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Research Methodology a Step by Step Guide Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners 4ed Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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The definitive reference on literacy research methods, this book serves as a key resource for researchers and as a text… more info
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The series presents materials in two fields, the history of economic thought, and the methodology of economics, both… more info
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Postage:$7.95 or Free Shipping See Website . Delivery:7-20 Business Days. Elegant Mini 800x 2 0 Megapixel USB Digital… more info
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Qualitative Research in the Health Sciences: Methodologies, Methods and Processes Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Methodological Approaches to Community-Based Research Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Research Method and Methodology in Finance and Accounting 2ed Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Presenting complex issues in an easy-to-understand way, the Second Edition is the guide on how to put field research in… more info
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Essentials of Research Design and Methodology contains practical information on how to design and conduct scientifc… more info
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A new book in the acclaimed Nutrition Society Textbook Series, Nutrition Research Methodologies addresses the rapidly… more info
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This book is a crystallization of author Chong Ho Yu's contemplation on the meaning of quantitative methods from the… more info
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Drawing on helpful conceptual introductions to potentially difficult statistical concepts and a step-by-step guide to… more info
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Despite the fact that our society prizes gifted children, research on their special talents is underfunded compared… more info
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Thanks to remarkable methodological and statistical advances in recent years, Single-Case design (SCD) research has… more info
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A prevailing paradigm in social research and community-based interventions involves examining individual problems… more info
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These 120 articles have been carefully selected to capture the current methodological variations in business and… more info
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A major problem confronting a researcher is which theoretical perspective is considered most apt. This book provides a… more info
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Written to help readers understand and deal with the statistical complexity of oral health research, Statistical… more info
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Using a variety of methodological approaches and research techniques in education, this book sets out to provide… more info
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'[Methodology in Social Research] is a helpful companion to the beginner student of philosophy of science' - The… more info
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Reflexive Methodology established itself as a groundbreaking success, providing researchers with an invaluable guide to… more info
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Whilst qualitative approaches are beginning to be more commonly used and accepted in tourism, discussions of research… more info
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Aging and Cognition takes an interdisciplinary look at cognitive aging - how it happens and how to study it. The first… more info
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This is a very practical and accessible book that offers a comprehensive overview of research methodology in applied… more info
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Well-organized and well-referenced, this book gives a clear presentation of heuristic methodology as a systematic form… more info
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This book shows scientists how to apply their analysis and synthesis skills to overcoming the challenge of how to… more info
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This updated edition provides managers with a practical guide focused on the particular management needs for research… more info
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"Covers a broad range of subjects that undergraduates in the discipline should be familiar and comfortable with upon… more info
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This book sets out to explain how scientific research is conducted. Editors Mauro Maldonato and Ricardo Pietrobon and… more info
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This book shows scientists how to apply their analysis andsynthesis skills to overcoming the challenge of how to write,… more info
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In Discovering Complexity, William Bechtel and Robert Richardson examine two heuristics that guided the development of… more info
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While heated arguments between practitioners of qualitative and quantitative research have begun to test the very… more info
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Qualitative Research Practice : A Guide for Social Science Students and Researchers Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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For Students, Scholars, Researchers, Investigators, Trainees and Scientists. "If I have seen a little further it is by… more info
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Students and beginning researchers often discover that their introductory statistics and methods courses have not fully… more info
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Many clinicians today are unaware of the implications of psychotherapy research for their practice. Research that can… more info
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Search for The Methodology Of Scientific Research Programmes: Philosophical Papers: V. 1 Imre Lakatos FORMAT: Paperback… more info
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Psychology, Mental Health and Distress Free ShippingFrom $87.89
The first mainstream text to reconsider the traditional emphasis for what is commonly known as 'abnormal psychology'. Providing a comprehensive account of mental distress, this text challenges your preconceptions about what you think you know about mental health. Includes a foreword by award winning Richard Bentall and a chapter from service users.
The Freemasons Free ShippingFrom $23.98
There is confusion in many minds as to what Freemasons do and what they represent, largely because of the mystery and secrecy surrounding many of their practices. This book hopes to re-orientate the reader towards an appreciation of the essentially altruistic aims of Freemasonry.
Social Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand Free ShippingFrom $71.02
Social Policy in Aotearoa New Zealand identifies the principles and theoretical perspectives that influence contemporary developments in policy making and implementation in New Zealand. The book enables students to understand the conflicting nature of these values and perspectives, and to integrate the theories of social policy with the methods and practices they will encounter in the field.
