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This is the ultimate garden-to-table guide from one of Australia's most highly regarded food writers. Authoritative… more info
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If you have ever dreamed of picking fresh salad leaves for the evening meal, gathering vine-ripened tomatoes or pulling… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : The Kitchen Garden Companion : Hardback : Quadrille Publishing Ltd : 9781844008780 :… more info
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This is the ultimate garden-to-table guide from one of Australia's most highly regarded food writers. - Features… more info
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Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion by Stephanie Alexander from Penguin Books Australia is ideal for the… more info
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Stephanie Alexander's philosophy is that there is no such thing as special food for children: if food is good, everyone… more info
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That's Not My Monkey by Fiona WattFrom $10.54
Free Delivery Worldwide : That's Not My Monkey : Board book : Usborne Publishing Ltd : 9780746093368 : 0746093365 : 25 Apr 2008 : Part of a series which is shortlisted for the British Book Industry Stora Enso Award for Design and Production. This title helps young children develop important language and sensory skills.
Essential World Atlas by DK PublishingFrom $9.95
A full-color look at today's world topography.
The Fashion File by Janie BryantFrom $16.25
Janie Bryant, award-winning costume designer for Mad Men, and the woman behind Joan and Betty's fabulous style, will show you how to transform your wardrobe from good to gorgeous.From Joanie?s Marilyn Monroe-esque pencil skirts to Betty?s classic Grace Kelly cupcake dresses, the clothes worn by the characters of the phenomenal Mad Men have captivated fans everywhere. Now, women are trading in their khakis for couture and their Pumas for pumps. Emmy-Award winning costume designer Janie Bryant offers readers a peek into the dressing room of Mad Men, revealing the design process behind the various characters? looks and showing every woman how to find her own leading lady style, whether it?s vintage, modern, or bohemian.Bryant also offers advice to ensure that a woman?s clothes convey her personality. She covers everything from finding incredible vintage clothing and accessories to pairing those authentic pieces with modern shoes and jeans. Readers will learn how to find their perfect bra size, use colour to convey a mood, and invest in the ten essentials every woman should own. And just so the ladies don?t leave their men behind, there?s even a section on making them look a little more Don Draper-dashing.About The AuthorEmmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant creates all of the looksseen on TV?s Mad Men. She has worked on numerous films and TV shows. In2005, she won an Emmy for her period costumes on HBO?s Deadwood and shetook home the prestigious Outstanding Costume Design award from theCostume Designers Guild in both 2009 and 2010.
70 Traditional Recipes from a Country Farmhouse by Judith SimonsFrom $3.9
This is a heart-warming collection of over 70 traditional recipes, fresh from the country. It offers easy-to-follow instructions for each recipe, with step-by-step photographs. It includes eight delicious chapters : Soups & Starters; Vegetables; Eggs & Cheese; Fish & Seafood; Meat & Poultry; Desserts; and, Baking and Preserves. There are many traditional family favourites, together with new twists on classic dishes. Every finished dish is photographed in full colour. In this volume, you will find recipes for every season and every occasion - soups, vegetable accompaniments and vegetarian dishes, pies, casseroles, stews and roasts, as well as fruity desserts and cakes, bread, chutneys and jams. Whether in the city or the country, special occasions should be celebrated with a special meal. This book brings the flavours, aromas and ease of preparation found in healthy, traditional country dishes to even the city kitchen.
Shoes For The Moscow Circus by Leta KeensFrom $9.75
Shoes for the Moscow Circus is an atmospheric, lyricallook behind the scenes of a number of Australian trades and industries,many of which are fast disappearing in the modern world.Arts writer Leta Keens, with photographer Oliver Strewe, visitedmore than 25 factories and workshops - including an umbrella maker andcricket ball factory, a taxidermist and a bicycle maker, a tannery anda dolls' hospital - and discovered far more than simply the historyand processes involved in these trades. With an engagingly readablestyle, she also tells the stories of the characters who inhabit theseintriguing and often little known worlds.About the Author Leta Keens is a Sydney-based journalist who specialises in architecture, design and the arts. She started her career on the architecture and women's pages of a Fleet Street newspaper, and has since worked in Australia, Italy and the United States. She has edited several books, is the co-author of The Slow Guide to Sydney, and has written for a number of publications, including Harper's Bazaar, The Australian newspaper and Qantas in-flight magazine. For a number of years, she has been editor-at-large of the architecture and design magazine, Belle.
Bugle Bead Bonanza by Jamie Cloud EakinFrom $3.75
Popular beader Jamie Cloud Eakin uses bugle beads to make her fun, fantastic pieces, and she?s showing other crafters how to do it, too! The techniques ? from weaving into beadwork to using stop beads ? are wonderfully simple, and explained in an easy-to-follow basics section.Each of the 30 beautiful projects fits into one of six thematic colour families, and the gorgeous creations include a Victorian Choker, colourful Parallel Weave Bracelet, and black-and-white Pouch with Pizzazz.About the Author Jamie Cloud Eakin is a professional bead artist who sells her work in galleries across North America. Her first book was Beading with Cabochons.
