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Arbor Shakedown GT 33 2015 Only from STM Snow Surf Skate more info
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Arbor Shakedown GT 36 2015 Only from STM Snow Surf Skate more info
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The Falcon: Shakedown by Les Damon - Audio Book on CD Only from Audio Books Direct more info
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This double pack includes Heist DVD and Miami Shakedown DVD from swindled is sweeter than money… more info
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Product Name: 2XL Over-Ear Shakedown Headphones - White/Black Manufacturer / Brand: 2XL Product Type: Electronics… more info
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Product Name: 2XL Over-Ear Shakedown Headphones - Rasta Manufacturer / Brand: 2XL Product Type: Electronics Catalogue… more info
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TANDARRAFrom $46.95
Tandarra DVD from DVDLand.Following the next exciting chapter in the lives of Aussie bushrangers, Tandarra is the lively spin-off of the classic 1850s era television series, Cash & Company.With Sam Cash out of the picture, Joe Brady (Gus Mercurio) is still wanted by the law for his past bushranging exploits. Remaining one sneaky step ahead of the authorities, in particular Lieutenant Keogh (Bruce Kerr), Joe continues to capitalise on the prosperity brought about by the gold rush - aided by his trusty cohort Jessica Johnson (Penne Hackforth-Jones) on her homestead named Tandarra. But this time around Joe has a new concern keeping him looking over his shoulder. He has a mysterious man on his trail named Ryler (Gerard Kennedy, Underbelly), a tough as leather bounty hunter, determined above all to get his man. Including all 13 episodes, Tandarra features an engaging line-up of guest stars, including George Mallaby, Norman Yemm, Terence Donovan, Max Gillies, Briony Behets, Maurie Fields, Val Lehman, Mike Preston, Peter Cummins and Anne Pendlebury. Filmed at the picturesque Emu Bottom homestead in Sunbury, directed by Russell Hagg and Simon Wincer (Lonesome Dove), Tandarra continues the exploration of Australia's rich colonial past with a pounding sense of heart and adventurous spirit.
Smiley's People DVD from DVDLand.Following on from the successful miniseries Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, John Le Carre's master spy returns in the BAFTA Award-winning Smiley's People. George Smiley (Oscar winner Alec Guinness, Star Wars Episode IV) is called out of retirement when one of his contacts, a former Soviet General, is found murdered. Still working for the 'Circus', more commonly known as the Secret Intelligence Service, he discovers a clandestine operation run by his arch nemesis of the Russian Secret Service, Karla (Patrick Stewart, X-Men) uncovering a secret important enough to kill for. Featuring an ensemble cast including: Bernard Hepton (Gandhi), Beryl Reid (STAR!), Alan Rickman (the Harry Potter series), Sian Phillips (I, Claudius), Michael Lonsdale (The Day of the Jackal) and Bill Patterson (The Killing Fields), Smiley's People is a gripping tale of intrigue and espionage in the finest Le Carre tradition.
SHINEFrom $19.95
Geoffrey Rush's Shine DVD is truly one of the best Australian Films of all time.The true life story of piano virtuoso David Helfgott (Geoffrey Rush in an Academy Award winning performance), SHINE captures a most remarkable journey in flashback, a personal tale of creative passion and musical achievement, celebrating the ineluctable power of human endearment. Pushed headfirst into the world of music by domineering father Peter (Academy Award nominee Armin Mueller-Stahl), piano prodigy David (portrayed by Noah Taylor, The Year My Voice Broke) is mentored by local teacher Ben Rosen (Nicholas Bell, The Games) to win the state musical championship. Invited to study with prominent musicians in America, David's opportunities are stifled by his father, but supported by new-found friend and novelist Katharine Susannah Prichard (Googie Withers). Offered a scholarship to the prestigious Royal College of Music, David faces one of the toughest piano recitals of his life in Rach
BLACK BEAUTY (2014)From $27.95
Black Beauty 2014 DVD from DVDLand.A modern retelling of Anna Sewell's classic novel, Black Beauty explores the heartfelt story of 15 year-old Audry (Jennifer McKenzie) who makes the discovery of a lifetime whilst volunteering at a city animal shelter. Rescued from an abusive owner and recovering from a traumatic past, Black Beauty possesses a most unique quality of character, endearing itself to Audry and her Grandpa (Bruce Davison, X-Men) who adopt the horse in order to give it a second chance and perhaps even help revitalise their own family situation. Aided by dedicated trainer James (Luke Perry, Beverly Hills 90210) and tested by the many challenges of equine life, Black Beauty has his work cut out for him as he embarks on a remarkable journey of discovery and friendship.
