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For more than twenty years, "Writing Screenplays That Sell" has been hailed as the most complete guide available on the… more info
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The Complete Book of Food Combining is a brand new holistic approach to one of the most successful diets of all time.… more info
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This revised edition of the bestselling fishing guide by Tony Whieldon covers everything that you will ever need to… more info
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A laminated fish identification poster covering the fish of New South Wales. more info
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The Tui NZ Flower Garden: The Complete Guide to Growing Flowers in New Zealand by Rachel Vogan Only from Mighty Ape more info
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The Complete Vocabulary Guide to the Greek New Testament sets a new standard as the most comprehensive book of its… more info
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Whether you're a new landlord or have years of experience, this book will give you confidence in being a landlord in… more info
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Greening your home simply means finding things you can do around the house to reduce your impact on the planet. Things… more info
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Veganize Any Recipe with Confidence "The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions" is your secret weapon to turning… more info
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Covering the rearing of queens, honey-making methods, honey marketing, the benefit of pollinator rental, and everything… more info
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There is an almost daily barrage of media reports on new studies, some suggesting that a supplement does you good,… more info
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This work offers everything readers need to know about food - in more than 300 entries. "The New Complete Book of Food,… more info
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The ultimate guide to branding and building your business in the era of the Social Web—revised and updated with a… more info
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The Complete Guide to Nutritional Health presents, in a single volume, a complete guide to the curative and… more info
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The Bestselling Guide to Herbal Remedies — Completely Revised and Expandedince its original publication in 1992, "Earl… more info
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The aim of this book is to explain point-and-figure charting to European investors and traders, and to show why it is… more info
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De Forest Saxe's 1894 cookbook is a comprehensive source of information on and recipes for soda water dispensers. more info
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Product Description Anton Gill's complete guide to croquet. Includes the history of croquet. more info
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Product Description:Climbing Walls is the complete guide for instructors, administrators, and anyone responsible for… more info
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Have you ever stood in front of a full closet and proclaimed, without irony, 'I have nothing to wear'? Have you… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The Complete Guide To Writing Paranormal Novels Format: Paperback… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The The Complete Guide To Soilless Gardening Complete Guide To… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The The Complete Guide To Soilless Gardening Complete Guide To… more info
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Food combining enhances the quality of your diet, increases your intake of vitamins and minerals and improves the way… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The Complete Guide To Writing Fantasy Format: Paperback Condition:… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The Complete Guide To Labyrinths Format: Paperback Condition: Brand… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The Complete Guide To Acquisitions Management Format: Paperback… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The The Complete Guide To North American Trees Complete Guide To… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The Complete Guide To Pitching Format: Mixed media product Condition:… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The Complete Reference Guide To Me: The Workbook for Her Candice… more info
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Printmaking is a practical and comprehensive guide to printmaking techniques. This fully updated edition includes… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us New Guide To Horse Owners And Complete Horse Doctor: A Treatise On… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The Complete Guide To Compensation Planning With Life Insurance Louis… more info
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Standard Guide to Cuba A New and Complete Guide to the Island of Cuba, with Maps, Illustrations, Rou by Charles Bingham… more info
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An updated guide to the nation's most dysfunctional family includes the best Homerisms, famous chalkboard sayings,… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide U-Dox Format: Hardback… more info
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Home New Arrivals Add to Favourites Shipping About / Contact Us ZOOM The Complete Wwf Video Guide Volume V by James… more info
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Contact Us Returns Delivery Payment Help About Us The Complete Guide To Foot Reflexology: 3rd Revision Kevin Kunz… more info
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The Complete Weather Guide by Joseph Taylor 9781110429271 (Hardback, 2009)This is a brand new copy of The Complete… more info
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This guide is a must-have for fans of the New York Times bestselling How to Train Your Dragon series that inspired the… more info
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Act on Life Not on Anger by Matthew McKayFrom $21.25
If you'd tried to control problem anger before with little success, this book offers you a new approach to try. Instead of asking you to struggle even harder with anger, this book helps you to drop the rope in your tug-of-war with anger using a new set of principles and techniques: acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). You'll start by learning how to accept your angry feelings as they occur, without struggling to alter or impede them in any way. Then, using techniques based in mindfulness practice, you'll find out how to watch your anger without identifying with it. Value-identification exercises help you decide what matters most to you and then commit to short- and long-term goals that turn these values into reality. In the process, anger simply loses power over your life-in the process, you'll gain the most profound control, accomplished by simply letting go.
