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New edition The book that millions of SCRABBLE? players consider the only necessary resource. Ideal for recreational… more info
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The perfect portable companion for all Scrabble games, Pocket Scrabble is based on Scrabble Words, the most… more info
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Scrabble New Travel Scrabble Only from more info
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Scrabble Magnetic Travel Game and Official Players Dictionary Only from QBD The Bookshop more info
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Official Newly Revised and Updated Third Edition. This practical Magnetic Travel Scrabble allows you to play your… more info
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Every word counts! Collins Scrabble® Lists will help you learn more words to improve your game, whether you're looking… more info
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Play to win! Settle all your arguments and check eligible words, with this new family edition of the Collins Scrabble… more info
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Every word counts! This new edition of Collins Gem Scrabble Dictionary is the perfect companion for all Scrabble games,… more info
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Never be lost for words! Want to beat family and friends but always get stuck finding the best words to play? Collins… more info
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your tiles and how to achieve high-scoring words. more info
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If you,re gonna break the rules, break 'em good. Scrabble(t) Trickster is Scrabble,s unruly kid brother, newly released… more info
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Inside the covers of this little book lie the secrets of Britain's only ever Scrabble World Champion. Scrabble is… more info
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This all-new second edition of The Official Scrabble Brand Word-Finder is unique in its organization of officially… more info
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Scrabble Travel Deluxe Only $143.67 from more info
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Travel Scrabble (new Version) Only $54.99 from more info
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Scrabble 2009 - Nintendo Ds - Item Only $63.98 from more info
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Scrabble 2007 - Nintendo Ds - Item Only $53.63 from more info
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WordWorld: Castles in the Sea - DVDFrom $14.2
Castles in the SeaWhile playing in the sand on the beach, DUCK and SHARK build the perfect home for SHARK:a sand castle! But why does it disappear every night while SHARK is sleeping?The Dancing DUCK BonanzaDUCKs plans to put on a great show come to a halt when he laughs at how silly SHARK looksdancing on land. What can DUCK do to make amends with his WordFriend and save the show?A Star is BornDUCK gets a case of stage fright while singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star for his WordFriends. With a little WorldBuilding, SHEEPand ant solve DUCKs problem, and soon a star is born.Tick Tock Space ClockWhen a mysterious rocket lands in WordWorld, DUCK pledges to help ROBOT track down theWordThing he needs to save his planet: a clock.
Michelangelo Code, The: Sistine Chapel - DVDFrom $18.95
In a radical and shocking two-hour film, Waldemar Januszczak finally reveals the true meaning, which has laid hidden for 500 years, behind Michelangelo's greatest masterpiece: the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Januszczak has been studying Michelangelo's masterpiece for 20 years, trying to crack the pictorial code that conceals its startling meaning. Now he has embarked on a journey, taking him from Texas to Jerusalem, in the footsteps of Columbus and all around Italy, to solve the vital clues that reveal, for the first time, the crucial and worrying answers to one of the world's most enduring art mysteries.
Metropolitan Opera Gala: 25th AnniversaryFrom $40.99
Performances of Rigoletto (Act III), Otello (Act III), and Die Fledermaus (Act III). With Anderson, Anthony, Battle, Croft, Daniels, Diaz, Dobriansky, Domingo, Furlanetto, Freni, Heilmann, Kelly, Marton, Norman, Pavarotti and The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus.
The Guitar of Robert WilkinsFrom $27.32
Robert Wilkins playing and singing from his 1920s recordings show us a musician with a pronounced compositional bent and an unusually imaginative gift for varying the blues structure in interesting ways. His lyrics are equally original and profoundly poetic. His subtly powerful guitar playing and soulful vocals combine for a sound that is unforgettable. A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD.
As presenter of the multi award-winning and much loved series Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud has seen many unique and inspiring building projects. He has always dreamed of building his own project, however: a sustainable eco-friendly cabin in the woods and now he's going to try to make it happen. This compelling four part series follows Kevin as, in a beautiful patch of woodland near his home in rural Somerset, he repurposes, recycles, and uses the best of what he can find to build his own dream home-away-from-home. Joined by a team of friends and experts, Kevin works hard to create a retreat where he can truly experience an off-the-grid lifestyle.
Collins Artist's Little Book of InspirationFrom $15.67
An attractive, highly illustrated little sourcebook of ideas and practical exercises, Collins Artist's Little Book of Inspiration is for artists looking for new creativity. Through a combination of practical instruction, illustrated projects and step-by-step demonstrations in watercolour, oil and acrylic, popular artist Hazel Soan explains how to develop your observational skills and unleash your creativity. The book shows you how to find inspiration all around you - 'seeing' like an artist, recognizing potential subjects and considering new approaches. Hazel Soan encourages you to experiment with papers and other surfaces, refresh your palette and understand what different materials can achieve. From concept to composition let this little book be your guide to what to include in your work, how to be creative with colour and utilize tone and texture. Learn to see the world around you and the art materials you use in a new light, with ideas to inspire you around the house, out and about and on your wider travels. This attractive book also contains inspiring gallery pages which reveal how other artists have found new approaches to their chosen subjects.
Collins Atlas & Guide EdinburghFrom $9.9
Scale: 1:12,000 (5.3 inches to 1 mile). Pocket sized atlas and guide of central Edinburgh packed with information to ensure that visitors make the most of their visit. MAIN FEATURES Handy pocket sized atlas and guide featuring the highly respected Collins colour coded Edinburgh mapping. The guide information includes essential information such as: emergency contact numbers; the best way to get around; the best places to shop and visit; and where to go for live music, the cinema, concerts and much, much more. INCLUDES: / Attractive colour coded street mapping at 5.3 inches to 1 mile. / Central Edinburgh at 7 inches to 1 mile. / Full index to street mapping and places of interest. / Guide information to ensure the visitor gets the most out of their trip. / Colour sections about places to visit, including Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. / Central map focused on the Royal Mile. WHO THE PRODUCT IS OF INTEREST TO This is an ideal purchase for tourists and day trippers.
Cavalier King Charles SpanielFrom $15.1
A comprehensive guide to all aspects of owning a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, this highly illustrated book is full of practical information and expert advice for pet owners and breeders. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are affectionate, playful, extremely patient and eager to please. As such, these dogs are usually good with children and are not shy about mixing with much larger dogs. If you are considering getting a Cavalier King Charles or are an existing owner who wants to learn more about this breed, then this book will be invaluable. Contents include: * History of the breed * Acquiring a Cavalier puppy * Behaviour and training * Showing your Cavalier * Healthcare