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Classic literature read, re-read and cherished by women for generations, these exquisite collections of Jane Austen and… more info
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Nora Roberts Three Sisters Island CD Collection: Dance Upon the Air, Heaven and Earth, Face the Fire by Nora Roberts - Audio Book on CD Only from Audio Books Direct more info
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“What makes his work great is that it can be felt and understood... by anybody,” said Leo Tolstoy of Chekhov's plays,… more info
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This landmark probes the lives and dreams of Olga, Masha and Irina, former Muscovites now living in a provincial town… more info
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The bestselling, devastating account of three sisters torn apart, abused and exploited at the hands of a community that… more info
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This volume includes The Seagull, a about the battle for power between a mother and her son which ends in tragedy;… more info
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At a time when the Russian theatre was dominated by formulaic melodramas and farces, Chekhov created a new sort of… more info
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The most cherished novel from each of England's talented sisters, in one gorgeously packaged volumeThe Bronte family… more info
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Critical Insights : The House on Mango Street by Maria Herrera-SobekFrom $8.9
This volume offers a comprehensive introduction to Sandra Cisneros's acclaimed novel. The opening essays describe the critical reception of the novel and its simple prose and reliance on suggestive metaphors and similes. A collection of classic essays offer a feminist approach to the work, an examination of gender stereotypes, a critique of patriarchy, and the role of female friendships. Other essays examine how Cisneros uses the novel to cross the boundaries of gender, class, language, and genres.
Working Words by M L LieblerFrom $7.25
Poets, rock stars, filmmakers, activists, novelists, and historians lend their voices to this landmark collection about the daily grind."M. L. Liebler is the poet laureate of America's working class. The collection he has assembled rings out with truth, intensity, and love. In a world full of despair, it is comforting to have writers so gifted and generous singing our song of rebellion and hope. This book is the kind of spark we need these days---a rich, intense, and inspiring collection for and about those who get their hands dirty every single day."---Michael Moore"This book is not `fresh air.' It is a mighty wind. While the nightly news continues to `do the numbers,' as if we were all investors, here's the larger part---the real grit and savor of American life. Spelled out in plain English."---Peter Coyote"About a hundred years ago Alexander Berkman told Meridel LeSeuer to `write the stories of the people.' M. L. Liebler continues this worthy tradition and ups the ante considerably with this terrific collection of working-class poetry, song, and story. Howard Zinn would have loved this book, and I do too!"---Anne Feeney"In a moment of moral crisis in these United States, M. L. Liebler has performed a genuine act of public service. His collection reflects the true working ethos of this nation. . . . These stories, songs, and poems aren't relics, but rise off the pages like living things."---Joe HenryA Collection About Living While Barely Making One, about layoffs and picket lines, about farmers, butchers, miners, waitresses, assembly-line workers, and the "Groundskeeper Busted Reading in the Custodial Water Closet." this is literature by the people and for the people.From the White Stripes's "The Big Three Killed My Baby" to Eminem's "Lose Yourself"; from the folk a
Love Letters of Great Men - Vol. 1 by Ludwig Van BeethovenFrom $25.8
LOVE LETTERS OF GREAT MEN (Volume 1) is an anthology of romantic love letters written by leading male historical figures. ***The book plays a key role in the plot of the US movie Sex and the City. *** When Carrie Bradshaw in the "Sex and the City" movie began reading the book Love Letters of Great Men, millions of women wanted to get their hands on the book. Of course, what could be more romantic than an entire book of love letters, written by men! *** The book includes love letters written by Ludwig van Beethoven, Pietro Bembo, Napolean Bonaparte, Rupert Brooke, Robert Browning, Robert Burdette, Lord Byron, Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, John Constable, Cuff Cooper, Oliver Cromwell, Pierre Curie, Alfred de Musset, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gustave Flaubert, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Lyman Hodge, Count Gabriel Honore de Mirbeau, Victor Hugo, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, John Keats, Henry IV of France, Henry VIII, Franz Liszt, Jack London, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Thomas Otway, Robert Peary, Sir Walter Raleigh, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., John Ruskin, Robert Schumann, George Bernard Shaw, Richard Steele, Alfred de Musset, Dylan Thomas, Count Leo Tolstoy, Vincent Van Gogh, Voltaire, Henry von Kleist, and Woodrow Wilson.
