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French cinema master Robert Bresson brings his trademark cinematic minimalism to this powerful re-telling of the story of Joan of Arc.......

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TALES OF MANHATTAN (1942)From $11.95
Brief stories tied together by an unlucky tail coat, interesting as a chance to see some great stars in their prime. The first story is a romantic triangle with Charles Boyer, Rita Hayworth, and Thomas Mitchell. The coat moves to another owner, a fanciful tale featuring Henry Fonda, Ginger Rogers, and Cesar Romero. The coat is next bought by Elsa Lanchester for her (real-life) husband, Charles Laughton, playing a down-on-his-luck musician and composer. It then comes into the possession of a disbarred lawyer, Edward G. Robinson who meets a classmate, George Sanders, at a very elegant college reunion. The coat is taken by two gangsters who lose it, and found by the very poorest of the poor, the Black community of the depression-racked 1930s, played by famed singer Paul Robeson and the great Ethel Waters, who go to their pastor, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, with whom the coat finally brings something good.
SEPARATE TABLES (1958)From $11.95
Terence Rattigans pair of one-act plays are deftly woven together into this intelligent, handsome drama, a kind of sombre Grand Hotel of lonely and repressed lives at a British seaside hotel in the dreary off-season. David Niven and Wendy Hiller earned well-deserved Oscars for their subdued turns, as a blustery old warhorse hiding a guilty secret and the efficient hotel proprietor, respectively. Burt Lancaster is the alcoholic American whose secret affair with Hiller is complicated when his former wife (Rita Hayworth) breezes in and reopens old emotional wounds, and Deborah Kerr is a mousy woman whose secret love for Niven is shattered by scandal. Director Daniel Mann (Marty) remains true to the good manners and quiet desperation that keeps these sad souls isolated at separate tables. He gracefully floats between the two dramas and patiently allows his repressed characters to open up and reveal their true feelings in their own quiet fashion.
THE FOLDFrom $23.95
A teenage girl lies dead on the floor of a swimming pool. Eleven months later, Anglican priest Rebecca Ashton (Catherine McCormack) moves to Cornwall in an attempt to deal with the death of her daughter. She enjoys exploring her new environment and takes over the ministry of a local church, where she finds a Bulgarian girl, Radka (Marina Stoimenova), sleeping rough. Rebecca is compelled to mother the girl and takes over Radka?s English classes at local community centre St. Piran?s. The two become close and as Radka?s dependence on Rebecca grows, Rebecca?s motivation to help her becomes more uncertain. Reminded of her deceased daughter, Rebecca offers to become Radka?s guardian but neglects to tell her she has another daughter, Eloise (Dakota Blue Richards). Ignoring Radka?s jealous and volatile nature, Rebecca welcomes her into the family home where Eloises appearance sparks a violent outburst. As the three women struggle for their lives, Rebecca is forced to come to her senses and embrace the reality of this dangerous situation.
CREW 2 CREWFrom $23.95
Lucas Santoro longs for more in his life than what his small town has to offer. After joining a break dancing troupe and traveling the world, he finds himself torn between his family, his girlfriend, and the life he knows for the chance to do something more. Lucas struggles to choose between his love for dancing and the love of his life. Inspired by true events.
65-year-old Jep Gambardella is a jaded journalist and wealthy bon vivant whose early promise as a novelist has never been fulfilled, though his infamy remains. He lives in a luxurious apartment overlooking the Colosseum and is a regular of Romes party circuit for the elite, a never-ending nocturnal parade of decadence. But his gold-tinged worldview begins to shift after he learns of the death of his first love...