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These 120 articles have been carefully selected to capture the current methodological variations in business and… more info
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Written to help readers understand and deal with the statistical complexity of oral health research, Statistical… more info
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Research Method and Methodology in Finance and Accounting 2ed Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Presenting complex issues in an easy-to-understand way, the Second Edition is the guide on how to put field research in… more info
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Postage:$7.95 or Free Shipping See Website . Delivery:7-20 Business Days. Elegant Mini 800x 2 0 Megapixel USB Digital… more info
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This is a very practical and accessible book that offers a comprehensive overview of research methodology in applied… more info
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A new book in the acclaimed Nutrition Society Textbook Series, Nutrition Research Methodologies addresses the rapidly… more info
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You can now preview the new chapter 2 and advance ancillary material from the brand new companion website. Written… more info
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A major problem confronting a researcher is which theoretical perspective is considered most apt. This book provides a… more info
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Whilst qualitative approaches are beginning to be more commonly used and accepted in tourism, discussions of research… more info
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Well-organized and well-referenced, this book gives a clear presentation of heuristic methodology as a systematic form… more info
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Thanks to remarkable methodological and statistical advances in recent years, Single-Case design (SCD) research has… more info
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A prevailing paradigm in social research and community-based interventions involves examining individual problems… more info
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Despite the fact that our society prizes gifted children, research on their special talents is underfunded compared… more info
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Aging and Cognition takes an interdisciplinary look at cognitive aging - how it happens and how to study it. The first… more info
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Following the increasing emphasis in the classroom and in the field to sensitize researchers and students to diverse… more info
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Using a variety of methodological approaches and research techniques in education, this book sets out to provide… more info
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'[Methodology in Social Research] is a helpful companion to the beginner student of philosophy of science' - The… more info
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Drawing on helpful conceptual introductions to potentially difficult statistical concepts and a step-by-step guide to… more info
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The series presents materials in two fields, the history of economic thought, and the methodology of economics, both… more info
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This book is a crystallization of author Chong Ho Yu's contemplation on the meaning of quantitative methods from the… more info
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The definitive reference on literacy research methods, this book serves as a key resource for researchers and as a text… more info
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Reflexive Methodology established itself as a groundbreaking success, providing researchers with an invaluable guide to… more info
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This title shows how Deleuze's philosophy is shaking up research in the humanities and social sciences. French… more info
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Research Methodology a Step by Step Guide Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Qualitative Research in the Health Sciences: Methodologies, Methods and Processes Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Research Methodology: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners 4ed Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Methodological Approaches to Community-Based Research Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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This updated edition provides managers with a practical guide focused on the particular management needs for research… more info
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This book shows scientists how to apply their analysis and synthesis skills to overcoming the challenge of how to… more info
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This book is aimed at researchers who need to write clear and understandable manuscripts in English. Today, English is… more info
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"Margaret Cargill's background as a linguist and research communications educator and Patrick O'Connor's experience as… more info
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In Discovering Complexity, William Bechtel and Robert Richardson examine two heuristics that guided the development of… more info
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"Covers a broad range of subjects that undergraduates in the discipline should be familiar and comfortable with upon… more info
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While heated arguments between practitioners of qualitative and quantitative research have begun to test the very… more info
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Essentials of Research Design and Methodology contains practical information on how to design and conduct scientifc… more info
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This book shows scientists how to apply their analysis and synthesis skills to overcoming the challenge of how to… more info
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This book sets out to explain how scientific research is conducted. Editors Mauro Maldonato and Ricardo Pietrobon and… more info
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Punishment and Sentencing Free ShippingFrom $83.86
Punishment and Sentencing explores the expanding horizon of punishment. Using a case study approach to bring to life our shifting attitudes to punishment, and its relationship to changing technologies and programs of control, the text identifies the key concepts of risk, rehabilitation and restitution to give students an accessible framework for understanding the different approaches taken, in theory and in practice, to sentencing and punishment. The case studies provide applied examples of the distinctive questions that theoretical perspectives pose, summarise the major interpretive themes, and identify the kinds of insights each theory has to offer for the understanding of particular examples of modern penalty.
The Oxford Handbook of Childhood and Education in the Classical World Free ShippingFrom $122.71
The past thirty years have seen an explosion of interest in Greek and Roman social history, particularly studies of women and the family. Until recently these studies did not focus especially on children and childhood, but considered children in the larger context of family continuity and inter-family relationships, or legal issues like legitimacy, adoption and inheritance. Recent publications have examined a variety of aspects related to childhood in ancient Greece and Rome, but until now nothing has attempted to comprehensively survey the state of ancient childhood studies. This handbook does just that, showcasing the work of both established and rising scholars and demonstrating the variety of approaches to the study of childhood in the classical world. In thirty chapters, with a detailed introduction and envoi, The Oxford Handbook of Childhood and Education in the Classical World presents current research in a wide range of topics on ancient childhood, including sub-disciplines of Classics that rarely appear in collections on the family or childhood such as archaeology and ancient medicine.Contributors include some of the foremost experts in the fieldas well as younger, up-and-coming scholars. Unlike most edited volumes on childhood or the family in antiquity, this collection also gives attention to the late antique period and whether (or how) conceptions of childhood and the life of children changed with Christianity. The chronological spread runs from archaic Greece to the later Roman Empire (fifth century C.E.). Geographical areas covered include not only classical Greece and Roman Italy, but also the eastern Mediterranean. The Oxford Handbook of Childhood and Education in the Classical World engages with perennially valuable questions about family and education in the ancient world while providing a much-needed touchstone for research in the field.
Do Muslim Women Need Saving? Free ShippingFrom $40.69
Do Muslim Women Need Saving? is an indictment of a mindset that has justified all manner of foreign interference, including military invasion, in the name of rescuing women from Islam. It offers a detailed, moving portrait of the actual experiences of ordinary Muslim women, and of the contingencies with which they live.
