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Soft lily pad green velour frog named Tadbit. These adorable bunnies and friends are really full of beans! Machine wash… more info
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A musical set in the greatest city of them all, New Orleans, The Princess and the Frog marks Disney's return to the… more info
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jw darwin the frog medium | JW Pet dog toy&accessories | pet supplies| Product Information:… more info
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jw darwin the frog small | JW Pet dog toy&accessories | pet supplies| Product Information:… more info
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Over 50 frogs in a lolly jar, perfect for the kids. Green cellophane and 55 mixed jelly frogs Presented in a 1L glass… more info
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MUPPETS MOST WANTED - KERMIT THE FORG POP VINYL FIGURINE Kermit the frog is one of the most likeable Muppet characters… more info
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56cm Bubble Princess & The Frog - Please read inflating instructions on packet carefully for correct inflation - Each.… more info
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Game - Kiss The Frog - 44cm x 49cm - Mask and 12 Lips Included Each. For your beautiful princess to celebrate her… more info
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Youpla the Frog is part of Vilacs animal series, designed to captivate the attention of little ones aged 12 months and… more info
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The Princess and the Frog - DVD Only from Mighty Ape more info
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The Princess and the Frog - Blu ray Only from Mighty Ape more info
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$89.95 with FAST & FREE next day delivery* Australia wide! Includes overhead mask. BUY TV show character outfits at… more info
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$89.95 with FAST & FREE next day delivery* Australia wide! Includes mask, bow jacket-shirt, gloves, shoe covers. BUY… more info
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This adult Men’s Kermit Costume is a licensed Muppets Costume and comes complete with a black jacket that features… more info
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Spend with the parenting garden, otherwise $8.00 flat rate(delivery 2 - 6. business days).. . . . . the first ever baby… more info
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When Tiana, a beautiful,hardworking young woman, dreams of owning her own restaurant someday, she has no idea how far… more info
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Tiddalick the Frog has drunk all the water from the river! The animals try their best to get Tiddalick to give back the… more info
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A must have golf game for the budding little golfer. Cleverly designed to roll the ball back to the golfer after a… more info
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One kiss and true love is born. The classic story of the princess and the frog comes to life with these 2 finger… more info
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Specifications: Color:White,Red,Black,Blue Material: Silicone Powered by 3 x AAA batteries(not included) 3-Mode:quick… more info
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Beads Frog Eat Beans The Ball Desktop Family Games Educational Toys Feature: Quickly to press the lever to feed your… more info
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Keep all the toothbrushes out of the way and the kids will help!FeaturesAdheres to glass, fridge surfaces, ceramic,… more info
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The Princess And The Frog DVD from DVDLand.Walt Disney Animation Studios serves up a joyous gumbo of adventurous… more info
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Princess And The Frog Blu Ray from DVDLand.Walt Disney Animation Studios serves up a joyous gumbo of adventurous… more info
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Childhood favourite.Miss piggy will be on the look out for you in this Kermit the Frog mask. Made from latex, this over… more info
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A miscellany of fascinating animal facts and figures: the weird, the wonderful and the downright unbelievable. more info
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Did you know that the Marbled Burrowing Frog makes a noise like an outboard motor? Or do you know how to distinguish a… more info
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This Ribbet the Frog Brown – Small Metal Garden Sculpture is an attractive feature for Indoor or Outdoors. A merry… more info
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This Ribbet the Frog Silver – Large Metal Garden Sculpture is an attractive feature for Indoor or Outdoors. A merry… more info
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Dora the Explorer Hopscotch Play Mat Only from Catch Of The Day more info
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Under The Nile Organic Cotton Washcloth - Frog Only from Catch Of The Day more info
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Pip is a pup with a very loud bark, He scares all the cats when he strolls through the park! Freddy's a frog with… more info
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A squashy bathtime story book with a noisy squeaker! This soft, bright and colourful story book from award-winning… more info
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JW DARWIN THE FROG SMALLDarwin the frog has left the pond and is now available for your dog to play with. Made from a… more info
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JW DARWIN THE FROG MEDIUMDarwin the frog has left the pond and is now available for your dog to play with. Made from a… more info
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Freckle JuiceNicky has freckles. They cover his face, his ears, and the whole back of his neck. If Andrew had freckles… more info
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Set in Jazz Age New Orleans, "The Princess and the Frog" introduces Tiana, a young African-American girl who dreams of… more info
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Your party guests will have hours of fun with this Princess party themed Kiss the Frog Party Game! Comes complete with… more info
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The Little Corroborree Frog gently introduces the serious plight of one of Australia's most endangered species. When a… more info
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Delight your guests with this adorable party game "Kiss the Frog". Played like pin the tail on the donkey, your… more info
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The Talisman: Volume 1: The Road of Trials Free ShippingFrom $47.08
The spellbinding saga of The Talisman is now a stunning graphic novel, vividly illustrated by artist Tony Shasteen. Here's a bold new look at the classic tale of treachery and betrayal that could only have sprung from the imaginations of master storytellers Stephen King and Peter Straub.In a run-down amusement park on a desolate beach in New Hampshire, thirteen-year-old Jack Sawyer is about to learn some hard truths—about his father's death, about why he and his mother are on the run from his sinister uncle Morgan, and about the real nature of the mysterious realm Jack once called the Daydreams. Now, with help from his newfound friend Speedy Parker, this young man will reclaim his identity as Travellin Jack and make his first foray back into the Territories to retrieve the magical Talisman, an object of immense cosmic significance. Yet even more important to Jack, the Talisman holds the key to saving his mother's life. In the Terrorities, where monsters lurk, evil watches, and an unbelievably precious prize awaits, Jack embarks upon a desperate quest to fulfill a destiny he never sought but cannot escape.The Talisman: The Road of Trials comprises Issues 0 through 5 of the thrilling comic book series and features original, never-before-seen material, including interviews and early sketches. Be warned: Once you've seen the Talisman, nothing will ever be the same.
