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Kiama 4 Seater Outdoor Australian Hardwood 3pc Set - Beccali Furniture Only from Milan Direct more info
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Apollo Bay 4 Seater Outdoor Australian Hardwood 3pc Set - Beccali Furniture Only from Milan Direct more info
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Stave off slouching umbrellas with the Cantilever Umbrella Weight Base Set from Sunlong. more info
+ Shipping: $99.15
Chill out in style with the Dubai 4 Piece Lounge Set from Sunlong. more info
+ Shipping: $381.32
Create lush beautiful vertical wall gardens indoors or outdoors.Each Gro-Wall 4 kit offers 18 Pots in 6 rows of 4 pots.… more info
+ Shipping
Add extra modules to larger Gro-Wall Kits or create a small vertical garden with the Atlantis Gro-Wall® 4 Half Kit.Each… more info
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Shooters just got weird! Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare digs into the trenches with an explosive new action… more info
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$19.00 each If you purchase more than one!! Hurry and grab them now! more info
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$19.00 each If you purchase more than one!! Hurry and grab them now! more info
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"""Grand Garden"" 5 pce outdoor dining set is just right for smaller areas. Table is 98cm in diameter with 8mm tempered… more info
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Decorate your garden with this stunning set of 4 solar lanterns This set of lanterns are made from durable nylon and… more info
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Light up your garden or porch with these solar sensor lights. Automatic in nature these solar lights will turn on… more info
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These Garden Pots - Set of 4 Purple Round Planters are an attractive feature to your Indoor or Outdoor room. Place in… more info
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This Colourful Country Garden Metal Baby Birds Set of 4 is an attractive feature to your Indoor or Outdoor garden.… more info
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Dubai Deep Lounge 4 Piece Set more info
+ Shipping: $330.40
Dubai 4-Piece Wicker Lounge Set more info
+ Shipping: $388.00
Delivery available Aus-wide, Please use the Postage calculator to check shipping cost.Pickup is available in Melbourne,… more info
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Greenhouse Garden Shed 4 Tier Clear PVC Cover more info
FREE shipping
Bring a sense of style to your garden with this garden edging set. The wooden construction is durable and stylish.… more info
+ Shipping: $8.25
4 X Snake Repeller Solar Powered Panel LED Light Only from Topbuy.com.au more info
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Iphone 4 Style Handheld Portable LCD Calculator 8 digit 01 1714 Only from Topbuy.com.au more info
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The Austral Elite, the first coloured Rotary Hoist. Made from long lasting galvanised tube with traditional… more info
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Stop the backbreaking bending down to pick up log halves and run them through your splitter again. With the convenient… more info
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Stop the backbreaking bending down to pick up log halves and run them through your splitter again. With the convenient… more info
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LATEST RELEASE Pro 4-Stroke Leaf Blower Includes bonus Vacuum Kit FEEL FREE TO COME & INSPECT THIS PRODUCT BY CALLING… more info
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Get your hands on this proven JAPANESE DESIGN 4-STROKE COMMERCIAL GRADE WHIPPER SNIPPER & BRUSHCUTTER Featuring the… more info
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TWM Shredder Chipper 4 Wheel Model: FI13SCA4W Description: Makes quick work of chipping and shredding branches,… more info
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Briggs & Stratton EngineReadyStart19" (48cm) Cutting Width15-72mm Cut Height AdjustmentMulching KitEngine Make: Briggs… more info
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This 43cc 5 in 1 4.5M Power Tool is an extremely lightweight with plenty of power. 5 Different Function long reach Head… more info
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This Dynamic Power 43cc 8 in 1 Power Tool is extremely lightweight with plenty of power. 8 Different Function long… more info
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The most innovative retrating clothesline in Australia is now available at Clothesline Shop. The new Hills Slim 4… more info
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Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Hills Extenda 4 Retractable Clothesline can by hung four different ways:… more info
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Type:Garden Tool Sets; Material:Stainless Steel; Handle Material:Plastic; Net Weight (kg):3; Gross Weight (kg):3.5 more info
+ Shipping: $44.73