The Better Man Project by Bill PhillipsFrom $41.25
The Definitive Owner's Manual to the Male Body-One That's as Fun as It Is Useful!The Better Man Project is the ultimate handbook for any man who wants to live longer and, just as importantly, better.Written by Bill Phillips, editor-in-chief of Men's Health-the world's largest and most respected men's magazine-this 352-page manual is packed with thousands of useful tips and action items to upgrade your diet, fitness, health, relationships, career, and more (as quickly as possible), plus specific do-it-yourself plans to make you the best man you can be.The Better Man Project isn't just a reference guide to life. It's a great read too, with every health and fitness tip served with a side ofMen's Health's trademark authority and humor. You'll feel stronger and healthier. You'll be stoked about waking up and attacking your day. You'll be more impressed than ever, no matter your age, by the guy staring back at you in the mirror. And, let's just say it: Your wife or girlfriend will probably be 20 to 25 percent more into you.Features include:* Health and fitness self-tests so you can see how you stack up against other guys your age.* The 70 powerfoods than all men should be eating* A decade-by-decade cheat sheet of all the diagnostic tests you should have, and when.* A troubleshooter's guide to common ailments and quick home remedies.* Simple workouts that will help you pack on total-body muscle, find your abs, build big arms, or lose your belly fat.* Special features on protecting your telomeres, reversing diabetes, preventing heart disease, and staving off dementia.* 35 do-it-yourself projects that will make you more interesting, improve your posture, fix your diet, earn you a promotion, fill your wallet, and much more!Flat belly. Strong muscles. Career success. More respect. Greater happiness. Boatloads of fun. Good health for life!The Better Man Project shows you the way. You deserve better. Start today.
Emily by Margaret Ann LovedayFrom $18.75
Emily is blessed with an optimistic charismatic personality and is adored by everyone except her parents. Her loving Great Grandmother Ruby fights to give Emily the right to life, and raises her on love and good, old fashioned values. Ruby encourages little Emily to succeed and excel beyond all odds, with her simple faith which propels her towards her highest hope of finding the love she craves. Orchestrated by a series of miracles, the thread of love entwines around the broken hearts of three people, bringing them together and healing them completely. Margaret has enjoyed putting this story together, in the hope that it has the potential to touch everyone in some meaningful way. After all, love is the most beautiful gift to possess in life. It is the most craved and sort after healthy emotion that we all want and need everyday of our lives. The gift of love is ever powerful force that heals and gives strength to everyone's life.
Mind Potential - Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind by Maggie WildeFrom $32.75
Do you or someone you know battle with emotional eating or comfort cravings? Is yo-yo dieting an issue? Perhaps it's time to unzip the fat suit to reveal a slim and healthy body permanently and easily? To change your body permanently you must also change your mind. This book provides step by step strategies to eliminate unhealthy cravings and eating habits and put a stop to the unhelpful battle in your head about your body, food and exercise. By harnessing the power of Maggie Wilde's unique Unzip the Fat Suit 'CPR - Mind Potential Kit you can create a slim and healthy body with ease. The motivation to move your body and the ability to make healthy choices is right here! CPR - MIND POTENTIAL KIT INCLUDED FREE WITH THE BOOK CONTAINS: C = Control Strategies & Audios to easily control unhelpful thoughts, cravings, emotions and habits P = Program Strategies & Audios to re-program your mind to think like a slim and healthy person R = Rewire Strategies & Audios to rewire your brain to help you create your ideal weight, shape and size permanently Open your mind to the potential of the slim and healthy you and discover the easy solution to feel back in control of your weight, size and eating habits. Your mind has the answers to reveal that slimmer you: This book and the Unzip the Fat Suit CPR - Mind Potential Kit are the keys FREE BONUS! 13 Unzip the Fat Suit Using Your Mind CPR Mind Potential audios included ranging from 'Eliminate Greedy Appetite', 'Motivation to Move Your Body and Exercise', Control Cravings and more!"
Digestive Health with REAL Food by Aglaee JacobFrom $50.25
Health begins in the gut. In addition to digestive disorders, many other health problems can stem from damage to your intestines, including migraines, skin problems, autoimmune conditions, and weight abnormalities, so tackling your digestion first is smart if you want to maximize your chances of obtaining optimal health. Beyond simply managing your symptoms, Digestive Health with REAL Food will teach you how to address the root causes of your digestive troubles to achieve optimal digestive and overall health. The information in Digestive Health with REAL Food will help you build your own optimal diet by identifying the best foods for your digestive system: ones that are easy to digest, anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense, healing and low in irritants and allergens. The nutritional protocol in this book, developed by registered dietitian Agla©e Jacob, addresses numerous digestive problems, including: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) | Crohn s disease | Ulcerative colitis Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) |Fructose malabsorption FODMAP intolerance | Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) Gallbladder issues | Abnormal intestinal permeability (leaky gut) Gut dysbiosis (gut flora imbalance) | Celiac disease | Non-celiac gluten sensitivity Multiple food sensitivities | And many more... In addition to guiding you on how to successfully follow an elimination diet, Agla©e will teach you everything you need to know about dietary supplements, stress management, eating out, and travel strategies, as well as how to troubleshoot various digestive problems. The book includes over 40 recipes, each accompanied by a stunning color photograph, meal/snack ideas, helpful charts, food lists and weekly meal plans to get you started on the path to better digestion. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to digestive problems, but the evidence-based, customized and holistic nutritional approach in Digestive Health with REAL Food will give you the tools to tackle your d