Paper Zoo Free ShippingFrom $33.37
Helps you to make seven collage pictures of animals a roaring lion, a splashing hippo, a colourful toucan, a trumpeting elephant, a naughty monkey, a dashing bear and a snapping crocodile with this cleverly designed book. Complete all the pictures to make an animal procession travelling to the last page, where theres a group photo session at the zoo with a final collage to complete.
I Can Make Dolls' Clothes Free ShippingFrom $22.33
This book teaches children of 7+ how to make fashionably cool mix-and-match clothes for a standard 30 cm (12 in) plastic doll. Its approach is simple, quick and fun, and the results are extremely stylish. At the beginning of the book, children are encouraged to be creative and adapt the patterns to make their own designs. The main section of the book includes patterns for nine garments, each with an actual-size pattern on the page to use as a template, along with super-clear instructions and illustrations of each step. Helpful tips and inspirational photographs of the dolls modelling the finished clothes run throughout the book, and a section at the back sets out the basics of sewing, including how to thread a needle, do a running stitch and sew on poppers and buttons.
Popular Music Free ShippingFrom $60.42
This book provides an introduction to the main styles of popular music and their individual forms and techniques. Ranging from Gospel songs and Spirituals to Punk and Funk, Popular Music combines historical background with a practical musical approach. There is a list of suggested music to listen to for each 'period' covered, examples of which are recorded on the accompanying cassette. The book covers the basic work in popular music needed for examination courses and at the same time encourages creativity through inventive assignments.
Harmony, Melody and Composition Free ShippingFrom $103.52
A basic two year course book of 176 pages, it provides a comprehensive coverage of the work necessary to prepare for GCSE examinations. Essentially a practically based rather than an academic course, each chapter of Harmony, Melody and Composition reveals music from two sides at once: harmony and melody. All principles and examples are drawn directly from musical literature. At every stage the student is called upon to examine and think about the technical processes as they occur in a wide range of music. There are work pages related to each chapter and these contain assignments in analysis, writing, singing and playing. Harmony, Melody and Composition provides a systematic study beginning with basic principles.
Moments of Madness Free ShippingFrom $51.8
Cambridge Literature is a series of literary texts edited for study by students aged 14-18 in English-speaking classrooms. It includes novels, poetry, short stories, and essays. The series is extensive and open-ended, and provides school students with a range of edited texts taken from a wide geographical spread. It includes writing in English from various genres and differing times. Moments of Madness is edited by Frank Myszor, Lecturer in English, Itchen Sixth Form College, Southampton.
Looking at the Stars Free ShippingFrom $15.38
What if the only thing you had left were the stories in your head? Amina's homeland has been ravaged by war, and her family is devastated...The women of the family - Amina, her two sisters and their mother - have no choice but to leave their home town, along with thousands of others, and head for a refugee camp. But there are even more challenges ahead...
The Mark of Cain Free ShippingFrom $16.5
1567. Aphra is not a normal child. Found abandoned as a baby among the reeds and rushes, the two outcast witches who raise her in their isolated cottage are never sure if she was born, or just pushed up through the foul, black mud for them to find. Little Aphra's gifts in the dark craft are clear, even as an infant, but soon even her guardians begin to fear her. When a violent fire destroys their home, Aphra is left to fend for herself. Years of begging and stealing make her strong, but they also make her bitter, for she is shunned and feared by everyone she meets. Until she reaches Bryers Guerdon and meets the man they call Long Lankin - the leper. Ostracized and tormented, he is the only person willing to help her. And together, they plot their revenge. 1962 Four years have passed since the death of Ida Guerdon, and Cora is back in Bryers Guerdon in the manor house her aunt left to her. It is a cold, bitter winter, and the horrifying events of that sweltering summer in 1958 seem long past. Until Cora's father arranges for some restoration work to take place at Guerdon Hall, and it seems that something hidden there long ago has been disturbed.The spirit of Aphra Rushes - intent on finishing what she began, four centuries ago.
Darcy Burdock: Oh, Obviously Free ShippingFrom $15.13
Ten-year-old Darcy Burdock is one of life's noticers. She sees the extraordinary in the everyday, and the wonder in the world around her. This is Darcy's fourth story, and the Burdock family are facing a series of disasters. Mum and Dad are having serious money worries. Darcy's granny (the one she doesn't like as much as her main most important grandma) has come to stay, and is snapping at everyone. Pork the cat's real owner has turned up, and wants to take him away. And to top it all off, Darcy is dreading her school sleepover - especially as she's the owner of the world's most ugly, stupid, babyish pyjamas. Can the power of Darcy's colourful, wild, glittering imagination turn all her troubles around?
Opal Plumstead Free ShippingFrom $16.16
Opal Plumstead might be plain, but she has always been fiercely intelligent. Yet her scholarship and dreams of university are snatched away when her father is sent to prison, and fourteen-year-old Opal must start work at the Fairy Glen sweet factory to support her family. Opal struggles to get along with the other workers, who think her snobby and stuck-up. But Opal idolises Mrs Roberts, the factory's beautiful, dignified owner, who introduces Opal to the legendary Mrs Pankhurst and her fellow Suffragettes. And when Opal meets Morgan - Mrs Roberts' handsome son, and the heir to Fairy Glen - she believes she has found her soulmate. But the First World War is about to begin, and will change Opal's life for ever. The brilliantly gripping new story from the bestselling, award-winning Jacqueline Wilson.