Type:Garden Tool Sets; Material:Steel; Handle Material:Rubber; Item Package Quantity:4; Net Weight (kg):1.5; Gross… more info
+ Shipping: $26.88
Type:Garden Tool Sets Material:Steel Handle Material:Rubber Item Package Quantity:4 Net Weight (kg):1.5 Gross Weight… more info
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Material:Alloy Steel Overall Length:26.5 Net Weight (kg):0.164 Gross Weight (kg)0.21 more info
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Sunlong Australia Hanging Chair Zanui Only $409.00 from eBay.com.au more info
+ Shipping: $31.90
Harry's Horse Beijing Breeches - Navy Blue Only $65.60 from eBay.com.au more info
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"Gerni Pressure Cleaner Super 130.2 - 126531622"From $397.96
"Reliable aluminium pumpTelescopic handle with sturdy and robust aluminium tubesStorage of gun, nozzle and foam sprayerIntegrated storage for hose and electric cablePressure regulationClick&Clean nozzle system ensures quick and easy change of nozzleAutomatic start/stopSturdy and robust designNoise reduction by rubber suspension of motor pump unitCan be used as stationary solution with a separate wall hookCABLE LENGTH (M): 5VOLTAGE (V): 230-240RATED POWER (KW): 1.7POWER CONSUMPTION (A): 7.1WATER FLOW QMAX/QIEC (L/H): 520/350PUMP PRESSURE (BAR/MPA): Max 120/12"
Free Ship - Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw Pruner - 3.4hp 62cc 2 in 1 LongreachFrom $299
Boasting the best in class power of a 62cc engine together with both hedge trimmer and chainsaw attachments, the Mtm Longreach Pruner 2-in-1 Multi-Tool is the perfect double act. The commercial gold anodised alloy shafts and massive 6.3m reach (extendable up to 7.5m) make getting those tall branches under control a breeze, while the auto chain lubricator, adjustable chain oil feed and patented 'Easy Start System' ensure simple operation and reliable performance, time after time. So double your output, order your Mtm 2-in-1 today! Powerful 62cc Pro-Series (best in class) Commercial gold anodized alloy shafts Super responsive direct air injection carburettor Massive 6.3m reach with both chainsaw and hedge trimmer attachments (option to extend to 7.5m) Dual floating bearing commercial quick change couplings Patented Easy Starting System- it's literally possible to start this beast with your little finger! Auto chain lubricator, adjustable chain oil feed Bonus Triple Safety Pack!!
Austral Indoor Outdoor ClotheslineFrom $147.9
Are you looking for a clothesline which is suitable for apartment living? The Austral Indoor Outdoor Foldown clothesline is the clothesline for you! This mini folding clothesline is the perfect clothesline for those indiviuals or couples who don't have big wash loads. It is strong compact line for the laundry or balcony which gives you good line space. This easy to use foldown product can easily be installed in the garage or around the side of the house as an extra washing line for those additional loads. It's also great for villas and townhouses! This Austral Clothesline will give you years of durable and reliable service as it is made from tough galvanised steel and white powercoated finish.
Versaline Up & Away Ceiling Mounted Clothes AirerFrom $222.99
Don't let the weather affect your laundry day. No matter what the weather condition is, you can depend on Versaline Up & Away Ceiling Mounted Clothes Airer. Install it on ceilings, then raise or lower it to any height. This is best for rainy, damp and cold winter months when it is not possible to take your wet laundry outdoors. Set it up in the garage or any hard surface with roof. It is made from alumininum, is lightweight and easy to use. It is a durable and reliable clothes airer that is designed to match your needs. It is crafted from the finest materials to last for decades. It has 6 lines and has a total line space of 16 metres. You'll have enough space to dry your washings regardless of the weather condition. If you are searching for extra hanging space in the garage or laundry then this one is best for you. Hang and dry clothes overnight, utilise your home heating and conserve energy. Cut down your electricity bills and refrain using driers during summer season. It sav...
Six Lath Supreme Ceiling Clothes AirerFrom $269.99
The Six Lath Supreme Ceiling Clothes Airer is a space-saving type of clothes drier that can easily be mounted on ceilings. It provides stability so you can hang clothes without worrying. It showcases 6 laths that can hold up to 30kg of wet wash load. It is ideal for indoor drying and best for rainy seasons. Now, you don't have to worry about the weather conditions- rain or shine, it doesn't matter. The Six Lath Supreme Ceiling Clothes Airer allows you to dry your clothes evenly by using the natural warmth of your home. This item includes 6 smoothed laths, that can be adjusted in a variety of lengths to match your needs. Cast iron ends, pulleys, ropes and installation instructions are also provided for easy installation. Made in the UK, this unit is built to last for decades and is ideal for families with large washing needs. It is suitable for 2-4 people who live in small and tight areas. Wash and dry with ease with the Six Lath Supreme Ceiling Clothes Airer. The Six Lath Supreme ...
