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vtech alphabet learning pal

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Hand held learning pad with large LCD screen. Features abc keyboard, 0-9 number keys and 4 directional cursor. … more info
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Hand held learning pad with large LCD screen. Features abc keyboard, 0-9 number keys and 4 directional cursor. … more info
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Large Lcd Screen Vtech - Alphabet Learning Pal - Includes Messaging Feature Only $54.95 from eBay.com.au more info
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Haba - Game Shadow MagicFrom $69.95
Once a year the dwellers of the enchanted magic forest come together and celebrate a big magical feast. As usual, they gather to perform their magical dance around the campfire. However, in the gloom of the night only the shadowy silhouettes of witches, trolls and fairies can be seen. Whoever recognises the shadows and remembers which magical dwellers have not participated in the dance around the campfire will win this magical riddle game. 2-4 players, playing time 15-20 minutes. Age guide: from 4-99 years.
Fiesta Crafts - DooWell Magnetic FractionsFrom $19.95
It's reversible - turn to learn! This set includes an erasable pen, backing board and 51 magnetic pieces to teach percentages and decimals. On one side a fraction is listed, flip the piece and the other side has it's comparable percentage. The board has pictures to colour with the marker reflecting those fractions to give a visual understanding. Brilliant for the kids who are moving just past the basic maths concepts. Age guide: from 6 years.
Eeboo - Life on Earth Matching GameFrom $29.95
Pair-up a range of natural wonders in this beautifully-illustrated take on the classic matching pairs game. EeBoo's Life on Earth Matching Game is a platinum award-winner and features 24 pairs of animals to team-up - from hermit crabs and chameleons to coral fish and cherries. This game is played as a traditional memory game with the tiles laid face down and sharpens children's recognition and recollection skills. Age guide: from 3 years, using less of the pairs - then add to the pairs as the child becomes more advanced (from 5 years).
Toyops - Just Look 10x MicroscopeFrom $8.95
Get a better view of the world with this Just Look 10x Scope. The palm-sized, LED-illuminated crystal optics microscope from Toyops lets you zoom in on everything around you. Amazingly easy-to-use, this tiny and portable scope is full of enlarged fun and can travel everywhere with you to inspect anything from the details of your skin, to tiny insects, and even the intricacies of coins or toys. Warning - everything becomes 10x more exciting! Microscope is small enough to fit in pockets or can be worn around the wrist thanks to an attached strap. Requires batteries. Length - 6cm. Age guide: from 6 years.
Haba - Big Sound Music WorkshopFrom $129
Listen to what the music says! With these versatile instruments your child can discover the world of music and tunes! The engaging set includes 12 pieces made of beech wood: a mini magic sound flute, drum, mini glockenspiel, two beaters, castanets, rainmaker, and four acoustic blocks (squeaking block, rattling block, block with little bell, and tinkling block). Encouraging concentration and eye-hand coordination, this Big Sound Workshop enhances rhythm and fosters your child's musical development. Age guide: from 2 years.
Kidz Labs - Green Science Green RocketFrom $24.95
Wow - this is made from rubbish but powered by green energy. Enjoy blasting rocket fun by recycling two drink bottles and a few old magazine pages. Stamp on the empty bottle and watch your rocket fly up to 25 metres. Learn the underlying physics. It is a cool green science project. Contents nuts, bolts, washer and split washer screws, double-sided adhesive tape, bottle connector halves, stand arm, launch tube, pipe clamp halves, flexible pipe, foam rocket heads, fin templates, rocket body sheets and instructions. Age guide: from 8 years.
Game - BrainBox Memory Recall DinosaursFrom $24.95
Brain Box are great 10 minute fun memory recall games. Step 1 - take a card and look at it for 10 seconds (try to remember what you see), Step 2 - roll the dice to see which question you should answer, Step 3 - answer the question. Easy! Dinosaurs - do you know your Tyrannosaurus from your Triceratops? Or which Dinosaur's name means ‘Heavy Claw'? Developed in conjunction with The Natural History Museum, this game includes fun facts about the most fearsome and best-loved creatures that have lived on Earth. 2-8 players. Age guide: from 8 years.
Game - Bill & Betty BricksFrom $34.95
Don't get dizzy working at heights! Build your way up with the wooden blocks, but make sure your builders always keep their feet on the building so they can supervise the work. You have done a solid job when the structure is complete and your little worker stands on top of it. This is a challenging game for the whole family and develops little constructors' spatial perception as well as fine motor skills. The set includes 10 colourful wooden blocks, two playing figurines/game pieces, and 60 challenges. Age guide: from 5 years.
Janod - Mottamo Race for Words GameFrom $39.95
Mottamo is a Race for Words game from Janod. It teaches children to spell using upper and lower case letters of the alphabet while they ‘race' around a board. Players land on a space with a drawing, and need to spell it correctly using the letters they have been dealt. If they succeed they get to place a token on their card. The first to fill their card is the winner. Includes playing board, four alphabet cards, game pieces, 36 tokens and 168 alphabet letters. Comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with carry handle. 2-4 players. Age guide: from 4-8 years.
Schylling - Tin Music BoxFrom $14.95
This is an old classic with a new twist. No batteries or electronic parts, just old-fashioned know-how and intelligent design. Turn the handle to hear the music. Colours vary. Height - 8cm. Age guide: from 3 years.