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Complete Skippy, The - DVD Only from Done Dirt Cheap DVD more info
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Features the entire collection from the classic Skippy TV Series. more info
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Skippy The Bush Kangaroo: Complete Series Box Set - DVD Only from Mighty Ape more info
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The Skippy The Bush Kangaroo DVD Box Set is an amazing 14 disc box set celebrating our favourite roo. What's that Skip,… more info
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The Wildboyz DVD box set from DVDLand is the complete collection of all 4 seasons.All 4 seasons together! Join Chris Pontius and Steve-O on all their absurd excursions to exotic lands in the Complete Wildboyz Collection. Watch MTV's most hilarious Jackasses engage in wild and crazy cultural encounters with dangerous wildlife and native peoples.
Crusty Demons Tool Box DVD from DVDLand.In 1994, two filmmakers began accumulating footage to showcase the exploits of a renegade band of professional motocross riders, who embarked on 50-metre-plus jumps, soaring over houses, buses, and anything else that was big enough to defy the laws of gravity. Go back to where it all began with over 13 hours of unbridled Crusty mayhem in this limited edition collection featuring Vols 1 to 15 plus The Global Assault Tour.
Kavanagh Q.C. - Complete CollectionFrom $129
John Thaw dons the silks as barrister James Kavanagh Q.C., one of the most highly-respected criminal advocates in London, commanding admiration from colleagues and opponents alike. This intelligent, hard-hitting drama goes beyond the traditional courtroom, uncovering the pressures of legal battles and the problems of defining the truth. 10 DVDs, over 34 hrs. SUBTITLES-Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
Fred Dibnah's Industrial CollectionFrom $39.95
Presented by English Steeplejack and cult British television figure, Fred Dibnah, this collection of his captivating programmes, explores the industrial revolution and its heritage. Go on a tour of Fred’s favourite industrial sites as he tells us stories of Britain’s greatest industries. Includes: mills and factories, mines and quarries, iron foundries and steelworks. 3 DVDs, 360 mins.-Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
Period Drama ClassicsFrom $24.95
The ultimate collection of period drama classics featuring three of literature’s great female characters; Anna Karenina (1948), The Heiress (1949) and Jane Eyre (1943). Beautifully packaged in a hard-cover box, this collection of black and white films comes with a special notebook and pen. Stars Vivien Leigh, Olivia De Havilland, Joan Fontaine. 3 DVDs, 325 mins.-Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
Sarah Plain And Tall DVD Box Set is the complete collection on DVD from DVDLand.Adapted from Patricia MacLachlan's much-loved books, The Sarah, Plain and Tall Complete Collection contains all three films in the series, exploring a rural saga about isolation, romance and the foundations of family life.Sarah Plain and Tall : Kansas, 1910. Jacob Witting (Oscar winner Christopher Walken, The Deer Hunter), a widowed farmer who lost his wife during child birth, is overburdened by the task of running his farm and raising his two children by himself. In drastic need of domestic help he advertises in the newspaper for a mail-order bride. New England respondent Sarah Wheaton (Oscar(R) nominee Glenn Close, Dangerous Liaisons) is keen to make the journey from her seaside dwelling in Maine to become Jacob's wife. But homesickness and the rugged Kansas countryside place a considerable strain on her expectations and outlook.Skylark: Challenged by the unpredictable landscape, the Witting family face the devastating onset of drought. Ravaging the surrounding land and livestock, members of the farming community gradually abandon hope and their land, fleeing for better opportunities. As wells run dry and flash fires threaten the farm, the family stand united and vow to fight for their home. But a battle against the unpredictable and hostile elements of nature requires more than strength of will, as it is destined to challenge the Witting family to its very core.Winter's End: The Witting family receive a visit from John (Oscar winner Jack Palance, City Slickers), the father of hard working farmer Jacob Witting. Abandoning Jacob and his mother long ago, there is a great rift between the men, with Jacob bitter about his father's lack of family commitment. Disheartened by growing tensions, Sarah is challenged to reconcile the men for the sake of th
The Fields Of Fire DVD box set is the complete collection DVD from DVDLand.Inspired by Robert Donaldson and Michael Joseph's 1967 novel Cane!, Fields of Fire (series 1-3) is a miniseries saga set against the harsh tropical conditions of Australia's north, from the award winning producers of The Leaving of Liverpool and Rabbit-Proof Fence. When Bluey (Todd Boyce, Great Expectations: The Untold Story) arrives in the north Queensland town of Silkwood in 1938, nothing prepares him for the challenging conditions of life on the land. Finding a job with a gang of cane cutters, Bluey soon catches the attention of two sisters, Kate (Anna Hruby, The Harp in the South) and Dusty (Melissa Docker) causing a considerable stir in the otherwise close-knit community. Series 2 picks up in 1947, a time of growth, prosperity and adjustment to post-war living. On-going friction between the increasing migrant population and their suspicious Australian counterparts leads to community unrest. When Kate (Anne Louise Lambert, Picnic At Hanging Rock) is set to marry her sweetheart Franco (Joseph Spano) it sparks a newfound intolerance to the idea of mixed race relationships. The final chapter takes the story into the 1950s, where Gina (Peta Toppano) and her brother Paolo (Bob Ruggiero) have established themselves as successful cane growers. But the future is not all roses for the people of Silkwood - as Prime Minister Menzies' 1951 Federal Referendum to outlaw communism causes all manner of instability within the small community, bringing back haunting memories of oppression to many of the migrants. Also featuring John Jarratt, Noni Hazlehurst, Martin Sacks, Philip Quast, Kris McQuade, Fields of Fire is a sweeping historical saga, exploring both the migrant experience and the ever tumultuous relationship between man and the environment, detailing the u
This George Gently DVD box set includes all 6 seasons of George Gently.Scotland Yard's most incorruptible detective, George Gently (Martin Shaw) is an old-time copper in a rapidly changing world. Set in rural Northumberland during the mid-1960s, based on Alan Hunter's detective novels, this series has been compared to Foyle's War and Midsomer Murders. Lee Ingleby stars as Gently's overeager protege.
The Robot Chicken Star Wars Complete Trilogy Collection DVD from DVDLand.A long time ago, in a galaxy of insane toys far far away... the plasticised pop culture explosion of ROBOT CHICKEN goes far over into the dark side of The Force! The snappy sketch comedy aims its satirical X-Wing squadron squarely at Star Wars' exhaust port for the most hilarious take on the saga ever seen! Enjoy a mighty saga of epic proportions with all three ROBOT CHICKEN STAR WARS SPECIALS.
The Barbara Taylor Bradford Collection DVD from DVDLand.Propelled by star-studded casts and rich period detail, these superb adaptations of Barbara Taylor Bradford's bestselling novels bring to life her most beloved and unforgettable heroines and the men who love them.Included is the acclaimed trilogy that tells the tale of Emma Harte and the dynasty she commanded, commencing with the magnificent A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE and continuing the saga with HOLD THE DREAM and TO BE THE BEST.Also featured here is ACT OF WILL, based on the author's remarkable relationship with her mother - a dramatic and moving story of love and sacrifice set over fifty years and starring Victoria Tennant and Elizabeth Hurley.Finally there is VOICE OF THE HEART. Lindsay Wagner and Victoria Tennant are joined by James Brolin in this powerful and emotional story of two beautiful, ambitious women whose lives become irrevocably intertwined.All the complexity and compelling reading of a fine novel are brought to the screen in these rich and varied tales from the pen of world renowned novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford. Together they form a century-spanning compendium of Life and Love you will not soon forget.