Promotional Cultures Free ShippingFrom $32.46
<p>In the twenty-first century, promotion is everywhere and everything has become promotable: everyday goods and organizations, people and ideas, cultures and futures. This engaging book looks at the rise of advertising, public relations, branding, marketing and lobbying, and explores where our promotional times have taken us. <p>Promotional Cultures documents how the professions and practices of promotion have interacted with and reshaped so much in our world, from commodities, celebrities and popular culture to politics, markets and civil society. It offers a mix of historical accounts, social theory and documented case studies, including haute couture fashion, Apple Inc., Hollywood film, Jennifer Lopez, the Occupy movement, Barack Obama s election campaigns, news production and the 2008 financial crisis. Together, these show how promotional culture may be recorded, understood and interpreted. <p>Promotional Cultures will appeal to students and scholars of media and culture, sociology, politics, anthropology, social and industrial history.
Political Sociology Free ShippingFrom $44.35
This text introduces the key conceptual debates and approaches in contemporary political sociology. The book explores the relationship between the state and civil society, as well as important topical issues like globalization, the rise of new social movements, neo-liberalism, citizenship, political culture, and political participation. The reader is introduced to the key processes that are changing the nature of politics and society in the modern world. Critiques of key sociologists, such as Giddens, Beck,and Etzioni are presented, and boxes and charts are used to highlight key facts and figures.
Youth Justice Free ShippingFrom $32.25
This book provides social work practitioners and allied professionals with an applied understanding of the formal legislation, policy and guidance relating to young people who are considered 'at risk' of, accused of, or convicted of involvement in offending or anti-social behaviour.
The Cultural Industries Free ShippingFrom $185.66
"At once brilliant and accessible, it is without peer when it comes to detailing the big picture and complex nuances of how cultural industries work. Every student of the media should have this book on their shelf" - Jennifer Holt, University of California "Sometimes provocative, always insightful and refreshingly direct. No-one could study the culture industries without engaging with its vision and argumentation" - Sonia Livingstone, LSE "Comprehensive and critical, authoritative and analytical, this is a wonderful book that will absorb, stimulate and educate students of media and cultural studies for years to come" - Des Freedman, Goldsmiths, University of London "An exceptional achievement - for its scale, for its comprehensiveness, and for the level-headed intelligence that is the hallmark of Hesmondhalgh's writing" - Graeme Turner, University of Queensland Undisputedly a classic, the third edition of this essential media studies text scrutinizes the changes in creative economy and cultural production in the global media.This book gives you: * Guided further reading that takes you directly to the must-read research articles and online resources * Brand new examples covering social media, digital publishing, reality TV and talent shows * Examples spotlighting the emerging markets in China, India, Asia and Africa * Analysis of the economic crisis and its impact on media structures and industries * Insight into new products and the influence on consumer electronics and IT companies, including Apple, Facebook and Google. As one of the most read, most studied and most cited media studies texts, this new edition is a must for any student of media and communication studies, the creative industries, cultural studies and the sociology of the media.
Mindfulness and the Transformation of Despair: Working with People at Risk of Suicide Free ShippingFrom $68.33
Grounded in extensive research and clinical experience, this book describes how to adapt mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) for participants who struggle with recurrent suicidal thoughts and impulses. Relevant to all mindfulness teachers, a comprehensive framework is presented for understanding suicidality and its underlying vulnerabilities. The preliminary intake interview and each of the eight group mindfulness sessions of MBCT are discussed in detail, highlighting issues that need to be taken into account with highly vulnerable people. Assessment guidelines are provided and strategies for safely teaching core mindfulness practices are illustrated with extensive case examples. The book also discusses how to develop the required mindfulness teacher skills and competencies. Purchasers get access to a companion website featuring downloadable audio recordings of the guided mindfulness practices, narrated by Zindel Segal, Mark Williams, and John Teasdale. See also Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression, Second Edition, by Zindel Segal, Mark Williams, and John Teasdale, the authoritative presentation of MBCT.
David and Goliath Free ShippingFrom $36.53
David and Goliath is the dazzling and provocative new book from Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author of The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers and What the Dog Saw. Why do underdogs succeed so much more than we expect? How do the weak outsmart the strong? In David and Goliath Malcolm Gladwell takes us on a scintillating and surprising journey through the hidden dynamics that shape the balance of power between the small and the mighty. From the conflicts in Northern Ireland and Vietnam, through the tactics of civil rights leaders and the problem of privilege, Gladwell demonstrates how we misunderstand the true meaning of advantage and disadvantage. When does a traumatic childhood work in someone's favour? How can a disability leave someone better off? And do you really want your child to go to the best school he or she can get into? David and Goliath draws on the stories of remarkable underdogs, history, science, psychology and on Malcolm Gladwell's unparalleled ability to make the connections others miss. It's a brilliant, illuminating book that overturns conventional thinking about power and advantage.
The Black Echo Free ShippingFrom $47.63
For LAPD homicide cop Harry Bosch - hero, maverick, nighthawk - the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is more than another anonymous statistic. This one is personal.The dead man, Billy Meadows, was a fellow Vietnam 'tunnel rat' who fought side by side with him in a nightmare underground war that brought them to the depths of hell. Now, Bosch is about to relive the horror of Nam. From a dangerous maze of blind alleys to a daring criminal heist beneath the city to the torturous link that must be uncovered, his survival instincts will once again be tested to their limit. Joining with an enigmatic and seductive female FBI agent, pitted against enemies inside his own department, Bosch must make the agonising choice between justice and vengeance, as he tracks down a killer whose true face will shock him.