The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence by Baltasar GracianFrom $7.95
'No one is born complete; perfect yourself and your activities day by day until you become a truly consummate being, your talents and your qualities all perfected'Written over 350 years ago, The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence is a subtle collection of 300 witty and thought-provoking aphorisms. From the art of being lucky to the healthy use of caution, these elegant maxims were created as a guide to life, with further suggestions given on cultivating good taste, knowing how to refuse, the foolishness of complaining and the wisdom of controlling one's passions. Baltasar Gracian intended these ingenious, pragmatic aphorisms to challenge the mind, and recognised that few would be capable of applying them.In Jeremy Robbins's introduction to his penetrating new translation, he examines Gracian's place in Spanish literature and his previous works. Robbins also looks at the themes, contexts and contradictions of The Pocket Oracle, as well as the brevity and subtlety of Gracian's cool-headed aphorisms. This edition also contains a chronology, suggested further reading and notes.Translated with an introduction and notes by JEREMY ROBBINSAbout The AuthorBaltasar Gracian was born in 1601 in Belmonte, Aragon and entered the Society of Jesus in 1619. Teaching in Jesuit colleges across the Kingdom of Aragon, he was also at one time confessor to the viceroy of Aragon and chaplain to the Spanish army. But it is as one of the great Spanish stylists and moralists that he is best known. He wrote a series of short moral tracts marked by their elliptical, epigrammatic style, as well as a three volume allegorical novel, The Critic (1651-57). Published in 1647, The Pocket Oracle and Art of Prudence influenced the vogue for the form in France, and was quickly translated into the major European languages. Jeremy Robbins is Forbes Professor of Hispanic Studies at the
Scribble, Scribble, Scribble by Simon SchamaFrom $10.25
Now, in this passionate and provocative collection, this brilliant observer brings his keen critical sensibility to a wide range of topics, both broad and intimate. Captivating and informative, Scribble, Scribble, Scribble offers a lighter, playful Simon Schama on a diverse range of subjects, from food and family to Winston Churchill, from Martin Scorsese and Richard Avedon to Rubens and Rembrandt, from his travels in Brazil and Amsterdam to New Orleans and Katrina. This selection of essays - originally published in magazines and newspapers including the New Yorker, Vogue, the New York Review of Books, and the Guardian - is a treasure trove of surprises that highlight Schama's sense of humour, curiosity, and idiosyncrasies. Never predictable, always stimulating, Scribble, Scribble, Scribble allows us to view the world, in all its diversity, through the eyes of one of its most intelligent, witty, and original inhabitants. About the Author Simon Schama is University Professor of Art History and History at Columbia University in New York, and the prize-winning author of fourteen books, which have been translated into twenty languages. They include The Embarrassment of Riches: An Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age; Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution; Landscape and Memory; Rembrandt's Eyes; the History of Britain trilogy and Rough Crossings, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award. He has written widely on music, art, politics and food for the Guardian, Vogue and the New Yorker. His award-winning television work as writer and presenter for the BBC stretches over two decades and includes the fifteen-part A History of Britain and the eight-part, Emmy-winning Power of Art. The American Future: A History appeared on BBC2 in autumn 2008.