Kitten Taming by David TaylorFrom $5.25
When you see a kitten in action, wildly tearing around the house, climbing up the curtains, and pouncing on shadows, you'll have no doubt in your mind that he is most definitely the relative of a lion. Fear not, you don't need any whips or chains to tame your crazy kitty! Filled with adorable photos and easy-to-follow advice, Kitten Taming is a helpful quick-reference book featuring everything you need to know about your young cat. This tail-to-whiskers guide covers kitten essentials like anatomy and basic needs, behaviour, grooming, food, equipment, and health checks. Not my new sofa! Learn how to kitten-proof your home and garden with ingenious, simple suggestions from pet experts. Love and hisses? Cats are notoriously fickle and can turn from a purring love machine into a hissing banshee in a second. Find out how cats communicate and what your kitty is trying to tell you, whether it's "Play with me!" or "Leave me alone!" Discover fun, humane ways to train your kitten! Teach your kitty mealtime manners, obedience, games, and how to use a litter box. About the Author David Taylor is an eminent and highly respected veterinary surgeon. He founded the International Zoo Veterinary Group in 1969 and now travels widely across the globe, treating everything from giant pandas to killer whales. He is the author of over 40 pet care books including the best-sellers The Ultimate Dog, You and Your Dog and Hamlyn's My Dog is a Genius, as well as Kitten Taming, another title in the Hamlyn All Colour Petcare range. He has also appeared on several TV shows.
Polish and Russian The Classic Cookbook by Lesley ChamberlainFrom $4.95
Poland, Russia and the Ukraine are countries famous for their inventive use of simple, fresh ingredients. This book is a comprehensive and fascinating collection of recipes that have been gathered from this region, which stretches from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south. Illustrated throughout with maps and photographs, this guide starts with an introduction giving the background and history of Polish, Russian and Ukrainian cooking, and explores the similarities and differences of their cuisines. Many of the dishes have remained unchanged for centuries and are rooted in peasant tradition, complementing the tartness of pickles, sauerkraut and sourdough rye bread with mushrooms, onion, sausage and herring. There are more than 60 recipes, each accompanied by photographs of every stage of the cooking process, and tempting pictures of the finished dishes, ranging from soups and starters, through meat and poultry, fish, vegetables, and grains, to desserts, cakes and bakes. Full of easy-to-follow recipes and inspiring ideas, this is a rich, fascinating, detailed, accessible and informative guide to one of the classic cuisines of the world.About the Authors Lesley Chamberlain is a writer linguist and traveller. Her acquaintance with Eastern Europe began with a year in Russia as a Reuter correspondent followed by independent travels. Since 1991, she has been a judge for the International Langhe Ceretto prize awarded to books on food and culture and is the author of a number of books. Catherine Atkinson has always had a passionate interest in food and cookery and as a student this culminated in a BSc (Hons) in Home Economics at Surrey University. After graduating she worked in various hotels and restaurants including the Roux Brothers' famous patisseries. Her catering experience led to work in publishing - creating recipes and styling food for p
Classic German Cookbook by Lesley ChamberlainFrom $4.95
The robust cuisines of Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have all proved enduringly popular across the world. Pork, tomatoes, and spices, particularly paprika, are the basis of many of the region's classic dishes, among them Pork Stew with Sauerkraut and Hungarian Goulash. Beef Stroganov is, of course, renowned, but perhaps it is the cakes and pastries that are the most famous culinary feature - Dobos Torta and Apple Strudel are just two mouthwatering examples. This book is a fascinating introduction to the food heritage of these countries and a comprehensive collection of traditional recipes. The book opens with an informative and practical description of the rich culinary history of the region and an overview of the traditional ingredients, techniques and flavours of the area. Then the heart of the book is the recipes, with sections on soups and starters, meat and poultry, fish dishes, vegetables, grains and pasta, and desserts and bakes are all included, with each recipe tested and adapted to suit every cook and any type of kitchen. Every recipe is shown in easy-to-follow step-by-step photography, and there are over 300 colour pictures throughout, including a portrait of every finished dish so the cook can see exactly the result they are aiming to achieve. Cook's hints and tips give fascinating insights into the background of this great culinary heritage. Full of hearty and nourishing recipes brimming with variety and flavour, this evocative and inspirational cookbook will delight all those new to the traditional cooking of Germany and Central Europe and introduce surprising new recipes to those who have already enjoyed the richness of this classic cuisine.About the Authors Lesley Chamberlain is a writer, linguist, and traveller. Her acquaintance with central and eastern Europe began with a year in Russia as a Reuters correspondent,
Wine Atlas of Australia by James HallidayFrom $19.25
Written by one of the most respected wine critics in the world, this book is an authoritative and comprehensive guide to the wine-growing regions of Australia. With his usual wit and erudition, James Halliday introduces the reader to each area with an informative overview of its distinguishing features and history, as well as the wine styles and individual wines for which that region is known. He includes contact details for many of the regions' wineries, along with profiles of the wineries' styles and signature labels. Superbly produced with more than 90 colour maps and hundreds of illuminating colour photos throughout, this user-friendly atlas provides everyone from the devoted connoisseur to the armchair enthusiast with a thorough understanding of why Australia is rapidly becoming one of the world's top wine regions. Australian wines are known not only for their quality but also for their unequalled, rainbow like spectrum of styles. With a career that spans over forty years, the author is a consummate authority on every aspect of the wine industry, from the planting and pruning of vines through the creation and marketing of the finished product. His passion for his subject is evident and his insights brilliantly demonstrate how variety, climate, terrain and technology have combined to produce superb wines that are just beginning to make their mark on the world. About the Author James Halliday is one of the founders of Brokenwood and chief winemaker at Coldstream Hills in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. He is the author of Wine Atlas of Australia and New Zealand, Wine Atlas of California, The Art and Science of Wine, James Halliday's Wine Companion, and many other books.