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The Bront? Sisters features three classics of literature collected in a single volume. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bront?,… more info
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Classic literature read, re-read and cherished by women for generations, these exquisite collections of Jane Austen and… more info
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Dance Upon the Air: When Nell Channing arrives on charming Three Sisters Island, she believes that she's finally found… more info
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Oxford Primary Grammar HandbookFrom $24.99
The Oxford Primary Grammar Handbook has been updated to comply with the Australian English curriculum and include all of the appropriate terminology and grammatical concepts. It contains clear examples which incorporate engaging illustrations and photographs, making it a suitable reference for teachers, parents and students alike. The Primary Grammar Handbook complies with the accepted terminology in the Australian English curriculum. It is intended for students in the middle and upper primary years but is also a handy reference text for parents and teachers. The book is clearly arranged in word level, sentence level and text level sections to help students find the appropriate sections. It uses simple language and defines terms through grammatical contexts. The grammatical concepts are explained in detail and accompanied by clear visual aids. It contains a user friendly index to help navigation.
Colourhide A4 5 Subject Notebook NeonFrom $4.98
The Colourhide A4 5 Subject Notebook combines 5 individual notebooks into 1 convenient design so you can easily keep all of your notes handy. It has a bright neon cover which is made using durable polypropylene to keep your notes safe from wear and tear. The Notebook contains 250 pages in 5 subject sections, each separated by a double sided pocket divider. The pages are all micro perforated for easy tear out. The Notebook is a standard A4 size. It comes with 7 pre-punched holes so you can easily insert it into your binder. The cover features a slide in pen holder and a write in name panel for labelling your book. It also comes with a 2 year calendar to help you plan ahead.
Studymate Premium A4 5 Subject 250 Page NotebookFrom $3.85
Studymate Premium Exercise Books offer a premium quality alternate to the scholastic market. 70gsm paper means that both sides of the paper can be used with reduced bleed through and FSC certification means you can be assured that these books have be sourced and manufactured sustainably and responsibly. 250 Page Premium 70gsm Paper 8mm Ruled Red Ruled Margin Thicker paper reduces bleed through to next page Multiplication and Conversion Tables included on back page FSC Certified
teaching the brain bookFrom $32.89
Arm yourself with current neuro-scientific information to lead your students down the path of success. Topics covered include understanding language acquisition in the brain, number sense and the mathematical brain, recognising and overcoming learning difficulties and developing successful teaching and intervention programs. 137 pages.
Campbell Biology: Australian Version (9e) by Jane B. ReeceFrom $157.5
Over eight successful editions, Campbell Biology has been recognised as the world’s leading introductory biology textbook. Campbell Biology continues to engage students with its dynamic coverage of the essential elements of this critical discipline. The ninth edition, with an increased focus on evolution, ensures students receive the most up-to-date, accurate and relevant information. It is the only biology text and media product that helps students to make connections across different core topics in biology, between text and visuals, between global and Australian biology, and from scientific study to the real world.The text is supplemented by MasteringBiology, the most widely used tutorial and assessment system for biology students.New to this EditionIn addition to Key Concepts and themes, we?ve created new features for the Ninth Edition that help students see the big picture by making connections.?New Make Connections Questions help students see how different areas of biology tie together, helping them overcome the tendency to compartmentalise information. Each question challenges students to move beyond memorisation and gain a deeper understanding of biological principles by asking them to relate chapter content to material they learned earlier in the course.Making connections to advances in science. As in each new edition, the Ninth Edition incorporates new scientific content and organisational improvements. These are summarised on pp. x?xi, following the Preface.New Impact Figures: Making connections between scientific advances and the real worldOur new Impact Figures motivate students by highlighting the dramatic impact of recent discoveries in biology. These figures feature high-interest topics such as induced pluripotent stem cells and regenerative medicine, the discovery of Tiktaalik, and the use of forensic ecology to track elephant poaching. The Why It Matters section of each figure explains the relevance of the research to students? lives, global p
Atlas by Dorling KindersleyFrom $12.75
Carry the world in your pocket - now in its 6th editionIt might be small, but Atlas covers every region of the world, from the Atacama Desert to the Zagros Mountains. Now fully revised and updated, digital landscape modelling combined with important roads, railways, rivers and settlements give a complete global overview.Swot up for the pub quiz, with over 400 essential facts, figures and insights, from geography and climate to population and economy, for an intriguing journey through the fascinating world in which we live. Handy pocket size, Atlas is perfect for your bag or desk.