The Revolt of the Pendulum by Clive JamesFrom $7.95
The further thoughts of Clive James ? illuminating, insightful, informed, inspired, intelligent. These are words that could ? and do ? apply equally to book or author; in fact, The Revolt of the Pendulum, Clive James latest essay collection, shows James at his most dazzling and versatile best yet. From the rules of grammar to the fundamentals of religion, from the culture of fandom to the cult of the critic, it's all there: his customary wit, learning and understanding; his precise way with words and pointed comments; his ear for language and eye for detail; his ability to focus on the finer points and the bigger picture simultaneously ? not to mention the sheer scope of his subject matter.About the Author Clive James is the author of more than thirty books, including five volumes of autobiography, Unreliable Memoirs, Falling Towards England, May Week was in June, North Face of Soho and The Blaze of Obscurity. In 1992 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia, and in 2003 he was awarded the Philip Hodgins memorial medal for literature.
Songs of the Doomed by Hunter S. ThompsonFrom $10.25
'I was thinking; my mind was running at top speed, scanning and sorting my options. They ranged all the way from Dumb and Dangerous to Crazy, Evil, and utterly wrong from the start... stand back. We are on the brink. Yes. I have an idea.' When Hunter S. Thompson has an idea, you just have to listen - and he shares many of his unique ideas in this collection of journalism, social commentary, short fiction and autobiography. Divided into sections by decade, Songs of the Doomed begins with a furious condemnation of the US justice system and ends with the author's own version of the events that led to his extraordinary court case. Stopping off at the infamous summit conference in Elko, Illinois; Saigon in 1975 (the war zone Thompson was fired while en route to); and Palm Beach in the eighties for the Pulitzer divorce, here - in true Gonzo fashion - is the long strange trip from Kennedy to Nixon to Quayle. About the Author Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005) was an American journalist widely regarded as the father of gonzo journalism.
Mark Twain and the Novel by Lawrence HoweFrom $271.95
Mark Twain was an author both drawn to and suspicious of authority, and his novels reflect this tension. Marked by disruptions, repetitions, and contradictions, they exemplify the ideological standoff between the American ideal of individual freedom and the reality of social control. This book provides a fresh look at Twain's major novels such as Life on the Mississippi, Huckleberry Finn, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. The difficulties in these works are shown to be neither flaws nor failures, but rather intrinsic to both the structure of the American novel and the texture of American culture.
H. D. and the Victorian Fin de Siecle by Cassandra LaityFrom $271.95
H. D and the Victorian Fin de Siecle argues foremost that H. D. eluded the male modernist flight from Romantic 'effeminacy' and 'personality' by embracing the very cults of personality in the Decadent Romanticism of Oscar Wilde, A. C. Swinburne, Walter Pater and D. G. Rossetti that her male contemporaries most deplored: the cult of the demonic femme fatale and of the 'effeminate' Aesthete androgyne. H. D., Laity maintains, used these sexually aggressive masks to shape a female modernism that freely engaged female and male androgyny, homoeroticism, narcissism and maternal eroticism. Focusing on the early Sea Garden , the plays and poetry of the 1920s and her late epic Trilogy, H. D. and the Victorian Fin de Siecle demonstrates H. D.'s shift from the homoerotic 'white', vanishing tropology of the male androgyne fashioned by Pater and Wilde to the 'abject' monstrously sexual body of the Pre-Raphaelite and Decadent femme fatale.
Modernism and Time by Ronald SchleiferFrom $287.4
In Modernism and Time, Ronald Schleifer analyses the transition from the Enlightenment to post-Enlightenment ways of understanding in Western thought. Schleifer argues that this transition in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century expresses itself centrally in an altered conception of temporality. He examines this period's remarkable breaks with the past in literature, music, and the arts more generally. Whereas Enlightenment thought sees time as a homogenous, neutral medium, in which events and actions take place, post-Enlightenment thought sees time as discontinuous and inexorably bound up with both the subjects and events that seem to inhabit it. This fundamental change of perception, Schleifer argues, takes place across disciplines as varied as physics, economics and philosophy. Schleifer's study engages with the work of writers and thinkers as varied as George Eliot, Walter Benjamin, Einstein and Russell, and offers a powerful reassessment of the politics and culture of modernism.