Adaptive Preferences and Women's Empowerment Free ShippingFrom $27.05
Women and other oppressed and deprived people sometimes collude with the forces that perpetuate injustice against them. Women's acceptance of their lesser claim on household resources like food, their positive attitudes toward clitoridectemy and infibulations, their acquiescence to violence at the hands of their husbands, and their sometimes fatalistic attitudes toward their own poverty or suffering are all examples of "adaptive preferences," wherein women participate in their own deprivation. Adaptive Preferences and Women's Empowerment offers a definition of adaptive preference and a moral framework for responding to adaptive preferences in development practice. Khader defines adaptive preferences as deficits in the capacity to lead a flourishing human life that are causally related to deprivation and argues that public institutions should conduct deliberative interventions to transform the adaptive preferences of deprived people. She insists that people with adaptive preferences can experience value distortion, but she explains how this fact does not undermine those people's claim to participate in designing development interventions that determine the course of their lives.Khader claims that adaptive preference identification requires a commitment to moral universalism, but this commitment need not be incompatible with a respect for culturally variant conceptions of the good. She illustrates her arguments with examples from real-world development practice. Khader's deliberative perfectionist approach moves us beyond apparent impasses in the debates about internalized oppression and autonomous agency, relativism and universalism, and feminism and multiculturalism.
Reading Popular Culture Free ShippingFrom $81.94
Reading Popular Culture is an economical Penguin Academics thematic reader exploring a full range of topics in the field of contemporary popular culture from a variety of theoretical perspectives. This book takes up the most important general questions that arise from our immersion in the culture of everyday life: why do the artifacts of popular culture, such as certain movies or websites, appeal to us, and what effect does our engagement with each of these phenomena have on us? Chosen for both their theoretical and rhetorical approaches, the selections in Reading Popular Culture will challenge and engage instructors and students alike.
The Emotionally Abused and Neglected Child: Identification, Assessment and Intervention: A Practice Handbook Free ShippingFrom $68.23
Emotional abuse and neglect are at the core of all types of child maltreatment, and have the most harmful effects on the physical and psychological development and well-being of children. Yet they are considered to be the most difficult to deal with by those who have the responsibility to protect and intervene in effective ways. In this book the author explores the concept of a damaged child, and asks what are the different types of injury, ranging from active to passive, physical to emotional, that stop children from reaching their full potential psychologically and physically? The author questions whether emotional damage to a child can be repaired and answers questions such as: Is some injury irreversible? What therapeutic techniques are available to deal with emotional abuse? Can the abusers as well as the abused be helped to change?Case studies are provided to illustrate the features of emotional abuse, and chapters are devoted to the assessment and prediction of emotional abuse, effects of emotional abuse as the child grows up, intervention and treatment and working with the family as a whole.
Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities Free ShippingFrom $70.25
A practical handbook for practitioners that covers the assessment, treatment and management of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities an area of growing interest within clinical forensic psychology. * New for the Wiley Series in Forensic Clinical Psychology: a practical handbook that covers the assessment, treatment and management of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities * Summarises the research literature on the characteristics and prevalence of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities * Discusses risk assessment and innovations in treatment and management * Includes contributors world-renowned in the field of assessment and treatment of sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities such as Tony Ward, Glynis Murphy, and Douglas Boer
The Treatment of Sex Offenders with Developmental Disabilities: A Practice Workbook Free ShippingFrom $76.35
A practical treatment manual, specifically developed for use with offenders who have intellectual disabilities, which will help clinicians to prepare and run therapeutic group sessions as part of an offender rehabilitation programme. Traditional methods and techniques have been modified so that they can be used with offenders with developmental disabilities Looks at topics such as disclosure, dealing with cognitive distortions, the cycle of offending, victim awareness, pathways to offending and non-offending and relapse prevention As well as CBT, new initiatives in offender rehabilitation, such as self-regulation and the Good Lives Model (GLM), are covered
A Long Way Home: The Life and Adventures of the Convict Mary Bryant Free ShippingFrom $33.72
Mike Walker takes us on a journey from a tiny village in Cornwall, through the criminal stews of Georgian London, to the hold of a disease–ridden convict ship and on to the far end of the Earth. Then, in an isolated prison colony with only a few weeks of supplies between it and starvation we follow Mary Broad on a 3000 mile journey in a 20 foot boat from freedom to shipwreck and re–incarceration in a London prison cell where she faces the death sentence for the second time, or the possibility of starting the terrible experience all over again. Her salvation comes in the unlikely form of James Boswell, lawyer and gentleman who defends her case and wins her freedom. Mary Broad's story is brought to life in Mike Walker's hands with the help of original diaries, state records and newspapers describing the conditions and events of the day, and the incredible hardships and losses suffered by our heroine.
Educational Research Free ShippingFrom $271.88
This book provides educators with an engaging introduction to educational research that places a greater emphasis on which research was conducted. They'll gain a strong understanding of why certain concepts are important, why certain methods are used, and why certain conclusions are drawn. Springer offers more coverage of research ethics, statistics, and program evaluation than other resources. Research Boxes highlight a research article that makes the connection to the chapter content. Numerous figures and tables are also presented to enhance the material. This approach will help educators apply the right research techniques to meet their needs.