101 Inspirations for Your Journey by Meredith GastonFrom $20.95
Every day is a journey, whether your bags are packed and you're off to see the world, or you're simply following your usual nine-to-five routine. Let artist Meredith Gaston set you on a path of wonder, joy and mindfulness with her new book, 101 Inspirations for your Journey. This collection of Meredith's favourite quotations from famous writers and thinkers will spark your sense of adventure and inspire gratefulness, curiosity and delight as you journey through life. Illustrated with Meredith's charming and whimsical drawings, this follow-up to 101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration is the perfect gift for travellers of every kind.About the AuthorArtist and illustrator Meredith Gaston has received international recognition for her enchanting paintings, characterised by their warm, bold colours and simplicity of form. Inspired by her travels and a fervent love of life, her work has been exhibited in major Australian galleries and is commissioned worldwide.
Science But Not As We Know It by Ben GillilandFrom $16.95
Cutting-edge concepts made simple - it's not rocket scienceThe media reports on the latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs can seem like a foreign language, from black holes to dark matter, and exoplanets to leap seconds. Finally get to grips with these difficult concepts by reading Ben Gilliland's unique take on them.Science But Not As We Know It takes complex scientific ideas and breaks them down for the non-scientist, from explaining the size of the Universe, to how black holes work, Schroedinger's cat and the Higgs boson. Difficult ideas and theories are compared to everyday things we are familiar with - forces become armies and electrons have personalities.This book will have you saying 'I get it now!' over and over again. You no longer have to be a rocket scientist to understand rocket science.About the AuthorBen Gilliland is a freelance writer and illustrator who specializes in science communication. Much of the work he does is currently for the Metro daily newspaper in the UK and he has his own website. He is the author of DK's 100 People Who Made History. In 2013, Ben was awarded the Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Achievement in Space Media.
The Book of Where? by Rodney DaleFrom $9.75
A series for everyone who loves quizzes, mind games and puzzles, these books after up everyday knowledge that we know but might not realise we know. What focus on a thesaurus format, offering variations on a particular subject.
The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature by Daniel HahnFrom $59.95
The last thirty years have witnessed one of the most fertile periods in the history of children's books: the flowering of imaginative illustration and writing, the Harry Potter phenomenon, the rise of young adult and crossover fiction, and books that tackle extraordinarily difficult subjects. The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature provides an indispensable and fascinating reference guide to the world of children's literature. Its 3,500 entries cover every genre from fairy tales to chapbooks; school stories to science fiction; comics to children's hymns. Originally published in 1983, the Companion has been comprehensively revised and updated by Daniel Hahn. Over 900 new entries bring the book right up to date. A whole generation of new authors and illustrators are showcased, with books like Dogger, The Hunger Games, and Twilight making their first appearance. There are articles on developments such as manga, fan fiction, and non-print publishing, and there is additional information on prizes and prizewinners.This accessible A to Z guide is the first place to look for information about the authors, illustrators, printers, publishers, educationalists, and others who have influenced the development of children's literature, as well as the stories and characters at their centre. Written both to entertain and to instruct, the highly acclaimed Oxford Companion to Children's Literature is a reference work that no one interested in the world of children's books should be without.About the Author Daniel Hahn is a writer, editor, and translator, with some forty books to his name. With Leonie Flynn and Susan Reuben he has edited the award-winning Ultimate Book Guide series of reading guides for children and teenagers. He is on the board of a number of organizations that deal with literature and free speech.