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Talladega Nights - The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby: Uncut Version - Blu ray Only from Mighty Ape more info
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Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby - Columbia/ more info
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Number 1 ace NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) has it all - the mansion, the beautiful wife...and all the fast… more info
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Number 1 ace NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) has it all - the mansion, the beautiful wife...and all the fast… more info
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Number 1 ace NASCAR driver Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) has it all - the mansion, the beautiful wife...and all the fast… more info
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Black Duck Denim Seat Cover Bostrom Talladega Driver High-back Bucket Seat Only $255.00 from more info
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Black Duck Denim Seat Cover Bostrom Talladega Hiback Driver & Passenger Buckets Only $479.00 from more info
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Paul Hogan Show, The-The Best ofFrom $29.99
Paul Hogan has only ever played one character...himself. It is this Paul Hogan character that has taken him from the scaffolds of the Harbour Bridge to the very top of Hollywood.Paul's television career began in 1971 when he appeared on 'New Faces' as a blindfolded, tap dancing knife thrower. Fifteen years later his movie Crocodile Dundee was breaking box office records around the world.From runner-up in an amateur talent quest to writing, producing and starring in the most successful Australian film ever made...Paul Hogan was destined for stardom from the moment he greeted his first audience with a casual “G'day”.His weekly variety show on Channel Nine changed comedy in this country forever. Characters like Luigi the Unbelievable, Leo Wanker and Perc the Wino are firmly entrenched in our national psyche - and who could forget the come-hither swing of Delvene Delaney's hips and the various misadventures of the hapless Strop.There are bottoms, boobs and beer aplenty...this was a time when political correctness meant filling out a ballot form properly.With his footy socks, work shorts and broad Aussie accent, Paul Hogan revelled in being Australian and we loved him for it. More than two decades on, we still do.Anyhow...sit back and enjoy the very best of The Paul Hogan Show.
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency: Series 1From $50.99
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency celebrates Botswana, “the finest place on God's Earth,” as surely as a woman's intuition. Precious Ramotswe (Grammy-winning singer Jill Scott), after her father dies, sells his cows and opens an agency, because she “wants to do good.” So, the “traditionally built woman” (in the words of Anthony McCall Smith, who wrote nine books about her) leases the old Gabarone post office, hires hyper-efficient secretary Grace Makutsi (Anika Noni Rose, Dreamgirls), and gets down to business.With sassy hairdresser BK (Desmond Dube - Hotel Rwanda) and smitten mechanic JLB Matekoni (Lucian Msamati) cheering her on, Mma Ramotswe becomes a combination detective/feminist icon, sharing “endless cups of red bush tea” with her clients, encouraging women to take charge of their lives, and tackling tricky cases involving missing persons, duplicitous daddies, dangerous dentists, and unfaithful spouses (MI-5's David Oyelowo plays one of them).Produced for the BBC/HBO and filmed in Africa, the first season eschews gunplay and profanity for a fresh take on the small-town mystery series. Like Agatha Christie's Marple, but with fewer dead bodies, Mma Ramotswe depends more on her wits than technology.
Hamish and Andy's Gap YearFrom $36.99
DISC 1Weeks 1-5 of Gap year saw Hamish and Andy go bare handed fishing, “remind” Hilary Clinton that she promised them a BBQ, win the Mr New York Sate Bodybuilding Competition, and introduce us to the 'Ultimate Wingman'.DISC 2Weeks 6-10 saw the boys compete in a Combine Harvester Demolition Derby, attempt to gain admission into the exclusive Magic castle and competitively 'Race' each other in sports like 'Mates racing', Stranger Racing and the epic 'Sleep racing'.
Birds of a Feather: Series 7-9From $32.49
Sharon and Tracey (Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson) return in three more series of BIRDS OF A FEATHER - one of the most successful sitcoms of the 1990s. Birds of a Feather follows the adventures of the East London sisters whose lives are turned upside down by the imprisonment of their husbands. The sisters have lived very different lives but Sharon has moved from her high-rise council flat into Traceys mansion Dalentrace in Chigwell, to offer support and enjoy a few home comforts as the sisters attempt to keep their lives together.
Gruen Planet: Series 1From $32.49
Gruen Planet runs an X-ray across the world each week, unpicking the stories that affect us all. How do you protect an unstable government when a backbencher goes feral? Does Tiger cut it anymore as a business? What was the Dalai Lama doing on Masterchef?Wil Anderson is joined by Todd Sampson and Russel Howcroft, along with some of Australia's smartest communications experts. They take us inside the persuasion business and explain why the world appears, not as it really is, but as others want us to see it. Why everything is spin, branding, advertising and image control.
Birds of a Feather: Series 4-6From $32.49
The series chronicles the misadventures of everyone's favourite Essex girls Sharon and Tracy. North London-born sisters left to fend for themselve's both financially and emotionally when their husbands are jailed for armed robbery.
Spicks and Specks: The FinaleFrom $32.49
After seven years, 277 episodes, more than 150 special guests, and thousands of questions, the purple velvet curtain closes for the last time on Australia's favourite music quiz show Spicks and Specks. But don't think were going out without a party in this special extended version of the Finale. Adam, Alan and Myf invited a cast of more than 20 special guests to celebrate with a raft of their favourite games in a grand finale.
The Gruen Transfer: Complete CollectionFrom $78.49
The Gruen Transfer is a fast funny show about advertising. Hosted by the inimitable Will Anderson who is backed by a panel of industry experts The Gruen Transfer decodes and defuses the commercial messages that swirl through our lives. After four successful years The Gruen Transfer came to an end in 2011. This DVD box set contains all four series of the hit show plus Gruen Nation - the special series which decoded the 2010 Federal Election.
ClerksFrom $18.99
Dante has had a crummy job at a small convenience store since graduating from high school three years ago. While still enamoured of his high school sweetheart Caitlin he now has a serious relationship with long-suffering Veronica who wants him to quit his job and begin college. His best friend Randall who runs the next-door video store is even less dedicated to his job than Dante. The movie covers one eventful day at the job.
The Gruen Transfer: Series 4From $32.49
There's so much to catch up on: crazy mining ads, Big Tobacco campaigns, gambling messages invading every sport program on TV, the social media monster of Vodafail, NAB pretending it has no friends.