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Love Me Tender Colorized Edition DVD : The colorized version of 'Love Me Tender' been released on bootleg DVD. However… more info
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Elvis: Love Me Tender: The Love Songs is the first-ever in-depth look at the love songs of Elvis. This documentary… more info
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After the gangsters who killed his father come to settle a score, a teenage boy and his mother turn the tables on the… more info
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Set in a stylised version of 1920's, THE TENDER HOOK tells the story of Iris, a beautiful young woman caught at the… more info
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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Mute announce the next instalment in a series of releases that will ultimately see the… more info
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Love Me Tender Special Edition DVD includes some significant Bonus material : Commentary by Elvis Historian, Elvis Hits… more info
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Luca-s Tenderness Counted Cross Stitch Kit Only $61.95 from more info
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Riolis Tenderness Cross Stitch Kit, Multi-color Only $175.98 from more info
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Willow Tree Tenderness Figurine Only $77.53 from more info
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Vervaco Tenderness Counted Cross Stitch Kit, Multi-colour Only $108.67 from more info
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Willow - Tree Demdaco tenderness 26073 Mint In Box Only $42.99 from more info
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Product Name: Kaloo Chubby Bear Tenderness Zen (Medium, Grey) Manufacturer / Brand: Kaloo Product Type: Baby Product… more info
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Joy Division - DVDFrom $6.51
In 1976 four young men from ruined, post-industrial Manchester, England went to see the Sex Pistols. They formed a band, Joy Division. Three years later it was a matter of art, life and death. Now thirty years later, they are enjoying a larger audience and more influence than ever before with a profound legacy that resonates fiercely in today?s heavily careerist music industry and over-mediated pop culture. Pieced together from archival footage as well as new interviews with the remaining band members and musical experts, JOY DIVISION is the definitive documentary about this influential and timeless band.
ROMEO AND JULIET (1968)From $11.95
When beautiful heiress Juliet attends a dance, shes smitten with Romeo, the young man of her dreams. But with feuding families, their love is forbidden, so they meet secretly to declare their passion. When their deceit results in tragedy, they must separate and go into hiding. Will they risk their very lives for one more blissful embrace? Shakespeares stunning testament to undying love is brilliantly visualized by Italian director Franco Zeffirelli in a classic motion picture that won four Academy Award nominations.
The CocoanutsFrom $13.99
In the Marx Brother's first feature film, Groucho portrays a hotel owner who tries to fleece everyone, from innocent bellboys and bellgirls to wealthy society matron Mrs. Potter. Chico and Harpo play resort hotel con men, whom Groucho recognizes instantly when their suitcase pops open - empty. “We'll fix it up before we leave” Chico assures him. When Mrs. Potter discovers that her jewels are missing, Chico and Harpo rescue falsely accused hotel clerk Bob Adams, find the jewels, trap the real perpetrators and unite bob with his sweetheart Polly Potter. Complete with music and lyrics by Irving Berlin and one of the first overhead shots of dancing bathing beauties, the nonstop screwball comedy includes some of the Marx Brother's best stage routines.
Road to SingaporeFrom $13.99
A rich man (Bing Crosby) trades an orderly life for paradise, dragging along his adventure-seeking friend (Bob Hope). In Singapore, they try to peddle a bogus potion to the local yokels — but both men end up falling for beautiful islander Mima (Dorothy Lamour). The film kicked off the popular “Road” series that sent Crosby and Hope packing through a string of exotic locations with trademark witty banter.
Road To ZanzibarFrom $13.99
The second installment of the “road” series is a hilarious spoof of jungle-adventure movies. Chuck (Bing Crosby) and Hubert (Bob Hope) are scheming carnival performers in Africa who thrive on trouble: They set fire to the carnival, sell a phony diamond and pair up with two attractive women. But when Chuck spends all the money to rescue Donna (Dorothy Lamour) from a slave market, he's unaware they're being scammed for a trip around Africa.
JawsFrom $13.99
Steven Spielberg directed this classic film that became one of the most enduring action-suspense films of all time. Jaws was an instant blockbuster, a phenomenon, and today it is still among the highest grossing filmes in motion picture history, acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Rediscover the timeless film that continues to make entire generations afraid to go in the water.
Drive In Delirium Vol 1From $41.99
From blaxploitation movies to spaghetti westerns, kung fu movies and slasher flicks and cannibal horrors:The Ultimate Compilation of the sleaziest, wackiest,craziest,most violent trailers ever made.
Picnic At Hanging Rock - Director's CutFrom $23.49
St. Valentines Day, 1900. On a beautiful summers day a party of virginal Australian schoolgirls from an exclusive finishing school giddily prepare for an excursion to Hanging Rock, a magnificent natural monument drenched in a mysterious atmosphere.Among the white-gloved pupils of Appleyard college are senior boarders Miranda, Marion, Irma and Edith.The girls gain permission to explore the upper slopes of the rock. Edith takes a nap and wakes to discover that the other three girls have removed their shoes and stockings and have resumed their trek as if in a dream disappearing into a passageway in the rock itself.Edith returns to the picnic, panic stricken and alone. Mathematics mistress Miss McCraw goes to investigate, but neither she nor the three other girls are ever seen again. They have vanished without a trace.What eerie events took place that day, and will those involved ever rid themselves of the demons that the ill fated picnic unearthed.Based on the classic novel by Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock, is both sublimely spooky and majestically beautiful.Boasting visually hypnotic photography by Oscar winner Russell Boyd, a haunting score by Bruce Smeaton and the timeless ethereal beauty of Anne Louise Lambert as Miranda, this classic helped revive the Australian film industry and established Director Peter Weir as a major International talent.
Flashdance - DVDFrom $11.98
The movie that put legwarmers into the spotlight has been remastered and restored so dust off your ballet slippers and take a trip back to the eighties! Flashdance Special Collector's Edition also comes with some dazzling extra features that delve further into the box office smash hit. Flashdance is the exhilarating story of Alex Owens - a fiercely determined and beautiful 18-year-old woman - who works as a welder by day and a dancer at a local bar at night. The film sparkles with the music of the 80s including the No 1. hit song 'Flashdance - What a Feeling' and 'Maniac'. We follow Alex's struggle to gain independence, find love, and realise her dream - to dance at the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance.
Deanna Durbin - His Butlers Sister - DVDFrom $8.31
When aspiring singer Ann Carter (Deanna) decides to visit her businessmanbrother (Pat OBrien) in New York she is surprised to find he is actually the butler to well-known composer Charles Gerard (Franchot Tone). Much to his relief she appears delighted at his deception. Then he realises that she sees his boss as a possible means to giving her career a boost. Also appearing are Akim Tamiroff, Walter Catlett and Evelyn Ankers. The musical score was nominated for an Academy Award. Musical highlights include In the Spirit of the Moment, When Youre Away, Is it True What They Say About Dixie?, Russian Medley and Deannas version of the tenor aria Nessun Dorma from Puccinis Turandot.
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