Hills Supa Fold Compact ClotheslineFrom $152.99
The Hills Supa Fold Compact Folding Frame Clothesline is the most space maximizing folding clothesline available. Its small frame makes it ideal for flats, townhouses and other small abodes. One of the Hills Supa Fold Compact Folding Frame Clothesline distinct advantages, is that it can be installed indoors or outdoors. You can use it outdoors to catch the sun and breeze or install it indoors for back up during the winter or when the weather does not permit outdoor drying. It’s so versatile you can choose between having it ground mounted or wall mounted depending on your space availability. No matter how you decide to install it is sure to provide line space for your light to medium wash loads. This compact clothesline when wall mounted can fold against the wall, when not in use, so it does not get in your way. This unit is very convenient for tight spaces, common to flats and condominium units. Don't be deceived by the small looking frame, this clothesline offers 6 lines and...
Hills Rotary 8 ClotheslineFrom $339.99
The Hills Rotary 8 Clothesline is a great help for individuals who have to wash a bulk of laundry. This item is the largest folding head rotary clothesline available from Hills and it features 58m of washing line space. Drying clothes has never been easier and faster! Families who do their laundry every week simply must have this type of clothesline. It is not easy to dry clothes especailly if the weather is not ideal. Drying inside the house using a fan can be an option but are you satisfied with the way your clothes smell? Sometimes, no matter how clean your wash is it still leaves an unpleasant odor. This is caused by bacteria and washing them again is not only time consuming but it’s also a waste of energy. For you to have fresh smelling clothes free from bacteria, air dry them outside. The Hills Rotary 8 Clothesline is easy to install and can be transferred to different areas for you to catch the sun's rays. When you are done, simply fold it an...
Hills Rotary 6 ClotheslineFrom $289.99
The Hills Rotary 6 Clothesline is a reliable and durable clothesline that brings convenience to everyone. It features a handy 34m of clothesline space and a head diameter that measures 2.9 metres. It is made from A-grade materials to make sure it will last a lifetime and durability that guarantees 100% customer’s satisfaction. This type of clothesline is highly recommended for those who have small homes, small backyards, courtyards and compact living areas. This space maximizing type of clothesline doesn't occupy too much area, so even if you have a small area, you can afford to dry clothes evenly. Setting it up is such an easy task! And the best part, you can move it from one area to another so you can follow the sun and allow your clothes to dry evenly. When not in use, simply remove it from the ground, fold it and keep it inside your home. It is now easier to hang and dry clothes outside. Catch the bright sunny rays that will keep your clothes smelling fresh and clea...
Hills Extenda 6 Retractable ClotheslineFrom $265
Would you like a reliable and sturdy clothesline? Every home needs the Hills Extenda 6 Retractable Clothesline, as it is not your ordinary type of clothesline. Instead, it is a versatile clothesline that you can retract in just a snap! It requires far less effort, it is so easy! The Hills Extenda 6 Retractable Clothesline can be installed in four different ways: wall to wall, post to post, wall to post and post to wall. Understanding that not everyone can afford to live in a spacious area, we bring you a type of clothesline that is a space saver and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. It provides you with a modern and durable clothesline, by simply pulling the lid with 6 lines that measures 39 metres in length! To keep the lines safe inside the rust resistant colourbond cabinet, simply unlock and unhook it when you have finished using it. For your convenience, we also offer ban installation service for those that require help installing their new clothesline.Click on t...
Hills Extenda 4 Retractable ClotheslineFrom $205
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Hills Extenda 4 Retractable Clothesline can by hung four different ways: wall to wall, post to post, wall to post and post to wall. This unit allows you to hang and dry your clothes even if you have limited space. It is an innovative type of clothesline, designed to fit in small or spacious areas. The lines go in the cabinet, when not in use and it is very stylish and modern. Showcasing 26m of total line space, the Hills Extenda 4 Retractable Clothesline is ideal for 2-3 people and has 4 lines so you can keep on hanging your clothes until it dries. Featuring a maximum line extension of 6.5m with cabinet dimensions of 610mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 230 mm (D), it is retractable and easy to unhook when you are finished drying your clothes. You can extend the lines to 6.5m so you can add more washing. Have installation problems? We offer an installation service for your convenience. Shop now! Set it up outside using the ground mounting kit ...