and insecurity mount in tandem, and Melissa is consumed with jealousy.Written as a confessional letter to her mother, the story that follows is one of dark obsession, violent lust, and soul-destroying talent. Driven by Melissa's singular voice - that unique and compelling combination of impetuous naivety and poetic sophistication that has mesmerised readers in thirty-one countries - The Scent of Your Breath blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy and delves deep into the disturbing yet strangely familiar mind of a teenage girl terrorised by love.
The 80/20 Individual: The Nine Essentials of 80/20 Success at Work by Richard Koch - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $15
In this inspiring sequel to his classic bestseller The 80/20 Principle, Koch shows how to maximize success in your career and life by using the proven principle that 80 percent of changes in the world result from the most powerful 20 percent of actions and ideas. He’ll show how to use your own powerful “20 percent spike” – your most creative ideas and unique skills – to measure the amount of value you bring to your employer, clients or customers. For most people, there is a huge disparity between their intrinsic value and the compensation they receive for their efforts. The 80/20 Individual shows how to narrow that gap.“Koch writes with inspirational verve and assurance drawing on personal experience of building businesses. A useful motivational tool for appraising and leveraging talent in the organisation, his book yields some valuable lessons that any business can apply and will be of particular interest to the would-be entrepreneur.” — Choice of the Month, Director magazine
Hot Sex: How to Do It by Tracey Cox - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $15
Practical, down to earth, explicit and funny, Hot Sex is the must-have sex and relationships book for every woman and man. It is an easy-to-follow guide that cuts straight to the nitty gritty to deliver candid advice and a healthy dose of humour. Packed with tips and techniques that work, Hot Sex includes everything from a blow-by-blow, step-by-step guide to oral sex to finding (and figuring out) your G-spot. Whether you’re a beginner or an old hand, get into Hot Sex—the only how-to that really tells you how to do it! “Frank, forthright and at times hysterically funny … ” — Pat Ingram, Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan
The Map of the Soul: Discovering Your True Purpose by Tricia Brennan - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $15
Does our life have a higher purpose or is it merely a series of random events? Do unseen forces influence the course of our fate? Can we trust our intuition? What is my soul’s purpose? Everyone wants to know the answer to these questions. The Map of the Soul answers this, and more.
The Art of Balance: Meditations for Power, Passion and Peace by Tricia Brennan - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $15
This recording provides meditations based on the emotional spectrum of colours. Individual colours have a different effect on your emotional state. For example, notice how you feel when you imagine a cool green, a bright red, or a dusky mauve. Your senses are directly connected to your emotions. By selecting the appropriate colour for the emotion you want to address at any particular time, you will be able to specifically transform a negative state into a positive one. Self-doubt can be transformed into confidence, laziness into willingness, confusion into clarity. These meditations offer a practical way to disengage from the outside world and to find a place of peace. Designed to help bring balance and harmony into your life, it will assist you to release negativity, develop your confidence and create positive life changes. They can be used when needed, and require nothing of you except to listen.
Lady Gaga: Queen of Pop by Emily Herbert - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $40
Queen of Pop, superstar, maverick and fashionista; Lady Gaga is one of the most recognisable and sensational pop stars for a generation. A true original, Gaga found fame the hard way, playing the grimy bars and burlesque shows of New York City, before finally relocating to Los Angeles to begin work on what would become her debut album The Fame. Constantly en vogue and always in the public eye, this is the biography of the rise of Gaga, from her early life as a teenage protg, to her life as one of the most respected musicians and most recognised entertainers on the planet. This audiobook lifts the lid on Lady Gaga. Find out all you ever wanted to know about the eccentric star.
Vengeance by Ian Irvine - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $40
In an unjust land, the only law is vengeance.In Cython’s slave camps, it’s the timid and obedient who survive – and Tali is neither, for she has sworn to bring her mother’s killers to justice.Her dramatic escape precipitates Cython’s war on Hightspall and, when Tali is rescued by Rix, heir to Hightspall’s greatest fortune, they flee through a land in turmoil. But Rix’s subconscious is scarred by a sickening secret that links him to the killing, and before they can solve the crime and defend the realm, Tali and Rix must learn to trust each other.All the while, Tali is hunted by a faceless sorcerer who can only be beaten by magic, yet the one person who can teach her to use her unruly magic is the sorcerer himself.As she unravels the conspiracy behind her mother’s murder, Tali’s quest turns to a lust for vengeance. But how can she avenge herself on a killer who died two thousand years ago? 'The final payoff is fantastic... Irvine is the most unflaggingly inventive storyteller we’ve seen in years.’ — Sydney Morning Herald
Shadows in the Twilight by Henning Mankell - Audio Book on MP3 CDFrom $40
Joel thinks nothing is going on in his small town. But he’s wrong. One day, a miracle happens to him. He’s very nearly run over by a bus, but is miraculously unhurt. Shouldn’t he show gratitude somehow? Surely a good deed of some sort is in order. But what?