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The Shimano Dendou Marou Electric Fishing Reel. Recreational anglers are now investigating the deep reefs that lie either side of the......

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Redback Surfboard - Kirra Pro 5 foot 5 inch Soft SurfboardFrom $139.95
Redback Kirra Pro Soft Surfboard 5-foot 5-inch Thanks to the Redback Surf - Kirra Pro, learning to surf is now much safer. Quite simply, these are some of the finest soft surfboards for kids and beginners to learn on. And that’s because they enjoy the performance of a quality soft surfboard without the risk of serious injury – this is a definite win-win! These soft top surfboards differ from fibreglass because they feature durable foam cores with a soft shaped foam outer layer along with plast
Problue Clip Shock Line-Red with Loop, Split Ring and Snap ClipFrom $18.95
• The Problue Clip Shock Line is a heavy duty shock line that is an ideal accessory for Scuba diving as it can be easily attached to a BCD D-ring using the snap hook that is attached by webbing to one end of the shock cord. • The opposite end of the shock cord has a stainless steel split ring and nylon cord with a toggle, attached to heavy duty webbing. • The shock cord also has a secure clip, to lock both ends together. The laynard will not extend out with the clips secured together. • The Problue Clip Shock line would be ideal for use with a camera or for use as a safety lanyard. • It has black clips, red webbing and the shock cord is clear with a red line through the centre.
Beuchat Trident Screw On Tip For SpearsFrom $9.9
Equilateral configuration screw-on trident head for threaded Spearshafts with 6mm thread.Zinc plated steel. Note: Speartips only, shaft not included
Adreno Tuna 7mm Threaded Universal Shaft - Twin Mini Shark FinFrom $79
Adreno Tuna 7mm Threaded Universal Shaft, Spring Steel 17/4 ph Hardness.Twin Mini Shakfins, suitable for guns with twin rubbersTwo shooting line hole, one at spear base and one forward of first notch. Suitable for use with spearguns that have a narrow aperture where the shaft engages into the mech.7mm thread, that allows a variety of screw on tips to be used. Ideal tips come from the Salimar range of screw on spear tips Suits most South African and European guns, including Rob Allen, Freedivers, Rabitech, Pelaj, Omer, Riffe Euro, Beuchat, Aimrite, Picasso.Please be aware, these shafts do not suit enclosed track guns (such as the Omer Caymen ET) as the fins are Minfins and are not large enough to have a hole in for the shooting line.When ordering, please remember, the listed sizes ...
Beuchat Mundial Camo Green 3.5mm 2-Piece Spearfishing Wetsuit - SIZE XL ONLYFrom $459
The Beuchat Mundial Camo Green 3.5mm spearfishing wetsuit is an open cell neoprene suit with titanium inside and a EWS system and camouflage exterior specifically designed by Beuchat to maximise your ability to blend in and camouflage whilst spearfishing.This is the new top of the line spearfishing wetsuit from Beuchat with features such as Supratex reinforcements on the chest, from the elbows to the wrists and from knees to ankles. The joints have no stitching and to increase insulation and the suit is fitted with over-sewn borders.This spearfishing wetsuit is designed as a 2 piece with 3.5mm trousers and suspenders, as well as a 3.5mm jacket without closure.
Intova Sport HD Speargun MountFrom $33
Spear Gun Mount The Spear Gun Mount allows Sport HD to be mounted on spear gun with cylindrical shaft diameter between (1.38 to 1.5) inches / (3.5 to 3.8) cm and adjustable to 4 different configurations. Weight 5 oz /141.8g. Please note, to use this item with GoPro cameras you will need to purchase this adaptor  ALWAYS BUY INTOVA PRODUCTS FROM AUTHORIZED AUSTRALIANDEALERS ONLY: To ensure proper warranty coverage, make sure Intova products are purchased from legitimate retailers only. Be sure that the dealer has a mailing address...
Intova Sport HD Mini Base Tray Camera MountFrom $26.95
Intova Sport HD Mini Base Tray is designed as a universal light and camera mounting system
Intova Sport HD Speargun MountFrom $33
The Intova Sport HD Speargun mount allow for easy attachment of any camera with a standard tripod screw fitting, to your speargun
Beuchat Baseball Cap - BlackFrom $19
Stylish Baseball cap from Beuchat - Inspired by the sea