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An interactive and comprehensive short course for the entrepreneur-at-heart. If you're thinking of starting your… more info
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If you want to make $500 to $2,500 per week in your own home based business then here is a way for you to learn how in… more info
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Profits from Pages Self-publishing is a fast-growing industry, and bookstores and consumers alike now acknowledge the… more info
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Cecilia Valds is arguably the most important novel of 19th century Cuba.Originally published in New York City in 1882,… more info
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There's Money in the MiddleYou like doing deals and making money, but don't care much for the retail grind? You should… more info
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Experienced and first-time innkeepers need reliable information to help them meet the challenges of running a… more info
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If you want to become a photographer this course will take you step by step right through everything that you need to… more info
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This course covers everything from setting up your home office to day-to-day running of your new home desktop… more info
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This course covers everything from dealing with suppliers to the actual planning and timing of servicing your customers… more info
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In addition to the topics covered in our diploma course, the Advanced Starting Your Own Digital Photography Business… more info
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For a limited time only Online Courses Australia is offering three fantastic Business related courses as a bundle deal… more info
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From buying and selling PC hardware to product development and selling services, “Start Your Own Computer Business: The… more info
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Sweep Up the Profits. If it can be cleaned, chances are people will pay you to clean it. Houses, carpet, upholstery,… more info
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Be your own boss - “Entrepreneurs enjoy a freedom few ever know. Starting your own business is one of the few remaining… more info
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A practical guide to starting and running your own business. more info
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For everyone interested in starting a record label-to market new talent or to release and promote their own music-there… more info
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After being discouraged by the practices of the traditional publishing industry, the author Jeremiah Hensley decided to… more info
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Want to be in business for yourself? A computer repair service may be perfect for you. But how do you start and run a… more info
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Customs Broker Exam Study Guide & How to Start Your Own Customs Brokerage Business Only from The Nile more info
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From enjoying a night of sexy fun with your girlfriends to starting a highly profitable home business, this book… more info
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The articles in Start Your Own Religion, written at the height of the psychedelic era, embody Timothy Leary's core… more info
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To help farmers position themselves well for the opportunities of today's market, Sarah Aubrey, a successful farm-based… more info
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This volume presents anyone who has ever dreamed of running their own design firm with a step-by-step guide to the… more info
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Can you really start your own country? Erwin Strauss shows you five different methods for doing just that, as well as… more info
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Be Your Own Boss and Sell Your ExpertiseDid you ever think you might be able to make money leading seminars to teach… more info
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Start Generating Cash by the CarloadAmericans love their cars. They spend billions of dollars to maintain them-and this… more info
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Connect Candidates with Clients for ProfitWhen companies go looking for top business talent, they hire a… more info
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Turn Your Creativity into a Fulfilling Career Do you have an eye for complementary colors and patterns? Are you known… more info
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Achieve Your Dream Today! Today's internet offers a virtual world of opportunity! New turnkey technologies and… more info
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Turn Play Time into Profit TimeAre you inventive? Fun? Have you been called a kid at heart? If so, let us introduce you… more info
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Earn Loads of Profits! Looking for an easy-to-start business that can turn a profit in a very short time? As a freight… more info
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Turn your knowledge and experience into big bucks! Whether you're a computer whiz, a business expert, or a fundraising… more info
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Got an eye for fashion? Be a stylish success! Are you a fashionista? Do you love working with people? Do you dream of… more info
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Rake in the green. Like working outdoors? Love nature? Then a lawn care of landscaping business is your chance to rake… more info
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Since 1997, Storey's "Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business," by Mary Ashby McDonald, has sold 72,000 copies in 17… more info
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With more and more women with young children returning to work, hundreds of thousands of children in England and Wales… more info
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WANTED: well organised, computer savvy home-workers to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs get more done. Work… more info
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Jimi Hendrix in his own words. An intimate, posthumous memoir from one of the great gods of rock and roll It… more info
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The Real Witches' KitchenFrom $22.15
This title includes around 100 spells and recipes - many revealed for the first time - for eating, drinking and making your life merrier, along with plenty of practical advice on witchy subjects such as potions to improve your looks without ruining your bank balance! Traditionally much of the work of the witch took place around the hearth, where herbs, plants and other ingredients were specially blended to create medicines to mend the body and heal the spirit, and foods and wines were created to celebrate the festivals of the Wheel of the Year. Today's hearth is the kitchen, and for many witches it is the work-centre where they make the recipes and other “tools” of their trade.The book includes: oils, lotions and ointments, for magical and healing purposes; soaps and bathing distillations, to prepare for magical undertakings; brews and teas, using herb lore to heal the body and mind; soups, stews and other foods to sustain the sick and aid healing; candles and incenses, for use in rituals and magic; cakes, biscuits and breads, to honour the goddess and the god; sabbat foods and wines to celebrate the Wheel of the Year; and ideas for sachets of herbs to be given to those seeking protection, healing, and confidence.
Big Bucks!From $11.31
How to make serious money for both you and your company — from the top selling author of the One Minute Manager. Management gurus Blanchard and Bowles show how anyone — armed with a set of basic tools — can build personal wealth and financial security. Like the One Minute Manager and Raving Fans this is a business parable. It tells the story of Len, a manager who wants to be rich. Under the guidance of a group of mentors he comes across playing a card game, he begins to chart his own course to riches by learning three valuable secrets — the guideposts to becoming a multi-millionaire:The Test of Joy: how to discover the source of money making energy and drive The Test of Purpose: how to focus that power effectively The Test of Creativity: where to focus to create spectacular financial successPacked with practical advice, this is a must-read for any individual or business professional seeking to create money.