Deliver Us from Evil by J F SawyerFrom $9.35
Deliver Us from Evil is the first book to introduce demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren and their unique occupation as ghost hunters to the world. The Warrens are known as the original ghost hunters. Together they've been investigating paranormal activity for over fifty-five years throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and Europe, to name only a few places. This book is not entirely about exorcism and many of these stories do not conclude with happy endings. Lorraine describes the existence of supernatural forces and how these supernatural events follow a certain pattern. Ed says it's best described as a book that teaches you about the reality of paranormal or supernatural forces rather than citing an easy route to deliverance. The title of the book is a phrase taken from the Lord's Prayer -- "Lead us not into temptation, but Deliver Us from Evil." The case studies chronicled in this book are a kind of universality of evil spirits, how they operate and what they do. The cases in this book are the first published cases taken from the files of Ed Warren, a demonologist, now deceased, and his wife, Lorraine Warren, an active clairvoyant and medium.These paranormal investigations are filled with tragic possessions, ghostly infestations and demonic obsessions. Ed, who is also an exorcist, does not ignore the potential potency of curses, spells, voodoo dolls, cult ceremonies, demon possession or other invading entities, especially for those who have opened themselves up to supernatural infestation. Although rare, some satanic rituals have led to murder or death. From a psychic researcher's point of view, Lorraine points out how spirits move from infestation, the first stage and signs of ghost and/or spirit haunting (knocking, magic whispering and creeping sounds), the mildest state (shadow ghosts and teleportation of objects), to the more dangerous obsession and finally, the last and worse stage, possession. The only difference between obsession and the
The Magic of Believing by Claude M. BristolFrom $22.4
MILLIONS OF READERS HAVE PROVED THAT THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING WORKS WONDERS For more than four decades success-oriented Americans have turned to the no-nonsense, time-tested motivational techniques described in "The Magic of Believing" to achieve all their long- and short-term goals: a better job, an increased income, a happier marriage, or simply a good night's sleep. Now it's your turn to put Claude M. Bristol's special "magic" into your life and into action His tough-minded, hard-hitting message speaks directly to "You." It has yielded proven results for forty years and remains as fresh and focused as ever. Learn how to: * Harness the unlimited power of the subconscious mind and make your dreams come true * Protect your thoughts and turn them into achievements * Use "the law of suggestion" to step up your effectiveness in everything you do * Apply the power of your imagination to overcome obstacles * And much more If you seek to become more assertive in business, more fulfilled at home, more influential in your dealings with others -- you can believe in MAGIC
Days of Healing, Days of Joy : Daily Meditations for Adult Children by Earnest LarsenFrom $24.95
From the winter of our doubts and confusion and sadness we awaken to a spring of the self-stirring anew. In the days of healing and joy that lie ahead, let this book of daily meditations speak to you, instilling hope and confidence and courage. A year's worth of quotations, meditations, and closing thoughts encourage the small but consistent efforts of those seeking to give voice to the often timid, unsure, and frightened child within. Each day, find in these pages the strength and wisdom and support that light the way to serenity in any season of life.
Finding God Through Sex by David DeidaFrom $26.4
When it comes to sex, most of us want more. The question is: more of what? According to David Deida, when the depth of intimacy you've been experiencing is no longer fulfilling to your heart and body-when you sense that sexuality should go far beyond an embrace of brief satisfaction-the time has come to explore your unique sexual path to the divine. In Finding God Through Sex, this brilliant writer and internationally renowned expert on spiritual sexuality presents a revolutionary new way to love-one in which sex literally becomes an erotic act of devotional surrender, "making love, magnifying love, from the boundless depth of your heart through every inch of your body and in merger with your lover."Through provocative vignettes that illuminate the many moods that color lovemaking, and direct instruction that speaks honestly to the masculine and feminine desires within each of us, Deida brings wisdom gained from 30 years' work with thousands of couples to illustrate the distinct yet complementary avenues men and women can skillfully travel toward untamed passion and sacred unity. What unfolds is an unparalleled road map to the place where we "love as the cosmos loves: One loving itself as an other, yet remembering itself as One."
Rider Waite Tarot Deck Giant Size by Arthur Edward WaiteFrom $38.75
In 1909, Arthur Edward Waite encouraged Pamela Colman Smith to produce a tarot deck with appeal to the world of art that would have significance behind the symbols and thus make the deck more important than tarot packs previously used for centuries.The result was the unique Rider-Waite tarot deck which has endured as the world's most popular 78-card tarot deck.The innovative cards, including the 56 Minor Arcana, depict full scenes with figures and symbols. This feature, combined with Pamela Colman Smith's ability to capture the subtleties of emotion and experience, has made the Rider-Waite Tarot the basis for the designs of many century decks.The world's most popular deck! The full color, 78-card taint by Pamela Colman Smith has long been a favorite among tarot enthusiast. Accurate color tones on each card. English titles.