HIDING (2015)From $33.95
The Hiding DVD from DVDLand.A Gold Coast family enters the witness protection program and winds up in a strange city, under the flight-path, miles from the beach, pursued by ruthless criminals; Dad hides out in the local university, in the Psychology Department. This is the story of Lincoln and Bec, and their children Mitch and Tara - trying to live a normal life while hiding out in a totally alien city. It's the struggle to hold together a dysfunctional family, in extraordinary circumstances. It's warm, funny and scary, sometimes all at once.
MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS (1971)From $19.95
Mary Queen Of Scots 1971 DVD from DVDLand.A resplendent historical tale of ambition and betrayal, Mary Queen of Scots captures the intense rivalry between Queen Elizabeth I (Academy Award winner Glenda Jackson, Women in Love) and Mary Stuart of Scotland (Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave, Julia). Facing many challenges during her reign, Mary must deal with her half-brother James Stuart (Patrick McGoohan, Danger Man) and his ambitions to rule Scotland. She is also backed into a corner when Elizabeth sends two suitors to distract her from her royal duties - Robert Dudley (Daniel Massey) and Lord Darnley (Timothy Dalton, The Living Daylights). Seeking advice from charming Italian courtier David Riccio (Ian Holm , The Lord of The Rings Trilogy), Mary finds herself in peril as the formidable sound of rebellion echos across the highlands. Produced by Hal Wallis and directed by Charles Jarrot (Anne of the Thousand Days) and nominated for five Academy Awards(R), Mary Queen of Scots is a classic drama about two remarkable women and the price they are prepared to pay for absolute power.
JIMMYS HALLFrom $29.95
Jimmy's Hall DVD from DVDLand.1932. Jimmy Gralton is back home in the Irish countryside after ten years of forced exile in the USA. His widowed mother Alice is happy, Jimmy's friends are happy, all the young people who enjoy dancing and singing are happy. Which is not the case of Father Sheridan, the local priest, nor of the village squire, nor of Dennis O'Keefe, the chief of the fascists. The reason is simple: Jimmy is a socialist activist. So when the "intruder" reopens the village hall, thus enabling the villagers to gather to sing, dance, paint, study or box, they take a dim view of the whole thing. People who think and unite are difficult to manipulate, aren't they? From that moment on they will use every means possible to get rid of Jimmy and his "dangerous" hall.
Fair Stood the Wind for France DVD from DVDLand.H.E. Bates' classic tale of danger, suspense and romance in Second World War France, adapted into a four-part mini-series by the BBC. Returning from a bombing mission in Italy, John Franklin is forced to bring his plane down in occupied France during the Second World War. Responsible for the safety of his crew and with a badly injured arm he finds refuge with a mill owner's family who risk their lives to hide the soldiers. The condition of Franklin's arm worsens and while the other men depart, he must remain to recover. Over the following hot summer weeks he falls in love with Francoise, the mill owner's daughter. With the German patrols closing in, their only chance of survival is to escape from France. A daring and hazardous escape for freedom ensues.
Grantchester DVD from DVDLand.It's 1953, and Sidney Chambers (James Norton) is vicar of Grantchester, a village just outside Cambridge. Sidney's is a quiet life. Or at least, it has been - right up until the moment that murder comes his way. Pushed into the dangerous world of lies, betrayal and murder, Sidney quickly finds that his insight into the human condition, and the natural trust that he engenders in people, means that he excels in his new position as detective. Joining Sidney as he journeys into this dark world is the affable but world-weary Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green).
STILL ALICEFrom $32.95
Coming Soon. Order Still Alice now to secure your copy at this special price.The Still Alice DVD starring Julianne Moore in her 2015 Oscar winning role alongside Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart.Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children, is a renowned linguistics professor who starts to forget words. When she receives a devastating diagnosis, Alice and her family find their bonds tested.