You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative ThoughtFrom $17.81
This title is about the power of positive thought - and about how negative thinking can wreck lives.Negative thinking is seen as a debilitati ng illness that will slowly kill your spirit - and for some people lead to actual physical disease. Happily though, this is not a doom-filled book at all! The authors show how to: eliminate the negative - spend less time thinking “down” and negative thoughts; accentuate the positive - spend more time focussing on the positive things in your life; and latch on to the affirmative - enjoy each moment! It contains inspirational, funny, and moving quotes. This book was written in part specially for those who have been diagnosed with severe illness. Negative thinking drags you down - whilst a truly positive approach will have a positive effect on your whole self - thus promoting good physical health. This title shows you how to focus on the positive.
Light on YogaFrom $25.35
B.K.S. Iyengar's “Light On Yoga” is established now as the classic text for all serious students of yoga. It contains: a step by step photo-guide to routines for beginners to highly advanced; guide to yoga breathing; introduction to the philosophy behind the Yoga and a guide to healing specific health problems. It contains a new larger format an easier to read edition of this Yoga classic.
The Real Witches' HandbookFrom $17.47
A down-to-earth introduction to Witchcraft that gives plenty of practical advice on becoming a wiccan. Whether you want to join a group or work as a Solitary this is an invaluable guide to the wiccan lifestyle. The chapters will include: / Myth and Reality — what being a witch is all about, how it compares with the Hollywood image / What Witchcraft is — the beliefs and practices / Moon worship, the elements, Gods and Goddesses, the cycles of death and rebirth / The Sabbats and the Wheel of the Year / Becoming a Witch — what does it involve? / Magic — how it works and the responsibilites involved. How to avoid potential danger / Spellcraft — how to help you pass exams, attract partners, improve family relationships / Herbal work — herbs for skin, hair, scents, traditional recipes / How to tell your family and how to make contact with groups and other teenage Wiccans
Easy Gluten Free CookingFrom $18.92
Gluten from wheat is present in an overwhelming amount of the food we eat. Increasing numbers of people however, are discovering that they are either allergic to wheat and gluten or have a gluten intolerance - a coeliac condition. The restrictions of a gluten free diet can make eating well seem impossible. This book contains over 130 nutritionally-sound recipes - specially designed to help make a gluten free diet easy to follow.
What Makes Women HappyFrom $17.6
A delicious treat of wisdom for better self-awareness and satisfaction. Tackle anxiety, envy, guilt, while giving in to sex, food, friends, family, shopping - and chocolate. What makes women happy? Nothing, for more than ten minutes at a time, so stop worrying. In this new book, Fay Weldon offers wisdom gleaned from a remarkable life, a brilliantly successful career and a fair share of trouble. She explores what makes women happy, and what we can do to lead more rounded and desirable lives. Chapters contain sassy morals, illustrative and sympathetic stories, and a lot of frank advice to show women how to stop obssessing and feeling bad about themselves. Later chapters confront the four horses of a woman's apocalypse: despair, depression, isolation, and self-doubt. A blend of philosophy, storytelling and self-help, this inspirational work shows Weldon at the peak of her creative powers, as brisk, stylish and entertaining as ever.
A Fortune-Teller Told MeFrom $15.01
Warned by a fortune-teller not to risk flying, the author - a seasoned correspondent - took to travelling by rail, road and sea. Consulting fortune-tellers and shamans wherever he went, he learnt to understand and respect older ways of life and beliefs now threatened by the crasser forms of Western modernity. William Shawcross in the Literary Review praised Terzani for 'his beautifully written adventure story...a voyage of self-discovery...He sees fortune-tellers, soothsayers, astrologers, chiromancers, seers, shamans, magicians, palmists, frauds, men and women of god (many gods) all over Asia and in Europe too...Almost every page and every story celebrates the mystical and the unknowable. It is a fabulous story of renewal and change...Terzani is already something of a legend. He has written magnificently all his life. Never better than now.' Yes, the fortune-teller did save him from an air-crash in Cambodia. Looking back afterwards, Terzani reckoned that 'I was marked for death and instead I was reborn.'
Horse Sense for PeopleFrom $13.88
The book for which people have been asking Monty Roberts for years, Join-Up describes how what he has learnt from horses can play an important role in improving our lives. Monty Roberts has been travelling all over the world, demonstrating his work for the last ten years. Public reaction to him, and to his books, has confirmed his belief that the concepts of Join-Up can help humans develop both business and personal communication. For many years corporations have been sending their managers to Monty Roberts' demonstrations, and the messages of non-violence, of listening, and of the importance of trust have been successfully developed in many of the companies. But Monty and Pat Roberts have also fostered over forty children and have seen how the same concepts of mutual agreement and trust can be used with great benefits in a family environment. Join-Up is full of stories of those who have found, through Monty Roberts, the strength to face their problems whatever they may be. Some are heart-wrenching, some are funny, all are illuminating. Join-Up is full of new stories about some of the horses he has worked with, and from whom he has learnt what he believes.The Man Who Listens To Horses has written an important, revealing book for all people.
Fast Diet Feeling GoodFrom $4.5
Sometimes a steady, long-term diet doesn't produce results quick enough. Perhaps you have a holiday coming up, a slinky dress t fit into, or you simply want to drop a few pounds quickly? There are plenty of diets to choose from, but many people are choosing a quick fix. With Fast Diet you can, too. This book gives you all the advice you'll need to safely lose weight in a short space of time. With a detailed introduction to fast dieting and plenty of health advice, plus a range of specially chosen recipes and meal plans, this latest addition to our Feeling Good range will have you feeling fantastic in no time.