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The new editions of the Successful series are designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in the fundamental… more info
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Successful English 1 2ed Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Dragonart - Drawing Dragons with J. "Neondragon" Peffer by Jessica PefferFrom $8.25
Art Workshops - On Demand! Now you cn learn how to draw a dragon from start to finish - learn everything from generic shapes, to specific anatomy, and even the minute details, this workshop has it all! Starting with a simple dragon, you'll progress to more detailed dragon heads, horns, wings and finally a complete dragon. Follow along with Jessica "NeonDragon" Peffer as she demonstrates her drawing techniques step by stepView 55 minutes of premiere art instruction.Running time: 55 Minutes
Dragonart - Digital Dragons with J. "Neondragon" Peffer by Jessica PefferFrom $8.25
In this workshop J. "Neondragon" Peffer reveals some of her favourite digital art secrets using photo imaging software. You'll learn techniques for digital inking, colouring, and special effects all in one place!Digital files included to follow along with the NeonDragon as she demonstrates her digital painting techniques step by step View 64 minutes of premiere art instructionRunning time: 64 Minutes
T'ai Chi for Liberation by John MiltonFrom $5.95
Practitioners around the world rely on Tai Chi to maintain physical health and well-being but few realise that is only half of what Tai Chi offers. On Tai Chi for Liberation, master teacher John P. Milton reveals the missing half of this ancient Qigong art for cultivating spiritual awareness, unity with creation, and ultimately enlightenment. This secret practice, developed by Tai Chis legendary founder Chang San Feng, has been kept alive by masters from Wudang Mountain since the 13th century. Now John Milton, one of the few Western teachers invited as an honoured Taoist cultivator to this sacred sanctuary, presents a breathtaking training video for Wuji Tai Chi at a time when the world is now ready for the liberating power of this spiritual art.Total Running Time : 90 Minutes
Dramatic Values - M Katherine Hurley Works in Black and White (DVD) by M. Katherine HurleyFrom $8.25
Follow along with M. Katherine Hurley as she shares her process for creating energy-filled value studies using black pastel and erasers. Her process of construction and deconstruction captures the soul and energy of the landscape. This process is not only intriguing and fun, but a great way to learn more about striking values and strong compositions.Follow along with the author as she demonstrates her techniques step by step.71 minutes of premiere art instructionRunning time: 71 Minutes
Step by Step Guide to Acrylic Collage with Merle Rosen DVD by Merle RosenFrom $8.25
Discover a truly personal art-making experience by exploring the creative process behind acrylic collage. Artist Merle Rosen shows you how to compose a collage composition, adhere collage elements, add acrylic paint and glazes and how to evaluate your final paintings. Apply these techniques to your own work for a new creative experience. Discover a truly personal art-making experience by exploring the creative process behind acrylic collage. Merle Rosen has exhibited internationally and taught in multiple media at the University of Cincinnati, Thomas More College and Cincinnati Art Academy for over 40 years. She has received six Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist grants. As a Golden Working Artist, Rosen lectures and demonstrates using Golden acrylic media. Running time: 73 Minutes
Birds of Prey - Hawthorn HistoryFrom $5.9
Birds of Prey traces the rise of the Hawks. Featuring rare footage from the 50's, anecdotes from the great coaches from Jack Hale, John Kennedy, David Parkin and Allan Jeans and in depth interviews with the captains from Graham Arthur and Don Scott, through to Leigh Mathews and Michael tuck. Share 9 premierships with the men who made them happen. One of the great success stories. The marvels of modern football together for the first time on DVD. Over two hours of footage. Total Running Time : 170 minutes
At Peace At Home: Harmonious Designs For Simple LivingFrom $7.99
Turn your home into an oasis of calm and create a beautiful living environment in which to feel relaxed and at ease . . . Discover a unique blend of practical advice, design know-how and Eastern wisdom that will instruct and inspire you to make...
At Home In BaliFrom $34.95
Hundreds of glorious photographs and an evocative text offer an insider's look at the exotic style of the "Island of the Gods". Featured in this exquisitely illustrated volume are 24 exceptional homes, both traditional and modern, all...
AstronomicaFrom $26.99
Astronomica combines the knowledge of astronomy experts with the very latest images to present an in-depth look at the universe and the celestial bodies that abound in the intriguing realm of the night sky. Written in an engaging and accessible...
Astrology RevealedFrom $7.99
A Simple Guide To Unlocking The Secrets Of Astrology Astrology is a powerful and fascinating key to the mysteries of life, offering us insight into the lessons contained within our everyday problems and burdens. Astrology involves much more than...