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From the 1950s through 1997, Louis “Studs” Terkel, bestselling author of Hard Times, Working, The Great War, Coming of… more info
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From the 1950s through 1997, "Studs" Terkel, author of "Working, The Good War, Coming of Age" and eight other books,… more info
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Home Studio MasteringFrom $33.95
Home Studio Mastering provides a step-by-step account that uncovers the secrets of the modern mastering engineer. It is a straightforward guide for home studio users with previous experience in recording and mixing who are ready to raise their productions to a professional level. Learn how to do your own mastering! 'Home Studio Mastering is a detailed yet concise manual helping to overcome the mastering hurdle and offering the knowledge every mastering engineer ought to know.' Acle Kahney - 4D Sounds / TesseracT
Contemporary Broadway Vocal DuetsFrom $24.95
(Vocal Collection). Duets for various combinations of voices from The Addams Family * Aida * Avenue Q * Bring It On * Ghost the Musical * In the Heights * Legally Blonde * The Lion King * Little Women * Memphis * Monty Python's Spamalot * Newsies the Musical * Once * Shrek the Musical * Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark * Spring Awakening * 13: The Musical * [title of show] * Young Frankenstein.
Todd Sucherman - Methods & MechanicsFrom $34.95
(DVD). Methods and Mechanics sheds new light on the playing and concepts of one of the most exciting drummers of our time. Built around note-for-note transcriptions by drummer/educator Brad Schlueter, the book also includes detailed commentary from both Todd and Brad about the concepts contained in Todd's playing. Included in this package are 8 songs, 5 breathtaking solos, and several of Todd's custom drum lessons (highlighting his approach to double bass drumming and hybrid rudiments on the kit). All of the songs and solos are included on the CD, as well as drumless play-along mixes of all four of the Taylor Mills songs. This book serves as a complete package to analyze, practice, and understand some of the concepts employed by Todd with artists such as Styx, Brian Wilson, Jerry Goodman, Peter Cetera, Brian Culbertson, Spinal Tap, Michael Bolton, The Falling Wallendas, Eric Marienthal, and many others. The DVD is jam-packed with performances by Todd, instruction on hand and foot technique, quick tips, and much more!
Modal DiatonicismFrom $58.8
The most comprehensive book on Modes, and modal music theory. Elucidates the new theory and method of Modal Diatonicism. It covers all of the natural "Church Modes" Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, and diatonic sets the including the prodominant major and prodominant minor sets and the respective relatives. It also provides description of the unique properties of Dorian. It covers the parallels, relative and prodominant parallels, parallel prodominant and relatives for each mode. It has theory and method of secondary dominants and diminished, and parallel secondaries for each mode and has the corresponding diatonic variants. It describes and elucidates the properties of difinitive modes such as Ionian and Phrygian and has over 100 notational examples and 7 short piano pieces demonstrating the secondary functions of: Ionian relative Phrygian relative Locrian Prodominant and Lydian prodominant as well as modulations involving the parallels of Dorian relative, and Aoelian prodominant and the relative parallel of Mixolydian prodominant. The most expansive music theory book on modes, it is the third book in the series "Harmonic and Melodic Music Theory and Method for the 21st Century" and a companion to pt.1 "Chord Stacking and Modes, Sixths Chords and Modulations" and pt. 2 "Diatonic Variants and Enharmonic Scalar Functions."
New TracksFrom $13.95
Have you ever wanted to write song lyrics but didn't know where to begin? Did you think it might be too hard? This book will gently guide you through the process of writing your first lyric. Written in an encouraging tone, it will nudge you past the obstacles that might have stopped you before, and if you are willing, set you on the path to finally writing the lyrics you always dreamed you could.
The Young Musician's Guide to SongwritingFrom $32.4
Why not write your own songs? You've learned the basics and rehearsed other musicians' pieces-now you want to try your own hand at writing. But it can be hard to get started...and sometimes even harder to know when to stop. "The Young Musician's Guide to Songwriting" is an ideal resource, designed specifically for guiding the young musician through the songwriting process-from idea generation to completed song. It is also a refreshing tool for music teachers, private instructors, and parents of musicians, who have a young artist in need of some rails to guide them down the songwriting tracks. Whether you're a beginning or advanced musician, author and musician Lisa Donovan Lukas compiles her years of experience teaching and working in the music industry to provide exercises that help the songwriter get started quickly; lessons on structure, lyrics, melody, harmony, and rhythm; and perhaps most importantly-the discovery and development of a good song idea. So grab your instrument (and maybe your teacher), and crack open this book to unlock the gates to your own musical journey.
Ukelele Para NinosFrom $16.5
(Ukulele). Ukulele for Kids is a fun, easy course that teaches children to play ukulele faster than ever before. Popular songs such as "Yellow Submarine," "The Hokey Pokey," "This Land Is Your Land," "Rock Around the Clock," "You Are My Sunshine" and "Barbara Ann" keep kids motivated, and the clean, simple page layouts ensure their attention remains focused on one concept at a time. The method can be used in combination with a teacher or parent. The accompanying CD contains tracks for demonstration and play-along. Lessons include: selecting your uke; parts of the uke; holding the uke; hand position; reading music notation and counting; notes on the strings; C, F, C7, Am, G, B-flat, and Gm chords; strumming and picking; and more! Online audio is accessed at (a href="http: //" target="_blank")
Jazz Band PianistFrom $24.95
(Educational Piano Library). A perfect primer for a middle-school or high-school age pianist interested in joining their local or school jazz ensemble, this book consists of step-by-step instruction, review exercises, and practice pieces, as well as accompanying audio featuring live jazz musicians. Through clear, unintimidating instruction and fun pieces composed by jazz pianist Jeremy Siskind, students learn how to read chord symbols, "comp," and form chord voicings. Online audio is accessed at (a href="http: //" target="_blank")
101 Upright Bass TipsFrom $18.5
(Bass Instruction). Ready to take your playing to the next level? Renowned bassist Andy McKee presents valuable how-to insight that upright bassists of all styles and levels can benefit from. The text, photos, music, diagrams and accompanying audio tracks provide a terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, including: right- and left-hand technique, improvising and soloing, practicing, proper care of the instrument, ear training, performance, and much more. Online audio is accessed at (a href="http: //" target="_blank")
Music MattersFrom $156.4
Why is music significant in life and education? What shall we teach? How? To whom? Where and when? The praxial philosophy espoused in Music Matters: A Philosophy of Music Education offers an integrated sociocultural, artistic, participatory, and ethics-based concept of the natures and values of musics, education, musicing and listening, community music, musical understanding, musical emotions, creativity, and more. Embodied-enactive concepts of action, perception, and personhood weave through the book's proposals. Practical principles for curriculum and instruction emerge from the authors' praxial themes.